USATF Women’s Hammer — Price Recaptures The American Record

The all-time American best is back in the hands of DeAnna Price. (MIKE SCOTT)

The women’s hammer throw stole the show on Saturday as DeAnna Price spun an American Record 256-3 (78.12) on her fifth throw. The toss also vaulted her to No. 4 on the all-time world list and back to the top of the yearly international chart.

It has been quite a season for U.S. women’s hammering, as Price and Berry have been trading the national record. Entering the season, AR stood at Berry’s 251-10 (76.77) from last year. Now it’s more than a meter farther, with Price reaching 254-9 (77.65) on June 2 and Berry reclaiming it at 255-2 (77.78) on June 8 before Price took it back here.

Price dominated the event from the start, though it may not have seemed so at the end of the first three rounds. While her first throw of 242-2 (73.81) would have won the competition, the next two were fouls, and she acknowledged she was having trouble finding her rhythm, saying, “Today I was having trouble feeling connected as usual, but finally on that one throw I was feeling connected. I knew it was a good throw and I was immediately overjoyed.”

Price’s “connection” began in round 4 when she unleashed the No. 7 throw in U.S. history, 250-6 (76.35). Then came the record and she finished off with the No. 6 performance, 252-8 (77.01).

The podium positions were settled in the first two rounds. Berry won silver with her second-round 239-5 (72.99) and Brooke Anderson took the bronze with her 236-9 (72.17) opener. Amanda Bingson, another former AR holder, was injured in warmups when a hammer landed on her foot. She left the ring limping and did not compete.

Once the top three had established themselves, the field seemed to press. Berry was off her game and after her second throw, she turned to the crowd and said somewhat sarcastically, “Had to keep one in.” Afterwards, she said, “My warmups were pretty easy; they were about 72-73m.” But in the competition, “I was trying too hard and went back to bad habits.”

As for how she in the No. 5 position all-time and Price in 4 is being received in Europe, Berry smiled and said, “They’re watching.”

Price echoed Berry’s comments, saying, “Right now Gwen and I are No. 1 and No. 2, but never underestimate the European girls; never.”

Price credits her coach/fiancé, JC Lambert, for holding her to a higher standard. “He’s been doing a fantastic job and he doesn’t hold any punches,” she said. “He says, ‘You’re going to do this and you’re going to do this right.’” (Continues)

What really worked for her? “I got ticked,” she said of her second- and third-round fouls. “I got really ticked… and then I attacked it on my fourth-round throw.” After her last throw, Price stepped out of the ring, leaned on her knees, and wept. “It’s just everything you worked for,” she said. “Right now I feel confident in what I’m doing.”

Berry offered a succinct summary of the meet. “It took a while for everybody to find their rhythm… but once DeAnna found her rhythm, she went crazy!”

On a day when many in the field were perhaps overthinking their throws, Price reminded herself, “Do what you do best and just throw the damn thing!”


(June 23)

1. DeAnna Price (NYAC) 256-3 (78.12) AR (old AR 255-2/77.78 Gwen Berry [NYAC] ’18) (WL) (4, x W)

(242-2, f, f, 250-6 [x, 7 A], 256-3, 252-8 [x, 6 A]) (73.81, f, f, 76.35, 78.12, 77.01);

2. Gwen Berry (NikNYAC) 239-5 (72.99)

(f, 239-5, 238-10, 235-8, 237-3, f) (f, 72.99, 72.81, 71.85, 72.32, f);

3. Brooke Andersen (NnAz) 236-9 (72.17)

(236-9, f, 235-5, 227-7, 231-8, f) (72.17, f, 71.76, 69.38, 70.61, f);

4. Janeah Stewart (Ms) 231-6 (70.56)

(f, 222-6, 230-5, 231-6, 229-7, 228-11) (f, 67.83, 70.23, 70.56, 69.98, 69.77);

5. Jessica Ramsey (unat) 231-0 (70.41) PR

(223-8, 213-1, 211-4, 220-7, 226-4, 231-0) (68.18, 64.95, 64.42, 67.25, 69.00, 70.41);

6. Jeneva Stevens (NYAC) 225-10 (68.85);

7. Heavin Warner (unat) 223-1 (68.01);

8. Maddie Nilles (ND) 216-5 (65.96);

9. Michaela Dendinger (Wayne/Nb) 212-3 (64.70) =PR;

10. Molli Detloff (ND) 208-5 (63.53);

11. Erin Reese (InSt) 199-10 (60.92);

12. Lara Boman (SD) 199-2 (60.70) PR;

13. Carly Fehringer (unat) 196-5 (59.88);

14. Alina Duran (unat) 181-1 (55.20);

15. Janee’ Kassanavoid (KsSt) 158-4 (48.26);

… 3f—Ashley Bryant (Ok), Destiney Coward (SnCt)

… dnc—Amanda Bingson (Nik) (broke foot in warmup). □