2021 High School Boys All-America Team

Undefeated Mississippi junior Jordan Anthony rates atop the 100. (LOGAN HANNIGAN-DOWNS)

AFTER A PANDEMIC-INDUCED YEAR OFF we’re happy to be back in the business of naming our High School All-America teams. This year’s boys honorees are the 47th grouping we have chosen since we launched the project after the ’74 season.

There was only a single double-No. 1 this year, and that was AOY Hobbs Kessler in the mile and 2M. There were also 6 performers who earned A-A status in a pair of events: Jaylen Slade (2/1) and Udodi Onwuzurike (3/2) in the 100/200, Nate Mountain (2/1) in the 2M/steeple, Leonard Mustari (2/3) in the 110H/LJ, Bryce Foster (1/5) in the SP/DT & Tarik Robinson O’Hagan (4/3) in the SP/HT.

The 2021 team (for an explanation of the workings of our A-A selecting, check out the sidebar at the end of this story):

1. *JORDAN ANTHONY (Tylertown, Mississippi)
1)State, 1)adidas Dream, 1)NSAF/Nike; 10.21
2. *JAYLEN SLADE (IMG, Bradenton, Florida)
3)adidas Dream; 10.09 HSL
3. UDODI ONWUZURIKE’ (Rice, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)
1)State, 1)Brooks; 10.23
4. *DOMANI JACKSON (Mater Dei, Santa Ana, California)
1)“State”; 10.25
5. GAVIN SCHURR (Fairview, Boulder, Colorado)
1)NSAF/MOC, 2)adidas Dream; 10.36

THE BIG MARK was Slade’s list-leading 10.09, which raised him to =No. 4 on the all-time list. And he also had windy marks of 10.03 & 10.04. But in his one meeting with high-end prep competition he was only 3rd in the adidas Dream race won by the undefeated Anthony, who buttressed his claim with an NSAF/Nike win… Anthony is the first Mississippi winner since Calvin Smith in ’79… Slade turned pro after the Olympic Trials, where he had tumbled to the track early in his heat… Onwuzurike was also undefeated, and won the important Brooks race.

1. *JAYLEN SLADE (IMG, Bradenton, Florida)
20.62 iHSR, 20.20 HSL
2. UDODI ONWUZURIKE’ (Rice, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)
1)State, 1)Midwest MOC; 20.21(A)/20.78/20.13(A)w
3. AARON BELL (Parker, Jacksonville, Florida)
1)State; 20.71
4. CONNOR WASHINGTON (College Park, The Woodlands, Texas)
1)State; 20.39
5. **RODERICK PLEASANT (Serra, Gardena, California)
1)“State”; 20.59

SLADE ALSO CLIMBED high up on the all-time list here too, his list-leading 20.20 against pros making him No. 5 ever. Earlier, he had moved to No. 1 ever undercover, lowering the national indoor record to 20.62… Onwuzurike’s fastest marks (aided by altitude and/or wind) came at the World Juniors in August after he elected to use Nigerian citizenship and won the World U20 title… The undefeated Bell takes the No. 3 spot over once-beaten Washington, who had a much faster time.

1. *JUSTIN BRAUN (Central, Westerville, Ohio)
1)State, 1)Brooks; 46.14
2. TERRENCE MUEX (Carmen-Ainsworth, Flint, Michigan)
1)State, 1)NSAF/Nike; 46.13 HSL
3. BRANDON BATTLE (Edwardsville, Illinois)
1)State; 46.48
4. *KHAMARI TERRELL (Shoemaker, Killeen, Texas)
2)NSAF/Nike; 46.26
5. WESTON BAPTISTE (Academy, Montverde, Florida)
1)State; 46.63

SEPARATING BRAUN & MUEX was tough. Each was undefeated and had a major win and only 0.01 separated them on the watch. While Muex had the yearly leader, that was one of only two times he broke 47, while Braun did it four times, his sequence of 46.14, 46.40, 46.56 & 46.73 giving him the edge… NSAF/Nike runner-up Terrell splits the undefeated pair of Battle and Baptiste.

1. JOHN LESTER (Amador Valley, Pleasanton, California)
6)Brooks; 1:47.65 HSL
2. *NICK PLANT (Canfield, Ohio)
1)State, 1)Brooks; 1:49.39
3. HARRISON WITT (Mountain Vista, Highlands Ranch, Colorado)
1)State; 1:48.50
4. JOSHUA ENGLISH (The Woodlands, Texas)
1)State, 2) Brooks; 1:49.52
5. NICHOLAS MEDEIROS (Old Bridge, Matawan, New Jersey)
1)State, 3) Brooks; 1:49.75

LIST LEADER LESTER had a huge volume of fast times, topped by a 1:47.65 that moved him to No. 6 on the all-time list. He backed that up with a pair of 1:48s and a 1:49, more than making up for his poor finish in the Brooks meet. He became the first Californian not only to win, but just to even rank in 10 years… Brooks winner Plant was undefeated and is a clear No. 2… Witt never lost either, but had no post-season credentials… Brooks 2-3 finishers round things out.

1. HOBBS KESSLER (Skyline, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
1)State; 3:57.66 iHSR & HSL; 3:34.36 HSR
2. NATHAN GREEN (Borah, Boise, Idaho)
1)State, 1)Brooks, 1)NSAF/Nike; 4:00.97
3. *GAVIN SHERRY (Conard, West Hartford, Connecticut)
1)NSAF/MOC, 1)State, 3) NSAF/Nike 4:03.29
4. *GARY MARTIN (Wood, Warminster, Pennsylvania)
1)State, 3) Brooks; 4:03.53
5. *ZANE BERGEN (Niwot, Colorado)
1)State, 2) NSAF; 4:03.90

AOY HOBBS KESSLER was the obvious No. 1, but this would have rated as the elite event of the season even without him. Overall 8 broke 4:05, 6 broke 4:04 and 3 broke 4:03, topped by Kessler’s national indoor record… An almost-sub-4:00 performer, Green was easily best of the rest as he won the two biggest all-prep races of the year, Brooks and NSAF/Nike… State champs Sherry, Martin & Bergen each had a notable post-season finish and flesh things out.

1. HOBBS KESSLER (Skyline, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
1)NSAF/MOC; 8:39.04 HSL
2. NATE MOUNTAIN (St. Xavier, Springfield Township, Ohio)
1)Brooks, 7)State; 8:42.16
3. *LARRY JOSH EDWARDS (University, Morgantown, West Virginia)
1)State, 3)NSAF/MOC, 4) Brooks; 8:46.73
4. *COLIN SAHLMAN (Newbury Park, California)
1)Arcadia; 8:46.46
5. JOSHUA TRUCHON (Hale, West Allis, Wisconsin)
1)State, 1)NSAF/Nike; 8:47.41

AS IN THE MILE, no one came close to Kessler in his secondary distance, where his 8:39.04 NSAF/MOC win moved him to No. 4 on the all-time list… Mountain had a poor State showing, but won the very important Brooks race in the year’s second-fastest time… The prolific Edwards had 5 sub-9:00 races and a pair of sub-8:50s… Sahlman gets No. 4 for his Arcadia win, with NSAF/Nike champ Truchon rounding things out.

200 leader Jaylen Slade backed up his indoor record 20.62 with an outdoor-leading 20.20. (SHAWN PRICE)

1. JERRY PHILIPPE (Dillard, Ft Lauderdale, Florida)
1)Bing, 1)Brooks, 2)State-3A; 13.45 HSL
2. LEONARD MUSTARI (Dunbar, Ft Myers, Florida)
1)State-3A, 2) Bing, 2) Brooks; 13.59
3. ETHAN EXILHOMME (Timber Creek, Orlando, Florida)
1)State-4A, 1)NSAF/Nike; 13.51
4. *MALIK MIXON (Westlake, Atlanta, Georgia)
1)State, 3) Brooks; 13.64
5. MICHAEL BOURNE (Cosby, Midlothian, Virginia)
1)State, 4) Brooks; 13.69

FLORIDA RUNNERS SCORED the first 1-2-3 in the event’s history. There have been two previous 1-2s, the last by North Carolina in ’08… In settling the top spot Philippe was 2-1 vs Mustari, and his nation-leading time won the deciding Brooks race… Racing in a different division than the first two, Exilhomme was undefeated and won the NSAF/Nike race… No. 4 Mixon’s only loss was to Philippe & Mustari at Brooks.

300/400 HURDLES
1. BRYCE McCRAY (George Ranch, Richmond, Texas)
1)State; 36.27 HSL/51.18 HSL
2. DENZEL HINDS (Northside Health Careers, San Antonio, Texas)
2)State; 36.28
3. DILLON LEACOCK (Millbrook, Raleigh, North Carolina)
1)State 36.53, 1)NSAF/Nike, 2) NSAF/MOC; 36.53/52.04
4. *TAMAAL MYERS (Cass, Detroit, Michigan)
1)State, 1)NSAF/MOC, 2) NSAF/Nike; 37.35/51.46
5. MARIO PAUL (Dunbar, Lexington, Kentucky)
1)State; 36.74/52.27

THE FASTEST AT BOTH DISTANCES, McCray was a solid No. 1. His 36.27 came in winning the tough Texas-6A title by just 0.01 over Hinds and his 51.18 came in winning the AAU JO title over the summer… Hinds was prolific in the 300s, cranking out 8 sub-37.60s and 3 sub-37s… In a battle of state champs, Leacock lost to Myers in the first of the two big Nike meets, but beat him in the more important second one.

4 x 100 RELAY
1)State-6A, 1)NSAF/Nike; 40.49 =HSL
2. TOMPKINS Katy, Texas
2)State-6A; =40.49
3. TAYLOR Houston, Texas
3)State-6A; 40.50
4. LA VEGA Waco, Texas
1)State-4A; 40.71
5. CORNER CANYON Draper, Utah
1)State; 40.68(A)

THE TOP 3 were almost inseparable in the great Texas-6A race, which had them all across the line within 0.01… Winner Cedar Hill, using different personnel, had two early-season defeats but never lost again, including the NSAF/Nike title… Tompkins lost twice (Regional to Taylor, State to Cedar Hill) but only by a total of 0.01… Taylor lost once, by 0.01 to Cedar Hill & Tompkins at State… No one else came close as 4A champ La Vega finished off a Texas 1-2-3-4… Corner Canyon is the first Utah school ever to score here.

4 x 200 RELAY
1)State-6A, 3)NSAF/Nike; 1:23.99 HSL
2. CYPRESS RIDGE Houston, Texas
2)State-6A; 1:24.27
3. LA VEGA Waco, Texas
1)State-4A; 1:24.61

YET ANOTHER TEXAS 1-2-3 (the last time anybody interrupted a procession of Longhorn sweeps was Florida in ’13). The best non-Lone Star time was only No. 11 on the yearly list… None of the Texas teams were undefeated, with Cedar Hill garnering gold off a fast State win in year-leading time.

4 x 400 RELAY
1. COLLEGE PARK The Woodlands, Texas
1)State; 3:13.37
2. IMG ACADEMY Bradenton, Florida
3:13.33 HSL
3. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
1)State; 3:15.15
1)State; 3:14.69
5. WILSON Long Beach, California
1)Arcadia; 3:15.26

UNDEFEATED COLLEGE PARK dominated the lists outdoors, ripping off 4 sub-3:15 times (3 of them in the 3:13s) for the edge over IMG, whose list-leading 3:13.33 from indoors (backed up by an outdoor 3:14.41) gained them No. 2… Florida champ Aquinas (IMG isn’t part of the state-meet system) takes No. 3 over Georgia winner Alpharetta, which had a thin overall record.

4 x 800 RELAY
1. RIDGE Basking Ridge, New Jersey
1)NSAF/MOC, 1)State, 1)NSAF/Nike; 7:39.06
2. FISHERS Indiana
1)State 7:42.46;
3. DENMARK Alpharetta, Georgia
1)State; 7:44.21
4. CORNER CANYON Draper, Utah
1)State; 7:44.91
5. SATELLITE, Satellite Beach Florida
1)State; 7:44.57

ALL 5 OF THE HONOREES were undefeated, but Ridge — which was also No. 1 in ’19 — was the only one to run post-season winning both NSAF races to rate ahead of 4 other State champs… Fishers, fast and with volume, is next, ahead of Denmark, Corner Canyon and Satellite… As in the 4×1, Corner Canyon became the first Utah scorer ever.

1. NIWOT Colorado
1)NSAF/Nike; 17:19.70 HSL
2. LOYOLA Los Angeles, California
2) NSAF/Nike; 17:28.58
3. RIDGEFIELD Connecticut
3) NSAF/Nike; 17:28.87

THERE WERE ONLY a couple of significant races run, NSAF/Nike being the dominant one, so the first three foursomes from Eugene fill the podium.

1. ST. PETER’S Jersey City, New Jersey
1)NSAF/Nike; 3:24.40 HSL
1)State; 3:25.84
3. MARCUS Flower Mound, Texas

ST. PETER’S EASILY GETS THE GOLD with its runaway NSAF/Nike effort. Cedar Falls, the best of a strong Iowa contingent, garners silver and Marcus grabs bronze from several 1-loss teams in a year without a lot of competition.

1. RIDGEFIELD Connecticut
1)NSAF/Nike; 10:01.72 HSL
2. RIDGE Basking Ridge, New Jersey
2)NSAF/Nike; 10:02.46
3. UNION CATHOLIC Scotch Plains, New Jersey
3)NSAF/Nike; 10:02.86

THIS WAS ANOTHER limited-opportunity event with the NSAF/Nike meet providing the fast action and the honorees in a year when nobody broke 10:00.

The top high hurdler was Brooks PR winner Jerry Philippe (5) at 13.45. (CHARLES SHAFFER)

1. KAMYREN GARRETT (Lawrence Central, Indianapolis, Indiana)
1)adidas Indoor, 1)State, 1)Midwest MOC; 7-3 =HSL
2. TYUS WILSON (Sterling, Kansas)
1)State, 3)NSAF/Nike; 7-3 =HSL
3. KASON O’RILEY (Marble Falls, Texas)
1)State-5A, 1)NSAF/Nike; 7-¼
4. KENNEDY SAUDER (Calvary, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
1)State, 2)NSAF/Nike 7-1¾
5. JALAN RIVERS (Summer Creek, Houston, Texas)
1)State-6A; 7-1

IN A YEAR WHEN ONLY 12 performers could reach the 7-foot plateau, co-national leaders Garrett (11 meets over) & Wilson (9 meets) were a level above the rest. They never went head-to-head as Garrett went undefeated while Wilson had a loss… O’Riley and Sauder beat Wilson at NSAF/Nike, but their overall seasons didn’t compare to his.

1. CLAYTON SIMMS (Live Oak, Watson, Louisiana)
1)State Indoor, 1)NSAF/Nike; 2)State, 3) adidas Indoor; 17-6 HSL
2. GARRETT BROWN (La Costa Canyon, Carlsbad, California)
1)”State”, 2)NSAF/Nike, 2)Vaulter Mag; 17-2
3. CONNER McCLURE (Green, Ohio)
1)adidas Indoor, 4)NSAF/Nike, 5)State; 17-3
4. *LOGAN KELLEY (Valley Christian, Chandler, Arizona)
1)State, 1)Vaulter Mag; 17-¾
5. *BEAU DOMINGUE (Hammond, Louisiana)
1)State, 2)State Indoor, 3)NSAF/Nike, 5)adidas Indoor; 17-¼

DOUBLE-DIGIT 16-FOOTERS put Simms (18 meets) & Brown (22) a cut above the rest. Raise the bar to 17-footers and Simms had 9, Brown 4. List leader Simms topped Brown at NSAF/Nike in their only meeting to earn the top spot… McClure had good volume… The undefeated Kelley had a short season but scored a late-season win over Brown.

1. CURTIS WILLIAMS (Leon, Tallahassee, Florida)
1)State; 25-5¼ HSL
2. JULIAN COLLINS (Hewitt-Trussville, Trussville, Alabama)
1)State Indoor, 1)State, 1)NSAF/Nike 24-7½/24-8¾w
3. LEONARD MUSTARI (Dunbar, Ft. Myers, Florida)
1)adidas Indoor, 2)State; 24-9¾
4. ANTHONY WOODS (Xavier, Louisville, Kentucky)
1)State, 4)NSAF/Nike; 24-4½
5. JADEN PRICE-WHITEHEAD (Upper Dublin, Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania)
1)State, 4)Virginia Showcase, 5)adidas Indoor; 24-10¾

THE UNDEFEATED WILLIAMS produced the yearly leader in his biggest meet. The year’s only 25-footer, he also went on to win the USATF JO title… NSAF/Nike champ Collins was also undefeated… No. 2-rated high hurdler Mustari, lost to Williams at State… Woods edges indoor list leader Price-Whitehead for the No. 4 spot.

1. JADEN PATTERSON (Atascocita, Humble, Texas)
1)State; 50-7 HSL/51-2¼w
2. JOHNNY BRACKINS (Lees Summit, Missouri)
1)Virginia Showcase, 1)adidas Indoor, 1)State, 5)NSAF/Nike; 50-¼
3. FLOYD WHITAKER (Highland, Blackwood, New Jersey)
1)State MOC, 1)NSAF/Nike; 49-11¾
4. SOLOMON WASHINGTON (Stony Point, Round Rock, Texas)
2) adidas Indoor, 2) NSAF/Nike, nq)State; 49-9¾
5. *BRANDON GREEN (Ruston, Louisiana)
1)State Indoor, 1)Mobile MOC, 1)State; 48-11½/50-4¼w

50-FOOTERS WERE RARE, only 2 of the 5 rankers having legal marks over that barrier. Undefeated national leader Patterson had a pair of them, and beefed up his credentials for the top spot with a half-dozen over 49 (compared to half that many for Brackins). The Texan also had the year’s farthest wind-aided performance, a 51-footer.

Yearly list leader Clayton Simms sealed the vault leadership with an NSAF/Nike win. (LOGAN HANNIGAN-DOWNS)

1. BRYCE FOSTER (Taylor, Katy, Texas)
1)State; 71-1 HSL
2. *TUCKER SMITH (North, Columbus, Indiana)
1)State, 1)National Throws; 69-4½
3. COOPER MACK (Watertown, South Dakota)
1)Virginia Showcase, 1)adidas Indoor, 1)State, 17)NSAF/Nike; 67-3½
4. *TARIK ROBINSON-O’HAGAN (Woonsocket, Rhode Island)
1)State Indoor, 1)State, 2)National Throws, 3)adidas Indoor, 3)NSAF/Nike; 67-9¾
5. TC NELSON (Woodgrove, Purcellville, Virginia)
1)State Indoor, 4) adidas Indoor, 1)State, 4) NSAF/Nike; 66-7½

The undefeated Foster had the year’s only 70-footers and he plopped both of them down at a list-leading 71-1. He’s the first Texan at No. 1 since Roger Roesler back in ’96… National Throws winner Smith was also unbeaten, and the year’s only other 69-footer… No. 3 choice Mack won a strong competition at the adidas Indoor.

1. *ZANE FORIST (Carson City-Crystal, Carson City, Michigan)
1)State, 1)NSAF/Nike; 206-0
2. JACKSON ACKER (Verona, Wisconsin)
1)State; 207-6
3. *JEREMIAH NUBBE (Rainier, Washington)
2) NSAF; 200-2
4. KEVIN GRUBBS (Summer Creek, Houston, Texas)
1)Texas Southern Relays, 1)State, 3)NSAF/Nike; 207-1
5. BRYCE FOSTER (Taylor, Katy, Texas)
2)State; 210-10 HSL

THE ONLY MAJOR MEETING, the NSAF played the biggest role in the placings. Forist, Nubbe, and Grubbs were undefeated until going 1-2-3 at the Eugene affair. They ended up in positions 1, 3 & 5… The runner-up rating goes to the undefeated Acker, who had a pair of 200-footers… List leader Foster, with a State loss and no post-season meets, garners the final spot.

1. JOHN FAY (Hendricken, Warwick, Rhode Island)
1)State, 1)NSAF/Nike; 236-10 HSL
2. LOGAN COLES (Woonsocket, Rhode Island)
1)National Throws, 2)State, 3)NSAF/Nike; 235-0
3. *TARIK ROBINSON-O’HAGAN (Woonsocket, Rhode Island)
2)National Throws, 2)NSAF/Nike, 3)State; 236-9

OUR TOP 3 finished the great NSAF/Nike event in the same order, but that is not the only reason for their ranking. Fay was 4-0 vs each of the Woonsocket duo to easily take the gold. Coles was 4-1 vs TRO early season, but they were 2-2 for the big meets… This is Rhode Island’s seventh 1-2-3, previous ones coming in ’78, ’79, ’81, ’82, ’85, ’91 & ’15.

1. COLLIN BURKHART (Nazareth, Pennsylvania)
1)State, 1)JavFest, 1)NSAF/Nike, 2)NSAF/MOC; 216-11
2. *MATTHEW PREBOLA (Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania)
1)NSAF/MOC, 2)State, 4)NSAF/Nike; 222-2
3. JACKSON RIMES (Catholic, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
2)State, 5)NSAF/Nike; 208-8
4. *SAMUEL JENNINGS (Pendleton, Oregon)
1)“State,” 7)NSAF/Nike; 224-10 HSL
5. MASON BROCK (Howell, St Charles, Missouri)
1)State; 205-4

BURKHART WAS AN EASY CHOICE both in volume (7 over 200) and titles (State, JavFest, NSAF/Nike). He was 3-2 vs in-state rival Prebola, giving Pennsylvania the first 1-2 since Louisiana did it in ’04… Jennings unleashed a monster throw in his last meet of the season to claim the yearly list lead.

NATE MOUNTAIN (St. Xavier, Springfield Township, Ohio)

Mountain lowered the national record in the 2000 steeple to 5:40.72

*JAXON BAIR (Kimberly, Idaho)

Bair’s list-leading 7496 to win the USATF JO title moved him to No. 8 on the all-time list.

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