T&FN Guide To The 2021 Olympic Games

Tokyo’s new National Stadium will be the site of the Olympic track & field events. (JIRO MOCHIZUKI/IMAGE OF SPORT)

TOKYO, JAPAN (plus Sapporo), July 30–August 08 — Delayed by a year, the Olympic Games have at long last arrived. Here’s our quickie set of links that will aid you in your enjoyment of the sport’s quadrennial highlight:

T&FN’s 10-Deep Premeet By-Event Formcharts
Our international panel predicts that the U.S. will win 32 medals overall, the same as in Rio 4 years ago, including 13 golds (6 men, 6 women, 1 mixed-sex), also the same as in Brazil, although this year has one more event.

Men’s Top 10s Women’s Top 10s

Official Start Lists & Results

World Athletics Live Results

T&FN’s Easy-To-Follow Color-Coded Timetable

Start Times For Finals In Various Time Zones

Olympic Games Results History 1896 – 2016
(Top 8s, plus all the Americans)

K. Ken Nakamura’s Olympic Games By-Event Stats Previews

Who Has Won Tokyo Track Medals? (updated daily)

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