New Life — Trayvon Bromell’s Comeback Ramps Up A Notch

Trayvon Bromell (r) & Marvin Bracy each scored PRs as they ran 9.77 & 9.85. (RHOAN STERLING)

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA, June 05 — Call it a practice test before the in-earnest exam at the Olympic Trials? After waking up in the morning, Trayvon Bromell tweeted about an SAT dream that visited him in his sleep. His 100 final in the afternoon at the NACAC New Life Invitational, however, reflected diligent study and application of sprint technique.

The comebacking 25-year-old Rio Olympian, undefeated at the century distance this year, followed a 10.01w heat with a PR final win, 9.77 from Marvin Bracy’s eye-opening 9.85 career low.

Bromell’s time improved his best by 0.07; he had dashed 9.84 previously in ’15 and ’16, the latter time placing him 2nd at the Olympic Trials that year. It made him the ninth man in history to better 9.80 and advanced him to No. 7 on the all-time list.

With the wind at 1.5, the 9.77 also brought Bromell up to the =No. 9 performer spot on the table of 100 marks adjusted for wind and altitude.

Just four men started the final and Bracy, in lane 5 to Bromell’s right, kept the ’15 World Champs bronze medalist focused throughout. Bromell started impressively and roared toward top gear in a flash, owning a clear lead virtually from the get-go. But Bracy gave no quarter and never faded as he dropped his 9.93 best from ’15 by 0.08.

“I really want people to understand one thing,” Bromell tweeted afterwards. “First, I give God the thanks. But, Two, @_BraceYaself pushed me like no other. My boy to the end I swear.”

Perhaps concern for someone else’s SAT score was a relaxation cue for Bromell, whose wakeup tweet marked a lighthearted start to the day: “I had a dream last night. In the dream, all I saw was a table and SAT package with a score of 700 on it. Lol now, I don’t know who that dream was for, all I can say is please study. 😂”

A trio of Olympic champions revealed the state of their Games-year preparation here. When Dalilah Muhammad churned 55.01 in the 400H in Jacksonville on Memorial Day — her first outing over the barriers since her WR at the ’19 World Championships — she admitted to being behind schedule due to a spring hamstring injury: “It’s definitely a bit close to USAs, but I think we can do it.” Here Muhammad got a step closer to where she needs to be for the Trials.

She buzzed through the lap with 10 hurdles in 54.50 to win by more than a second from Jamaica’s Ronda Whyte (55.65).

Tianna Bartoletta, 35, has had some trying years — physically and emotionally — in the 5 years since she won long jump gold in Rio. This meet made her smile. First with a 3.7 wind behind her she spanned 22-1¾w (6.75), her longest all-conditions mark since ’17.

In a close-fought comp — not decided until the sixth round, and with the top 3 separated by just an inch and a half (4cm) — Canadian Christabel Nettey took the win at 22-3w (6.78).

In the 100 heats Bartoletta dropped a windy 10.98 (+3.6) for her first sub-11 under any conditions since she PRed at 10.78 in the ’16 Olympic Trials.

Rio’s double-sprint gold medalist Elaine Thompson-Herah took the final in 10.87 (wind 1.2) as Bartoletta grabbed 2nd in 10.96, 0.01 ahead of Jamaican 19-year-old Briana Williams.

“I DID IT!!!,” Bartoletta exulted on Twitter. “This was my last tough week before my taper begins. Ran two hundreds in Clermont Sunday, 2 100s in Jacksonville Monday (4 in 27hrs) Took 6 jumps and ran 2 100s today. I AM SO PROUD OF OUR WORK TEAM. Let’s eat…(so we can get to bed early) #surviveandadvance.”

Thompson-Herah, 28, scored a 200 victory as well, in 22.54 (1.7) from the 22.77 of ’17 NCAA champion Kyra Jefferson.


100: I(1.5)–1. Trayvon Bromell (US) 9.77 PR (WL, AL) (7, =20 W; 4. =7 A); 2. Marvin Bracy (US) 9.85 PR (=13, x W; =6, x A);

3. Chris Royster (US) 10.08 PR; 4. Andre Ewers (Jam) 10.12.

II(3.0)–1. Jason Rogers (StK) 10.10w; 2. Jeff Demps (US) 10.20w;… dnc—Yohan Blake (Jam), Nigel Ellis (Jam), Jelani Walker (Jam).

Heats: I(2.1)–1. Blake 9.97w. II(3.1)–1. Walker 10.05w; 2. Ellis 10.08w; 3. Ewers 10.16w. III(2.2)–1. Bromell 10.01w; 2. Bracy 10.06w.

200(2.6): 1. Daveon Collins (US) 20.73w.

400: 1. Deon Lendore (Tri) 45.48; 2. LaShawn Merritt (US) 46.22.

800: 1. Marco Arop (Can) 1:44.93; 2. Alex Amankwah (Gha) 1:47.11; 3. Ryan Sanchez (PR) 1:47.22; 4. Edose Ibadin (Ngr) 1:47.29; 5. Rajay Hamilton (Jam) 1:47.31.

110H: I(2.6)–1. Michael Dickson (US) 13.16w; 2. Ronald Levy (Jam) 13.23w; 3. Wellington Zaza (Lbr) 13.44w; 4. Mikel Thomas (Tri) 13.55w; 5. Greggmar Swift (Bar) 13.79w.

400H: I–1. Gerald Drummond (CR) 49.47 NR; 2. Shawn Rowe (Jam) 49.53; 3. Eric Cray (Phi) 49.68; 4. Jaheel Hyde (Jam) 49.86.

II–1. Quincy Hall (US) 49.82.

4 x 100: 1. Jamaica 39.22 (Tracey, Ellis, Blake, Bailey); 2. Trinidad 39.75.

4 x 400: 1. Bahamas 3:03.51 (Miller, Mathieu, McCoy, Russell); 2. Mexico 3:04.17.

Field Events

LJ: 1. Damarcus Simpson (US) 26-5½w (8.06); 2. Emanuel Archibald (Guy) 26-1w (7.95).

DT: 1. Alex Rose (AmS) 220-2 (67.12) (220-2, f, 201-11, 215-10, 208-1, 211-9) (67.12, f, 61.54, 65.80, 63.43, 64.55); 2. Fedrick Dacres (Jam) 216-7 (66.01); 3. Kai Chang (Jam) 207-9 (63.33) PR; 4. Josh Syrotchen (US) 204-5 (62.32).


100: I(1.2)–1. Elaine Thompson-Herah (Jam) 10.87; 2. Tianna Bartoletta (US) 10.96 (fastest since ‘16 OT); 3. Briana Williams (Jam) 10.97 (x, 5 WJ); 4. Michelle-Lee Ahye (Tri) 11.04; 5. Veronica Campbell-Brown (Jam) 11.20; 6. Caitland Smith (US) 11.27; 7. Kayla White (US) 11.34.

II(1.7)–1. Khamica Bingham (Can) 11.16; 2. Shockoria Wallace (Jam) 11.18 PR; 3. Barbara Pierre (US) 11.23; 4. Jonielle Smith (Jam) 11.28.

Heats: I(3.6)–1. Williams 10.93w (a-c: 4, 5 WJ); 2. Bartoletta 10.98w. II(2.2)–1. Campbell-Brown 11.17w. III(3.0)–1. Thompson-Herah 10.92w; 2. Ahye 10.96w; 3. White 11.12w.

200(1.2): 1. Thompson-Herah 22.54; 2. Kyra Jefferson (US) 22.77.

400: I–1. Wadeline Jonathas (US) 51.91; 2. Tiffany James (Jam) 52.74. II–1. Nnenya Hailey (US) 52.90 PR.

800: 1. Ajee’ Wilson (US) 2:01.50; 2. Jazmine Fray (Jam) 2:02.60; 3. Síofra Cléirigh Büttner (Ire) 2:02.71; 4. Charlene Lipsey (US) 2:03.97; 5. Michelle Howell (US) 2:04.34.

100H(2.2): 1. Tobi Amusan (Ngr) 12.44w; 2. Andrea Carolina Vargas (CR) 12.76w; 3. Pedrya Seymour (Bah) 12.81w; 4. Amber Hughes (US) 13.07w; 5. Paola Vazquez (PR) 13.11w; 6. Cassandra Lloyd (US) 13.19w.

Heats: I(2.2)–1. Vargas 12.75w; 2. Hughes 12.85w. II(4.5)–1. Amusan 12.43w; 2. Seymour 12.78w; 3. Vazquez 13.11w; 4. Lloyd 13.15w;… dq—Ebony Morrison (US).

400H: 1. Dalilah Muhammad (US) 54.50; 2. Rhonda Whyte (Jam) 55.65; 3. Yanique Haye-Smith (TKS) 56.12; 4. Grace Claxton (PR) 57.42; 5. Kiah Seymour (US) 57.47;… dnf—Rushell Clayton (Jam).

4 x 100: 1. Trinidad 43.96 (St. Fort, Baptiste, Thomas, Selvon); 2. Bahamas 44.41.

Field Events

LJ: 1. Christabel Nettey (Can) 22-3w (6.78) (21-6, 22-¾w, 22-1w, 22-1½, 22-3w, f) (6.55, 6.72w, 6.73w, 6.74, 6.78w, f); 2. Tianna Bartoletta (US) 22-1¾w (6.75) (20-1½w, 21-2w, 22-1¾w, 21-6w, 21-6¼w, f) (6.13w, 6.45w, 6.75w, 6.55w, 6.56w, f); 3. Lorraine Ugen (GB) 22-1½w (6.74); 4. Chanice Porter (Jam) 21-9½w (6.64) (21-2/6.45); 5. Tiffany Flynn (US) 21-9w (6.63) (21-1½/6.44); 6. Sabina Allen (Jam) 21-4¼w (6.51) (20-10¾/6.37).

TJ: 1. Ana José Tima (DR) 46-10¼w (14.28); 2. Imani Oliver (US) 46-2w (14.07); 3. Tamara Myers (Bah) 45-10½ (13.98); 4. Sabina Allen (Jam) 45-6¼w (13.87); 5. Lynnika Pitts (US) 45-3½w (13.80); 6. Nadia Eke (Gha) 42-8w (13.00). ◻︎

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