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The biggest meets in Europe this winter were those that belonged to the IAAF’s third iteration of its World Indoor Tour.

Give of those meets were staged on the Continent, with the fifth being in Boston. Highlights of the 5 European meets follow (Boston got its own coverage in our domestic section, on p. 23):

Karlsruhe: Dibaba Opens Hot

The WIT started auspiciously with 4 world-leading marks in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Genzebe Dibaba, the 1500 WR holder, raced home solo in 3:57.45—a time only she has bettered, twice—well ahead of young local fave Konstanze Klosterhalfen’s PR 4:04.00.

Dibaba cranked out the No. 3 time ever in the 1500JIRO MOCHIZUKI/IMAGE OF SPORT

In the men’s vault Raphael Holzdeppe cleared his highest-ever indoor bar, 19-3½ (5.88) to best WR holder Renaud Lavillenie. They left the rest behind, clearing 19-1½ (5.83) both on second attempts before Holzdeppe negotiated the winning height on third try.

Sharika Nelvis won a tight hurdle-PR battle, 7.80–7.81 from Christina Manning as they moved to Nos =6 and =8 on the all-time U.S. list.

Finally Olympic 4th-placer Malaika Mihambo reached 22-¾ (6.72)—notable in that the German’s indoor best before this year was 21-2 (6.45).

Düsseldorf: Su Getting Speedy

Christian Coleman just may have a race on his hands in the World Indoor 60.

In Düsseldorf China’s Bingtian Su roared ahead by 20m and stopped the clock at 6.43 to jump to =5 on the all-time list.

“Thank you,” he told journalists. “I enjoyed this party.”

Tomáš Staněk boomed his first three shot throws to seat himself No. 7 on the all-time world list: 70-9¼ (21.57), 72-1½ (21.98), and then 72-9 (22.17).

“I knew I was in good shape and I was waiting for a big throw,” said the 26-year-old Czech. “My goal now is to stay healthy until Birmingham.”

Christina Manning reversed her Karlsruhe result against Sharika Nelvis in a back-and-forth 60H, 7.77–7.80. Her world leader took Manning to No. 5 U.S. all-time.

Madrid: HJ Streak Now At 34

“It was a very short competition for my taste,” said Mariya Lasitskene of a Madrid high jump she won with her second clearance. She went on to make 6-6¾ (2.00) on second try for her 34th straight win, a streak which dates back to July of ’16.

Local favorite Oscar Husillos couldn’t match Pavel Maslák’s pedigree as a 2-time world indoor 400 champion.

But in his first 2-lapper of the season the 24-year-old had the Czech’s number on the night. After Maslák led a torrid 21.49 first circuit, Husillos rushed past on the final straight for a Spanish Record 45.86.

Tripler Almir dos Santos topped 17m for the first time in January, in Kent, Ohio, of all places.

Here the Brazilian bounded 56-11¼ (17.35) to raise the world lead and defeat former Olympic and world titlist Nelson Évora’s 56-9¼ (17.30).

Toruń: Local Heroes

Polish fans at the Toruń WIT meet were rewarded with big efforts by their countrymen.

Vaulter Piotr Lisek, bronze medalist at the World Indoor 2 years ago, found momentum he can roll with into Birmingham.

The 25-year-old outdoor Worlds silver medalist fell behind Shawn Barber on the countback at 18-8¼ (5.70) but then cleared 19-2¼ (5.85), which the Canadian could not, and next 19-4¾ (5.91, a world leader) both on second tries before missing thrice at a would-be PR 19-8½ (6.01).

Konrad Bukowiecki won the World Junior crown in ’14 and placed 4th at the ’16 World Indoor the day after his 19th birthday. Perhaps he’s got more in store before he turns 21.

Here he nailed a PR 22 meters on the nose, 72-2¼ and repelled world leader Tomáš Staněk (71-7½/21.83).

Glasgow: Goodies For Manning

The WIT finale saw several sharpen their spurs for Birmingham.

Christina Manning, 3rd in the USATF Champs 60H, earned a World Indoor wild card (plus $20,000) by winning the overall WIT title, edging new AR holder Sharika Nelvis 7.79–7.84.

“I came out here for the win,” said Manning. “I needed the win to claim the tour title and I got it. It’s always good to run close to your personal record.”

Bingtian Su kept his seasonal unbeaten streak in the 60 alive with a 6.50 win from Mike Rodgers (6.54). But will the streak stay alive when he faces Christian Coleman in Birmingham?

Jamaican hurdler Ronald Levy made a splash in his all-time indoor debut, with a solid 7.49 win over 110H WR holder Aries Merritt (7.58).

1500 WJR To Tefera

It looks as if Ethiopia might have another prodigy. That tag first applied to 17-year-old Samuel Tefera last year when he ran the metric mile in 3:33.78 and made his nation’s World Championships team.

A few more months of seasoning have done nothing to take the shine off his potential.

In late January, now 18, he made his indoor debut in Val de Reuil, France, and promptly claimed the World Junior Record with his 3:36.05 clocking, comfortably beating former world champ Abdelaati Iguider (3:36.87).

A Super PV Meet

“The @allstarperche becomes the greatest pole vault ever in history with 7 men at 5m88. Proud to have organised this event and to finish 2nd with 5m93. Thank you all.”

That was a tweet from French vault star Renaud Lavillenie after his meet in Clermont-Ferrand indeed featured unparalleled depth, with 7 over 19-3½ for the first time ever.

Two men—Lavillenie and top rival Sam Kendricks— actually went one height better, the American claiming the yearly world lead by clearing 19-5½ on his first attempt, while his host needed three.

Duplantis claimed 2 more World Junior RecordsJEAN-PIERRE DURAND/PHOTO

The next 5 placers, all at 19-3½: Paweł Wojciechowski (Poland), Axel Chapelle (France), Mondo Duplantis (Sweden), Piotr Lisek (Poland) & Kévin Menaldo (France).

Louisiana high schooler Duplantis, vaulting in his prep uniform, reclaimed his World Junior (U20) Record at 19-¾ (5.81) before upping it to 19-3½.

On the women’s side, new U.S. champ Katie Nageotte continued her hot streak, scaling 15-11¼ (4.86) on her second attempt to beat Russia’s Anzhelika Sidorova on the countback.


— Indoor Tour Winners —

(¶ = overall tour winner, receives $20,000 and WildCard to World Indoor)
Karlsruhe (February 03)—
60: 1. Bingtian Su (Chn) 6.47 NR. 800: 1. Marcin
Lewandowski (Pol) 1:46.90; 2. Erik Sowinski
(US) 1:46.91 (AL). 3000: 1. Hagos Gebrhiwet (Eth)
7:37.91 (WL).
PV: 1. Raphael Holzdeppe (Ger) 19-3½ (5.88)
(WL). LJ: 1. Juan Miguel Echevarría (Cub) 26-1¾
(7.97) PR.
60: 1. Tatjana Pinto (Ger) 7.10. 400: 1. Léa
Sprunger (Swi) 52.03. 1500: 1. Genzebe Dibaba
(Eth) 3:57.45 (WL) (x, 3 W). 60H: 1. Sharika Nelvis
(US) 7.80 PR (WL) (AL) (=6, x A); 2. Christina Manning
(US) 7.81 PR (=8, x A).
HJ: 1. Mirela Demireva (Bul) 6-4¾ (1.95) PR. LJ:
1. Malaika Mihambo (Ger) 22-¾ (6.72) PR (WL).
Düsseldorf (February 06)—
60: 1. Su 6.43 NR (=5, =9 W). 800: 1. Adam
Kszczot (Pol) 1:46.47. 1500: 1. Vincent Kibet (Ken)
3:36.86. 3000: 1. Yomif Kejelcha (Eth) 7:40.55. 60H:
1. Balázs Baji (Hun) 7.64.
PV: 1. Piotr Lisek (Pol) 19-2¾ (5.86); 2. Sam
Kendricks (US) 18-11½ (5.78) (=AL). SP: 1. Tomáš
Staněk (CzR) 72-9 (22.17) NR (WL) (7, 10 W).
60: 1. Asha Philip (GB) 7.17. 1500: 1. Beatrice
Chepkoech (Ken) 4:04.21 NR. 60H: 1. Manning 7.77
PR (WL) (5, =8 A); 2. Nelvis 7.80 =PR (=7, x A).
LJ: 1. Ivana Španović (Ser) 22-2½ (6.77) (WL);…
3. Quanesha Burks (US) 21-10¾ (6.67) (AL).
Madrid (February 8)—
60: 1. Mike Rodgers (US) 6.63. 400: I–1. Óscar
Husillos (Spa) 45.86 NR. 800: 1. Kszczot 1:46.53.
1500: 1. Ayanleh Souleiman (Dji) 3:38.47.
PV: 1. Konstadínos Filippídis (Gre) 19-2¼ (5.85)
=NR. TJ: 1. Almir dos Santos (Bra) 56-11¼ (17.35)
PR (WL). SP: 1. ¶Staněk 71-2 (21.69).
400: 1. Léa Sprunger (Swi) 51.61. 800: 1. Esther
Guerrero (Spa) 2:02.64. 1500: 1. Dibaba 4:02.43.
3000: 1. Meraf Bahta (Swe) 8:42.46 NR.
HJ: 1. Mariya Lasitskene (Rus) 6-6¾ (2.00). TJ: 1.
Viktoriya Prokopenko (Rus) 46-11½ (14.31).
Boston (February 10; see p. 23)—
Toruń (February 15)—
60: 1. Ján Volko (Svk) 6.57 NR. 400: 1. Luka
Janežič (Slo) 46.03. 800: 1. Kszczot 1:46.75. 1500:
1. Taresa Tolosa (Eth) 3:37.41 PR. 60H: 1. Milan
Trajkovic (Cyp) 7.59.
PV: 1. ¶Lisek 19-4¾ (5.91) (WL). TJ: 1. Cristian
Atanay Nápoles (Cub) 55-5½ (16.90). SP: 1. Konrad
Bukowiecki (Pol) 72-2¼ (22.00) NR.
60: 1. Marie Josée Ta Lou (CI) 7.11. 400:
1. ¶Sprunger 51.28 NR (WL). 800: 1. Angelika
Cichocka (Pol) 2:00.76. 1500: 1. Rabab Arrafi (Mor)
4:04.76 PR. 60H: 1. Pamela Dutkiewicz (Ger) 7.85.
HJ: 1. Lasitskene 6-6¾ (2.00).
Glasgow (February 25)—
60: 1. ¶Su 6.50. 400: 1. Fred Kerley (US) 45.86.
800: 1. ¶Kszczot 1:47.15. 1500: 1. Bethwell Birgen
(Ken) 3:37.76. 3000: 1. Justus Soget (Ken) 7:39.09;
2. Paul Chelimo (US) 7:39.10 (AL); 3. ¶Kejelcha
7:39.36. 60H: 1. Ronald Levy (Jam) 7.49 PR.
3000W: 1. Tom Bosworth (GB) 10:30.28 “WR.”
LJ: 1. Yuhao Shi (Chn) 26-8¼ (8.13).
60: 1. Ta Lou 7.07. 400: 1. Phyllis Francis (US)
52.00. 800: 1. Līga Velvere (Lat) 2:02.01 NR. 1500:
1. ¶Chepkoech 4:02.21. 60H: 1. ¶Manning 7.79;
2. Nelvis 7.84.
HJ: 1. ¶Lasitskene 6-4¾ (1.95). PV: 1. Katerína
Stefanídi (Gre) 15-7 (4.75). LJ: 1. Khaddi Sagnia
(Swe) 22-8½ (6.92) NR; 2. ¶Sosthene Moguenara-
Taroum (Ger) 22-5 (6.83).



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