2023 Boys High School All-America Team

The 100’s No. 1 Rodrick Pleasant scored in both dashes for a second year in a row. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

THIS YEAR’S BOYS HONOREES are the 49th grouping we have chosen since we first launched our HS All-America project after the ’74 season.

Only one athlete earned A-A honors in 3 individual events, and that was AOY Simeon Birnbaum, who was No. 1 in the mile & 2M and No. 4 in the 800.

There were also 9 performers who scored twice: 100/200—Rodrick Pleasant (1/5), Christian Miller (2/1), Gatlin Blair (4/2); 800/mile—Tinoda Matsatsa (1/5); mile/2M—Rocky Hansen (3/3); 2M/5000—Connor Burns (2/2); 2M/10,000—Tyrone Gorze; SP/DT—Ben Smith (1/2), Hayden Bills (5/5).

For an explanation of the basic workings of our A-A selecting, check out the sidebar at the end of this story.

The ’23 T&FN boys team:

1. RODRICK PLEASANT # (Serra, Gardena, California)
1)Mt. SAC, 1)State, 1)Nike; 10.14
2. *CHRISTIAN MILLER (Creekside, St. Johns, Florida)
1)State, 1)USATF Junior; 2)Florida Relays, 4)New Balance; 10.06 HSL
3. NIGEL ANCRUM # (Spring Valley, Columbia, South Carolina)
1)State; 2)New Balance; 10.15
4. *GATLIN BAIR (Burley, Idaho)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 10.15
5. BRODY BUFFINGTON (Catoctin, Thurmont, Maryland)
1)State, 3)New Balance;10.15

THE UNDEFEATED record of Pleasant, rated No. 4 in ’22, tipped the balance versus list leader Miller, now No. 3 all-time and with 9 sub-10.50 outings… Ancrum, too, was prolific with swift times and was tops at New Balance… Bair, though he had no postseason, led the candidates on volume of sub-10.20s with 4.… Buffington bettered 10.50 no fewer than 15 times… Issam Asinga broke the national record with his 9.89, faces a doping ban and is not listed.

1. *CHRISTIAN MILLER (Creekside, St. Johns, Florida)
1)State-4A, 1)New Balance, 1)USATF Junior; 20.51
2. *GATLIN BAIR (Burley, Idaho)
1)Oregon Relays, 1)State; 20.41
3. **MAURICE GLEATON (Hughes, Fairburn, Georgia)
1)State, 1)NYC Miles, 1)New Balance; 2)Wingfoot; 20.52
4. CHRIS JOHNSON (Dillard, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
1)State-3A; 20.40 HSL
5. RODRICK PLEASANT (Serra, Gardena, California)
1)State, 4)New Balance; 20.53

WINS IN heavyweight postseason clashes carried the year for undefeated Miller, who 4 times ran under 20.60… Bair and Gleaton, the latter with a win at one of the postseason biggies, both showcased consistency with Bair three times under 20.60, 5 times under 20.90 and sprinting a best 0.01 off the HS lead, … List leader Johnson had no postseason but also never lost… California champ Pleasant sprinted sub-20.90 on 4 occasions… Asinga ran 19.97 here.

1. TAVON UNDERWOOD (Mead, Longmont, Colorado)
1)State, 1)Brooks, 1)New Balance; 4)Arcadia; 45.36(A)
2. **JONATHAN SIMMS (Allen, Texas)
1)State, 1)Nike; 2)Brooks; 45.12 HSL
3. WILL FLOYD’ (Prep, Seattle, Washington)
1) Jerome; 2)Nike; 45.31
4. DIJON STANLEY (Granada Hills, California)
1)Arcadia, 1)State; 45.77
5. JACOB ANDREWS (Sehome, Bellingham, Washington)
1)State, 2)Arcadia, 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 45.91

WINS OVER list leader Simms at Nike and Floyd at New Balance sorted the order in Underwood’s favor… Simms lost only to Underwood and the Nike outcome favored the Texan, who produced 9 sub-47s… Undefeated Stanley, though he had no postseason, numbered Underwood among those he bested at Arcadia… Andrews scored a fine honor as first prep at the U20 nationals, and thus earned the final spot.

Coloradan Tavon Underwood (left) rated highest in the 400 on the strength of two big post-season victories. (JOHN NEPOLITAN)
1. TINODA MATSATSA (St. Andrew’s, Potomac, Maryland)
1)New Balance, 1)USATF Junior; 4)Brooks; 1:47.61 HSL
2. NATHAN CUMBERBATCH’ (Shorewood, Wisconsin)
1)Florida Relays, 1)Brooks; 1:48.20
3. DANIEL WATCKE (Central, Hinsdale, Il)
1)State, 1)Mile Fest; 2)Brooks, 3/3hs)USATF Junior; 1:47.70
4. SIMEON BIRNBAUM (Stevens, Rapid City, South Dakota)
1)State; 2/2hs)USATF Junior; 1:47.96
5. ANDREW REGNIER (Waunakee, Wisconsin)
2)New Balance; 3)Arcadia, 3)Brooks; 4/4hs)USATF Junior; 1:47.95

WHEREAS THE greatest mass-finish in HS history at the Brooks meet saw undefeated Cumberbatch as victor, Matsatsa backed up two postseason triumphs, including New Balance in list-leading time, with an impressive volume of speedy performances — 5 sub 1:50s and 2 sub-1:48s… The body of work from list No. 2 Watcke (5 sub 1:50s, 2 sub 1:48s) similarly edges mile/2M star Birnbaum, who finished 0.03 ahead at U20 nationals… Regnier placed just over a half-second back of the Dakotan and the Wisconsinite in Eugene.

1. SIMEON BIRNBAUM # (Stevens, Rapid City, South Dakota)
1)Drake Relays, 1)Mile Fest, 1)Nike, 3)Nike pro race; 3:55.37+ HSL
2. LEO YOUNG (Newbury Park, California)
2)Nike; 6)USATF Classic; 9)Portland; 3:56.95+
3. ROCKY HANSEN (Christ, Arden, North Carolina)
1)Virginia HP; 2)Mile Fest; 3)Nike; 3:58.23
4. JACKSON HEIDESCH (Dowling, West Des Moines, Iowa)
1)State, 1)Brooks; 2)Drake Relays; 4) Mile Fest; 3:59.08
5. TINODA MATSATSA (St. Andrew’s, Potomac, Maryland)
3)MileFest; 3:58.70

AS IN ’22, crossing the 4:00 barrier could not guarantee an All-America spot… Birnbaum, the only returner to the team and now No. 3 all-time, went undefeated versus preps… Young lost only to Birnbaum and ran 4 sub-4-equivalent 1500s… Hansen with 2 sub-4s outfinished Heidesch in their one meeting… Sandwiched in 3rd at Mile Fest, Matsatsa scored the No. 5 spot, earned in ’22 by Conor Burns, who was considered for that position again this time.

1. SIMEON BIRNBAUM (Stevens, Rapid City, South Dakota)
1)Arcadia, 1)State, 1)Brooks; 8:34.10 HSL
2. CONNOR BURNS # (Southern Boone, Ashland, Missouri)
1)State; 2)Brooks; 4)Arcadia; 8:34.33
3. ROCKY HANSEN # (Christ, Arden, North Carolina)
3)Arcadia, 3)Brooks; 8:35.22
4. TYRONE GORZE (Crater, Central Point, Oregon)
1)Oregon Relays, 1)State; 4)Brooks; 8:39.61
5. *DANIEL SIMMONS (American Fork, Utah)
1)State, 1)New Balance; 2)Arcadia; 5)Brooks; 8:37.13+

WHILE THE order bears a strong resemblance to the year list, the red-hot Brooks and Arcadia races set the order… Burns and Hansen return from the ’22 team… Birnbaum is the twelfth to claim No. 1s in the mile and 2M in the same year, with Hobbs Kessler in ’21 his most recent predecessor.

1. NATHANIEL RAYAN (Scotch Plains-Fanwood, Scotch Plains, New Jersey)
1)State MOC, 1)USATF Junior; 3)New Balance; 13.40
2. ALEX CHUKWUKELU (North, Forney, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State, 1)Great Southwest, 1)Nike; 3/2 hs)USATF Junior; 13.32 HSL
3. JOSHUA MOONEY (Stonington, Pacatuck, Connecticut)
1)Loucks, 1)State, 1)New Balance; 13.48
4. ANDRE KORBMACHER # (Squalicum, Bellingham, Washington)
1)State, 1)Brooks, 2)Nike; 6/3 hs)USATF Junior; 13.40
5. DONOVAN BRADLEY (Summer Creek, Houston, Texas)
2)Texas Relays, 2)State; 2)Great Southwest, 6)New Balance; 13.42

THE JUNIOR Champs clipped Chukwukelu’s unbeaten string and provided the crowning honor for Rayan, first All-Am from his school since Renaldo Nehemiah in ’77… Mooney also went undefeated and along with Abdoul Sy-Savane, who just missed the All-Am cut, delivered Rayan’s only loss at New Balance… List No. 2 Korbmacher only took losses to the pair who bested him in that pivotal USA U20 meeting.

300/400 HURDLES
1. GAGE GOSE (Lander Valley, Lander, Wyoming)
1)State, 1)Nike, 1)USATF Junior; 36.10/51.48
2. ALEX ORNELAS (Langham Creek, Houston, Texas)
1)State, 1)Great Southwest; 2)Texas Relays, 2)Nike; 36.30/51.91
3. **KAI EVANS (Lake Minneola, Minneola, Florida)
1)State, 1)New Balance; 51.18
4. BRYCE TUCKER (Pennsauken, New Jersey)
1)State; 2)New Balance; 3/2 hs)USATF Junior; 50.96 HSL
5. ISAIAH TAYLOR (Southwest DeKalb, Decatur, Georgia)
1)State; 35.94 HSL

EVERYWHERE HE RAN Gose finished in front, with Ornelas and Tucker next-best in two of the biggies… Evans’ New Balance win over Tucker tipped a close call versus lap-hurdles list leader Tucker… Taylor’s father Angelo was top-rated in ’96, also for Southwest DeKalb.

4 x 100 RELAY
1. KLEIN FOREST # Houston, Texas
1)Texas Southern Relays, 1)State-6A; 40.01
2. WESTLAKE Atlanta, Georgia
1)State; 40.29
3. GRANADA HILLS California
1)Arcadia, 1)Mt. SAC, 1)State; 40.28
4. MARSHALL Missouri City, Texas
3)State-5A 39.80; HSL
5. RED OAK Texas
1)State-5A; 4) Texas Relays; 40.29

WITH WINS over list leader Marshall in their two meetings and an event-pacing volume of fast times (8 races sub-41, 4 sub-40.50), Klein Forest, a winner previously in ’07, takes top honors… Westlake carries the year over Granada Hills on frequency of fast laps and stronger competition in its backyard… Marshall overcame its disappointing State showing also with volume (9 sub-41s, 5 sub-40.50s).

4 x 200 RELAY
1)State; 2)Texas Southern, 2)Texas Relays; 1:23.95
2. RIDGE POINT Missouri City, Texas
2)State; 1:24.01
3. KLEIN FOREST # Houston, Texas
1) Texas Southern Relays; 1:23.73 HSL

TWO-LOSS Duncanville earns pride of place in this oh-so-Lone-Star-State baton event by being the only top Texas team to win a State title… Klein Forest could not make it out of a tough Regional but led the nation on time.

4 x 400 RELAY
1. SOUTHWEST DEKALB Decatur, Georgia
1)State-4A; 3:10.55 HSL
2. KLEIN FOREST Houston, Texas
1)State 3:11.69
3. BUFORD Georgia
1)State-7A; 3:11.24
4. ALLEN Texas
2)State; 3)Texas Relays, 3:12.58
5. POLY Long Beach, California
1)Arcadia, 1)Mt. SAC Relays, 1)State; 3:12.99

STATE MEETS typically mark the end of the seasonal road for this event… Southwest DeKalb, No. 2 way back in ’87, takes the top spot as the only squad with 2 sub-3:12 performances, and 3 sub-3:14s… While Buford was speedy, Klein Forest won a deep State title race in Texas over Allen and had 4 sub-3:16 times… Allen sustained losses, but faced stronger competition than Poly, which appears for the 13th time.

4 x 800 RELAY
1. CENTRAL # Hinsdale, Illinois
1)State, 1)Nike; 7:29.20 HSL
1)State; 2)Nike; 7:30.68
3. NORTH Lakeville, Minnesota
1)New Balance; 2)State; 7:36.46
4. CITY Iowa City, Iowa
1)Drake Relays, 1)State; 3)Nike; 7:36.69
5. NORTHVILLE Michigan
1)State; 5) New Balance Indoor; 7:35.32

A WIN at Nike, highest-quality race of the season, with the No 2 all-time mark powered Central, which also dominated indoors… Vestavia Hills’ time is No. 5 on the ATL… Lakeville North stepped up for the win at the other postseason meeting… City put up impressive volume, twice under 7:40.

Undefeated long hurdler Gage Gose (Lander Valley, Lander, Wyoming) won at Nike and the USATF Junior Champs. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)
1)Arcadia; 17:13.24 HSL
2. TORREY PINES San Diego, California
1)Mt. SAC Relays; 17:25.13+
3. MONROE-WOODBURY Central Valley, New York
1)Nike Indoor, 1)New Balance; 17:29.49

MATCHUPS In California, Arcadia and Mt. SAC, shown brightest for quality and rewarded the top 2 squads… Monroe-Woodbury prevailed against the strongest of the nationals fields and was also strong indoors.

1. WARHILL Williamsburg, Virginia
1)Dogwood, 1)New Balance; 3:24.84 HSL
2. POLY Long Beach, California
1)Mt. SAC; 3:26.31
3. WEST Iowa City, Iowa
1)Drake Relays, 1)State; 3:26.67 (2 races sub-3:30)

NATIONAL LEADER Warhill put to bed its big win with a nice 1:48.75 anchor run by Leo Davis… Poly’s seasonal best matched cross-city rival Wilson, a candidate for inclusion, yet also churned a second fast time, as did West, the No. 2 All-Am squad in ’22 and producer of 2 sub-3:30s this year.

1. RIDGEFIELD, Connecticut
1)New Balance; 3)New Balance Indoor; 9:58.08 HSL
2. CHRIST Arden, NC
1)Penn Relays; 9:58.15
3. CRATER Central Point, Oregon
1)New Balance Indoor; 10:00.20

THE OUTDOOR version of New Balance, won by Ridgefield, stood out as the year’s premier race… Christ School won at Penn in a runaway… Crater, anchored by 2M All-Am Tyrone Gorze, prevailed in its swift indoor race by nearly 2 seconds.

1. GRANT CAMPBELL (Heritage, Maryville, Tennessee)
1)State; 7-3¼
2. RIYON RANKIN # (Brunswick, Georgia)
1)State, 1)Nike; 7/2hs)USATF Junior; 7-3¾ HSL
3. JACE POSEY # (Strake, Houston, Texas)
3)Texas Relays, 1)State-6A; 7-3
4. BODE GILKERSON (Plainfield, Indiana)
1)State; 7-¼
5. BRADFORD JENNINGS (Flour Bluff, Corpus Christi, Texas)
1)State-5A; 5) Texas Relays; 7-1¾

WITH 6 MEETS over 7-0 and 7 above 6-10, Pan-Am Junior champ Campbell gets the nod ahead of honors-rich Rankin… Posey climbed above 6-10 in 7 meets, with 5 above 7-0… Gilkerson went undefeated… Consistent Jennings’ State win was a tough honor to claim.

1. CODY JOHNSTON # (Hobart, Indiana)
1)Nike Indoor, 1)adidas Indoor, 1)State, 1)New Balance; 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 3)Millrose; 17-6
2. WYATT STEWART # (Madison Central, Richmond, Kentucky)
1)State Indoor, 1)Penn Relays, 1)State, 2)New Balance; 17-7¾
3. ZACH BINGHAM (Highland, Gilbert, Arizona)
1)PV Summit, 1)Great Southwest Indoor, 1)State; 3/2hs)USATF Junior; 4)Arcadia; 5)Nike; 17-4
4. *BRYCE BARKDULL (Central, Andover, Kansas)
1)State, 1)Nike; 3)Texas Relays; 7/4hs)USATF Junior; 17-6¼
5. MADDOX HAMM # (Scottsboro, Alabama)
1)Millrose, 1)New Balance Indoor, 2)Texas Relays; 17-8½ HSL

DOUBLING THE honors and volume of the rest was the ticket for Johnston, who had 12 meets over 17-0… Stewart’s skein of major-meet placings surpassed that of Bingham, who bested him at the early-season PV Summit… Barkdull was under the radar indoors, with list leader Hamm less active at a high level outside.

1. *JURIAD HUGHES (Irondale, New Brighton, Minnesota)
1)Nike Indoor, 1)State, 1)Nike; 2/1hs)USATF Junior; 24-11¾
2. ASHTON TORNS (Westlake, Austin, Texas)
1)Great Southwest Indoor, 1)Texas Relays, 1)State, 1)Great Southwest, 2)Nike; 3/2hs)USATF Junior; 25-3
3. D.J. FILLMORE (Licking Heights, Pataskala, Ohio)
1)State Indoor, 1)State, 1)New Balance; 25-4¼ HSL
4. *MARQUIS JOHNSON (Dickinson, Texas)
2)State; 25-¾
5. KENNEDY STRINGFELLOW (Brandon, Mississippi)
1)State; 25-4

SUPER CONSISTENT Hughes won wherever he went, had 8 meets longer than 24-6 and bested Torns twice when it counted… Fillmore’s campaign heated up late when he twice soared past 25-0… Johnson, another with great volume, narrowly lost to Torns at State but had no postseason… While Stringfellow, son of ’04 World Indoor champ Savanté, jumped long, wind gauges were absent at his meets, making assessment difficult.

Junior Karson Gordon (Episcopal, Bellaire, Texas) locked down first position in the triple jump, leading the list and winning Arcadia in April and Nike in June. (JIMMY SU)
1. *KARSON GORDON (Episcopal, Bellaire, Texas)
1)Texas Relays, 1)Arcadia, 1)Nike; 51-5¾ HSL
2. STERLING SCOTT (Starkville, Mississippi)
1)State, 1)New Balance; 3/1hs)USATF Junior; 51-5
3. *JADEN LIPPETT (Winter Haven, Florida)
1)Nike Indoor, 1)State; 3)Nike; 50-8¼
4. *XAVIER DRUMGOOLE (Round Rock, Texas)
1)State-6A; 2)Nike; 3)Texas Relays; 4)Nike Indoor; 50-6¾
5. JERMOD MCCOY (Whitehouse, Texas)
1)State-5A; 50-7¾

LIST LEADER Gordon never lost and scored big on honors… So did Scott, who only lost once, indoors to Lippett… Drumgoole and Lippett split their meetings 1-1 yet the latter won at a nationals and jumped far more often… Though he had no postseason, McCoy tripled his longest at State.

1. *BEN SMITH (Hortonville, Wisconsin)
1)State, 2)Nike; 68-10½ HSL
2. MICHAEL PINONES # (East Central, San Antonio, Texas)
1)State, 1)Nike; 4)Texas Relays; 66-6¼
3. JACOB COOKINHAM (Stang, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts)
1)Loucks, 1)State, 1)adidas Outdoor; 67-4½
4. *LUKE HIMES (Heritage, Indianapolis, Indiana)
1)State; 67-10
5. HAYDEN BILLS (Rosemount, Minnesota)
1)State; 66-8¾

HOW TO sort a group that among them sustained just two losses?… The Smith/Pinones outcome at Nike was tight; the Texan prevailed by 5½ inches, yet that was Smith’s only loss and his volume of excellence was higher — 7 meets over 65, 3 over 67… With both Cookinham and Himes undefeated, the postseason adidas win gave the edge to the Massachusetts thrower… Bills had 4 meets above 65.

1. *BRYCE RULAND (Union, Waterford, Wisconsin)
1)State, 1)Nike; 213-9 HSL
2. *BEN SMITH (Hortonville, Wisconsin)
2)State, 2)Nike; 210-4
3. FABIAN GONZALEZ (Southern, Manahawkin, New Jersey)
1)State, 1)New Balance; 2/1us)Penn Relays; 203-2
4. BRENDON SEE # (JSerra, San Juan Capistrano, California)
1)Stanford, 2)Arcadia, 1)State, 3)Nike; 205-3
5. HAYDEN BILLS (Rosemount, Minnesota)
1)State; 207-0

THE TWO Wisconsinites pumped out impressive strings of long marks as the Ruland-Smith tallies broke out this way: 2-1 past 210, 7-3 past 200, 10-10 past 190… With no losses to U.S. preps and a postseason feather in his cap, Gonzalez slots in front of returner from ’22 See and 2-event All-America Bills.

1. CHRISTIAN TORO (Lincoln, Rhode Island)
1)Classical, 1)State-B, 1)State MOC, 1)New Balance; 2)New York Relays; 229-3
2. KELLEN KIMES (Hart, Mi)
2/1us) Nike; 223-4
3. ETHAN WORDELL (North Kingstown, Rhode Island)
1)State-A, 1)Hendricken; 2)State MOC; 231-1 HSL

THOUGH HE had a pair of losses, Toro went 3-1 versus in-state rival Wordell and was best in the postseason… Nike victor Kimes never lost to a U.S. prep.

1. *BRAYDEN PLATT (Yelm, Washington)
1)Nike; 2)State; 228-0 HSL
2. *HAYDEN GOROVITZ (Desert Vista, Phoenix, Arizona)
1)Texas Relays, 1)State; 2)JavFest; 3)Nike; 5/1hs)USATF Junior; 221-8
3. AUSTIN MILTON (Sherwood, Oregon)
1)State, 1)JavFest; 2)Oregon Relays, 2/2hs)JavFest open; 4)Nike; 8/2 hs)USATF Junior; 219-0
4. TROY COCCO (Wando, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina)
1)State, 1)JavFest open; 5)JavFest; 218-0
5. PETER BELLOMO (Jersey Shore, New Jersey)
1)State, 1)New Balance; 11/4hs)USATF Junior; 214-3

LOFTING THE list-leading throw for the Nike win over the next two put Platt on top despite a loss at State… Gorovitz outthrew Milton 2–1 in major meetings… In turn Milton came out ahead against Cocco 2–1 when they met… Bellomo’s New Balance victory was backed up by a State win over quality thrower Drew Mruk.

LEX YOUNG (Newbury Park, California) 5000
CONNOR BURNS (Southern Boone, Ashland, Missouri) 5000

HIGH SCHOOL recordsetters in the same event… Burns motored 13:37.30 for the HSR in early May… Three weeks later Young, the No. 2 All-America at 2M in ’22, lowered the standard to 13:34.96.

TYRONE GORZE (Crater, Central Point, Oregon) 10,000

GORZE MOVED to No. 3 on the all-time list with his 29:00.17, the fastest prep time since ’76.

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