Where They Are Going — Coaching Changes

The 2019–20 school year finds Chris Miltenberg having moved over from Stanford to North Carolina. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

THE EVER-CHANGING nomenclature of college coaching in America presents a challenge for our traditional listing-shorthand of coaching changes made in the off-season.

It used to be just head coaches and assistants, but now we have more and more “directors” working alongside “coordinators” and “associates.” Says one coach of the Director tag, “I hate that title. I’d rather be ‘head coach for men’s & women’s track.’ ”

However, more and more secondary people in the chain are being called “head coach.” In the real world, though, someone’s still in charge. We list those people as head coaches, and every other paid position as assistants, regardless of their relative rank in the hierarchy. In the common case of a track assistant being a head cross country coach, we denote those with “XC.”

We do not list the many “volunteer coaches” or “graduate assistants” since such a compilation would prove unwieldy and also likely be rapidly out of date.

This listing is meant to be inclusive of changes since the end of the last NCAA season in early June.

Air Force: M/W asst—Matt Layten.
Alabama: M/W asst—Mark’Quis Frazier.
Alcorn State: M/W asst—Wesley Stephens.
Appalachian State: M/W asst—Whitney Smyre.
Arizona State: M/W—Dion Miller.
Auburn: M/W asst—Randy Gillon.
Austin Peay: W—Valerie Brown. W asst—Sarah-Emily Woodward.
Boise State: M/W asst—Andy Green.
Boston University: M/W—Gabe Sanders. M/W asst—Grant Cartwright, Kristin Fleagle, Stephen Fleagle.
Brown: M/W asst—Gabriel Mvumvure.
Bryant: M/W asst—Shay Austin-Leary, Brian Fuller, Chanra Kao.
Buffalo: M/W asst—Kaishaun Cathey, Nick Collins.
Cal: M/W—Robyne Johnson. M/W asst—Dan Lefever, Bobby Lockhart, Charles Ryan.
Cal State Northridge: M/W—Justin Johnson. M/W asst—Sean Denard, Jake Hurysz, Vanitta Kinard, Jacob Yowell.
Central Michigan: M/W asst—Jason Hartmann, Tatijana Jacobson, Michael Schober.
Clemson: XC—Vicki Pounds.
Cleveland State: M/W—Amber Williams.
Coastal Carolina: M/W asst—Karl Goodman.
Connecticut: M/W—Greg Roy. M/W asst—Erica Ferguson. XC—Lindsay Crevoiserat.
Cornell: W—Mike Henderson. W asst—Megan Knoblock.
Davidson: M/W asst—Jacob Hostetler.
Drake: M/W (acting)—Blake Boldon. M/W asst—Asha Gibson.
Eastern Illinois: M/W asst—Noah Castle, Nikki Larch-Miller.
Emory: M/W—Linh Nguyen.
Fairleigh-Dickinson: M/W asst—Dan Mecca.
Florida A&M: W—Nadia Alexander-Pompey.
Florida State: M/W asst—Matt Kane.
Fordham: M/W—Brian Horowitz. M/W asst—Lindsay Scherf.
Fresno State: M/W—Jason Drake. M/W assts—Gary Newell, Joe Riccio, Audra Smith.
George Mason: M/W asst—Lauren Biscardi, Tim Nickas.
Georgia: M/W asst—Ryan Grinnell.
Georgia State: W—Kyle Stevenson.
Grand Canyon: M/W asst—Nick Green.
Hawai’i: W asst—Madeleine Outman Carleton.
Houston: M/W asst—David Miller.
Illinois: M/W asst—Lynn Smith.
Indiana State: M/W asst—Billy Poole-Harris.
Kennesaw State: M/W asst—Rachael Coelho, Dennis Martin.
Kent State: M/W asst—Joe Yoder. XC—James Croft.
Louisville: M/W asst—Tony Miller.
Loyola: M/W asst—Amani Bryant.
LSU: XC—Houston Franks.
Maryland: M/W asst—Mobolaji Adeokun, Chelsea France, Matt Koeling.
Miami: M/W assts—Michael DeHaven, Cody Halsey.
Mississippi State: M/W—Chris Woods. M/W assts—Carjay Lyles, Patrick McGregor, Holland Sherrer.
Missouri State: M/W—Jordan Fife.
Monmouth: M/W—Mike Nelson. M/W asst—Elaine Derricott.
Navy: WXC—Kim Lewnes.
North Carolina: M/W—Chris Miltenberg. M/W assts—Michael Eskind, Samantha Nadel, Amin Nikfar, Jessica Riden, Dylan Sorensen, Adrian Wheatley.
North Dakota: M/W asst—Cale Wallace.
Northern Colorado: M/W—Wayne Angel. M/W asst—Leevan Sands, Stormie Sickler.
Northwestern: XC—Jill Miller.
Oklahoma: M/W (interim)—Tim Langford asst—Charmaine Darden.
Oklahoma State: M/W asst—Justin Duncan.
Radford: M/W—Shelli Sayers. M/W asst—Mike Bianchina, Sarah Murphy.
Rhode Island: M/W asst—Trent Baltzell, Brian Biekert.
Richmond: M/W asst—Kiamesha Ottey.
Rider: M/W asst—Collin Zeffer.
Rutgers: M/W—Robert Farrell. XC—Mike Mulqueen. M/W asst—Rod Cocci.
Sam Houston: M/W asst—Paetyn Revell.
San José State: M/W asst—Sean Gwi, Christa Youngern.
SMU: M/W—‘A Havahla Haynes. M/W asst—Austin Brobst, Leo Settle.
South Florida: M/W—Erik Jenkins. M/W asst—Emmanuel Dasor, Damon Griffiths, Remuro Henry, Kia Id-Deen, Mariami Kevkhsihvili-Machavariani.
Southern Mississippi: M/W asst—Jamaal Barnes.
Stanford: M/W—JJ Clark. M/W assts—Jarius Cooper, Arthur Ignaczak, Ricardo Santos, Jennifer Svoboda.
Syracuse: M/W assts—Raynee DeGrio, Reuben McCoy.
Tennessee-Martin: M/W—Jolyta Henderson.
Tennessee Tech: M/W—Peter Dalton. M/W asst—Kimour Bruce.
Texas: M/W asst—Ricky Morgan Jr.
Texas A&M: M/W asst—Brandon Hon.
Toledo: W—Andrea Grove-McDonough. W asst—Nick Stenuf.
Tulane: M/W asst—Ethan Sandusky.
UC Davis: M/W—Ngoni Makusha.
UCSB: M/W—Cody Fleming. M/W asst—Josiah Norville.
UMKC: M/W—Benaud Shirley. M/W asst—Muna Lee.
USC: M/W asst—Nick Newman.
Utah: M/W asst—Kelsey Quinn.
Utah Valley: M/W asst—Jill Camarena-Williams, Kyle Sprague.
Virginia: M/W—Vin Lannana. M/W asst—Nicole Freitag.
Wake Forest: M/W asst—Gray Horn. W asst—Ashley Botham.
Washington State: M/W asst—Doug Fraley.
Western Kentucky: M/W—Brent Chumbley. XC—Tim Sykes. M/W asst—Tosha Ansley.
Wisconsin: WXC—Mackenzie Wartenberger.
Wisconsin–Milwaukee: M/W asst—Luke Krauser, Corey Wilch.
Wyoming: M/W asst—Ben Santos.