USATF Men’s Triple Jump — Scott Defends

An illegal-wind 58-2½ moved Donald Scott to No. 9 on the all-time U.S. all-conditions list. (MIKE SCOTT)

WITH REIGNING world champ Christian Taylor needing only a first-round stroll into the pit to secure his Wild Card, Donald Scott likewise only needed his first-round jump to secure a second straight outdoor title (and his fourth overall national crown including indoors). Scott’s win came with thoughts of the upcoming birth of his first child which he admitted was on his mind during the competition. “5 weeks until you change your life in the most greatest way you could ever imagine,” remarked Scott. “I can’t explain the feeling but this win means everything.”

Meanwhile, Taylor—who has made similar one-and-done appearances to meet USATF requirements in previous Trials meets—sees the defense of two straight world titles as the longterm goal and traveled over from Europe where he competed at the London Diamond League stop the previous weekend. “I knew that it was going to take a toll and I thought, ‘It’s better that I stay healthy and really hit it hard on the back end of the season.’”

Scott’s wind-aided 58-2½ (17.74) withstood an assault by veteran Will Claye, whose wind-aided 58-1 (17.70) in round 3 pulled him within an inch and a half of the defender. The favored Claye would not get the win, but also registered a pair of wind-legal jumps 58-¼ (17.68) in rounds 4 & 6 to set a new stadium record. “I didn’t hit it right today,” he said after securing his fifth World Championship appearance. “It was a day where you feel good but don’t execute. But I made the team so I’m going to fight another day. I’m going to go to Doha and make up for today. That’s the plan.”

Omar Craddock, seeking to qualify for his third Worlds, used a 57-7 (17.55) effort in round 4 to finish 3rd as three alums of Florida’s “Jump U” (Taylor, Claye and Craddock) made the team along with the Eastern Michigan alum Scott.


(July 26; winds varied from +3.5 to 0.0)

1. Donald Scott (unat) 58-2½w (17.74) (a-c: 9, x A)

(58-2½w, 57-11¼w, 56-6¾w, 57-0, 56-1¼w, 56-3¼w) (17.74w, 17.66w, 17.24w, 17.37, 17.10w, 17.15w);

2. Will Claye (PumNYAC) 58-1w (17.70)

(56-4½w, 57-10½w, 58-1w, 58-¼, 57-5¾, 58-¼) (17.18w, 17.64w, 17.70w, 17.68, 17.52, 17.68);

3. Omar Craddock (JumpC) 57-7 (17.55)

(56-1, 57-4¾w, f, 57-7, f, f) (17.09, 17.49w, f, 17.55, f, f);

4. Chris Benard (Nik) 56-10¼w (17.33)

(56-10¼w, 56-8w, f, f, f, f) (17.33w, 17.27w, f, f, f, f);

5. KeAndre Bates (unat) 55-3½w (16.85)

(52-3¾, 54-1, 55-3½w, 54-2½, 54-8¼, f) (15.94, 16.48, 16.85w, 16.52, 16.67, f);

6. Chris Carter (unat) 54-11¼ (16.74);

7. John Warren (SnMs) 53-7½ (16.34);

8. Matthew O’Neal (unat) 53-6¼ (16.31);

9. Brandon Roulhac (Shore) 53-5½ (16.29);

10. Alphonso Jordan (unat) 53-4½ (16.27);

11. Scotty Newton (unat) 52-¾ (15.87);

12. Armani Wallace (FlSt) 52-¾ (15.87);

13. Eric Bethea (unat) 51-0w (15.54);

14. Devontae Steele (unat) 50-6w (15.39);

15. Darrel Jones (unat) 49-4½ (15.05);

… nm—Christian Taylor (Nik) (f, p, p—has Wild Card). ◻︎