NCAA Men’s Long Jump — This Time Harrison Scores

After disappointments in his last two Nationals, JuVaughn Harrison put up a PR to win. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

JuVAUGHN HARRISON came to Austin looking for redemption. The LSU soph, who finished just 19th at last year’s NCAA—and then only 10th in the Indoor 3 months ago—staked his claim to the lead with a first-round leap of 25-10¾ (7.89). In round 2, however, Texas Tech’s Justin Hall reached 26-0w (7.92) to take the lead, then Houston senior Trumaine Jefferson, the Indoor runner-up, popped a big PR 26-10 (8.18). in his first-ever NCAA Outdoor jump appearance. PRing continued on the next jump, as South Carolina senior Yann Randrianasolo leaped 26-6¼ (8.08) to move into 2nd.

None too happy about being relegated to 4th, the favored Harrison gathered himself, then sprinted down the runway, launching himself into the air and landing a lifetime best 26-11 (8.20) from the board.

Jefferson, who had entered the meet with a best (indoors) of just 26-1½ (7.96), sailed to 26-7¼ (8.11) in round 3. Two other jumpers produced significant PRs in that round: Justin Hall of Texas went 26-5 (8.05) and Oklahoma State’s Jacob Fincham-Dukes hit 26-3 (8.00), which would end up garnering them 4th and 5th.

The shocker of the preliminary jumps was that in three fair attempts, Florida’s highly rated Grant Holloway—who started jumping about an hour after his hurdle heat—could only reach a best of 25-4 (7.72), a mark that left the ’17 runner-up 2¼ inches (6cm) and three places from making the final. LSU took a big hit in the team-title chase when Rayvon Grey, projected for 2nd, could reach only 24-2½ (7.38) and ended up 21st.

With Jefferson—clearly having the day of his life—positioned just an inch behind, Harrison worked hard to try to extend his lead. A round 4 leap of 26-2¾ (7.99) didn’t cut it. Round 5 didn’t either at 25-9¼ (7.85). Randrianasolo improved his best with a windy 26-7¾ (8.12) in round 5 but that merely strengthened the Frenchman’s hold on 3rd.
On his final attempt, knowing that he had the win, Harrison went for broke but ended up with a foul. No matter: he had the victory, the sixth-ever by an LSU long jumper (the first, trivia fans, was Billy Brown in ’41). In all, the top 6 all scored lifetime bests, taking advantage of prime heat and humidity and a just-about-right tailwind.

Said Harrison, 20, “I definitely thought I was going to have to go better with the way the competition was going, but then it started slowing down… I guess it worked out in my favor. “I’m proud of the achievement. It was a goal of mine coming into the season. I’m just happy. I feel really good about it.” Now Harrison is primed to enter Friday’s high jump competition—where the formchart has him at No. 3—with 10 points already under his belt.


(June 05; winds varied from +0.1 to +3.7)

1. **JuVaughn Harrison (LSU) 26-11 (8.20) PR (CL; lo-alt AL)

(25-10¾, 26-11, f, 26-2¾, 25-9¼, f) (7.89, 8.20, f, 7.99, 7.85, f);

2. Trumaine Jefferson (Hous) 26-10 (8.18) PR

(25-½, 26-10 [CL; lo-alt AL), 26-7¼, 26-0, f, 25-4½) (7.63, 8.18, 8.11, 7.92, f, 7.73);

3. Yann Randrianasolo’ (SC) 26-7¾w (8.12)

(25-9½w, 26-6¼ PR, 22-3¾, 26-¾w, 26-7¾w, 25-9¼) (7.86w, 8.08, 6.80, 7.94w, 8.12w, 7.85);

4. *Justin Hall (TxT) 26-5 (8.05) PR

(25-4¾, 26-0w, 26-5, 25-4¾w, f, 25-4) (7.74, 7.92w, 8.05, 7.74w, f, 7.72);

5. Jacob Fincham-Dukes’ (OkSt) 26-3 (8.00) PR

(f, f, 26-3, 26-1, 25-1¼, 25-11½) (f, f, 8.00, 7.95, 7.65, 7.91);

6. Jamie Brown (AlSt) 25-10¼ (7.88) PR;

7. Kemonie Briggs (LBSt) 25-10w (7.87);

8. Jordan Latimer (Akr) 25-8¼w (7.83);

9. Odaine Lewis’ (TxT) 25-6¼w (7.78);

10. *Steffin McCarter (Tx) 25-5½ (7.76);

11. Chris McBride (Clem) 25-4½ (7.73);

12. *Grant Holloway (Fl) 25-4 (7.72);

13. Charles Brown (TxT) 25-3¼w (7.70);

14. **Carter Shell (ArSt) 25-2w (7.67);

15. Samory Fraga’ (Kent) 25-1¼w (7.65);

16. **R’Lazon Brumfield (TnSt) 25-0 (7.62);

17. **Allen Gordon (Ms) 24-11¾ (7.61);

18. ***Kenan Jones (LSU) 24-9 (7.54);

19. *Jullane Walker’ (KsSt) 24-5 (7.44);

20. DaJuan Seward (OhSt) 24-2½w (7.38);

21. *Rayvon Grey (LSU) 24-2½ (7.38);

… 3f—*Keshun McGee (EnWa);

… dnc—**Jalen Seals (Bay), Derrick Monroe (AzSt).