AIAW Cross Country Championships Results — 1975-1981

When Mary Decker of Colorado won the ’78 race she beat both ’77 winner Kathy Mills of Penn State and ’79 winner-to-be Julie Shea of NC State. (WOODY GREEN)

compiled by Kirk Reynolds

In the years 1975–1981 the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) conducted national championships in cross country, overlapping in the fall of ’81 with the inaugural NCAA nationals.

Before that in ’74 a less official “invitational” championship race was run with Iowa State taking the team title led by individual champion Peg Neppel, who also won in ’75. After ’81 the AIAW ceased cross country operation as NCAA women’s programs took off.

Below you’ll find links to PDFs of results of the seven open AIAW Championships. The 1975–77 PDFs include just top-end results for both teams and individuals.

Unfortunately, the quality of the scans for some of the years (notably ’80) are less than optimal.



1975 AIAW XC

1976 AIAW XC

1977 AIAW XC

1978 AIAW XC

1979 AIAW XC

1980 AIAW XC

1981 AIAW XC