Brooks PR — Birnbaum Joins HS Sub-4:00 Club

A 3:59.51 made Simeon Birnbaum the first 16-year-old American to break 4:00. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, June 15 — The sub-4:00 club is starting to get a little crowded this season, as the Brooks PR Invitational served up the latest member of the crew, this one junior Simeon Birnbaum (Stevens, Rapid City, South Dakota), who crushed his old best of 4:07.88. He became club member No. 17.

While the event was set up for speed, with Pennsylvania’s 3:57 star Gary Martin pacing for 2 laps after having run the 800, the final lap delivered plenty of racing excitement.

Martin’s departure left the lead to Aaron Sahlman (Newbury Park, California), who had passed 809m in 2:00.61. Four others were still in the mix, with Birnbaum running 5th in that pack. At the bell (3:02.87), it was Zane Bergen (Niwot, Colorado) in front, with James Donahue (Belmont Hill, Belmont, Massachusetts) running 2nd, Birnbaum still in 5th. On the backstretch, Donahue moved up to pass Bergen, pulling Devan Kipyego (St Raphael, Pawtucket, Rhode Island) into 2nd.

Coming off the final turn, Bergen swung wide in making his big move. A few strides later, Birnbaum swung wider, with a kick that easily took him to a 6m win in 3:59.51; his last 400 took 56.12. Behind him, Bergen (4:00.48), Kipyego (4:00.64), Sahlman (4:01.34) and Donahue (4:01.39) all PRed.

The girls mile was also competitive to the end. Frosh phenom Sadie Engelhardt (Ventura, California) did the pacework at the front of a crowded pack for the better part of three laps, hitting 2:21.26 at 809. Just before the bell, Riley Stewart (Cherry Creek, Green Village, Colorado) struck. She couldn’t get away on the backstretch, and Juliette Whittaker (Mt. de Sales, Catonsville, Maryland) passed her going into the final turn. Engelhardt attacked coming off the turn but couldn’t pull even with Whitaker, who used a 63.56 final 400 to maintain her margin to the line for a 4:36.23-4:36.50 win. Julia Flynn (Central, Traverse City, Michigan) grabbed 3rd in 4:37.73 as a record 7 all broke 4:40.0.

“I knew it was going to be a fast race and I knew it was going to be competitive,” said Whittaker, who moved to No. 9 on the all-time list. “With a lap to go, all of us were still in the race—it was insane.”

The day’s action had started with a sharp girls 2M in which Dalia Frias (Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach, California) and Irene Riggs (Morgantown, West Virginia) ran side-by-side much of the way before battling to the wire, Frias edging Riggs 9:50.70–9:50.72 to move to Nos. 4 & 5 on the all-time list. They also became the two fastest outdoor performers ever, topping the 9:52.35 run by Coloradan Brie Oakley in ’17.

In the girls 400, Christine Millard (Legacy, Mansfield, Texas) dominated with her year-leading 52.12, easily topping halfmiler Roisin Willis (Stevens Point, Wisconsin), who clocked 53.23.

The boys 800 brought together a sterling field that included sub-4:00 milers Colin Sahlman (Newbury Park) and Martin. Aiden Neal (Valley, Manchester, Maryland) led through 400 in 53.7. By 600, Martin led, but Sahlman caught him off the turn and defending champion Nick Plant (Canfield, Ohio) passed him also. At the finish, it was PRs for Sahlman 1:48.07, Plant 1:48.52 and Martin 1:48.59. Best-ever times-for-HS-place were set in positions 3, 4, 6 & 7)

Said Sahlman, “There was a lot of shoving on the backstretch. I was just trying to get through. I think I did that perfectly. It was just a good race.”


100(-0.6): 1. Charlie Sexton (Auburn, Al) 10.41; 2. Terrell Robinson (Mt Tabor, Winston-Salem) 10.49; 3. Max Thomas (Servite, Anaheim) 10.58; 4. *Jacob Andrews (Sehome, Bellingham) 10.58; 5. Carter Birade (Sehome) 10.66; 6. Trevin Moyer (Mountain Island, Mt Holly, NC) 10.68.

400: 1. Will Sumner (Woodstock, Ga) 45.90; 2. Judson Lincoln (Oakland Mills, Columbia, Md) 46.23; 3. *Will Floyd (Prep, Seattle) 46.83; 4. *Avaunt Ortiz (McClintock, Tempe) 47.32.

800: 1. Colin Sahlman (Newbury Park, Ca) 1:48.07; 2. Nick Plant (Canfield, Oh) 1:48.52; 3. Gary Martin (Wood, Warminster, Pa) 1:48.59; 4. Jai Dawson (Dana Hills, Dana Point, Ca) 1:49.33; 5. *Miguel Pantojas (Hagerty, Oviedo, Fl) 1:49.90; 6. Aiden Neal (Manchester Valley, Manchester, Md) 1:50.21; 7. *Carter Cutting (Corner Canyon, Draper, Ut) 1:50.24.

(best-ever time-for-HS-place: 3–4, 6–7)

Mile: 1. *Simeon Birnbaum (Stevens, Rapid City, SD) 3:59.51 (national age-16 record); 2. Zane Bergen (Niwot, Co) 4:00.48; 3. *Devan Kipyego (St Raphael, Pawtucket, RI) 4:00.64; 4. Aaron Sahlman (Newbury Park) 4:01.34; 5. James Donahue (Belmont Hill, Belmont, Ma) 4:01.39; 6. Chris Riley (McCallum, Austin) 4:04.68; 7.Charlie North (Franklin, Portland) 4:05.86; 8. Myles Hogan (Fordham, Bronx) 4:06.88; 9. Isaac Teeples (Kamiakin, Kennewick, Wa) 4:06.02; 10. Aiden Emerson (Arlington, Wa) 4:06.37;… rabbit—Martin.

(best-ever time-for-HS-place: 2–5)

2M: 1. Connor Burns (Southern Boone, Ashland, Mo) 8:45.52; 2. Michael Maiorano (South, Medford, Or) 8:52.85; 3. *Jaron Hartshorn (Lone Peak, Highland, Ut) 8:52.85; 4. *William Hartshorn (Blanchet, Seattle) 8:53.85; 5. *Zack Munson (Sehome) 8:54.93; 6. ***Keegan Smith (Catholic, Knoxville) 8:54.97.

110H(-0.6): 1. Malik Mixon (Westlake, Atlanta) 13.55; 2.Kendrick Smallwood (Poteet, Mesquite, Tx) 13.79; 3. Shane Gardner (George Ranch, Richmond, Tx) 13.81; 4. Benny Diaz (Saugatuck, Mi) 13.82; 5. *Donovan Bradley (Summer Creek, Houston) 13.92; 6. Cyrus Ways (Nease, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl) 13.96.


100(-0.6): 1. *Shawnti Jackson (Gibbons, Raleigh) 11.35; 2. Autumn Wilson (Savio, Austin) 11.46; 3. **Adaejah Hodge’ (Alexander, Douglasville, Ga) 11.49; 4. Camryn Dickson (Ckear Brook, Friendswood, Tx) 11.60.

400: 1. Christine Mallard (Legacy, Mansfield, Tx) 52.12 (HSL);

2. Roisin Willis (Stevens Point, Wi) 53.23; 3. Takiya Cenci (Clovis North, Fresno) 53.19.

800: 1. **Allison Ince (Community, Normal, Il) 2:04.14; 2. Lauren Tolbert (Highland, Gastonia, NC) 2:06.94; 3. Mia Chavez (Chino, Ca) 2:07.29; 4. **Samantha Humphries (Flower Mound, Tx) 2:07.71.

Mile: 1. Juliette Whitaker (Mt de Sales, Catonsville, Md) 4:36.23 (9, 11 HS) (4:19.94);

2. ***Sadie Engelhardt (Ventura,Ca) 4:36.50 (4:20.12); 3. Julia Flynn (Traverse City Central, Traverse City, Il) 4:37.73 (4:20.30); 4. Riley Stewart (Cherry Creek, Greenwood Village, Co) 4:38.21 (4:20.05); 5. Samantha McDonnell (Newbury Park, Ca) 4;38.44 (4:20.09); 6. **Isabel Conde de Frankenberg (Cedar Park, Tx) 4:38.55 (4:20.05); 7. Mia Cochran (Moon Area, Moon Township, Pa) 4:39.23; 8. Taylor Rohatinsky (Lone Peak, West Highland, Ut) 4:41.81 (4:22.10); 9. Kaiya Robertson (Franklin, Portland) 4:47.09.

2M: 1. Dalia Frias (Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach, Ca) 9:50.70 (4, 4 HS) (1, 1 out) (9:14.56 out HSL); 2. *Irene Riggs (Morgantown, WV) 9:50.72 (5, 5 HS) (9:14.72);

3. Eva Klingbeil (Niwot, Co) 10:03.61 (9:25.77); 4. **Bethany Michalak (Air Academy, Co) 10:05.25 (9:26.33); 5. Kayla Werner (Home, Lynchburg, Va) 10:05.65 (9:26.51); 6. Jenna Mulhern (Henderson, West Chester, Pa) 10:09.32 (9:26.48); 7. *Arianne Olson (West Ottawa, Holland, Mi) 10:15.17 (9:34.45); 8. Sophia Kennedy (Park Tudor, Indianapolis) 10:20.13.

100H(-0.4): 1. Jaiya Covington (Eisenhower, Tx) 13.65; 2. ***Aleesa Samuel (Somerset, Pembroke Pines, Fl) 13.93; 3. Falon Spearman (Providence Day, Charlotte) 13.97.