August 2022

USATF Champs — Chasing Team USA Berths

The athletes showed up. Their contests stirred the blood. Their heroics thrilled, befitting a meet that would select the U.S. squad for the first-ever outdoor World Championships on U.S. soil — to be held here at Hayward Field. ‘Twere a show to remember… For the self-selected few who saw it. Our 2022 World Champs Trials coverage starts here…


USATF Champs — Chasing Berths On Team USA

USATF Men’s 100 — Kerley Leads Speedfest

USATF Men’s 200 — Lyles Makes His Point

USATF Men’s 400 — The Road To Redemption

USATF Men’s 800 — Sticking To The Script

USATF Men’s 1500 — Teare Best In “Tactical” Race

USATF Men’s Steeple — Bor Had The Answer

USATF Men’s 5000 — Fisher Got What He Wanted

USATF Men’s 110H — Don’t Forget Roberts

USATF Men’s 400H — Another Day At The Office

USATF Men’s High Jump — A Good Place To Q

USATF Men’s Pole Vault — A Repeat For Nilsen

USATF Men’s Long Jump — Who’s On First?

USATF Men’s TJ — Scott’s Opener Holds Up

USATF Men’s Shot — Crouser Averages 75-Plus

USATF Men’s Discus — Evans Aligns The Stars

USATF Men’s Hammer — Boom! Goes The Barrier

USATF Men’s Javelin — A Big Last-Round Move

USATF Women’s 100 — An Extra 40 Meters Just Fine

USATF Women’s 200 — Steiner Down To 21.77

USATF Women’s 400 — A Rare NCAA/USATF Double

USATF Women’s 800 — Mu Staves Off A Challenge

USATF Women’s 1500 — Johnson In The Picture

USATF Women’s Steeple — Favored Coburn’s Favorite

USATF Women’s 5000 — Cranny Wins A Hot One

USATF Women’s 100H — U.S. Back In The Picture

USATF Women’s 400H — WR #3 For McLaughlin

USATF Women’s High Jump — No. 5 For Cunningham

USATF Women’s Pole Vault — Morris Back On Top

USATF Women’s Long Jump — A Crooked Path

USATF Women’s Triple Jump — Yet Another For Orji

USATF Women’s Shot — Just Missing The AR

USATF Women’s Discus — Just What Allman Needed

USATF Women’s Hammer — A New No. 1

USATF Women’s Javelin — Winging It One Last Time

So Who’s On Team USA?

Stockholm DL — A New Outdoor High For Mondo

USATF Junior Men — Speed Prevails

USATF Junior Women — HS 800 Record For Whittaker

HS Boys Digest — 3 More “Nationals”

HS Girls Digest — 3 More “Nationals”

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August 2022

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