eTrack Newsletter 1993

1993 Editions Of Our Results Publication

Note: these issues predate the “eTrack” era and are PDFs of the newsletters snail-mailed to subscribers. Due to file conversion or scanning quirks the layouts are not perfect but all the results should be readable and mostly searchable. (Note: copy inside toned boxes often fails to present in a search)

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eTN1993 01
eTN1993 02
eTN1993 03
eTN1993 04 USA Ind IndConfs
eTN1993 05 NCAA Ind World Ind
eTN1993 06 Texas R
eTN1993 07 Zelezny WR
eTN1993 08 MtSAC KansasR WorldXC
eTN1993 09 Penn Drake
eTN1993 10 Confs
eTN1993 11 Modesto Confs
eTN1993 12 Confs
eTN1993 13 NY GP Confs
eTN1993 14 Jenner Jerome Gotzis
eTN1993 15 NCAA
eTN1993 16 USA Ch
eTN1993 17 USA Jr
eTN1993 18
eTN1993 19 GPs WUG Pan-Am G
eTN1993 20
eTN1993 21 WorCh
eTN1993 22
eTN1993 23
eTN1993 24
eTN1993 25
eTN1993 26