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2022 Editions Of Our Results Publication

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File Name Title Highlights
2022TN73 eTN73: Valencia Mar, Early Track Openers Valencia Marathon, Track Openers, Cross Country
2022TN72 eTN72: NCAA XC NCAA Cross Country Champs, Other XC
2022TN71 eTN71: NCAA XC Regionals NCAA Cross Country Regionals, USATF 5K Ch
2022TN70 eTN70: New York Mar, Conference XC New York Marathon, Collegiate Conference XC
2022TN69 eTN69: Chicago Mar, Nuttycombe XC Chicago & Amsterdam Marathons, Cross Country & Road Races
2022TN68 eTN68: Berlin Mar, London Mar Berlin & London Marathons, Collegiate XC
2022TN67 eTN67: Wrapping Up Outdoors Bellinzona, Talence Multis
2022TN66 eTN66: DL Final Diamond League Final, Zagreb CT, 5th Ave Mile
2022TN65 eTN65: Brussels DL Brussels, Berlin, Lucerne, Rovereto
2022TN64 eTN64: Lausanne DL Lausanne Diamond League
2022TN63 eTN63: Euro Champs, NACAC Ch European Championships XXV, NACAC Champs
2022TN62 eTN62: Monaco DL, Székesfehérvár CT Monaco DL, Székesfehérvár CT, World Juniors
2022TN61 eTN61: Chorzów DL, Commonwealth G Silesia DL, Commonwealth Games
2022TN60 eTN60: WORLD CHAMPS WOMEN World Championships Women’s Results
2022TN59 eTN59: WORLD CHAMPS MEN World Championships Men’s Results
2022TN58 eTN58: Final Worlds Formcharts, US Summer Meets Final World Champs Formcharts, US Summer Meets
2022TN57 eTN57: N American/Euro Summer Meets North American & European Summer Meets
2022TN56 eTN56: Stockholm DL, USATF U20s Stockholm DL, USATF Junior Champs
2022TN55 eTN55: USATF Champs Women USATF Championships Women’s Results
2022TN54 eTN54: USATF Champs Men USATF Championships Men’s Results
2022TN53 eTN53: The 4 High School “Nationals” The 4 High School “Nationals”
2022TN52 eTN52: Oslo & Paris DLs, NYC GP Oslo & Paris DLs, NYC GP, Brooks Inv (HS)
2022TN51 eTN51: NCAA Women’s Results NCAA Championships Women
2022TN50 eTN50: NCAA Men’s Results NCAA Championships Men
2022TN49 eTN49: Rome DL, Music City ATL Rome Diamond League, Music City ATL
2022TN48 eTN48: Rabat DL; Bydgoszcz, Chorzów, Ostrava CTs Rabat DL; Bydgoszcz, Chorzów, Ostrava CTs
2022TN47 eTN47: NCAA Regionals Women NCAA First Round Women’s Results
2022TN46 eTN46: NCAA Regionals Men NCAA First Round Men’s Results
2022TN45 eTN45: Eugene DL Pre Classic/Eugene DL,  10K Trials
2022TN44 eTN44: Birmingham DL, Halle, USATF Distance Cl, USATF Throws Cl Birmingham DL, Halle, USATF Distance Cl, USATF Throws Cl
2022TN43 eTN43: Women’s Conferences NCAA I Women’s Conferences
2022TN42 eTN42: Men’s Conferences NCAA I Men’s Conferences
2022TN41 eTN41: Doha DL, ATL Ponce Doha Diamond League, ATL Ponce
2022TN40 eTN40: USATF Multis, The Track Meet, Nairobi & Tokyo CTs USATF Multis, The Track Meet, Nairobi & Tokyo CTs
2022TN39 eTN39: Penn R, N Florida Inv, Pure Global Penn Relays, North Florida Inv, Pure Global, Desert Heat Cl
2022TN38 eTN38: LSU Inv, Drake R LSU Invitational, Drake Relays
2022TN37 eTN37: Busy US Track Weekend Va Chall, GaT Inv, LSU ALumni Gold, Pure Inv
2022TN36 eTN36: Jones Mem, Mt. SAC Jones Memorial, USATF Golden Games, Mt. SAC Relays,
2022TN35 eTN35: Bermuda Inv, Allman DT AR, Arcadia Bermuda Inv, Allman DT AR, Arcadia HS Inv
2022TN34 eTN34: 2022 World Indoor Lists — Women 2022 World Women’s Indoor Lists
2022TN33 eTN33: 2022 World Indoor Lists — Men 2022 World Men’s Indoor Lists
2022TN32 eTN32: 2022 U.S. Indoor Lists — Women 2022 U.S. Women’s Indoor Lists
2022TN31 eTN31: 2022 U.S. Indoor Lists — Men 2022 U.S. Men’s  Indoor Lists
2022TN30 eTN30: Florida R, Stanford Inv, Tx-A&M Dual Florida R, Baylor Inv, Stanford Inv, Tx-TxA&M Dual
2022TN29 eTN29: Texas Relays Texas Relays
2022TN28 eTN28: Early Outdoor Meets adidas High School Nationals, NYC Half-Marathon
2022TN27 eTN27: World Indoor Women World Indoor Champs Women’s Results
2022TN26 eTN26: World Indoor Men World Indoor Champs Men’s Results
2022TN25 eTN25: HS Indoor Nationals New Balance Indoor Nationals, Nike/NSAF Nationals
2022TN24 eTN24: Duplantis 20‐3¾ (6.19) WR Belgrade and more indoors & out
2022TN23 eTN23: NCAA Indoor Women NCAA Indoor Champs Women’s Results
2022TN22 eTN22: NCAA Indoor Men NCAA Indoor Champs Men’s Results
2022TN21 eTN21: Tokyo Mar, Fisher 10K AR Tokyo Marathon, Grant Fisher 10,000 AR, World Team Walks
2022TN20 eTN20: Madrid WIT, Boston LC Madrid WIT, Boston LC, Indoor Nation Champs
2022TN19 eTN19: Indoor Conferences Conference Indoor Championships
2022TN18 eTN18: USATF Indoor Champs Women USATF Indoor Champs Women’s Results
2022TN17 eTN17: USATF Indoor Champs Men USATF Indoor Champs Men’s Results
2022TN16 eTN16: Toruń WIT, Düsseldorf Toruń WIT, Düsseldorf
2022TN15 eTN15: Birmingham WIT, Arkansas Q, Wilson Inv Birmingham WIT, Arkansas Q, Wilson Inv
2022TN14 eTN14: Liévin IT Ingebrigtsen 1500 WIR
2022TN13 eTN13: Louisville ATL, Tiger Paw Inv, Lilac GP Wild Weekend of Records
2022TN12 eTN12: Valentine, Tyson, Windy City Valentine Inv (2 5K ARs), Tyson, Windy City
2022TN11 eTN11: New Balance Ind GP, Tourcoing, Hustopeče New Balance Indoor GP, Tourcoing (Nilsen PV AR), Hustopeče
2022TN10 eTN10: Sander Inv, Berlin Sahlman HS Sub-4:00, Berlin, U.S. Collegiate Meets
2022TN09 eTN09: Millrose, Razorback, Pollock, Karlsruhe Gardiner 300 WR, Moore TJ CR, Jackson 60 HSR, 3 AJRs
2022TN08 eTN08: U.S. Indoor Meets Will Sumner 600 HSR
2022TN07 eTN07: ’21 World Women’s List 2021 World Women’s Lists
2022TN06 eTN06: ’21 World Men’s List 2021 World Men’s Lists
2022TN05 eTN05: U.S. Indoor Scene Erupts Big Marks At U.S. Indoor Meets
2022TN04 eTN04: ’21 US Women’s List 2021 U.S. Women’s Lists
2022TN03 eTN03: ’21 US Men’s List 2021 U.S. Men’s Lists
2022TN02 eTN02: USATF XC USATF Cross Country, Early Indoor
2022TN01 eTN01: T&FN ’21 Honors List Track & Field 2021 Honors List

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