International News Digest — Big Names In Smaller Meets

A great homestretch battle in Ostrava’s 5000 found Jacob Kiplimo edging Selemon Barega, 12:48.63–12:49.08. (JIRO MOCHIZUKI/IMAGE OF SPORT)

THE DIAMOND LEAGUE meets gobbled up most of the headlines in the second half of the European summer season, but they didn’t have a monopoly. Other highlights (most from Continental Tour meets):

World Junior Record By Elína Tzénggo

Last year she claimed the World Youth (U18) Record with the 500g javelin by throwing 216-2 (65.90). Now 17-year-old Greek Elína Tzénggo is also the World Junior (U20) standard bearer. Throwing the 600g spear at the Greek Juniors (Ioánnina, August 01) she opened her day with the new high of 209-10 (63.96). That added 4 inches (10cm) to the record set by Cuba’s Yulenmis Aguilar in ’15. Unfortunately for Tzénggo there was no immediate drug-testing available, so the mark apparently won’t be eligible for ratification.

A 300-Footer For Johannes Vetter

“The big throw was a surprise,” said Johannes Vetter after highlighting the Nurmi Games (Turku, Finland, August 11) with his farthest javelin toss since May of ’18. The powerful German took over the yearly world lead with his first-round toss of 300-2 (91.49) as the Continental Tour kicked off.

Turku Continental Tour winners:

Men—100(1.3): 1. Lamont Marcell Jacobs (Ita) 10.11. St: 1. Topi Raitanen (Fin) 8:22.45. 110H(1.1): 1. Andy Pozzi (GB) 13.17 (WL) (13.25h WL). 400H: 1. Nick Smidt (Neth) 49.84. T: 1. Daniel Ståhl (Swe) 227-1 (69.23). JT: 1. Johannes Vetter (Ger) 300-2 (91.49) (WL) (300-2, 287-4, 290-7, 283-6, p, p) (91.49, 87.59, 88.57, 86.42, p, p).

Women—800: 1. Sara Kuivisto (Fin) 2:03.13. 1500: 1. Melissa Courtney-Bryant (GB) 4:03.69. 100H(1.2): 1. Nadine Visser (Neth) 12.68 (WL). HJ: 1. Heta Tuuri (Fin) 6-¾ (1.85). PV: 1. Nikoléta Kiriakopoúlou (Gre) 15-2¼ (4.63). LJ: 1. Jazmin Sawyers (GB) 21-5½ (6.54). TJ: 1. Kristiina Mäkelä (Fin) 46-4 (14.12).

Crouser Launches Another Big Series

At the Golden Spike stop on the Continental Tour (Ostrava, Czech Republic, September 08) Ryan Crouser continued to make long throws commonplace in the shot. Four of his five legal throws were past 22m (72-2¼) and two of them were 73-footers, topped by his fourth-round 73-7¼ (22.43). That was only his 11th-longest put of the year.

“That’s one of my farthest throws in Europe so I’m really happy with it,” said Crouser. “Especially considering that day four after coming from the U.S. is always kind of a down day. The consistency wasn’t too bad so I think if I can keep being consistent eventually the big 23m [75-5½] throw will come.”

The best mark on the track came in the men’s 5000, where Uganda’s 19-year-old sensation Jacob Kiplimo edged World Champs silver medalist Selemon Barega in a homestretch battle, 12:48.63–12:49.08. The youngster’s PR moved him to No. 12 on the all-time list. “I wanted the fast time so I kept on pushing,” said Kiplimo. “It was a fight in the homestraight. And it was wonderful.”

Ostrava Continental Tour winners:

Men—150(0.5): 1. Arthur Gue Cissé (CI) 15.15. 800: 1. Jake Wightman (GB) 1:44.18 PR. 1500: 1. Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Nor) 3:33.92. 5000: 1. Jacob Kiplimo (Uga) 12:48.63 PR (12, 20 W). 400H: 1. Karsten Warholm (Nor) 47.62. HJ: 1. Maksim Nedasekau (Blr) 7-4¼ (2.24). TJ: 1. Christian Taylor (US) 57-3½ (17.46) (out WL). SP: 1. Ryan Crouser (US) 73-7¼ (22.43) (71-6, 72-5¼, 73-2½, 73-7¼, f, 72-10½) (21.79, 22.08, 22.31, 22.43, f, 22.21). DT: 1. Daniel Ståhl (Swe) 217-11 (66.42). JT: 1. Gatis Čakšs (Lat) 273-8 (83.41).

Women—150(0.6): 1. Dafne Schippers (Neth) 16.56. 800: 1. Laura Muir (GB) 1:58.84. 1500: 1. Faith Kipyegon (Ken) 3:59.05. 5000: 1. Sifan Hassan (Neth) 14:37.85. 300H: 1. Femke Bol (Neth) 38.55. PV: 1. Holly Bradshaw (GB) 15-1 (4.60). SP: 1. Auriole Dongmo (Por) 60-5¼ (18.42). JT: 1. Barbora Špotáková (CzR) 213-10 (65.19).

Warholm Takes Down A Moses Record

He would rather have erased a certain all-time best by Kevin Young, but Karsten Warholm was pleased enough as he took away a 40-year-old meet record held by Edwin Moses. The consistent Norwegian highlighted the ISTAF meet (Berlin, September 14) by cruising to history’s No. 8 performance in the 400H, 47.08.

“It was a really good lap, and it is my third best time ever so I am absolutely happy with that,” said Warholm. “Over the final two hurdles I was tiring a bit. I am coming closer and closer to the record with low-47 times. If I continue to be consistent at this level then the records can come.” (Continued below)

In Berlin, Laura Muir lowered her own yearly 1500 lead to 3:57.40. (GLADYS CHAI/ASVOM AGENCY)

There were two world-leading performances on the women’s side, 3:57.40 in the 1500 by Laura Muir and 9:06.14 in the steeple by Hyvin Jepkemoi. After winning the men’s vault at 19-4¾ (5.91) Mondo Duplantis took three tries at an outdoor WR 20-2 (6.15) but none were close. “Everything needs to be perfect for 6.15,” he said.

Berlin Continental Tour winners:

Men—100(0.4): 1. Arthur Gue Cissé (CI) 10.10. 400H: 1. Karsten Warholm (Nor) 47.08 (x, 8 W). PV: 1. Mondo Duplantis (Swe) 19-4¾ (5.91) (18-3¼, 19-1 [x], 19-4¾ [2], out WR 20-2 [xxx]) (5.57, 5.82 [x], 5.91 [2], 6.15 [xxx]). TJ: 1. Christian Taylor (US) 57-7¾ (17.57) (AL; out WL). DT: 1. Andrius Gudžius (Lit) 218-11 (66.72). JT: 1. Johannes Vetter (Ger) 286-3 (87.26).

Women—100(0.1): 1. Dafne Schippers (Neth) 11.26. 1500: 1. Laura Muir (GB) 3:57.40 (WL). St: 1. Hyvin Jepkemoi (Ken) 9:06.14 (WL). LJ: 1. Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk (Ukr) 22-6½ (6.87).

Yet Another Big Shot Series For Crouser

The 74-footers just keep coming for Ryan Crouser. The day before the main portion of the Hanžeković Memorial was staged in Zagreb, Croatia, on September 15 the American putter continued hot in a downtown competition. He had a pair of 74-footers, reaching 74-7¼ (22.74) in the third round and 74-1½ (22.59) in the fifth. His winner, the =No. 10 throw ever, was the farthest in Europe since ’88.

“I was a little disappointed that I didn’t throw a little bit further,” he said. “I was really hoping for the 23. I think there is still a 23m [75-5½] throw there; I just have to let it happen.”

In a deep comp with five putters over 69-0 and 21.00m, reigning world titlist Joe Kovacs, in his first outdoor meet of the year, took 2nd at 69-10¾ (21.30) from past world champ David Storl (69-6¾/21.20).

Zagreb Continental Tour winners:

Men—100(-0.5): 1. Mike Rodgers (US) 10.16. 400: 1. Luka Janežič (Slo) 45.93. 800: 1. Daniel Rowden (GB) 1:44.09 PR. 1500: 1. Stewart McSweyn (Aus) 3:32.17. 110H(0.0): 1. Wilhem Belocian (Fra) 13.32. LJ: 1. Marko Čeko (Cro) 26-0 (7.92). SP(street): 1. Ryan Crouser (US) 74-7¼ (22.74) (x, =10 W; x, =5 A) (69-0, 72-6¼, 74-7¼, f, 74-1½, 73-2½) (21.03, 22.10, 22.74, f, 22.59, 22.31). DT: 1. Daniel Ståhl (Swe) 225-11 (68.87).

Women—100(-0.2): 1. Kayla White (US) 11.44. 800: 1. Nadia Power (Ire) 2:02.08. 100H(-0.1): 1. Payton Chadwick (US) 13.01. HJ: 1. Yuliya Levchenko (Ukr) 6-4 (1.93). LJ: 1. Khaddi Sagnia (Swe) 22-8½ (6.92) PR. DT: 1. Sandra Perković (Cro) 212-2 (64.67).

And More 74s For Crouser

Just 2 days after his big Zagreb showing, Ryan Crouser headed to the streets of Belgrade for another fine series that included a pair of 74-footers. His series: 74-1½, 73-2¾, f, 74-¾, 73-11¾, 73-4¾ (22.59, 22.32, f, 22.57, 22.55, 22.37).

“I’m happy overall with my throws, especially the three throws over 22.50,” he said after winning again from Kovacs. “It shows consistency and good distances, and when I get consistent it usually signals I’m ready for another leap forward.”

The Year’s First Sub-27:00

Kenya may have a new 10,000 find in the person of 21-year-old Nicholas Kimeli. The young Kenyan was 8th in the WC 5000 last year, but his previous exposure at the longer race was an altitude-hindered 29:52.1 to win the African title as an 18-year-old.

He blew that away at the Golden Spike meet (Leiden, Netherlands, September 19), lowering the yearly world lead to 26:58.97. Countryman Solomon Boit was a distant 2nd in a PR 27:41.10. Kimeli had shown that he was in good form in mid-August, taking 2nd in the Monaco DL in a PR 12:51.78. ◻︎