Where They Are Going — NCAA Coaching Changes

In the biggest off-season coaching switch Edrick Floréal moved over from Kentucky to Texas. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

The ever-changing nomenclature of college coaching in America presents a challenge for our traditional listing-shorthand of coaching changes made in the off-season.

It used to be just head coaches and assistants, but now we have more and more “directors” working alongside “coordinators” and “associates.” Says one coach of the Director tag, “I hate that title. I’d rather be ‘head coach for men’s & women’s track.’ ”

However, more and more secondary people in the chain are being called “head coach.” In the real world, though, someone’s still in charge. We list those people as head coaches, and every other paid position as assistants, regardless of their relative rank in the hierarchy. In the common case of a track assistant being a head cross country coach, we denote those with “XC.”

In this chronicling of NCAA Div. 1 mentors we do not list the many “volunteer coaches” or “graduate assistants” since such a compilation would prove unwieldy and also likely be rapidly out of date.

This listing is meant to be inclusive of changes since the end of the last NCAA season in early June.

Air Force
M/W assistant—Justin Wickard.

M/W assistants—Alan Quinn. XC—Trey Brokaw.

M/W assistants—Ryan Hayes, Will Palmer.

M/W assistant—Abel Gilet.

Appalachian State
M/W assistant—Raymond Brewer.

M/W assistants—Sheldon Blockburger, Hanna Peterson.

Arizona State
M/W assistant—Dion Miller.

M assistant—Mario Sategna.

Arkansas State
M/W assistant—Timothy Thompson.

M/W assistant—Neil Baroody.

M/W assistant—Jesse Fuca.

Boise State
M/W assistants—Cody Sohn, Benji Wetli.

Central Michigan
M/W assistant—Stephen Saenz.

Colorado State
M/W assistant—J.J. Riese.

M/W assistant—Justin Byron.

M/W assistant—Russ Johnson.

W—Jake Stewart.

High Point
M/W assistant—Scott Houston.

Idaho State
M/W assistant—Joe Silvers.

M/W assistants—Jebreh Harris, Sarah Haveman.

Illinois State
M/W assistants—Rodney Burkes, Daniel Gooris, Jeff Rebholz.

Iowa State
W XC—Amy Rudolph.

M/W assistant—Paul Thornton.

Kansas State
M/W assistants—Lamar Garrett, Ryan Herschberger, Nathan Ott.

Kennesaw State
M/W—Cale McDaniel.

M/W assistant—Jay Fiorello.

M/W—Lonnie Greene. M/W assistants—Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie, Kris Grimes, Tim Hall, Keith McBride.

M/W XC (interim)—Rebekah Ricksecker. XC assistant (interim)—Mark Fairley.

M/W assistants—Tommy Badon, Terry Hughes.

M/W assistant—Jeff Petersmeyer.

Loyola/New Orleans
M/W—Kevin Licht.

M/W assistant—Greg Watson.

M/W—Matt Centrowitz.

W assistant—Matt Adams.

M/W assistant—Ibrahim Kabia.

Missouri State
M/W assistant—Carmelita Jeter.

Montana State
M/W—Lyle Weese. M/W assistants—Whitney Henderson, Jay Turner.

Morgan State
M/W assistant—Marcus Jones.

New Orleans
M/W—Brian Johnson. M/W assistant—Brock Moreaux.

North Carolina
M/W XC—Andrea Grove-McDonough.

North Carolina Wilmington
M/W—Austin Davis.

North Dakota State
M/W assistant—Casie Witte.

North Florida
M/W assistant—Kaitlin King.

M/W—Tramaine Shaw. M/W assistants—Wilfredo de Jesus Elias, John Murray, Steve Waithe, Consandria Walker-Hall.

Northern Arizona
M/W assistants—Alan Dunson, Jason Schutz.
Notre Dame
M/W—Matt Sparks. M/W assistants—Kendra Foley, Wayne Pate, Rodney Zuyderwyk.

M/W—Katrina Brumfield.

Ohio State
M/W assistant—Victor Houston.

M/W assistants—Helen Lehman-Winters, Ben Thomas.

M/W assistants—Billy Caldwell, Brad Herbster.

M/W—Norbert Elliott. M/W assistants—Jim Garnham, Jermaine Jones, Pristina Jones, Miles Smith.

M/W XC—Sam Bradley.

Sac State
M/W—Kenny McDaniel.

Sacred Heart
M/W assistant—Kayla Koebel.

San Francisco State
M/W—Tom Lyons.

San José State
M/W—Kendra Reimer-Gonzalez. M/W assistant—Christopher Asher.

Southern Illinois
M/W—Rosalind Joseph. M/W assistant—Ashley Caldwell.

Southern Illinois–Edwardsville
M/W assistant—Doug McDannald.

Southern Mississippi
M/W assistant—Casey Fonnesbeck.

Southwestern Louisiana
M/W assistant—Tommy Badon.

St. Francis
M/W assistants—Mariah Fitzgerald, Nicole Svendsen.

M/W assistant—Amin Nikfar.

M/W assistants—Michael Delgado, Dan Gordon.

M/W—Brien Bell. M/W assistants—Sean Hopkins, Holland Sherrer.

M/W assistants—Ryan Foster, Travis Geopfert, Ken Harnden.

Tennessee Tech
M/W assistant—Ed Loyd.

M/W—Edrick Floréal. M/W assistants—Matthew McGee, PattiSue Plumer, Zeb Sion, Pete Watson, Devin West.

Texas A&M
M/W assistant—Milton Mallard.

W assistant—Jordon Andreassen.

UC Davis
XC—Emma Petersen.

UC Riverside
M/W assistant—Eric Fremd.

M/W assistants—Kiely Gode, Jenna Hinkle.

M/W—Carjay Lyles.

M/W—Pat McCurry.

Utah State
M/W assistan—Lindsey Hall.

M/W assistant—Paul Benavides.

M XC—Jason Dunn. W XC—Megan LaVoie.

Virginia Tech
M/W assistants—Jason Cusack; Eric Johannigmeier.

Wake Forest
M/W assistants—Collin Post.

M/W—Maurica Powell. M/W assistants—Jeshua Anderson, Chris Kwiatkowski, Andrew Ninow, Andy Powell, Toby Stevenson.

Western Carolina
M/W assistant—Derrick Atkins.

Western Kentucky
M/W assistants—Patrick Cheptoek, Remuro Henry.

William & Mary
XC—Forest Braden. M/W assistant—Omar Brown.

M/W—Kaymarie Jones.

M/W assistant—David Payne.

Youngstown State
M/W assistants—Tyler Mettile, Megan Tomei.

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