September 2023

Budapest23 — A Truly Grand Showcase

There’s no sight like a full house, an impressive, sizeable stadium filled visibly and audibly to near its capacity of 35,000 over 9 days. Add to this cauldron a magnificently talented and prepared cast of world class stars in peak form drawing from and returning the energy of the jubilant assemblage. Our World Champs XIX coverage starts here…


Budapest23 — Grand Showcase For The Very Best

2023 World Championships Medal Winners Chart

World Champs Men’s 100 — Lyles Sprints And Delivers

World Champs Men’s 200 — Lyles Joins Doublers Club

World Champs Men’s 400 — New Name Seizes The Day

World Champs Men’s 800 — Arop’s Patience Rewarded

World Champs Men’s 1500 — Another Great Scot

World Champs Men’s Steeple — Champs Racer Bests Record Man

World Champs Men’s 5000 — Ingebrigtsen And Yogi Berra

World Champs Men’s 10K — Cheptegei Picks Up His Third

World Champs Men’s 110H — Holloway’s Biggest Margin Yet

World Champs Men’s 400 Hurdles — Warholm Back To Winning Ways

World Champs Men’s Marathon — Second Surge Golden For Kiplangat

World Champs Men’s 20K Walk — Martín Splashed Fast

World Champs Men’s 35K Walk — Double No Trouble For Martín

World Champs Men’s 4 x 100 — USA Back In The Saddle

World Champs Men’s 4×4 — USA Runs Away

World Champs Men’s HJ — New Kinda Gold For Tamberi

World Champs Men’s Vault — Mondo Soars Supreme

World Champs Men’s Long Jump — Tentóglou Completes His Set

World Champs Men’s TJ — Zango Claims Africa’s First Title

World Champs Men’s Shot — One Crouser Will Always Treasure

World Champs Men’s Discus — Clutch Closer Returns Ståhl To Top

World Champs Men’s Hammer — Katz Swallows Formchart

World Champs Men’s Javelin — Oly Champ Adds WC Crown

World Champs Men’s Decathlon — LePage Writes New Chapter For Canada

World Champs Mixed 4×4 — Fab U.S. Finish Yields WR

World Champs Women’s 100 — Richardson’s Redemption

World Champs Women’s 200 — Jackson MR Captures Showdown

World Champs Women’s 400 — Paulino Steps It Up

World Champs Women’s 800 — Mu’s First Pro Loss

World Champs Women’s 1500 — Who Else But Faith?

World Champs Women’s Steeple — Yavi Strikes From 500 Out

World Champs Women’s 5000 — Kipyegon Makes History Once More

World Champs Women’s 10K — Crash-Up Finish Goes Tsegay’s Way

World Champs Women’s 100H — Unforeseen Blast From Past

World Champs Women’s 400H — Unstoppa-Bol

World Champs Women’s Marathon — Resurgent Beriso Bests ’22 Champ

World Champs Women’s 20K Walk — Pérez Completes Spanish Double

World Champs Women’s 35K Walk — Pérez Wraps Spain Gold Sweep

World Champs Women’s 4 x 100 — Team USA Defends

World Champs Women’s 4×4 — Super Bol Anchor Takes It

World Champs Women’s HJ — Stirring Stand For Ukraine

World Champs Women’s Vault — The Meet’s First Shared Gold

World Champs Women’s LJ — Vuleta’s Ally For The Win

World Champs Women’s TJ — Rojas Rescues Self

World Champs Women’s Shot — Ealey Sorts Technique, Repeats

World Champs Women’s Discus — USA 1-2 Shocks Stadium

Tausaga-Collins Learned To Believe

World Champs Women’s Hammer — Canadian Double Done

World Champs Women’s Javelin — Favorite Settles It Late

World Champs Women’s Hept — Down-To-The-Wire Thriller

Zürich DL Men — Upsets Beset World Champions

Zürich DL Women — Budapest Winners Still Hot

Xiamen DL — Coleman Shows His Speed Again

WA Congress LIV — Coe Elected To His Final Term

Krissy Gear Vaults Into Top USA Steeple Slot

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