2022 Girls High School All-America Team

1–2 here in the Brooks meet, Shawnti Jackson (lane 4) and Autumn Wilson (5) ended up Nos. 1 & 3 in the 100 Rankings. (CHARLES SHAFFER)

THIS YEAR’S GIRLS HONOREES are the 44th grouping we have chosen since we first launched our HS All-America project after the ’78 season.

The only double winner was Akala Garrett in both hurdles; 11 other athletes scored in 2 events: Mia Brahe-Pedersen (2/1), Micayah Holland (4/3) & Adaejah Hodge (5/5) in the 100/200; Shawnti Jackson (1/2) in the 100/400; AOY Juliette Whittaker (1/2) in the 800/mile; Addy Wiley (1/4) & Dalia Frias (4/2) in the mile/2M; Myla Greene (3/4) in the 100H/300H; JaiCieonna Gero-Holt (3/1) in the HJ/hept; Mensi Stiff (1/4) in the SP/DT; Giavonna Meeks (2/1) in the DT/HT. Additionally, 2M leader Natalie Cook earned a Special Recognition tag in the 5000.

The ’22 girls team (for an explanation of the workings of our A-A selecting, check out the sidebar at the end of this story):

1. *SHAWNTI JACKSON # (Wakefield, Raleigh, North Carolina)
1)State, 1)Brooks, 1)USATF Junior; 11.15 HSL/11.07w
2. **MIA BRAHE-PEDERSEN (Lake Oswego, Oregon)
1)Oregon Relays, 1)State, 2)Arcadia, 2)Nike, 2)USATF Junior; 11.25/11.09w
3. AUTUMN WILSON # (Savio, Austin, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)Arcadia, 1)Nike, 2)Brooks, 3)USATF Junior; 11.33/11.14w
4. *MICAYAH HOLLAND (Academy, Montverde, Florida)
1)Florida Relays, 1)State; 11.26/11.09w
5. **ADAEJAH HODGE’ (Alexander, Douglasville, Georgia)
1)State, 3)Brooks, 3)Nike; 11.29

THE TOP 3 finished in that order at USATF Juniors… List leader Jackson was undefeated as she moved up a slot over ’21. Her 11.15 moved her to No. 9 on the all-time list… Wilson moved up two spots over last year… Holland was undefeated but had no post-season appearances.

1. **MIA BRAHE-PEDERSEN (Lake Oswego, Oregon)
1)Oregon Relays, 1)State, 1)Nike, 2/1hs)USATF Junior, 2)Arcadia; 22.95 HSL
2. TIRIAH KELLEY (East, Plano, Texas)
1)State; 23.06
3. *MICAYAH HOLLAND (Academy, Montverde, Florida)
1)State; 23.13
4. CAMERYN DIXON (Clear Creek, Friendswood, Texas)
2)State, 4/2hs)USATF Junior; 23.20
5. **ADAEJAH HODGE’ (Alexander, Douglasville, Georgia)
1)State, 2)Nike; 23.25

BRAHE-PETERSEN is the first Oregonian ever to earn A-A status in the 200 period, let alone become the state’s first No. 1. She backed up her list-leading 22.95 with a 22.98 and had 5 of the year’s 8 fastest times overall… Kelley’s State title won her the battle of Texas over Dixon. They’re split by the undefeated Holland.

Undefeated Texan Christine Mallard led the yearly 400 list at 52.12. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

1. CHRISTINE MALLARD # (Legacy, Mansfield, Texas)
1)State, 1)Brooks; 52.12 HSL
2. *SHAWNTI JACKSON # (Wakefield, Raleigh, North Carolina)
1)State; 52.32
3. JaMEESIA FORD (Britt, Fayetteville, North Carolina)
3)State, 1)adidas; 52.41
4. *ZAYA AKINS (South, Raytown, Missouri)
1)State, 1)New Balance, 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 52.88
5. *KAYLYN BROWN (Mallard Creek, Charlotte, North Carolina)
2)State, 2)Nike, 3/2hs)USATF Junior; 53.11

UNDEFEATED LIST LEADER Mallard had two big wins in moving up from No. 5 a year ago… Repeat No. 2 Jackson only ran a single 400, but it won the tough North Carolina title in the year’s second-fastest time. Tar Heels Ford and Brown are split by Akins, top prep in the Junior meet.

1. JULIETTE WHITTAKER # (Mt. de Sales, Catonsville, Maryland)
1)State, 1)USATF Junior, 2Open)Penn Relays; 1:59.04 HSR
2. ROISIN WILLIS # (Stevens Point, Wisconsin)
1)New Balance Indoor, 1)State, 2)USATF Junior; 1:59.13
3. *SOPHIA GORRIARAN # (Brown, Providence, Rhode Island)
2)New Balance Indoor; 2:00.58
4. ADDY WILEY # (North, Huntington, Indiana)
1)State, 1)Nike; 2:04.64
5. **ALLISON INCE # (Community, Normal, Illinois)
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 1)Brooks, 2)Nike; 2:04.14

IF THE NAMES LOOK FAMILIAR that’s because the same quintet scored last year, albeit in a different order (Willis-Whittaker-Gorriaran-Ince-Wiley)… Whittaker sewed up No. 1 (and the AOY crown) with her High School Record win over Willis at the USATF U20 Champs… Willis moved to No. 2 on the all-time list, Gorriaran to No. 5.

1. ADDY WILEY # (North, Huntington, Indiana)
1)State, 1)USATF Junior, 4:11.43 HSL/4:27.71 HSR
2. JULIETTE WHITTAKER # (Mt de Sales, Catonsville, Maryland)
1)Penn Relays, 1)Brooks; 4:18.31/4:36.23
3. ***SADIE ENGELHARDT # (Ventura, California)
1)State, 1)Nike, 2)Azusa Pacific, 2)Brooks; 4:11.79/4:36.15
4. DALIA FRIAS (Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach, California)
1)Azusa Pacific, 2)State, 4:20.7/4:35.06
5. JULIA FLYNN (Central, Traverse City, Michigan)
1)State, 3)Brooks; 4:20.30/4:37.73

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER it’s the same 1–2 in back-to-back years… Junior champ Wiley ran the fastest 4-lapper ever, a 4:26.16 in the 1600 that equates to 4:27.71 for the full mile. She and Whittaker were both undefeated, unfortunately never going head-to-head… Californians Engelhardt and Frias split but Engelhardt won State. Engelhardt remains on pace to rank 5 times.

Here celebrating her year-leading 9:44.44 in the 2M, Natalie Cook went on to claim the national record in the 5000. (JOHN NEPOLITAN)

1. NATALIE COOK (Flower Mound, Texas)
1)New Balance Indoor, 1)State; 9:44.44 HSL
2. DALIA FRIAS (Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach, California)
1)Arcadia, 1)Brooks; 9:50.70
3. *IRENE RIGGS (Morgantown, West Virginia)
2)Brooks; 9:50.72
4. *KATE PETERS (Lake Oswego, Oregon)
1)Nike, 3)Arcadia; 9:51.48
5. ANGELINA PEREZ (Lakeland, Wanaque, New Jersey)
1)Penn Relays, 1)State, 1)New Balance; 9:56.74

IN A GREAT BROOKS RACE Frias nipped Riggs by 0.02 as they produced the top two outdoor times ever. But they end up 2–3 as Cook was undefeated and had 4 times under 10:00, topped by her indoor 9:44.44.

1. *AKALA GARRETT (Harding, Charlotte, North Carolina)
1)State, 1)Nike, 1)USATF Junior; 13.33 HSL
2. *JASMINE HARMON (Fayette, Fayetteville, Georgia)
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 1)New Balance, 13.38
3. *MYLA GREENE (Bullis, Potomac, Maryland)
1)State, 2)New Balance, 4/2hs)USATF Junior; 13.50
4. *CAMDEN BENTLEY (Lincoln, Gahanna, Ohio)
1)State, 6)New Balance; 13.42/13.25w
5. FALON SPEARMAN (Providence Day, Charlotte, North Carolina)
1)adidas, 3)Brooks; 13.55

THE BEST OF A QUARTET of juniors who filled the first four slots, Garrett was the undefeated national leader and won the U20 title… Harmon was likewise undefeated, with invitational wins at Arcadia and New Balance… Bentley’s 13.25w was the fastest all-conditions time of the year.

300/400 HURDLES
1. *AKALA GARRETT # (Harding, Charlotte, North Carolina)
1)Nike, 1)USATF Junior; 40.62 HSL/56.16 HSL
2. **MICHELLE SMITH’ (Academy, Montverde, Florida)
1)adidas; 41.56/57.48
3. SIMONE BALLARD (Mayde Creek, Houston, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 40.68
4. *MYLA GREENE (Bullis, Potomac, Maryland)
1)State, 1)New Balance, 3/2hs)USATF Junior; 41.70/58.27
5. **MAKERIAH HARRIS # (Scotlandville, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
1)State; 40.76/60.12

REPEAT NO. 1 Garrett was the undefeated national leader at both distances. She went on to win the World Junior title and her 56.16 moved her to No. 7 on the all-time list… adidas winner Smith was the national champ of the U.S. Virgin Islands… Ballard was undefeated but had no post-season meet.

4 x 100 RELAY
1. WESTLAKE Atlanta, Georgia
1)Coleman Invitational; 1)Arcadia, 1)State-6A; 45.17 HSL
2. BUSH Richmond, Texas
1)State; 45.33
3. EAST Plano, Texas
2)State; 45.38
4. SOUTHRIDGE Miami, Florida
1)State, 2)New Balance; 45.67
5. BULLIS # Potomac, Maryland
1)New Balance; 45.96

LIST LEADER WESTLAKE started the season hot, winning the Christian Coleman meet in mid-March with its 45.17, then added a win at Arcadia… Bush lost one meet the first week of March then had 6 straight meets under 45.80 culminating with the all-important Texas-6A title… Plano East was undefeated until finishing 2nd to Bush at State.

4 x 200 RELAY
1. BULLIS Potomac, Maryland
1)New Balance; 1:34.68 HSL
2. SHADOW CREEK Pearland, Texas
1State, 2)Texas Relays; 1:35.14
3. SOUTHRIDGE Miami, Florida
2)New Balance; 1:35.44

THE STOPWATCH told the tale, as Bullis, Shadow Creek & Southridge had the top three times in the nation… Bullis’s time was the No. 7 clocking ever… Texas Relays champ Seven Lakes was DQed at Regionals.

4 x 400 RELAY
1. BULLIS Potomac, Maryland
1)New Balance, 3/1us)Penn Relays; 3:40.73 HSL
2. SHADOW CREEK Pearland, Texas
1)State; 3:41.69
3. LOWNDES Valdosta, Georgia
1)State; 3:43.29
4. ROBESON Brooklyn, New York
2)New Balance, 5/2us)Penn Relays; 3:43.58
5. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
1)Florida Relays, 3)State; 3:43.32

THE YEAR’S 2 FASTEST TIMES were turned in by Bullis: 3:40.73 at New Balance and 3:40.88 at Penn (behind 2 Jamaican teams)… Shadow Creek and Lowndes turned in the two fastest State-meet clockings… With the Florida team title won, Aquinas didn’t run it’s A-team.

4 x 800 RELAY
1. NIWOT # Colorado
1)State-4A, 1)Nike; 8:51.75
2. JSERRA San Juan Capistrano, California
1)Arcadia, 2)Nike; 8:52.68
3. CUTHBERTSON Waxhaw, North Carolina
1)Nike Indoor, 1)State, 1)New Balance, 2/1us)Penn Relays; 8:54.37
4. PIONEER Ann Arbor, Michigan
1)New Balance Indoor, 1)State, 2)New Balance; 8:51.93
5. CHERRY CREEK Greenwood Village, Colorado
1)State-5A, 8:53.43

THE NIKE RACE sorted out the first two places with Niwott repeating as the No. 1 Ranker… Pioneer was busy, with 4 sub-9:00 marks in/out combined.

1)New Balance Indoor; 19:37.78 HSR
2. NIWOT # Colorado
1)Nike; 19:48.13
1)Nike Indoor; 19:49.10

THE FLOWER MOUND FOURSOME of Nicole Humphries (4:56.24), Alexandra Fox (5:01.35), Samantha Humphries (4:56.47) & Natalie Cook (4:43.72) produced the fastest prep time ever in its New Balance Indoor win… Niwot and Saratoga Springs claimed history’s Nos. 4 & 5 clockings… So immense was the onslaught on the all-time list that Newbury Park won Mt. SAC with the No. 8 performance ever, 19:55.77, and doesn’t score here.

1. WEST Lees Summit, Missouri
1)Arcadia, 1)Nike; 3:57.56 HSL
1)Texas Relays; 3:58.38
2)Texas Relays, 3)Nike; 3:59.91

BACKING UP its Arcadia win, West took the Nike meet with the nation’s top time and became Missouri’s first-ever No. 1 in this event… Cedar Park defeated Smithson Valley, 3:58.38–3:59.91 at the Texas Relays for the year’s only other sub-4:00 performances.

1. PIONEER Ann Arbor, Michigan
1)New Balance Indoor; 1)New Balance; 11:21.95 HSL
2. NIWOT # Colorado
1)Nike; 11:33.91
1)Nike Indoor, 1)Penn Relays; 11:43.26

THE PIONEER FOURSOME of Sarah Forsyth (3:30.62), Emily Cooper (61.22), Cookie Baugh (2:14.74) & Rachel Forsyth (4:46.10) produced a national record 11:21.95 at the New Balance Indoor… Reigning No. 1 Niwot had the fastest outdoor time, 11:33.91, but that wasn’t in the same league as the Michiganders.

1. *CHEYLA SCOTT (Butler, Matthews, North Carolina)
1)Nike Indoor, 1)New Balance Indoor, 1)State, =2)Nike, 3/2hs)USATF Junior; 6-2 HSL
2. EMMA GATES # (Cascade, Turner, Oregon)
1)State, 2)Nike Indoor, =2)Nike, 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 6-¼
3. ***JaiCIEONNA GERO-HOLT # (Emerald Ridge, Puyallup. Washington)
1)Arcadia, 1)Oregon Relays, 1)State, 1)Nike, 5/3hs)USATF Junior; 6-½
4. *HANNAH PFIFFNER (Wakeland, Frisco, Texas)
1)State-5A; 6-0
5. *CLAIRE LOWREY (Rockwall, Texas)
1)Texas A&M Relays, 2)State-6A; 6-0

THE TOP 3 all met at both Nike (a win for Gero-Holt, with Scott & Gates tying for 2nd) and the Juniors (a win for Gates). In the final analysis a narrow edge went to list leader Scott, winner of a pair of indoor biggies and with 6 straight meets at 5-10 or better at one point… Gero-Holt remains on track for 5 A-A positions overall

1. *AMANDA MOLL # (Capital, Olympia, Washington)
1)Texas Relays, 1)Arcadia, 1)Nike, 1)USATF Junior, 2)Texas Expo, 2)PV Summit, 2)Millrose; 14-9½ HSR (also 14-9 =HSR)
2. *HANA MOLL # (Capital, Olympia, Washington)
1)Texas Expo, 1)PV Summit, 1)Millrose, 2)Arcadia, 2)Nike, 2)USATF Junior; 14-8
3. TESSA MUDD (Charleston, Johns Island, South Carolina)
1)adidas Indoor 1)State, 1)adidas, =3)PV Summit; 14-3¼
4. KENNA STIMMEL # (Margaretta, Castalia, Ohio)
1)State, 2)adidas Indoor, 2)adidas; 14-6¼
4. *MOLLY HAYWOOD (Memorial, Tomball, Texas)
1)State, 2)Texas Relays, 4)Millrose, 6)Texas Expo; 14-3

SEPARATING THE MOLL TWINS came down to quality over quantity. Hana won the seasonal matchups 6–4, but the recordsetting Amanda won 3 outdoor majors: Arcadia, Nike and the Juniors after beginning her spring campaign with a national record 14-9½ at the Texas Relays… Mudd beat Stimmel at both adidas meets to claim No. 3.

AOY runner-up Amanda Moll tied the national vault record at 14-9, then raised it to 14-9½. (BILL LEUNG)

1. ALYSSA JONES # (Southridge, Miami, Florida)
1)VA Showcase, 1)New Balance Indoor, 1)State, 1)New Balance, 2)Nike; 21-2½ HSL
2. *SOPHIA BECKMON # (Oregon City, Oregon)
1)State, 1)Nike, 2/1hs)USATF Junior, 3)Nike Indoor; 20-8
3. AYANNA JONES (Belton, Texas)
1)State; 20-8½/21-3½w
4. GIANNA LOCCI (Stillwater, New York)
1)Millrose, 1)State, 2)Nike Indoor, 3)New Balance Indoor; 21-1½
5. CELINE JADA BROWN (Plainfield, New Jersey)
1)State, 3)New Balance, 5)New Balance Indoor; 20-4¼

MOVING UP A SPOT from her junior-year finish, Alyssa Jones had just one loss — a 2nd to Beckmon at Nike — and topped the yearly list. Overall she had 5 of the year’s 6 longest legal jumps… Beckmon moved up two spots over her ’21 rating.

1. SUZAN OGUNLEYE (Hendrickson, Pflugerville, Texas)
1)State-5A, 1)USATF Junior, 2)Texas Relays, 2)New Balance Indoor, 4)Nike Indoor; 42-2¼/42-11½w
2. AGUR DWOL (Mullen, Denver, Colorado)
1)State, 1)Nike, 2)Nike Indoor, 2)USATF Junior, 3)New Balance Indoor; 42-11½
3. ALEXANDRA KELLY (Rocky Point, New York)
1)State, 1)New Balance, 5)New Balance Indoor; 42-5/43-¼w
4. JADE JOHNSON (Summer Creek, Houston, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State-6A, 4/3hs)USATF Junior; 42-3½/42-6w
5. MADISON McCONICO (Dale, Chester, Virginia)
1)adidas Indoor; 43-6½ HSL

OGUNLEYE & DWOL both had marks at 42-11½; the former with excess wind. They met 3 times, with Junior champ Ogunleye having a 2–1 advantage… Yearly list leader McConico got her mark indoors in winning at adidas, but had no other significant marks, indoors or out.

1. *MENSI STIFF (Academy, Brentwood, Tennessee)
1)Nike Indoor, 1)State, 1)Nike, 1)USATF Junior; 52-8¾ HSL
2. *GRACELYN LEISETH (Hamlin, Hayti, South Dakota)
1)State; 52-6¾
3. TRINITY FRANKLIN (Bullis, Potomac, Maryland)
1)New Balance Indoor, 1) State, 3)New Balance; 50-4
4. *EMMA CALLAHAN (Shenango, New Castle, Pennsylvania)
1)State; 2)New Balance Indoor; 50-10¾
5. *CARLIE WEISER (Giddings, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State, 2)Nike; 51-1¾

THE FIRST TENNESSEE No. 1 ever, list leader Stiff was undefeated and scored well in out-of-season biggies…Leiseth had the year’s farthest outdoor throw, 52-6¾, but didn’t have any other meets within a yard of that.

1. *EMMA SRALLA’ # (Marcus, Flower Mound, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State-6A; 185-0 HSL
2. GIAVONNA MEEKS (Northfield, Denver, Colorado)
1)State, 3/1hs)USATF Junior; 173-5
3. **MADELEINE FEY (Midlothian, Texas)
1)State-5A, 1)Nike, 2)Texas Relays, 7/2hs)USATF Junior; 179-7
4. *MENSI STIFF (Academy, Brentwood, Tennessee)
1)State,1) Nike; 162-10
5. *MAGGIE BOOKOUT (Home, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
1)Great Southwest, 4)Nike; 167-3

WORLD JUNIOR CHAMP Sralla, who represents Sweden internationally, was undefeated and moved to No. 7 on the all-time prep list. She whipped out 11 of the 12 farthest throws of the year as she moved up 3 spots from her ’21 Ranking… Meeks and Fey were the best high schoolers at the Juniors.

1. GIAVONNA MEEKS (Northfield, Denver, Colorado)
1)Nike, 6/2hs)USATF Junior; 188-3 HSL
2. KATELYN PETERSON (Dixon, California)
2)Nike, 4/1hs)USATF Junior; 186-1
3. *ANGELA SCHYKERYNEC (Orland, California)
3)Nike; 174-2

MEEKS SPLIT her two meetings with Peterson, narrowly claiming the top spot based on marks… Peterson moved up a spot from her ’21 Ranking.

1. *McKENZIE FAIRCHILD # (Andale, Kansas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 169-4 HSL
2. *TRINITY SPOONER (South Beauregard, Longville, Louisiana)
1)State, 1)Nike; 3)JavFest; 161-11
3. SAYDI ORANGE (Kentridge, Kent, Washington)
1)State, 2)Nike, 2/1hs)USATF Junior, 162-7
4. **ELIZA KING (Aiken, South Carolina)
1)State, 1)JavFest; 168-10
5. **GABRIELLA GARCIA (Basha, Chandler, Arizona)
1)State, 4)Nike; 165-6

IN 2021 Katelyn Fairchild was No. 1 and younger sister McKenzie was No. 4. With Katelyn a collegian this year, McKenzie jumped up to the top spot with 2 of the 4 best throws in the nation… Spooner edged Orange at Nike to settle Nos. 2 & 3.

1. ***JaiCIEONNA GERO-HOLT (Emerald Ridge, Puyallup, Washington)
1)State, 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 5401 HSL
2. BRYANNA CRAIG # (Ruston, Louisiana)
3/2hs)USATF Junior; 5388
3. SHAINA ZINTER (Concordia, Roseville, Mn)
1)Nike; 5122

GERO-HOLT BECAME the first frosh ever to claim a No. 1 in this event. Her margin over repeat No. 2 Craig was a mere 13 points at the Juniors.

NATALIE COOK (Flower Mound, Texas) 5000

Running against pros at the Stanford Invitational, Cook lowered the national record to 15:25.93 in 3rd.

*ANGELINA NAPOLEON (Allegany-Limestone, Allegany, New York) 2000 Steeple

New Balance champ Napoleon lowered the national record to 6:24.32 in winning her State Qualifier.

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