A Statistical Review Of The Early Women’s Collegiate Championships

For most of the history of the NCAA, there was no such thing as women’s track & field. The NCAA finally started staging women’s competition with the 1982 NCAA Championships. Before that (and with a 1-year overlap), first the Division Of Girls’ & Womens’ Sports (DGWS), and then the Association For Intercollegiate Athletics For Women (AIAW), staged national championships from 1969 to 1983.

After the AIAW meet ended, two intrepid young statisticians, Jack Pfeifer & Mike Hubbard, put out a small booklet chronicling the statistics of the early meets.

Since this data is too good to be lost to the world’s track fans, and so far as we know doesn’t exist in any other form, the authors have been kind enough to allow T&FN to copy their book in PDF form and reproduce it for your enjoyment here.

Note that this is an exact copying of the original, not an updated or corrected version in any way.

Should you wish to purchase a copy of the original (46 pages of stapled 8.5×11), the authors would be glad to sell you one. Please e-mail them direct.

Jack Pfeifer
Mike Hubbard

And now, click here to view the PDF. Please respect the copyright of the authors by not illegally reproducing their efforts.

©Jack Pfeifer & Mike Hubbard, 1984-2008