2019 High School Boys All-America Team

Athlete Of The Year runner-up Justin Robinson claimed a new junior-class 400 record. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

MATTHEW BOLING was notable as a junior, rating as No. 5 in both the 400 and long jump in ’18. But this year he reinvented himself and had an Athlete Of The Year season that found him rating No. 1 in the 100, 200 and long jump (and anchoring the No. 3 squad in the 4×1 to boot). He’s only the second boy ever to earn 3 No. 1s in the same year, the other being Chris Nelloms (200, 400, 110H) in ’90.

Boling was the year’s only individual multiple winner, but there were 3 others who earned A-A status in more than one event: Kenon Christon (100/200), Cole Sprout (mile/2M) & Tanner Duffin (SP/DT)… Only one of last year’s No. 1s, Trey Knight in the hammer, was able to repeat in the top spot… Look for a few more repeat winners next year, as there were 6 non-senior No. 1s this year: Justin Robinson (400), Darius Kipyego (800), Nico Young (2M), Jamar Marshall (110H), Knight & Sam Hankins (JT).

The 2019 team (the key to the various codings appears in a box at the end of this document):

1. MATTHEW BOLING (Strake, Houston, Texas)
1B)Texas Relays, 1)State-6A, 1)Great Southwest, 1)USATF Juniors; 10.11(A) HSL/10.13/9.98w
2. LANGSTON JACKSON (Clay, Lexington, Kentucky)
1)State, 1)Brooks PR; 10.23
3. *ARIAN SMITH (Mulberry, Florida)
1)Golden South, 1)Pre Classic; 2)Florida Relays, 2)State; 3)adidas Dream, 3/2hs)USATF Juniors; 10.30
4. RYAN MARTIN (Stafford, Texas)
1A)Texas Relays, 1)State-4A, 1)adidas Dream; 3)Great Southwest, 3)Pre Classic; 10.34
5. KENAN CHRISTON (Madison, San Diego, California)
1)Mt. SAC Relays, 1)State; 4)Arcadia; 10.30

ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Boling—undefeated with a mass of super-fast times—was the only choice for the top spot. Counting windy marks, he had no fewer than 13 sub-10.50 races, with a dozen of those also being sub-10.30… Brooks PR winner Jackson was also undefeated to claim the No. 2 spot and become Kentucky’s highest ranker ever… No. 3 choice Smith highlighted a busy post-season with the Pre title… Martin was also busy, with the adidas win giving him No. 4… California champ Christon had no post-season, enrolling at USC in June… Honorable mention to New Balance winner Joe Fahnbulleh (Hopkins, Minnesota), whose overall season was very thin.

1. MATTHEW BOLING (Strake, Houston, Texas)
1)USATF Juniors; 20.31(A) HSL
2. KENNEDY LIGHTNER (North Little Rock, Arkansas)
1)State, 1)Great Southwest, 2)USATF Juniors; 20.48(A)
3. KENAN CHRISTON (Madison, San Diego, California)
1)Mt. SAC Relays, 1)State; 7)Arcadia; 20.55
4. CAMERON MILLER (Dunne, Dallas, Texas)
1)State Private; 2)Great Southwest; 20.55(A)
5. LANCE BROOME (Seven Lakes, Katy, Texas)
1)State; 3)Great Southwest; 20.69(A)

AS IN THE 100, Boling was undefeated and had a rash of fast times, cracking 21 on 8 occasions… The first from Arkansas ever to rate here, GSW champ Lightner was beaten only by Boling, at the Juniors… After rating as a frosh/soph/junior Tyrese Cooper (Norland, Miami Gardens, Florida) had a shot at becoming the event’s first 4-time ranker but ran only 20.99 and didn’t make the cut… No. 3 Christon, like in the 100, had no post-season credentials… Texans Miller and Broome round things out, giving the Longhorn State 3 spots for the first time since ’02 after a rare shutout last year.

1. *JUSTIN ROBINSON (West, Hazelwood, Missouri)
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 1)Great Southwest, 1)USATF Juniors; 44.84(A) HSL
2. EMMANUEL BYNUM (Whitehaven, Memphis, Tennessee)
1)State, 1)Brooks PR; 46.24
3. ZACHARY LARRIER (Monterey Trail, Elk Grove, California)
1)State; 2)Arcadia; 46.49
4. JONAH VIGIL (Taos, New Mexico)
1)State; 2)Great Southwest; 46.43(A)
5. *ALEX COLLIER (Orange Park, Florida)
1) State; 2)Hayes; 3)New Balance Nationals, 3h)USATF Juniors; 46.33

3 NON-SENIORS made the team last year, but none did this time around. No. 1-rated Sean Burrell (Zachary, Louisiana) had injury problems all year, No. 3 Tyrese Cooper (as in the 200 looking for a record fourth position) wasn’t his former self and No. 5 Matthew Boling, well, you know!… Robinson’s amazing season, with a junior-class record and 6 sub-46 races, made him an easy choice. His selection as No. 2 in AOY voting comes as no surprise… The second position goes to undefeated Brooks winner Bynum over Larrier, who lost only to Robinson, but had no post-season… Expect more great stuff from Robinson and Burrell next year, with No. 5 Collier also returning.

1. **DARIUS KIPYEGO (St. Raphael, Pawtucket, Rhode Island)
1)State; 2)New Englands, 2/1hs)USATF Juniors; 7)New Balance Nationals; 1:49.46 HSL
2. *A.J. GREEN (Eastview, Apple Valley, Minnesota)
1)State, 1)Brooks PR; 4/3hs)USATF Juniors; 1:49.83
3. *TYLER SHUE (Ephrata, Pennsylvania)
1)State, 1)New Balance Nationals; 1:50.39
4. THEO WOODS (Glass, Lynchburg, Virginia)
1)State; 3)Brooks PR 1:50.24
5. COLE HOCKER (Cathedral, Indianapolis, Indiana)
1)State; 1:50.64

KIPYEGO WAS ONLY 7th at New Balance, but bounced back nicely in finishing as the top prep at the Juniors. His list-leading time came in winning silver at the Pan-Am Juniors. The only other soph ever to rate No. 1 was Michael Granville in ’94 and he went on to set the still-standing national record… With a pair of sub-1:50 times, Brooks winner Green is slotted in the runner-up spot ahead of New Balance champ Shue… It was an historically slow year: not since ’06 had there been as few as 3 sub-1:50 performers.

1. NICK FOSTER # (Pioneer, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
1)State, 1)Brooks PR; 4:03.11 HSL
2. *COLE SPROUT (Valor, Highlands, Ranch, Colorado)
1)State, 1)Music City; 4:04.19
3. DOLAN OWENS (James Island, Charleston, South Carolina)
1)New Balance Nationals; 4:03.42
4. JOE WASKOM (Mt Si, Snoqualmie, Washington)
2)State, 2)Brooks PR; 4:03.73
5. *LEO DASCHBACH (Highland, Gilbert, Arizona)
1)State; 3)Brooks PR; 4:03.98

ODDLY ENOUGH, the top 10 times were produced by 10 different runners, as the 4-lap crowd seldom ran more than a couple of fast races and except for the Brooks PR meet, generally did not meet… Undefeated list leader Foster, the Brooks champ, gets the gold in moving up from No. 5 in last year’s ratings… Sprout was likewise unbeaten and matched Foster’s tally of 3 sub-4:10s (as did No. 5 Daschbach)… Out-of-the-blue New Balance winner Owens didn’t represent his school and had very few races. His fast time came against pro competition…

1. *NICO YOUNG (Newbury Park, California)
1)Arcadia, 1)State; 8:43.02 HSL
2. *COLE SPROUT # (Valor, Highlands Ranch, Colorado)
1)State, 1)Brooks; 2)Arcadia 8:43.75
3. DREW BOSLEY (Homestead, Mequon, Wisconsin)
1)State; 3)Arcadia; 4)Brooks; 8:50.73
4. *EVAN HOLLAND (Ashland, Oregon)
1)State; 2)Brooks; 8)Arcadia; 8:50.29
5. DEVIN HART # (Borough, Point Pleasant, New Jersey)
1)New Balance Indoor, 1) State; 2)State Indoor; 10)New Balance Nationals; 8:56.74

THE ALWAYS-DEEP Arcadia race was the key here, as Young’s national age-16 record there gave him the yearly leader and a crucial win over Sprout, who had the year’s next two fastest times and the important Brooks crown. Narrow advantage to the unbeaten Young, just a 9:08 performer as a soph… Sprout moved up a spot from last year’s No. 3 ranking… Bosley and Holland split their meetings at Arcadia and Brooks, withh Bosley’s 3/4 rating higher than Holland’s 8/2… Indoor leader Hart repeats in the No. 5 position.

Arcadia Invitational winner Nico Young topped the 2-mile ratings. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)
1. *JAMAR MARSHALL (St Mary’s, Stockton, California)
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 1)Brooks PR; 3/1hs)USATF Juniors; 13.22 HSL
2. KURT POWDAR # (Smith, Chesapeake, Virginia)
1)State, 1)New Balance Nationals; 13.27
3. SINCERE RHEA (St Augustine, Richland, New Jersey)
1)Loucks Games; 2)New Balance Nationals; dnf)State; 13.51
4. WARREN WILLIAMS (West, Tracy, California)
2)Arcadia, 2)Sacramento MOC; 3)State, 3)New Balance Nationals; 13.55
5. ELI MORRIS (Jefferson, Georgia)
1)State; 2)Brooks PR; 5)USATF Juniors; 13.67

LAST YEAR’S No. 1, Powdar improved all the way from 13.59 to 13.27 (good for No. 5 on the all-time list), but wasn’t close to repeating as the leader as Marshall unleashed a monster season. A 13.97 performer as a soph, the Californian improved all the way to 13.22 for No. 2 on the all-time list and ended up third in AOY voting. Undefeated by preps, Marshall had more sub-14s (22) than Powdar (7) and No. 3 Rhea (11) combined… Powdar was slowed by injury early but came on strongly at the end, getting his PR in winning the NBN title… Rhea and Williams were next at NBN and take spots 3 and 4.

300/400 HURDLES
1. EVAN MATTHEWS (Central, Pickerington, Ohio)
1)State, 1)Midwest MOC; 36.12 HSL
2. RYAN WILLIAMS (Bowie, Arlington, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 3)New Balance Nationals; 36.81/51.76
3. AARON SHIRLEY (Smith, Chesapeake, Virginia)
1)State; 1)New Balance Nationals; 36.90/51.65
4. CALEB LUTALO ROBERSON (Upland, California)
1)State; 6)Arcadia (fell); 36.32
5. JABARI BRYANT (Rickards, Tallahassee, Florida)
1)State, 1)Golden South; 5)New Balance Nationals; 36.58/52.14

LIST LEADER Matthews went undefeated and had the best collection of 300H times, breaking 37.5 in 8 races and going sub-37 in 6 of them. He becomes the first No. 1 from Ohio since Glenn Terry back in ’89… Williams lost to Shirley over 400H at New Balance, but his prime season in the 300s was so good that he claims the runner-up spot… Roberson had a checkered regular season (3 losses) and didn’t compete post-season.

4 x 100 RELAY
1. MARSHALL Missouri City, Texas
1)Texas Southern Relays, 1)State-5A, 1)New Balance Nationals; 40.00 HSL
2. NORTHWESTERN Miami, Florida
1)Florida Relays, 1)State-3A; 40.36
3. DUNBAR Ft. Myers, Florida
1)State-2A; 40.27
4. SUMMIT Arlington, Texas
1)State-6A; 40.42
5. KLEIN FOREST Houston, Texas
3)Texas Relays; 2)State-6A; 40.49

MARSHALL BECAME THE No. 6 school in Texas history—which also means No. 6 nationally as well. The prolific—13 sub-41s—Buffaloes topped their undefeated season with the No. 10 performance ever, the list-leading 40.00… Florida schools take the next two spots, and while Dunbar was slightly faster than Northwestern, the latter was undefeated and the former had a loss… Texas-6A rivals Summit and Klein Forest round things out.

4 x 200 RELAY
1. MARSHALL Missouri City, Texas
1)Texas Southern Relays, 1)State-5A, 1)New Balance Nationals; 1:23.38 HSL
2. JUDSON Converse, Texas
1)State-6A; 2)Texas Relays; 1:24.09
3. KLEIN FOREST Houston, Texas
2)State-6A; 1:24.13

FOR THE SIXTH year in a row, Texas schools went 1-2-3, with ’16 winner Marshall back on top. As in the 4×1, Marshall had a massive collection of fast times—7 sub-1:25s, 3 sub-1:24s—with a list-leading 1:23.38 that missed the national record by just 0.13…Judson beat Klein Forest at state to claim the runner-up spot.

4 x 400 RELAY
1. BULLIS Potomac, Maryland
1)New Balance Nationals; 2)Arcadia; 3)Penn Relays; 3:09.86 HSL
2. SHILOH Snellville, Georgia
1)State; 2)New Balance Nationals; 3:09.90
3. STRAKE Houston, Texas
1)State; 3:10.56
4. DeSOTO # @ Texas
1)Texas Relays; 2)State; 3:11.13
5. MIAMI CAROL CITY Miami Gardens, Florida
1)State; 3:11.50

5 SCHOOLS broke 3:13 on the year, and all also broke 3:12, clearly separating them from the rest of the pack… Bullis (Ashton Allen 46.38 anchor) and Shiloh (Omar Simpson 46.36) staged a great battle at New Balance, the Marylanders winning by just 0.04 to take the top spot… It would have been great to have seen No. 3 Strake in that race, what with AOY Matthew Boling and his sub-45 anchor capacity challenging from behind… Miami Carol City was undefeated, but 1-loss DeSoto had a better collection of times from a much more competitive state.

4 x 800 RELAY
1. RIDGE Basking Ridge, New Jersey
1)State, 1)New Balance Nationals; 7:38.48 HSL
2. LOUDOUN VALLEY Purcellville, Virgnia
1)State; 7:38.93
3. WEDDINGTON Matthews, North Carolina
1)State; 2)New Balance Nationals; 5)Penn Relays; 7:40.47
4. ST. BENEDICT’S # Newark, New Jersey
3)Penn Relays; 7:41.13
5. NOVI Michigan
1)State; 3)New Balance Nationals; 7:42.32

THE YEAR’S BEST race was New Balance, with Ridge’s nation-leading 7:38.48 handling Weddington by a couple of seconds. Weddington had no fewer than 6 races under 7:50, but slips to No. 3 behind the year’s only other 7:40 squad, Loudoun Valley, which ran its fast time solo at Virginia State… St. Benedict’s gets the No. 4 position for its finish as the top U.S. team at Penn, beating Weddington.

1. LOUDOUN VALLEY # Purcellville, Virginia
1)Virginia Showcase, 1)New Balance Indoor; 5)New Balance Nationals; 17:01.81 HSR
2. CHRISTIAN BROTHERS Lincroft, New Jersey
1)New Balance Nationals; 2)New Balance Indoor; 17:20.14
3. HENDRICKEN Warwick, Rhode Island
3)New Balance Indoor, 3)New Balance Nationals; 17:27.93

THE INDOOR SEASON was key here, as repeat No. 1 Loudoun Valley produced the year’s two fastest times, both undercover. The New Balance Indoor time is the fastest ever, indoors or out. The team that finished 5th at New Balance Outdoor only had one regular team member. The record came courtesy of Connor Wells (4:22.26), Kevin Carlson (4:21.46), Sam Affolder (4:06.19) & Jacob Hunter (4:11.90).

1. HALL West Hartford, Connecticut
1)New Balance Nationals; 3:26.28 HSL
2. UNION CATHOLIC Scotch Plains, New Jersey
2)New Balance Nationals; 3:26.48
3. WILSON Long Beach, California
1)Texas Relays, 1)Arcadia; 3:28.31

HALL & UNION CATHOLIC went 1-2 in the year’s fastest race, New Balance, and are easy choices for the top 2 spots in the ratings… Wilson wasn’t at New Balance, but with Texas and Arcadia wins is an easy choice for the final spot.

1. LOUDOUN VALLEY Purcellville, Virginia
1)New Balance Indoor, 1)Dogwood; 9:54.41 HSL
2. CATHEDRAL Indianapolis, Indiana
1)New Balance Nationals; 9:58.91
3. ST. ANTHONY’S # South Huntington, New York
1)Penn Relays; 2)New Balance Indoor; 10:02.55

AS IN THE 4 x Mile, Loudoun did it’s best running indoors, lowering the all-time undercover best to 9:54.41. Only 4 other schools have ever run faster outdoors… Cathedral was the year’s only other sub-10:00 team, winning New Balance Nationals convincingly… Penn champ St. Anthony’s finishes things off.

Malik Hornsby anchored Marshall High to the No. 6 time ever in the 4×1. (VICTOR SAILER/PHOTO RUN)
1. TREY ALLEN (Oak Mountain, Birmingham, Alabama)
1)State Indoor, 1)New Balance Indoor, 1)State, 1)New Balance Nationals; 7-0
2. CHARLES McBRIDE (Apex, North Carolina)
1)State Indoor, 1)State; 2/1hs)USATF Juniors; =3)New Balance Indoor; =14)New Balance Nationals; 7-1
3. *JACKSON MARSEILLE (Gibbons, Ft Lauderdale, Florida)
1)Florida Relays; 2)State; 4)New Balance Nationals, 4/2hs)USATF Juniors; 7-1¾ HSL
4. **ELI STOWERS (Guyer, Denton, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 7-0
5. BEAU ALLEN (San Marcos, Santa Barbara, California)
1)State; 7-0

THE NUMBER OF 7-footers cratered over ’18, dropping from 20 all the way to just 10. McBride had the best collection of marks, being the only jumper with more than a single 7-foot meet, but the undefeated Allen beat him at both New Balance meets to become the first Alabaman ever to claim No. 1… Yearly list leader Marseille claims the No. 3 position, but historically speaking, that’s the lowest height heading the list since ’75.

1. MAX MANSON (Monarch, Louisville, Colorado)
1)PV Summit, 1)Simplot Games, 1)New Balance Indoor, 1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 2/1hs)USATF Juniors; 17-5½
2. NATHAN STONE (Lawrence Central, Indianapolis, Indiana)
1)State Indoor, 1)State, 1)New Balance Nationals; 2)New Balance Indoor; 17-6
3. HAZE FARMER (Lake Hamilton, Pearcy, Arkansas)
1)State Indoor, 1)Millrose, 1)State, =4)New Balance Nationals; 17-7 HSL
4. BOWMAN STARR (Eastlake, Sammamish, Washington)
1)State, 1)Great Southwest; 3)New Balance Indoor; 17-1
5. JACOB HERRSCHER (Greenhill, Addison, Texas)
1)State Private; 2)Texas Relays; 4)USATF Juniors; 17-0

AFTER SEVERAL YEARS of being spoiled by the 18- and 19-foot antics of Mondo Duplantis, the vault is back to “normal”, no one really scaring 18-0… The prolific Manson had no fewer than 20 meets over 16-6 (and 11 over 17) and won multiple major meets to capture the No. 1 spot. His father Pat was twice an All-America choice here, claiming No. 1 in ’86… Runner-up Stone lost to Manson at the New Balance Indoor but beat list leader Farmer for the Outdoor crown… Farmer had the most 17-foot meets, 12.

1. MATTHEW BOLING # (Strake, Houston, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State, 1)Great Southwest; 3/1hs)USATF Juniors; 26-3½ HSL
2. *CALEB FOSTER (Clovis North, Fresno, California)
1)Arcadia, 1)State; 2)New Balance Nationals; 25-1½
3. ETAIJEN EASTER (Twinsburg, Ohio)
1)New Balance Nationals; 2)Midwest MOC, 5)State; 24-4½/24-9½w
4. D.J. CHISOLM (Berkeley, Moncks Corner, South Carolina)
1)State; 24-6¾
5. JONATHAN BAKER (Northview, Johns Creek, Georgia)
1)State; 24-7¾

MOST JUMPERS were erratic. Boling was not most jumpers, however, as he convincingly moved up from No. 5 as a junior in what would prove to be an Athlete Of The Year campaign. His list-leading 26-3½ moved him to No. 6 on the all-time list. In a year in which 25-footers were almost nonexistent, he had 7 such meets… Runner-up Foster was the only other jumper with more than a single 25-footer. He lost to Easter at New Balance but overall had a slightly stronger season… Chisolm was undefeated but had no post-season credentials.

1. JUSTIN FORDE (McMahon, Norwalk, Connecticut)
1)New Balance Indoor, 1)Penn Relays, 1)Loucks Games, 1)State, 1)New Balance Nationals; 2/1hs)USATF Juniors; 52-10 HSL
2. LANCE HAMILTON (State College, Pennsylvania)
1)State; 2)New Balance Nationals; 5)State Indoor; 6)Penn Relays; 25)New Balance Indoor; 49-6/51-¼w
3. CLARENCE FOOTE-TALLEY (Northwest, Germantown, Maryland)
1)State; 51-10½
4. SALIF MANE (Taft, Bronx, New York)
1)State; 2)Loucks Games; 3)State Indoor; 7)New Balance Indoor; 50-4¼
5. CAYDEN SPENCER-THOMPSON (Mattanawcook, Lincoln, Maine)
1)State, 1)New Englands, 3)New Balance Nationals; 10)New Balance Indoor; 50-7¼

LIST LEADER FORDE was the year’s only 52-footer and was undefeated by preps, making him a slam-dunk choice for No. 1. He’s Connecticut’s first No. 1 ever in this event… The choice for the runner-up spot between Hamilton and Foote-Talley was a tight one, but Hamilton was much more consistent, and had big 2nd at New Balance, the most important meet… Texas went without a Ranker for the first time since ’05.

1. DANIEL VIVEROS (Liberty, Bakersfield, California)
1)Arcadia, 1)Mt. SAC Relays, 1)State, 1)Iron Wood; 71-3
2. TANNER DUFFIN (Pius X, Atlanta, Georgia)
1)State; 2)Arcadia, 2)Iron Wood, 2)New Balance Nationals; 9)New Balance Indoor; 70-2¼
3. *DYLAN TARGGART (Coldwater, Michigan)
1)State, 1)New Balance Nationals; 69-4¼
4. ANDREW STONE (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin)
1)State; 68-7
5. PATRICK PIPERI (The Woodlands, Texas)
1)State; 2)New Balance Indoor, 2)Texas Relays; 66-6

VIVEROS IS an easy choice for gold: undefeated, myriad of long throws… Targgart was also undefeated, PRed at New Balance Nationals to beat Duffin. The Georgian nonetheless gets the runner-up spot for clearly operating at a different level for most of the season. Duffin had 20 meets over 63 (Targgart only 5) and 16 over 65 (compared to 3). He also matched leader Viveros with a pair of 70-plus competitions… Stone was undefeated as well, but had no post-season credentials.

1. DEVIN ROBERSON (Jefferson City, Missouri)
1)State, 1)New Balance Nationals; 2)Capital City; 218-4 HSL
2. TANNER DUFFIN (Pius X, Atlanta, Georgia)
1)State, 1)Iron Wood; 2)Arcadia; 28)New Balance Nationals; 206-8
3. JACOB LEMMON # (Ft Myers, Florida)
1)Florida Relays, 1)State; 2)New Balance Nationals; 3)Iron Wood; 209-6
4. JORDAN JOHNSON (Quincy, Illinois)
1)Capital City; 1)State; 2)Iron Wood; 27)New Balance Nationals; 206-1
5. COREY MOORE (Liberty, Henderson, Nevada)
1)Arcadia, 1)Mt. SAC Relays, 1)State; 200-11

ROBERSON HAD AN early-season loss to Johnson, but other than that was perfect, moving to =No. 7 on the all-time list with his year-leading 218-4. He produced the year’s No. 2 toss, 210-5 in winning New Balance over rankers 2-3-4 and ended up as No. 5 in AOY balloting… As in the shot, Duffin earns the runner-up spot, beating Lemmon and Johnson for the Iron Wood crown… Lemmon moved up two spots from last year’s No. 5.

1. *TREY KNIGHT # (Ridgefield, Washington)
1)New Balance Nationals; 256-6 HSL
2. **LOGAN COLES (Woonsocket, Rhode Island)
1)State, 2)New Englands, 3)New Balance Nationals; 230- 11
3. *KYLE MOISON (Lincoln, Rhode Island)
1)New Englands; 2)State; 233-4

KNIGHT WAS unchallenged and moved to No. 3 on the all-time list as he repeated in the top spot and earned No. 4 in AOY voting. He’s on target to become the event’s first-ever 3-time leader. He topped the yearly list by more than 20ft and in some meets had to throw a heavier hammer so as not to outthrow the venue’s capacity… Ocean Staters Coles & Moison round things out. The former was clearly next as he won 7 of 9 head to heads.

Hammerer Trey Knight was the only ’18 winner to repeat as No. 1. (VICTOR SAILER/PHOTO RUN)
1. *SAM HANKINS # (Manhattan, Kansas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)Kansas Relays, 1)State, 1)Iron Wood, 1)Great Southwest, 2)New Balance Nationals; 224-6 HSL
2. TY HAMPTON (North Bend, Oregon)
1)State-5A; 1)New Balance Nationals; 2)Iron Wood; 222-11
3. *JOE NIZICH (Central Catholic, Portland, Oregon)
1)State-6A, 4)Iron Wood, 4)New Balance Nationals; 209-3
4. **IAN HALL (Rogers, Newport, Rhode Island)
1)Penn Relays, 1)Loucks Games, 1)State, 1)New Englands; 3)Texas Relays; 8)New Balance Nationals (injured); 214-5
5. *JORDAN DAVIS (Sheehan, Wallingford, Connecticut)
1)State; 2)New Englands; 3)New Balance Nationals; 208-1

HANKINS & HAMPTON were 1-1 head to head and relatively close in best mark, but Hankins had twice as many meets over 200. Also the list leader, Hankins ends up with the nod, given his far greater exposure in major meets… Nizich’s brother John was rated No. 2 back in ’14.

YARIEL SOTO (Centerville, Ohio) decathlon

SOTO WON the New Balance decathlon with a 7509 total, moving him to No. 7 all-time with HS implements. He jumped 24-3½ & 15-11 in the process.

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