2023 Girls High School All-America Team

Sophia Beckmon (left) rated No. 3 in the 100 and was the top LJ All-Am. Mia Brahe-Pedersen claimed No. 1 in the 200 and 2 in the 100. (KIM SPIR)

THIS YEAR’S GIRLS HONOREES comprise the 45th grouping we have chosen since we first launched our HS All-America project after the ’78 season.

A pair of athletes earned A-A honors in 3 individual events: Shawnti Jackson (No. 1 in the 100, No. 2 in the 200, No. 4 in the 400) and Ellie Shea (No. 2 in the mile, No. 1 in the 2M & 5000).

There were also 12 performers who scored twice: 100/200—Mia Brahe-Pedersen (2/1), Adaejah Hodge (4/3); 100/LJ—Sophia Beckmon (3/1), Avery Lewis (5/2); 200/400—Madison Whyte (4/3); 800/steeple—Angelina Napoleon (3/1); mile/2M—Jane Hedengren (3/4), 100H/300H—Akala Garrett (1/2), Nonah Waldron (5/4), HJ/hept—JaiCieonna Gero-Holt (1/1); SP/DT—Gracelyn Leiseth (2/3), Hadley Lucas (4/5).

For an explanation of the basic workings of our A-A selecting, check out the sidebar at the end of this story.

The ’23 T&FN girls team:

1. SHAWNTI JACKSON # (South Granville, Creedmoor, North Carolina)
1)State, 1)Music City, 1)Brooks; 10.89 HSR
2. *MIA BRAHE-PEDERSEN # (Lake Oswego, Oregon)
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 2)Brooks, 1)Nike, 7)USATF; 11.00
3. SOPHIA BECKMON (Oregon City, Oregon)
2)State, 2)Nike; 11.32/11.30w
4. *ADAEJAH HODGE’ # (Academy, Montverde, Florida)
1)Florida State Relays, 2/1hs)East Coast International, 7)Music City; 11.11/11.08w
5. *AVERY LEWIS (Friends’ Central, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania)
2)New Balance, 2/3hs)East Coast International, 3)Brooks, 7)USATF Junior; 11.41

JACKSON DESTROYED the national record with her 10.89, then faced rival Brahe-Pedersen at Brooks and won, 11.00–11.09… Brahe-Pedersen went undefeated by preps save for that one loss, and even made the finals of the USATF Senior meet, placing 7th… Beckmon, a club training partner of Brahe-Pedersen’s, finished 2nd to her at State… Hodge rarely faced high school competition, instead competing against collegians and pros.

1. *MIA BRAHE-PEDERSEN # (Lake Oswego, Oregon)
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 1)Nike, 8)USATF; 22.43
2. SHAWNTI JACKSON (South Granville, Creedmoor, North Carolina)
1)State, 1)New York GP, 1)USATF Junior; 22.35
3. *ADAEJAH HODGE’ # (Academy, Montverde, Florida)
1)Florida State Relays, 1)New Balance, 2)New York GP; 22.33 lo-alt HSR/23.31w
4. MADISON WHYTE (Heritage, Newport News, Virginia)
1)East Coast International, 2)Arcadia, 2)New Balance; 22.81
5. **ELISE COOPER (McDonogh, Owings Mills, Maryland)
2)East Coast International, 2)USATF Junior, 4)New Balance; 22.80

BRAHE-PEDERSEN put together a season with 9 races under 23, topped by her 22.43 to win Nike. She made the USATF Senior finals, finishing 8th… Jackson, the USATF Junior champ, clocked her best of 22.35 in winning Pan-Am Junior gold. However, she facing Hodge and Whyte in the New Balance Nationals final she false-started… NBN champ Hodge blistered a 22.33 indoors but only hit 22.60 outside.

1. LAUREN LEWIS (Prosper, Texas)
1)State, 1)Great Southwest, 1)New Balance, 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 51.17(A) HSL
2. JaMEESIA FORD (Britt, Fayetteville, North Carolina)
1)State 4-A, 1)Brooks, 1)Nike, 3/2hs)USATF Junior; 51.77
3. MADISON WHYTE (Heritage, Newport News, Virginia)
1)Mobile, 1)East Coast International, 1)State, 4/3hs)USATF Junior; 52.49
4. SHAWNTI JACKSON # (South Granville, Creedmoor, North Carolina)
1)State 2-A; 52.13
5. ***SKYLER FRANKLIN (Western, Davie, Florida)
2)Brooks; 52.52

THE CONSISTENT LEWIS broke 52 on 5 occasions and got her seasonal lead in winning Great Southwest. She clocked her low-altitude best of 51.21 in placing 2nd at USATF Juniors. She later won Pan-Am Junior gold… Ford, the Nike National champion, ran behind Lewis at Juniors… Whyte was undefeated until she got to USATF Juniors, where she was beaten by both Lewis and Ford… Jackson raced the 400 sparingly and never against top competition.

1. SOPHIA GORRIARAN # (Brown, Providence, Rhode Island)
1)New Balance, 1)USATF Junior; 2:01.16 HSL
2. *ALLISON INCE # (Normal, Illinois)
1)State, 1)Brooks, 2)Arcadia, 2)USATF Junior, 6)New Balance; 2:03.17
3. ANGELINA NAPOLEON (Allegany-Limestone, Allegany, New York)
1)State, 2)Loucks, 2)New Balance; 2:03.97
4. MADISON SHULTS (Niwot, Colorado)
1)State, 1)Nike, 3)Arcadia, 4)Brooks; 2:04.28
5. SYMONE GRANT (Sandy Creek, Tyrone, Georgia)
1)State, 2)Brooks, 3)New Balance; 2:04.83

GORRIARAN CARRRIED her indoor dominance outdoors, winning New Balance and USATF Juniors. Her only losses came against pros… Ince only finished 6th at New Balance, but she won the packed Brooks race and placed 2nd at Juniors… Napoleon split her time with the steeplechase but won the New York title and ran 2nd to Gorriaran at New Balance… Shults finished 4th at Brooks but came back to win the Nike title.

1. **SADIE ENGELHARDT # (Ventura, California)
1)Arcadia, 1)Mt. SAC, 1)State, 1)New Balance, 1)Portland; 4:13.04 HSL/4:35.04+ HSL
2. *ELLIE SHEA (Belmont, Massachusetts)
1)USATF Junior; 4:14.24/4:37.22
3. **JANE HEDENGREN (Timpview, Provo, Utah)
1)State, 1)Brooks, 2)Arcadia; 4:18.37/4:35.69
4. TATUM DAVID (Richland, Olney, Illinois)
1)State, 2)Brooks, 6/1hs)Mile Festival; 4:17.95/4:35.87
5. *BETHANY MICHALAK (Air Academy, Air Force Academy, Colorado)
2)Oregon Relays, 2)State, 3)Brooks; 4:19.02/4:37.39

JUST A SOPH, Engelhardt had a low-key summer but won New Balance indoors and out. She also took a number of other major wins and led the 1500/mile lists… Shea focused on the USATF Juniors and came away with the win, following that up with the Pan-Am Junior gold… Hedengren, another soph, won the Brooks race over David and Michalak.

2M leader Ellie Shea earned a pair of USA Junior titles, rankings in two events and produced the No. 5 all-time 5000 performance. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)
1. *ELLIE SHEA (Belmont, Masschusetts)
1)New Balance Indoor, 1)Brooks, 1)USATF Junior; 9:02.02 HSL/9:49.82
2. KARRIE BALOGA (Cornwall Central, New Windsor, New York)
1)Penn Relays, 1)State, 3)New Balance Indoor; 9:20.75
3. IRENE RIGGS # (Morgantown, West Virginia)
1)Spire, 1)Arcadia, 1)State; 9:16.07/9:49.40+ HSL
4. **JANE HEDENGREN (Timpview, Provo, Utah)
1)State, 1)Nike, 2)Penn Relays; 9:17.26/9:54.38
5. LEAH STEPHENS (Good Counsel, Olney, Maryland)
1)Dogwood, 2)Brooks, 4)New Balance Indoor, 4)Penn Relays; 9:15.87/9:54.34

SHEA BLISTERED a 9:02.02 for 3000 indoors, then won the Brooks 2M and the USATF Junior race. Her 9:05.78 outdoor best in winning Pan-Am Juniors is No. 2 all-time… Baloga won the Penn Relays race over Hedengren, who would later win at Nike… Riggs slipped in between them, having gone west to win the Arcadia race… Stephens ran 2nd to Shea at Brooks.

1. AKALA GARRETT # (Albemarle, North Carolina)
1)State, 1)Brooks, 1)Nike; 13.13
2. CAMDEN BENTLEY # (Lincoln, Gahanna, Ohio)
1)State, 1)New Balance; 13.27
3. MYLA GREENE # (Bullis, Potomac, Maryland)
1)East Coast International, 2/1hs)USATF Junior, 2)New Balance; 13.10 HSL
4. *RYLEE HAMPTON (Cypress Ridge, Houston, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State, 3/2hs)USATF Junior; 13.18
5. NONAH WALDRON (Oak Park, Michigan)
1)State, 2)Nike, 4/3hs)USATF Junior, 6)Brooks; 13.36

THE UNDEFEATED GARRETT put more of an emphasis on the straightaway hurdles this season after winning the World Junior gold at 400H in ’22. She captured the year’s two biggest races, Brooks and Nike… Bentley, the New Balance champ, topped Greene there… The top prep at USATF Juniors, Greene had the season’s fastest time at 13.10… Texas champion Hampton ran behind Greene at Juniors. Next in that race came Waldron, the Nike runner-up.

300/400 HURDLES
1. *MICHELLE SMITH’ # (Academy, Montverde, Florida)
1)Florida State Relays, 1)East Coast International, 1)New Balance; 56.66 HSL
2. AKALA GARRETT # (Albemarle, North Carolina)
1)State, 1)Nike; 40.26 HSL/57.25
3. SAIRA PRINCE (Williams Field, Gilbert, Arizona)
1)Arcadia, 4/1hs)USATF Junior; 40.90/58.41
4. NONAH WALDRON (Oak Park, Michigan)
1)State, 5)Nike, 5/2hs)USATF Junior; 40.37/58.67
5. SIDNEY GREEN (Allen, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State, 1)Great Southwest, 2)Nike; 40.63/58.45

REPRESENTING THE U.S. Virgin Islands, Smith had plenty of international success but made a big impression on the prep scene, winning the East Coast Invitational as well as New Balance… Garrett won the Nike title and had the year’s fastest 300H (an event Smith never ran) … Arcadia champ Prince was the top prep at USATF Juniors… Waldron ran right behind Prince at Juniors, but her best race came in a 40.37 State win… Texas champ Green won Great Southwest and was Nike runner-up.

The baton squads of Bullis (Potomac, Maryland) led the lists and secured top rankings in the 4×1, 4×2 and 4×4. (JOHN NEPOLITAN)
4 x 100
1. BULLIS # Potomac, Maryland
1)Florida Relays, 1)New Balance, 2/1us)Penn Relays; 44.67 HSL
2. SOUTHRIDGE # Miami, Florida
1)State, 2)Florida Relays; 44.94
3. KLEIN FOREST Houston, Texas
1)State; 45.11
4. CARSON California
1)Arcadia, 1)Mt. SAC Relays, 1)State, 2)Texas Relays; 45.28
2)Jesuit-Sheaner, 2)State, 4)Texas Relays; 45.55

THE ONLY LOSS for New Balance champ Bullis came to a Jamaican team at the Penn Relays. The squad’s 44.67 leads the list… Miami Southridge didn’t go far from home, finishing 2nd to Bullis at the Florida Relays before winning the State title… Klein Forest won the ever-competitive Texas crown… Mt. SAC champ Carson slipped ahead of Texas runner-up Duncanville.

4 x 200
1. BULLIS # Potomac, Maryland
1)Florida Relays, 1)New Balance; 1:33.71 HSL
2. KLEIN FOREST Houston, Texas
1)State; 1:35.37
3. SHADOW CREEK # Pearland, Texas
1)Texas Relays, 4)State; 1:35.64

BULLIS WAS FLAWLESS, winning New Balance and being far ahead on the clock with a 1;33.71 leader, becoming the No. 2 school ever… Klein Forest topped Texas Relays champ Shadow Creek, among others, in a fast Texas final.

4 x 400
1. BULLIS # Potomac, Maryland
1)New Balance, 2)Florida Relays, 3/1us)Penn Relays; 3:36.25 HSL
2. ACADEMY Montverde, Florida
1)Florida Relays, 2)New Balance; 3:37.28
3. SHADOW CREEK # Pearland, Texas
1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 3:40.75
4. CULVER CITY California
1)Arcadia, 1)State; 3:41.08
5. WILSON Long Beach, California
1)Mt. SAC Relays, 1)Oregon Relays, 2)State, 4)Texas Relays; 3:42.49

BULLIS RAN ITS list leader in placing 3rd to two Jamaican schools at Penn. The time made the Maryland school No. 4 ever… Montverde Academy ran 2nd to Bullis at New Balance after beating them at the Florida Relays… Texas champ Shadow Creek didn’t see post-season action but topped Culver City on the clock and Wilson at the Texas Relays.

4 x 800
1. UNION CATHOLIC Scotch Plains, New Jersey
1)Penn Relays, 1)New Balance; 8:44.98 HSL
2. CUTHBERTSON # Waxhaw, North Carolina
2)New Balance; 8:48.02
3. DEL NORTE San Diego, California
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 1)Nike; 8:51.78
4. JSERRA # San Juan Capistrano, California
2)Arcadia, 2)State, 2)Nike; 8:52.26
5. SOUTH LAKES Reston, Virginia
1)State, 3)Nike, 8)Penn Relays; 8:58.74

UNION CATHOLIC MOVED to No. 2 all-time with its New Balance win over Cuthbertson… Del Norte won all of its big meets, including Nike, but never met the two fastest foursomes… JSerra and South Lakes finished behind Del Norte at Nike.

4 x MILE
1)New Balance Indoor; 19:50.34 HSL
2. CUTHBERTSON Waxhaw, North Carolina
1)New Balance, 2)New Balance Indoor; 19:55.21
3. BUCHANAN Clovis, California
1)Arcadia; 20:01.12

FLOWER MOUND DIDN’T run close to its ’22 High School Record, but its list-leading win at New Balance Indoors is the No. 6 performance of all-time… Cuthbertson ran 2nd in that race, then won the New Balance title outdoors… California’s Buchanan took the win at Arcadia.

1. GUILDERLAND Guilderland Center, New York
1)Loucks, 1)New Balance; 3:55.95 HSL
2. CEDAR PARK # Texas
1)Texas Relays; 3:57.96
3. OAK PARK Michigan
2)New Balance Outdoor; 3:59.28

NEW BALANCE CHAMP Guilderland led the lists at 3:55.95… Cedar Park won the Texas Relays title… Michigan’s Oak Park placed 2nd to Guilderland at New Balance.

1. CUTHBERTSON Waxhaw, North Carolina
1)New Balance; 11:33.18 HSL
1)Loucks, 1)Penn Relays, 2)New Balance; 11:37.67
3. NIWOT # Colorado
1)Nike Indoor; 11:41.46

CUTHBERTSON WON New Balance Nationals with its list leader, defeating Penn Relays champ Saratoga Springs in the process… Niwott took the Nike Indoor title.

1. **JaiCIEONNA GERO-HOLT # (Emerald Ridge, Puyallup, Washington)
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 1)Nike, 1)USATF Junior, 5)USATF Indoor; 6-1½ HSL
2. *MILENA CHEVALLIER (Mercy, Farmington Hills, Michigan)
1)State, 2)Nike, 4)USATF Junior; 5-11
3. **KYA CROOKE (Heritage, Indianapolis, Indiana)
1)Nike Indoor, =2)USATF Junior, 3)State; 5-10
4. *TYLER COLLINS (West Carteret, Morehead City, North Carolina)
1)NCRunners, 1)State 3-A, 1)New Balance; 5-11
5. HEIDI HUDSON (Sumrall, Mississippi)
1)State 4-A. =3)Nike Outdoor, 7)USATF Junior; 6-0

MULTI-EVENTER Gero-Holt dominated the event, winning Arcadia, the Oregon Relays, Nike Outdoor and the USATF Juniors to score for the third year in a row. She continues en route to becoming the event’s first 5-time A-A. Her seasonal best came in the Junior heptathlon… Chevallier placed 2nd to Gero-Holt at Nike and was 4th at Juniors. Crooke, the Nike Indoor champ, tied for 2nd at Juniors… Collins won New Balance while Hudson, a 6-footer, was 7th there.

Leaderships in the high jump and heptathlon accrued to precocious soph JaiCieonna Gero-Holt. (VICTOR SAILER/PHOTO RUN)
1. HANA MOLL # (Capital, Olympia, Washington)
1)Arcadia, 1)Oregon Relays, 1)State 3-A, 1)Nike Outdoor, 2)Texas Relays, 3)USATF, 4)USATF Indoor, 6)Millrose; 15-3 HSR (also also 14-9½A =HSR, 15‑1½ =HSR)
2. AMANDA MOLL # (Capital, Olympia, Washington)
1)Summit, 1)Texas Relays, 2)Arcadia, 5)Millrose, 8)USATF Indoor; 15-1½(A) HSR (also 14-9½A HSR)
3. *JATHIYA MUHAMMAD (Home, Tracy, California)
1)Golden West, 1)USATF Junior, 3)Nike Outdoor; 14-2
4. *ELLA McRITCHIE (Bainbridge, Bainbridge Island, Washington)
2)Nike, 2)USATF Junior, 3)Texas Relays; 14-2
5. *ILIANA DOWNING (La Costa Canyon, Carlsbad, California)
1)Mt. SAC Relays, 1)State, 3)Arcadia, =4)USATF Junior, 6)Nike; 14-0

ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Hana Moll had a dream season, winning almost everything after her Texas Relays loss to sister Amanda. She competed against the pros and won a spot on the World Championships team, and set her final national record in Budapest… Amanda Moll twice set the absolute NR indoors and won Texas Relays but was injured and had a limited outdoor campaign… Muhammad was best of the rest, winning the USATF Juniors after placing 3rd at Nike. McRitchie, who beat Muhammad at Nike, lost to her at Juniors.

1. SOPHIA BECKMON # (Oregon City, Oregon)
1)State, 1)Nike, 2)Nike Indoor; 22-4 HSL
2. *AVERY LEWIS (Friends’ Central, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania)
1)New Balance Indoor, 1)Bullis, 1)New Balance, 1)Penn Relays, 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 20-9¾
3. SYDNIE VANEK (Clovis, California)
1)West Coast Relays, 1)Arcadia, 1)Oregon Relays, 1)State; 20-7¾
4. MORGAN DAVIS (Saraland, Alabama)
1)State, 3/2hs)USATF Junior, 5)New Balance; 20-8¼
5. JULIETTE LARACUENTE-HUEBNER (Highland, Marengo, Ohio)
1)State, 2)New Balance Indoor, 2)New Balance; 20-3¾

BECKMON DOMINATED, with at least 6 meets farther than any other jumper. She won Nike indoors and out… Lewis, the New Balance champ, was the top prep at USATF Juniors… Vanek came next, with a solid West Coast season… Davis jumped only 5th at New Balance but was the second prep at Juniors… Ohio’s Laracuente-Huebner finished 2nd to Lewis at New Balance.

1. TAYLOR FINGERS (Timberview, Mansfield, Texas)
2)State, 2)Texas Relays, 3)Nike Indoor, 3/1hs)USATF Junior; 41-9¾/42-9w
2. *SKYLYNN TOWNSEND (Rock Hill, Frisco, Texas)
1)Nike Indoor, 1)State, 4/2hs)USATF Junior; 43-6½ HSL
3. MYLA CANTY (Frisco, Texas)
1)State, 5)Texas Relays, 5/3hs)USATF Junior; 41-3½/41-7w
4. *SOPHIA CURTIS (Ocean City, New Jersey)
2)Penn Relays, 6/4hs)USATF Junior; 41-3¼
5. *CASSANDRA ATKINS (Federal Way, Washington)
1)Oregon Relays, 1)State; 41-5¾

IN AN EVENT where no one compiled a spotless season, Fingers was the top prep in a packed USATF Juniors competition. There she handled Townsend, the Nike Indoor champ and list leader, as well as Texas winner Canty and Penn Relays runner-up Curtis… Atkins was undefeated on the season but missed the post-season nationals to focus on the Junior Olympics.

1. MENSI STIFF # (Academy, Brentwood, Tennessee)
1)Nike Indoor, 1)State, 1)Music City, 1)USATF Junior; 54-9½ HSL
2. GRACELYN LEISETH # (Hamlin, Hayti, South Dakota)
1)State A, 1)Nike; 52-1¾
3. CARLIE WEISER # (Giddings, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State, 2)Nike, 6)USATF Junior; 53-2¼
4. *HADLEY LUCAS (North, Bloomington, Indiana)
1)State, 3)USATF Junior; 50-11
5. *DONNA DOUGLAS (Nettleton, Jonesboro, Arkansas)
1)State, 1)RegionJO; 49-¼

NIKE INDOOR CHAMP Stiff defeated Weiser and Lucas in winning the USATF Junior. Her big throw at Pan-Am Juniors moved her to No. 4 all-time. Leiseth won at Nike, defeating Texas Relays champ Weiser there… Lucas finished ahead of Weiser at Juniors, but Weiser’s other credentials, as well as her distance, made the difference… Douglas was undefeated; her biggest marks — by far — came on the JO circuit.

1. EMMA SRALLA’ # (Marcus, Flower Mound Texas)
1)State 6-A, 1)Texas Relays; 195-10 HSL
2. *MADELEINE FEY # (Midlothian, Texas)
1)State 5-A, 1)Nike, 1)USATF Junior, 2)Texas Relays; 182-4
3. GRACELYN LEISETH (Hamlin, Hayti, South Dakota)
1)State, 2)Nike; 175-3
4. *CAMRYN MASSEY (Ashbrook, Gastonia, North Carolina)
1)State; 169-10
5. *HADLEY LUCAS (North, Bloomington, Indiana)
2)State, 2)USATF Junior; 167-2

SWEDISH INTERNATIONAL Sralla scared the HSR in April with her 195-10 for No. 2 all-time. At the Jesuit-Sheaner Relays, she topped Fey by more than 25-feet with a 193-8. At the Texas Relays, she beat her by 10… Fey, another Texas state champ, would go on to win Nike and USATF Juniors. Leiseth took runner-up honors at Nike, Lucas at Juniors, while Massey, the North Carolina titlist, slipped between them.

1. SKYLAR SOLI (Douglas, Douglasville, Georgia)
1)State, 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 194-0 HSL
2. ADRIANNA COLEMAN (King’s, Seattle, Washington)
1)State, 2)Nike, 3/2hs)USATF Junior; 177-0
3. ***KIMBERLY BEARD (King’s, Seattle, Washington)
1)Nike, 2)State; 176-1

LIST LEADER Soli topped Coleman by 5-feet to finish as top prep at USATF Juniors… Coleman won the Washington crown over her younger classmate Beard but then lost to her at Nike. Beard later set a frosh-class record 176-1 in the Junior Olympics.

1. EVIE BLISS (Allegheny-Clarion Valley, Foxburg, Pennsylvania)
1)State, 1)USATF Junior, 4)Penn Relays; 173-0 HSL
2. TRINITY SPOONER # (South Beauregard, Longville, Louisiana)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 171-11
3. KYEESE HOLLANDS (Central Catholic, Portland, Oregon)
1)Oregon Relays, 1)State, 1)Nike, 2)Texas Relays, 3)USATF Junior; 164-5
4. JULIA MAGLIARO (Trinity, New York, New York)
1)Penn Relays, 1)Loucks, 2)New Balance, 5)USATF Junior; 164-7
5. SPENCER YOUNG (Marlborough, Los Angeles, California)

BLISS WAS ONLY 4th at Penn Relays, won by Magliaro, but finished the season well, winning the Pennsylvania title and USATF Juniors. She hit her list leader at Pan-Am Juniors… Spooner had a big win at the Texas Relays but did not throw in the postseason…

Nike champ Hollads finished 3rd at Juniors, ahead of Magliaro… JO champ Young didn’t meet any of the other top preps.

1. **JaiCIEONNA GERO-HOLT # (Emerald Ridge Puyallup, Washington)
1)Nike, 1)USATF Junior; 5552 HSL
2. *ABBY ELMORE (Gunter, Texas)
2)USATF Junior; 5376
3. CATHERINE LITTLEWOOD (Queen Creek, Arizona)
1)State, 3)Nike, 3)USATF Junior; 5419

GERO-HOLT moved to No. 4 all-time with her soph-class record. She convincingly won both the Nike and USATF Junior titles, as well as the Pan-Am Juniors… Elmore finished 2nd to G-H at USATF Juniors… Littlewood was 3rd in that crucial Junior meet.

ANGELINA NAPOLEON (Allegany-Limestone, Allegany, New York) steeple

RUNNING IN THE only state where the steeple is an official event for girls, Napoleon broke the 2K HSR twice. She captured the New Balance title and then moved to No. 4 all-time at 3K with her win at USATF Juniors.

*ELLIE SHEA (Belmont, Massachusetts) 5000

SHEA ONLY RAN the 5000 once, but her win at New Balance Indoors made her No. 5 all-time on the all-time absolute list.

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