Miramar Invite — Sha’Carri Richardson Back With A Bang

Richardson, who finished last in her most recent 100 at the ’22 DL Final, showed entirely different shape in her ’23 opener. (RHOAN STERLING)

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA, April 08 — With a devastating burst of speed at the Miramar Invitational, Sha’Carri Richardson silenced her many doubters in a jaw-dropping 100 performance that lasted just 10.57 seconds. Windy, oh yeah, a 4.1mps, but aided or no, only two women have ever gone faster: Florence Griffith Joyner and Elaine Thompson-Herah.

Richardson had served notice earlier in the meet that she had been working hard on her start, exploding out of the blocks and zipping a 10.75 heat with a 2.8 wind. For the final, she lined up in 4 with Tee Tee Terry to her right and Destiny Smith-Barnett to her left. Once again, she got out flawlessly, taking control of the race from the early strides and opening up a sizeable lead by midway. In the latter stages, Terry pulled away from the others but could not challenge Richardson, who briefly celebrated before the line, then seemed stunned when the time came up.

Terry, who hit 10.83, walked to where Richardson had knelt on the curve to congratulate her. Third went to Jamaica’s Natasha Morrison in 11.05. Melissa Jefferson, the defending USATF champion, came across last in 11.27.

With wind-altitude adjustments applied, Richardson’s time equates to 10.78 with no wind.

According to the Big Gold Book, a steady 2.0 tailwind would have given Richardson a 10.67, well ahead of the PR 10.72 she holds from her breakout ’21 season.

Of other winners, there were plenty with fast times, though the wind made its presence felt all day. The men’s 100 followed the women’s, with Jamaica’s World Champs 4th-placer, Oblique Seville, riding a 2.2 gust to a 9.91 victory over countryman Ackeem Blake (9.93), as well as Canada’s Aaron Brown (9.97). Ronnie Baker crossed 4th in 9.98. Seville had led the heats with a legal 9.95. Said Seville, “I just came out here to see where I am in training.”

A key 400 matchup saw hurdler Shamier Little make up the stagger on World 200 champ Shericka Jackson at the halfway mark then pull away powerfully for a 50.73 win. Last year’s NCAA runner-up for Texas A&M, now pro, Charokee Young (51.58) caught Jackson (51.64) before the line. Said Little, “It was definitely not a surprise, I went into the race wanting to win. It was my season opener in the 4 and I’m kinda having a little more fun with it this year. That was a good time. I’ll take it.”

The women’s hurdles saw LSU alum Tonea Marshall hit 12.62 (wind 2.2), leaning better than surprising Jamaican Amoi Brown, who ran 12.69 out of lane 2 (and only has a PR of 13.09). Anna Cockrell finished 3rd in 12.72. In the men’s highs, Eric Edwards won convincingly with a 13.21–13.37 (wind 2.7) over Jamaica’s Orlando Bennett.

The meet closed with a pair of sharp 200s. Christian Coleman caught the rare legal wind (1.9) and was able to stay ahead of fast-closing Botswanan teen Letsile Tebogo as both clocked 20.00. Coleman had a 0.003 edge per the camera. Kenny Bednarek had pressed Coleman early but faded near the end to finish 3rd in 20.37. In the women’s race, Abby Steiner took the lead in the last 50 to hit a legal 22.23 ahead of the PR 22.31 from Tamari Davis.


100: I(2.2)–1. Oblique Seville (Jam) 9.91w; 2. Ackeem Blake (Jam) 9.93w; 3. Aaron Brown (Can) 9.97w; 4. Ronnie Baker (US) 9.98w; 5. Jerome Blake (Can) 10.05w; 6. Emmanuel Matadi (Lbr) 10.20w; 7. Kyree King (US) 10.25w;… dnc—Andrew Hudson (Jam).

II(2.4)–1. Cravont Charleston (US) 10.02w; 2. Eric Harrison (Tri) 10.06w; 3. Cejhae Greene (Ant) 10.09w; 4. Rodrigo do Nascimento (Bra) 10.20w; 5. O’Shane Bailey (Jam) 10.22w; 6. Yuki Koike (Jpn) 10.23w.

Heats: I(1.8)–1. Seville 9.95; 2. Baker 10.01; 3. Hudson 10.07 PR; 4. J. Blake 10.08. II(2.8)–1. A. Blake 10.05w; 2. Brown 10.10w; 3. Charleston 10.12w. III(2.1)–1. Matadi 10.08w; 2. King 10.15w.

200(1.9): 1. Christian Coleman (US) 20.00 (WL, AL); 2. Letsile Tebogo (Bot) 20.00 (=WL);

3. Kenny Bednarek (US) 20.37; 4. Brendon Rodney (Can) 20.42; 5. Joseph Amoah (Gha) 20.43.

400: 1. Alonzo Russell (Bah) 44.93 PR; 2. Leungo Scotch (Bot) 45.03; 3. Rikuya Ito (Jpn) 46.02; 4. Rusheen McDonald (Jam) 46.13; 5. Zibani Ngozi (Bot) 46.15; 6. Machel Cedenio (Tri) 46.96;… dnf—Matthew Hudson-Smith (GB).

800: 1. Ryan Sanchez (PR) 1:46.59; 2. Rajay Hamilton (Jam) 1:47.42; 3. Kameron Jones (US) 1:47.47; 4. Stephen Evans (Can) 1:48.44; 5. Drew Piazza (US) 1:48.60.

110H(2.7): 1. Eric Edwards (US) 13.21w; 2. Orlando Bennett (Jam) 13.37w; 3. Rafael Henrique Pereira (Bra) 13.40w; 4. Damion Thomas (Jam) 13.42w; 5. Shane Brathwaite (Bar) 13.59w.

400H: 1. Amere Lattin (US) 50.22; 2. Gabriele Montefalcone (Ita) 50.26.

LJ: 1. Will Williams (US) 27-¾w (8.25) (a-c: out AL) (26-8¼/8.13 [out AL]); 2. Natsuki Yamakawa (Jpn) 26-3 (8.00); 3. G.K.D.S. Piyarathna (SrL) 26-0 (7.92); 4. Shoutarou Shiroyama (Jpn) 25-6w (7.77) (25-4¾/7.74); 5. Tajay Gayle (Jam) 25-5½w (7.76).


100: I(4.1)–1. Sha’Carri Richardson (US) 10.57w (a-c: WL, AL) (a-c: 3, 4 W; 2, 3 A) <wind/altitude adjusted: 10.78>; 2. TeeTee Terry (US) 10.83w; 3. Natasha Morrison (Jam) 11.05w; 4. Jada Baylark (US) 11.08w; 5. Destiny Smith-Barnett (US) 11.09w; 6. English Gardner (US) 11.10w; 7. Javianne Oliver (US) 11.11w; 8. Melissa Jefferson (US) 11.27w.

II(3.2)–1. Cambrea Sturgis (US) 10.98w; 2. Taylor Anderson (US) 11.11w; 3. Shockoria Wallace (Jam) 11.13w; 4. Kasheika Cameron (Jam) 11.15w; 5. Teahna Daniels (US) 11.16w; 6. Shannon Ray (US) 11.22w; 7. Alaysha Johnson (US) 11.22w; 8. Jonielle Smith (Jam) 11.25w.

Heats: I(4.5)–1. Terry 10.89w; 2. Oliver 11.08w; 3. Baylark 11.09w. II(2.0)–1. Smith-Barnett 11.11; 2. Jefferson 11.16. III(2.8)–1. Richardson (a-c: WL, AL) 10.75w; 2. Gardner 11.09w; 3. Morrison 11.13w; 4. Sturgis 11.14w.

200(1.8): 1. Abby Steiner (US) 22.23 (out WL, AL);

2. Tamari Davis (US) 22.31 PR; 3. Kayla White (US) 22.44; 4. Anthonique Strachan (Bah) 22.70; 5. Kyra Jefferson (US) 22.92; 6. Sada Williams (Bar) 23.13; 7. Kiara Parker (US) 23.18.

400: 1. Shamier Little (US) 50.73; 2. Charokee Young (Jam) 51.58; 3. Shericka Jackson (Jam) 51.64; 4. Aliyah Abrams (Guy) 51.65; 5. Janieve Russell (Jam) 52.77.

800: 1. Ajee’ Wilson (US) 2:02.95; 2. Shafiqua Maloney (VIN) 2:04.98.

100H(2.2): 1. Tonea Marshall (US) 12.62w; 2. Amoi Brown (Jam) 12.69w; 3. Anna Cockrell (US) 12.73w; 4. Amber Hughes (US) 12.96w; 5. Gabbi Cunningham (US) 13.07w; 6. Mulern Jean (Hai) 13.22w.

LJ: 1. Ruth Usoro (Ngr) 22-4½w (6.82) (a-c: out WL); 2. Taliyah Brooks (US) 21-10w (6.65) (21-5½/6.54); 3. Chanice Porter (Jam) 21-7½w (6.59) (21-4¾/6.52).

SP: 1. Danniel Thomas-Dodd (Jam) 60-7¾ (18.48); 2. Adelaide Aquilla (US) 59-11 (18.26).