T&FN Guide To The 2021 NCAA Championships


EUGENE, OREGON, June 09–12 — After missing the 2020 edition, collegiate athletes will once again have an NCAA Championships this year. Here’s our quickie set of links that should aid you in your enjoyment of one of the year’s highlight meets:

T&FN’s Saturday Women’s Report 1 (Team battle & field events)

T&FN’s Saturday Women’s Report 2 (track events)

T&FN’s Friday Men’s Report 1 (Team battle & field events)

T&FN’s Friday Men’s Report 2 (track events)

T&FN’s Wednesday First-Day Men’s Finals Coverage

T&FN’s Thursday First-Day Women’s Finals (plus decathlon) Coverage

T&FN’s Easy-To-Follow Color-Coded Timetable

Official Start Lists & Live Results

T&FN’s 10-Deep Men’s Premeet Formchart

T&FN’s 10-Deep Women’s Premeet Formchart

T&FN’s NCAA History, 1921–2020

The All-Time Collegiate Top 10 Lists
Men’s All-Time List Women’s All-Time List

ESPN Streaming Can Be Accessed Here

The USTFCCCA’s full list of ESPN3 streams for every event can be found here.

For TV coverage, note that the meet will be carried on ESPN (2 different channels). All times are PDT and p.m.

5:00–6:00 ESPNU, 6:00–8:30 ESPN2

3:30–7:00 ESPN2

5:00–7:30 ESPN2

3:00–5:30 ESPNU

(we will, of course, be posting daily reports and photos)