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Jonathan Berenbom, Richard Hymans, Dave Johnson, Stuart Mazdon


Roy Conrad (Special Projects), Glen McMicken (Stats), Walt Murphy (Relays), Jack Pfeifer (HS Girls), Jack Shepard (HS Boys)


John Auka, Bob Bettwy, Bret Bloomquist, Bill Buchalter, Tom Casacky, Gene Cherry, Cheryl Davis, Elliott Denman, Peter Diamond, Charles Fleishman, John Gillespie, Becca Gillespy-Peter, Rich Gonzalez, Ed Gordon, Ed Grant, George Grenier, Ben Hall, Sean Hartnett, Mike Hubbard, Dave Hunter, Tom Jennings, Roger Jennings, Tom Jordan, Kim Koffman, Don Kopriva, Dan Lilot, Paul Merca, Larry Newman, Lee Nichols, Jack Pfeifer, Shawn Price, Harv Rentschler, Kirk Reynolds, Karen Rosen, Michael J. Roth, Brian Russell, Rich Sands, Kevin Saylors, Charles Shaffer, Jim Spier, Jesse Squire, Don Steffens, Larry Story, Paul Swangard, Carol R. Swenson, Gary Trigueiro, Jules Trigueiro, Steve Vaitones, Howard Willman, David Woods


Steven Downes, Matti Hannus, Ian Hodge, Jonas Hedman, Mike Hurst, Mirko Jalava, Paul Jenes, Alfons Juck, A. Lennart Julin, Duncan Mackay, Phil Minshull, Jon Mulkeen, K. Ken Nakamura, Bob Ramsak, Sergey Tikhonov, Chris Turner


Claus Andersen, Errol Anderson, Greg Armstrong, John Burke, Gladys Chai, Jeff Cohen, Rich Clarkson, Giancarlo Colombo, Tony Duffy, Don Gosney, Jeff Jacobsen, Kirby Lee, Bill Leung, Jiro Mochizuki, Kevin Morris, David Peterson, Victor Sailer, Mike Scott, Mark Shearman, Kim Spir, Cheryl Treworgy


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Track & Field News, the magazine, has been “The Bible Of The Sport” since its founding in 1948 by brothers Bert & Cordner Nelson.

Print editions of Track & Field News were produced continuously from 1948 through December 2017.  In 2018, the January February and March issues were produced in digital PDF format and in April of 2018 the current web based digital version of Track & Field News was launched. There were no print editions in 2018. In January 2019, Track & Field News began producing a print version again. Track & Field News is currently available in both print and digital formats.

Track & Field News provides detailed coverage of U.S. high school, collegiate and professional action during their peak seasons, then gives you the most detailed coverage available of the European Circuit. Our coverage of the World Championships and Olympic Games is the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere.

This website reflects our mission of furthering the sport of track & field.  Subscribers receive unlimited content including our eTrack results service. We also continue to offer some free content providing enjoyment for those who choose to follow the sport solely at the surfing level.  We invite one and all to use our site in concert with the many other fine locations available to advance their enjoyment of running, jumping and throwing activities.

Since 1952 T&FN has taken almost 22,000 track & field fans on unforgettable tours to major competitions around the globe.

T&FN is headquartered south of San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley at
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