Where They Are Going — Our Annual Recruiting Roundup

Our annual roundup of what went down in the recruiting & eligibility wars. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

In our comprehensive coverage of what went down in the sign-on-the-dotted-line department (check out the 11 links at the end of this article) you’ll find comprehensive listings of major signing and eligibility developments for the 2018–19 collegiate year. All eligibility is slanted toward NCAA Division I, outdoors. Each of the Power 5 conferences has its own separate link (both sexes in the same link). The rest of the conferences—plus the Div. II, Div. III, NAIA and JUCO programs—are in separate links, one for each sex. The head coach for each institution is listed after the school name.

Our standards for inclusion in WTAG are relatively tough, requiring high schoolers to be “national class.” We have simply ignored most marks which cannot be verified by our high school editors. We’re more lenient with foreign-nation claims, which are often very difficult to confirm, even in the modern e-world.

Athletes who earned our 2018 High School All-America status (T&FN, October) are presented in capital letters. Those who were A-As in ’17 (but not ’18) have just their second names in all-caps.

Our thanks to the many coaches and sports information directors who provided data for this report and provided the accompanying portraits of top-end athletes. If your favorite school is missing/incomplete, it’s because multiple requests for information went unanswered and the school’s website was of no help. Athletes tagged with another sport (volleyball, soccer, etc.) may not compete in track at all.

•N = new students not coming from another U.S. college or university. All have a full 4 years of outdoor eligibility unless coded otherwise (‑ = senior, * = junior, ** = soph; *** = frosh).
•JC = transfers from a 2‑year college (tougher standards than for new frosh).
•T = newly eligible transfers from another 4‑year school.
•GT = eligible transfer doing graduate work.
•Pro = athletes who turned pro early.
•Ret = athletes returning from some sort of ineligibility.
•RS = athletes who will redshirt in ’18.
•DNR = athletes with remaining eligibility who did not return to team (but may still be enrolled in this school or another).

i = indoors; St = steeplechase; w = wind-aided; c = indefinite; ‘ after name = not eligible for U.S. international teams; Int = international implements; hs = high school implements; Jr = Junior implements; Wt = 35lb weight; XC = Top 20 finisher at Foot Locker or NXN (only listed if no qualifying track marks available). For ease of reference, all 1600 times are converted to miles and 3200 times are converted to 2Miles.

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