U.S. Men’s Indoor List — 2008

compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 03/27/2008)


These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (‘ after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: – = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

6.18i Greg Bolden (unat) Jones M 01/26
6.20i Josh Norman (HSI) Run For Dream 01/21
6.54i **Trindon Holliday (LSU) NCAA Ind 03/15
6.54i Michael Rodgers (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
6.54i ———Rodgers World Ind 03/09
6.55i ———Holliday NCAA Ind 03/14
6.56i Leroy Dixon (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
6.57i Monzavous Edwards (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
6.58i C.J. Spiller (Clem) Chapel Hill 02/02
6.59i Leonard Scott (Nik) Millrose G 02/01
6.59i -Rubin Williams (Tn) NCAA Ind 03/14
6.60i Dabryan Blanton (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
6.60i *Travis Padgett (Clem) NCAA Ind 03/15
6.60i Ivory Williams (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
6.61i Gregory Bolden (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
6.61i *Adam Harris (Mi) Big 10 Ind 03/02
6.61i Jason Heard (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
6.62i Chris Johnson (unat) Ar Inv 01/11
6.63i -Walter Dix (FlSt) IaSt LC 03/08
6.63i *Julius Walker (TxT) Big 12 Ind 03/01
6.64i Deangelo Cherry (GaHS) NSI 03/14
6.64i Josh Norman (HSI) USATF Ind 02/24
6.64i -Marcus Pugh (Ok) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
6.64i(A) Jeremy Rankin (CoHS) Boulder 01/12
6.64i Dallas Robinson (HPC) Ky Inv 01/12
6.64i *J-Mee Samuels (Ar) NCAA Ind 03/15
6.64i -Evander Wells (Tn) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
6.65i **Clint Allen (EnMi) Ypsilanti 02/16
6.65i Chris Davis (NCC) Univ Park 01/25
6.65i *Michael Ray Garvin (FlSt) Tyson Coll 02/15
6.65i **Jeremy Hall (Fl) SEC Ind 03/02
6.65i(A) Joseph Morris (CoHS) Barrett Open 02/09
6.65i -Brad Mueller (SRock) NCAA II Ind 03/15
20.19i Wallace Spearmon (Nik) Tyson Inv 02/15
20.36i -Rubin Williams (Tn) NCAA Ind 03/14
20.47i ———Williams NCAA Ind 03/15
20.50i **Charles Clark (FlSt) NCAA Ind 03/14
20.55i ———Williams SEC Ind 03/02
20.66i -Arman Dixon (SHeart) N Eng Ind 03/01
20.67i *J-Mee Samuels (Ar) NCAA Ind 03/14
20.70i -Walter Dix (FlSt) Tyson Coll 02/16
20.72i **Evander Wells (Tn) NCAA Ind 03/15
20.73i *Willie Perry (Fl) NCAA Ind 03/14
20.76i *Chris Dykes (TxAM) NCAA Ind 03/15
20.79i *Michael Ray Garvin (FlSt) NCAA Ind 03/14
20.80i Jordan Vaden (adi) Tyson Inv 02/15
20.82i Lashawn Merritt (NRD) VaT LC 03/08
20.83i ***Antonio Sales (SC) SEC Ind 03/02
20.87i **Trey Harts (Bay) NCAA Ind 03/14
20.91i *Brent Gray (LBSt) NCAA Ind 03/15
21.00i **Calvin Smith (Fl) SEC Ind 03/02
21.09i Rae Edwards (Nik) Karlsruhe 02/10
21.10i *Jeremy Dodson (Co) Big 12 Ind 03/01
21.10i **Armanti Hayes (LSU) SEC Ind 03/02
21.12i -Marcus Pugh (Ok) Tyson Coll 02/16
21.16i *Mike Myer (KsSt) Big 12 Ind 03/01
Oversized Track:
20.83o ———Clark IaSt LC 03/08
20.85o(A) Chris Berrian (unat) AF Inv 02/01
20.93o ———Gray Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
20.94o Greg Nixon (unat) Lubbock 01/18
20.97o ———Dykes Husky Ind 02/16
21.07o Anthony Cole (OhSt) Wilson Inv 03/08
21.07o **Terrill McCombs (WnKy) Sun Belt Ind 02/24
21.08o *Jordan Boase (Wa) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
21.10o Dallas Robinson (HPC) Ky Inv 01/12
21.15o Mickey Grimes (Nik) Wa Ind 02/02
45.81i Greg Nixon (Asics) Lubbock 02/09
45.94i *Justin Gaymon (Ga) SEC Ind 03/02
46.04i **Calvin Smith (Fl) SEC Ind 03/02
46.34i *Jordan Boase (Wa) NCAA Ind 03/15
46.34i David Neville (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
46.36i -Bobby McCoy (Az) NCAA Ind 03/15
46.46i -Miles Smith (SEMo) NCAA Ind 03/15
46.54i Kelly Willie (Nik) Razorback Inv 01/26
46.67i **LeJerald Betters (Bay) Big 12 Ind 03/01
46.68i(A) -Dan Johnson (MtSt) Big Sky Ind 03/01
46.70i James Davis (Phen) Bronco Ind 02/09
46.72i -Jimmie Gordon (AzSt) Bronco Ind 02/09
46.75i ***Charles Cox (NC) VaT LC 03/08
46.76i Gregory Gomes (SH) IC4A Ind 03/09
46.76i Bershawn Jackson (GWE) PennSt Nat 01/26
46.76i Jamaal Torrance (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
46.77i **Lukas Hulett (Nb) NCAA Ind 03/14
46.77i *Quentin Iglehart-Summers (Bay) Razorback Inv 01/26
46.95i Reuben McCoy (Aub) SEC Ind 03/02
46.96i Philip Alexander (Or) Tyson Coll 02/15
46.97i **Armanti Hayes (LSU) SEC Ind 03/02
46.97i -Drew Morano (CoSt) Ar LC 03/07
46.97i -Michael Rhue (ChSn) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
46.97i Joel Stallworth (StelA) Bronco Ind 02/09
Foreign Collegians:
46.02i -Andretti Bain (OR-Bah) NCAA Ind 03/14
46.27i *Joel Phillip (AzSt-Grn) NCAA Ind 03/15
46.28i Tabarie Henry (BartCC-ISV) Tyson Coll 02/15
46.85i -Elias Koech (UTEP-Ken) Husker Ind 02/02
Oversized Track:
46.13o ———Bain IaSt Ind 02/16
46.13o -Miles Smith (SEMo) IaSt Ind 02/16
46.36o **Allodin Fothergill (MdEnS-Jam) IaSt LC 03/08
46.52o(A) ———Bain Flagstaff 02/02
46.53o -Michael Cooley (Al) Wilson Inv 03/08
46.53o Mitch Potter (unat) IaSt LC 03/08
46.60o -Cornelius Duncan (SnMs) IaSt LC 03/08
46.61o Reuben McCoy (Aub) Wilson Inv 03/08
46.67o ***Jeshua Anderson (WaSt) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
46.69o Jerry Jones (unat) Lubbock 02/09
46.71o Lukas Hullett (Nb) IaSt LC 03/08
46.73o *Jeremy Orr (Mist) IaSt Ind 02/16
46.76o -A.C. Robinson (TxAM) IaSt LC 03/08
46.77o -Nathan Browning (Ky) IaSt LC 03/08
46.78o **Justin Kremer (AzSt) IaSt Ind 02/16
46.80o(A) -Drew Morano (CoSt) Mtn West Ind 03/01
46.87o RJ Anderson (Fl) McCravy M 02/02
46.87o(A) -Che Chavez (TCU) Mtn West Ind 03/01
46.88o Dirk Homewood (unat) IaSt LC 03/08
46.95o **Andrew Dargie (Stan-Can) Wa LC 03/08
46.95o William McCaskill (StG) Lubbock 02/09
46.97o -Terrance Reid (NnIa) Wilson Inv 03/08
1:46.48i Nick Symmonds (OTC) World Ind 03/09
1:46.95i Khadevis Robinson (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
1:46.96i ———Symmonds USATF Ind 02/24
1:47.57i ———Robinson World Ind 03/08
1:47.89i *Jacob Hernandez (Tx) Tyson Coll 02/15
1:47.92i James Hatch (unat) Tyson Inv 02/15
1:47.99i ***Ryan Brown (Asics) USATF Ind 02/24
1:48.28i *Brian Gagnon (Ct) N Eng Ind 02/29
1:48.36i *James Galvan (IaSt) ISU Open-Ames 01/26
1:48.40i Karjuan Williams (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
1:48.59i -Tim Harris (Mia) Tyson Coll 02/15
1:48.73i Jamaal James (LSU) SEC Ind 03/02
1:48.84i Sam Burley (Asics) Tyson Inv 02/15
1:48.84i Brandon Shaw (OTC) Tyson Inv 02/15
1:48.93i Michael Rutt (Ct) N Eng Ind 03/01
1:48.94i *Mike Carmody (Dart) BU Valentines 02/09
1:49.05i *Tyler Mulder (NnIa) NCAA Ind 03/14
1:49.06i Fred Sharpe (unat) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
1:49.22i -Tim Kaijala (Penn) BU Valentines 02/09
1:49.23i Neville Miller (NYAC) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
1:49.26i *Abraham Mach (CMi) NCAA Ind 03/14
1:49.28i *Alex McClary (Ar) Ar Inv 01/11
1:49.29i -Paul Harris (Navy) PennSt Nat 01/26
1:49.42i Floyd Thompson (SMTC) Terrier Inv 01/26
1:49.43i -Mark Miller (PennSt) Tyson Coll 02/15
1:49.55i *Tevan Everett (Tx) Ar LC 03/07
1:49.89i *Keith Jensen (BYU) NCAA Ind 03/14
Foreign Collegians:
1:47.82i Boaz Lalang (RendL-Ken) Indiana R 02/01
1:48.18i -Elkana Kosgei (LSU-Ken) SEC Ind 03/02
1:49.41i *James Gurr (SH-Aus) IC4A Ind 03/09
1:49.43i ***Felix Kitur (VMI-?) IC4A Ind 03/09
Oversized Track:
1:46.77o -Elias Koech (UTEP-Ken) IaSt Ind 02/16
1:47.28o -Shaun Smith (OR-Jam) IaSt Ind 02/16
1:47.33o *Abraham Mach (CMi) Wilson Inv 03/08
1:47.89o *Carlos Phillips (Fl) IaSt Ind 02/16
1:47.94o ***Ryan Brown (Asics) Husky Ind 02/16
1:48.17o *Tyler Mulder (NnIa) IaSt Ind 02/16
1:48.29o *Reuben Twijukye (LSU-Uga) IaSt LC 03/08
1:48.45o Kevin Elliott (OTC) Husky Ind 02/16
1:48.57o *Ross Ridgewell (Ga-Aus) IaSt LC 03/08
1:48.81o Kevin Hicks (OTC) Wa Ind 02/02
1:48.82o **Andrew Wheating (Or) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
1:48.85o *Keith Jensen (BYU) Husky Ind 02/16
1:48.86o *Dominic Tanui (UTEP-Ken) IaSt LC 03/08
1:48.95o -Andrew Dawson (unat) IaSt LC 03/08
1:48.97o -Yarrick Kincaid (Tn) IaSt LC 03/08
1:48.99o Christian Smith (OTC) Husky Ind 02/16
1:49.10o Raphael Asafo-Agyei (Traf) Seattle 01/19
1:49.10o Chris Woods (unat) McCravy M 02/02
1:49.13o **Dorian Ulrey (NnIa) Wilson Inv 03/08
1:49.23o -Andrew Krumins (FlSt-Aus) IaSt LC 03/08
1:49.27o -Kevin Hawkins (AF) IaSt LC 03/08
1:49.28o -Michael McGrath (Or) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
1:49.39o *Sean Tully (Vill) Wilson Inv 03/08
1:49.43o Adam Steele (unat) Husky Ind 02/16
1:49.63o **Adam Hairston (Ia) IaSt LC 03/08
1:49.70o ***Cory Primm (UCLA) Wa Ind 02/02
1:49.75o Jeff Fisher (TXO) Wa Ind 02/02
1:49.76o -Chris Danks (Louis) Wilson Inv 03/08
1:49.83o **Alex Freitas (LBSt) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
1:49.87o ***Nectaly Barbosa (AzSt) Husky Ind 02/16
1:49.90o Will Leer (OTC) Wa Ind 02/02
1:49.90o Marcus Mayes (unat) Meyo Inv 02/09
2:22.42i Sam Borchers (PennSt) Univ Park 01/19
2:22.89i -Matt Debole (Gtn) VaT Inv 01/12
2:23.34i Neville Miller (NYAC) Mo Inv 01/11
2:23.42i *Sean Tully (Vill) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
2:23.58i -Tim Kaijala (Penn) G Dane-New York 01/25
2:23.85i Sam Bair (Pitt) Univ Park 01/19
2:24.08i *Tony Clement (Ok) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
2:24.16i **Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn) VaT Inv 01/12
2:24.16i *Kyle Miller (Tx) Big 12 Ind 03/01
2:24.54i Mike Banks (Gtn) IC4A Ind 03/09
2:24.59i Ethan Luebbe (unat) Husker Ind 02/02
2:24.66i Neil Grosscup (Gtn) IC4A Ind 03/09
2:24.72i Alex Bean (Gtn) Giegengack Ind 02/02
2:24.73i -Keith Gill (Stoneh) N Eng Ind 03/01
2:24.77i *Brian Gagnon (Ct) Giegengack Ind 02/02
2:24.86i Steven Iannaccone (Ct) Big East Ind 02/24
2:24.89i *Micky Cobrin (Ar) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
2:24.96i Adam Currie (NDm) Big East Ind 02/24
2:24.96i Sam Horn (GM) IC4A Ind 03/09
2:24.99i Sam Burley (Asics) Fairfax 01/05
Foreign Collegians:
2:23.77i ***Carl MacKenzie (Vill-NZ) Big East Ind 02/24
Oversized Track:
2:23.91o ***Ryan Brown (Asics) Wa Ind 02/02
3:35.23i Bernard Lagat (Nik) Birmingham 02/16
3:40.89i Rob Myers (Reeb) USATF Ind 02/24
3:41.20i Russell Brown (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
3:41.52i Steve Sherer (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
3:41.73i ———Myers World Ind 03/07
3:41.94i William Leer (OTC) USATF Ind 02/24
3:42.81i Grant Robison (Playm) USATF Ind 02/24
3:43.36i Jason Jabaut (Carrb) USATF Ind 02/24
3:43.52i Sean O’Brien (OTC) USATF Ind 02/24
3:43.96i Galen Rupp (unat) Birmingham 02/16
3:44.06i Jordan Fife (TIn) USATF Ind 02/24
3:44.25i Gabe Jennings (Sauc) USATF Ind 02/24
3:44.49i Brendan O’Keefe (Zap) USATF Ind 02/24
3:56.00o Steve Sherer (APer) Wa Ind 02/02
3:57.51i Bernard Lagat (Nik) Millrose G 02/01
3:57.81i ———Sherer Tyson Inv 02/15
3:57.82i Rob Meyers (Reeb) Tyson Inv 02/15
3:58.46i **Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn) Giegengack Ind 02/02
3:58.52o **Andrew Acosta (Or) Wa LC 03/08
3:58.68o Russell Brown (unat) Husky Ind 02/16
3:58.71o -Garrett Heath (Stan) Husky Ind 02/16
3:58.83o Gabe Jennings (Sauc) Husky Ind 02/16
3:59.16o *Kyle Perry (BYU) Wa Ind 02/02
3:59.21i -Leonel Manzano (Tx) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
3:59.35o -John Richardson (Ky) McCravy M 02/02
3:59.40o **Jack Bolas (Wi) Meyo Inv 02/09
3:59.75o Jordan Fife (BrkIn) Meyo Inv 02/09
3:59.82o -Kyle Alcorn (AzSt) Wa Ind 02/02
3:59.83o Will Leer (OTC) Seattle 01/19
3:59.85o **Brandon Bethke (Wi) Meyo Inv 02/09
4:00.05o *Jeff See (OhSt) Meyo Inv 02/09
4:00.13i Jason Jabaut (Carrb) VaT Elite 02/09
4:00.16i Sam Bair (Pitt) PennSt Nat 01/26
4:00.16o -Michael McGrath (Or) Wa LC 03/08
4:00.18o Sean O’Brien (OTC) Seattle 01/19
4:00.26o ***Matthew Centrowitz (Or) Husky Ind 02/16
4:00.35i Rob Myers (Reeb) Reeb Boston 01/26
4:00.38i Andrew McClary (Ar) SEC Ind 03/02
4:00.39o -Jake Watson (NDm) Wilson Inv 03/08
4:00.41i *Jake Morse (Tx) Tyson Coll 02/15
4:00.43o *Michael Maag (Prin) Husky Ind 02/16
4:00.50i *Kyle Miller (Tx) Tyson Coll 02/15
4:00.51o Grant Robison (unat) Meyo Inv 02/09
4:00.85o Josh McAdams (NBal) Wa Ind 02/02
4:00.87i *Micky Cobrin (Ar) Tyson Coll 02/15
4:01.22o -Dustin Bybee (BYU) Wa Ind 02/02
4:01.31i Josh McAdams (NBal) NBal G 01/19
4:01.34o Bolota Asmerom (OTC) Husky Ind 02/16
4:01.35i -Sean Quigley (LaS) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
4:01.45o **Shane Knoll (Mist) IaSt Ind 02/16
4:01.66o **Dorian Ulrey (NnIa) Meyo Inv 02/09
4:01.68o Kyle Heath (Syr) Wa LC 03/08
4:01.74i *Lex Williams (Mi) Akron Open 02/02
4:01.97i Darren Brown (unat) Terrier Inv 01/26
4:01.98i Sam Borchers (PennSt) PennSt Nat 01/26
4:02.02i Galen Rupp (unat) Reeb Boston 01/26
Foreign Collegians:
3:58.34i Boaz Lalang (RendLCC-Ken) Tyson Inv 02/15
3:59.05o Pete van der_Westhuizen (Nb-SA) Wa LC 03/08
3:59.50i **Hayden McLaren (Prov-NZ) Terrier Inv 01/26
3:59.85i **John Kosgei (LSU-Ken) SEC Ind 03/02
4:00.12i -Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can) Big East Ind 02/24
4:00.25i ***Carl MacKenzie (Vill-NZ) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
4:01.03i *Shadrack Songok (AMCC-Ken) Tyson Coll 02/15
4:01.57i David Proctor (BU-GB) Terrier Inv 01/26
4:01.63o **Emmanuel Bor (Al-Ken) Husky Ind 02/16
4:01.80o -Girts Azis (Wich-Lat) IaSt Ind 02/16
7:34.65i Bernard Lagat (Nik) Stockholm 02/21
7:50.17i -Robert Curtis (Vill) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:51.20o *Kyle Perry (BYU) Husky Ind 02/16
7:51.24o Jonathan Riley (Nik) Meyo Inv 02/09
7:51.54o **Brandon Bethke (Wi) Husky Ind 02/16
7:52.47i -Sean Quigley (LaS) Terrier Inv 01/26
7:52.79o Steve Slattery (Nik) Wa Ind 02/02
7:52.90i Josh Rohatinsky (Nik) Reeb Boston 01/26
7:53.63i **Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:53.93o Chris Solinsky (Nik) Meyo Inv 02/09
7:54.85i -Josh McDougal (Lib) Big South Ind 02/29
7:55.41o *Patrick Smyth (NDm) Meyo Inv 02/09
7:55.59o *Lex Williams (Mi) Meyo Inv 02/09
7:55.60o -Austin Ramos (UCLA) Wa Ind 02/02
7:55.63o -Kyle Alcorn (AzSt) Husky Ind 02/16
7:56.03i -Matt Debole (Gtn) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:56.11i Kyle King (Zap) Terrier Inv 01/26
7:56.34o Anthony Gallo (RFlag) Husky Ind 02/16
7:56.40i *Michael Maag (Prin) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:56.42o *Jeff See (OhSt) Husky Ind 02/16
7:57.45o **Andrew Acosta (Or) Husky Ind 02/16
7:58.67o Kevin Davis (unat) Husky Ind 02/16
7:58.91o *Hari Mix (Stan) Wa Ind 02/02
7:59.21i *Jake Morse (Tx) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:59.26o -John Richardson (Ky) Husky Ind 02/16
7:59.30i Thomas Morgan (Zap) Reeb Boston 01/26
7:59.56o -Seth Pilkington (Web) Wa Ind 02/02
7:59.75o ***Michael Coe (Cal) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
7:59.81i -Tyler Hill (Ar) SEC Ind 03/02
7:59.83i Daniel Huling (Reeb) Akron Open 02/02
7:59.96i Dave Nightingale (Prin) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
Foreign Collegians:
7:50.37o ***David McNeill (NnAz-Aus) Husky Ind 02/16
7:53.86o -Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can) Meyo Inv 02/09
7:53.97o -Luke Gunn (FlSt-GB) Husky Ind 02/16
7:55.49i **John Kosgei (LSU-Ken) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:55.98o -Mark Buckingham (FlSt-GB) Husky Ind 02/16
7:56.10i **Francis Kasagule (Lam-Uga) Terrier Inv 01/26
13:45.16i -Josh McDougal (Lib) Lynchburg 12/01
13:45.68o Bolota Asmerom (OTC) Wa Ind 02/01
13:46.70o Sean Graham (OTC) Wa Ind 02/01
13:47.57i *Lex Williams (Mi) Tyson Inv 02/15
13:49.88o -Michael Kilburg (Port) Wa LC 03/08
13:50.40i -Ian Burrell (Ga) Tyson Inv 02/15
13:50.44o Lucas Meyer (OTC) Wa Ind 02/01
13:52.04o Ryan Bak (unat) Wa Ind 02/01
13:52.56o Ryan Sheehan (Hans) Wa Ind 02/01
13:52.66i -Sean Quigley (LaS) A-10 Ind 02/16
13:53.06i *James Strang (Ar) SEC Ind 03/02
13:53.60o Matt Tebo (Co) Wa LC 03/08
13:54.41o Max King (OTC) Wa Ind 02/01
13:54.53o *Bradley Harkrader (Co) Wa LC 03/08
13:55.2i *Daniel Kanyaruhuru (Queens) Terrier Inv 01/26
13:56.43i *Chris Barnicle (Ar) SEC Ind 03/02
13:57.07i -Tyler Hill (Ar) Tyson Inv 02/15
13:57.44i *Patrick Smyth (NDm) Big East Ind 02/24
13:58.18o -Seth Pilkington (Web) Husky Ind 02/16
13:58.22o *Scott Wall (Or) Husky Ind 02/16
13:59.28o *Sean Houseworth (AF) Husky Ind 02/16
14:00.30o *Mat Ashton (NM) Husky Ind 02/16
14:00.32i -Chris Clark (CalPA) Boston 02/08
14:01.83o ***Jeff Helmer (AzSt) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
14:02.24i -Michael Kilburg (Port) NCAA Ind 03/14
14:02.78o -Paul Hefferon (Ks) Husky Ind 02/16
14:02.84i -Ahmed Haji (Prov) IC4A Ind 03/09
14:03.64o *Curtis Suver (EnWa) Husky Ind 02/16
14:03.92i Jeff Powers (BrkIn) Bloomington 01/25
14:04.16i -Matt Clark (Clem) Tyson Inv 02/15
14:04.40o **Jake Schmitt (Wa) Husky Ind 02/16
14:04.65o ***Richard Medina (Co) Wa LC 03/08
14:05.10o Paul Jellema (Hans) Wa Ind 02/01
14:05.28o -Alex Grant (WaSt) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
14:05.30o Kenny Klotz (Or) Husky Ind 02/16
14:05.54o Blake Boldon (Sauc) IaSt Ind 02/16
14:05.91o *Chris Pannone (Co) Husky Ind 02/16
14:06.11o John Jefferson (OTC) Wa Ind 02/01
14:06.64o **Mike Torchia (Mn) Husky Ind 02/16
14:07.06o -Micah VanDenend (Ia) Husky Ind 02/16
14:07.52o Frank Macreery (TXO) Wa Ind 02/01
14:07.73i Ryan Warrenburg (Zap) Terrier Inv 01/26
Foreign Collegians:
13:48.13i -Jacob Korir (EnKy-Ken) Tyson Inv 02/15
13:51.26i *Shadrack Songok (AMCC-Ken) NCAA Ind 03/14
13:52.20i **Tyson David (Al-Ken) SEC Ind 03/02
13:57.65o *Mark Korir (Wy-Ken) Husky Ind 02/16
13:58.43o -Augustus Maiyo (Al-Ken) Husky Ind 02/16
13:59.43o **Emmanuel Bor (Al-Ken) Wilson Inv 03/07
14:02.56o ***Andrew Kirwa (Al-Ken) Husky Ind 02/16
14:03.03i -Tibor Vegh (NCSt-Hun) Tyson Inv 02/15
14:03.35i ***Daniel Kirwa (Hard-Ken) Razorback Inv 01/25
14:05.92i **Evans Kigen (Lib-Ken) IC4A Ind 03/09
7.14i Allen Johnson (Nik) Run For Dream 01/21
7.15i -Ty Akins (Aub) Jones M 01/26
7.18i *Jason Richardson (SC) Jones M 01/26
7.19i John Yarbrough (unat) MTn Valentine 02/09
7.22i -Shawon Harris (TxT) Lubbock 01/26
7.22i Fredrick Townsend (unat) Gamecock Ind 02/23
7.22i Linnie Yarbrough (unat) Jones M 01/26
7.23i -Jangy Addy (Tn) VaT Inv 01/11
7.24i Juan Walker (unat) MTn Valentine 02/09
7.25i -Dominic Berger (MdCP) IC4A Ind 03/09
7.47i David Oliver (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
7.50i Anwar Moore (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
7.53i -Drew Brunson (FlSt) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.53i Antwon Hicks (adi) Millrose G 02/01
7.53i Allen Johnson (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
7.53i *Jason Richardson (SC) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.54i Joel Brown (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
7.58i Dexter Faulk (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
7.65i Aries Merritt (Reeb) Reeb Boston 01/26
7.66i -Ty Akins (Aub) NCAA Ind 03/15
7.67i -Jangy Addy (Tn) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7.68i -Shawon Harris (TxT) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.69i -Ryan Fontenot (LSU) NCAA Ind 03/15
7.73i Jerome Miller (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
7.73i -Mike Wray (Pitt) Big East Ind 02/24
7.74i Bryan Clay (Nik) Iowa State 02/15
7.75i Jermaine Cooper (unat) Bayou C Ind 02/09
7.75i Aubrey Herring (unat) Millrose G 02/01
7.75i *Mikel Thomas (Ky) IaSt LC 03/08
Foreign Collegians:
7.58i -Ronald Forbes (FlInt-Cay) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.65i Ryan Brathwaite (Bart-Bar) Tyson Coll 02/16
4 x 400
3:05.66i Baylor NCAA Ind 03/15
3:06.19i TCU NCAA Ind 03/15
3:06.34i Arizona State NCAA Ind 03/15
3:06.37i Texas A&M NCAA Ind 03/15
3:06.89i ———Baylor Tyson Inv 02/15
3:07.19i South Carolina SEC Ind 03/02
3:07.34i Florida NCAA Ind 03/15
3:07.47i Florida State NCAA Ind 03/15
3:07.79i LSU SEC Ind 03/02
3:07.89i Oregon NCAA Ind 03/15
3:08.16i Western Kentucky NCAA Ind 03/15
3:08.27i Redemption Razorback Inv 01/26
3:08.34i Texas AM Big 12 Ind 03/01
3:08.38i Texas Tech Big 12 Ind 03/01
3:08.60i Kentucky NCAA Ind 03/15
3:08.76i Nebraska Big 12 Ind 03/01
3:09.26i Tennessee SEC Ind 03/02
3:09.89i Charleston Southern Ar LC 03/07
3:10.12i Oral Roberts Razorback Inv 01/26
3:10.19i Cornell IC4A Ind 03/09
3:10.24i G.W. Express PennSt Nat 01/26
3:10.70i Barton County CC Tyson Coll 02/16
3:10.73i Coppin State IC4A Ind 03/09
3:10.99i Southeast Missouri Armory Coll Inv 02/09
Oversized Track:
3:06.48o Florida IaSt Ind 02/16
3:06.58o ———Arizona State IaSt Ind 02/16
3:06.68o ———Texas A&M IaSt LC 03/08
3:06.93o Texas Tech IaSt LC 03/08
3:07.06o ———Arizona State Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
3:07.13o Oregon Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
3:07.20o Joey Woody IaSt Ind 02/16
3:07.35o Kentucky IaSt LC 03/08
3:07.41o Florida State IaSt LC 03/08
3:07.61o Western Kentucky IaSt LC 03/08
3:07.99o Ames All-Stars IaSt LC 03/08
3:08.06o Nebraska IaSt LC 03/08
3:08.30o Essex County CC IaSt Ind 02/16
3:08.56o Georgia IaSt LC 03/08
3:08.86o Washington State Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
3:08.98o Northern Iowa Meyo Inv 02/09
3:09.53o Wisconsin Wilson Inv 03/08
3:09.68o Southeast Missouri IaSt Ind 02/16
3:09.74o Washington Husky Ind 02/16
3:10.31o Alabama Meyo Inv 02/09
3:10.74o Iowa IaSt LC 03/08
3:10.76o Dickinson State NAIA Ind 03/08
3:10.85o Illinois IaSt Ind 02/16
3:10.96o(A) Arizona State Flagstaff 01/25
4 x 800
7:26.34i Georgetown Big East Ind 02/24
7:28.34i Notre Dame Big East Ind 02/24
7:28.54i Rend Lake Indiana R 02/02
7:28.60i Providence Big East Ind 02/24
7:28.78i Pitt Big East Ind 02/24
7:29.53i Yale IC4A Ind 03/09
7:31.32i LaSalle IC4A Ind 03/09
7:32.00i Lafayette College IC4A Ind 03/09
7:32.34i Cornell IC4A Ind 03/09
7:34.18i Arkansas Millrose G 02/01
7:35.00i Connecticut Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:35.38i Delaware State IC4A Ind 03/09
7:36.58i Navy Patriot Ind 02/24
7:36.68i Maryland Baltimore County IC4A Ind 03/09
7:37.06i Columbia Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:37.12i Penn Heps Ind 03/02
7:37.33i Seton Hall Big East Ind 02/24
7:37.51i Oklahoma Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:37.59i Army Patriot Ind 02/24
7:38.24i Illinois Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7:38.27i Colgate Patriot Ind 02/24
7:38.61i Penn State PennSt R 01/12
7:38.72i Lafayette Patriot Ind 02/24
7:38.99i La Salle Armory Coll Inv 02/09
9:25.97i Texas Tyson Coll 02/16
9:29.87i Arkansas TC Ar LC 03/07
9:30.08i Arkansas Ar LC 03/07
9:32.04i ———Texas NCAA Ind 03/14
9:32.49i Arizona State NCAA Ind 03/14
9:32.89i Villanova Big East Ind 02/24
9:33.29i Wisconsin USATF Ind 02/24
9:33.60i Georgetown Big East Ind 02/24
9:34.03i Stanford NCAA Ind 03/14
9:34.06i Oregon USATF Ind 02/24
9:35.31i LSU Tyson Coll 02/16
9:35.74i UCLA NCAA Ind 03/14
9:39.43i Oregon TC Elite USATF Ind 02/24
9:41.34i BYU Armory Coll Inv 02/09
9:42.35i Oklahoma Razorback Inv 01/25
9:42.61i Providence IC4A Ind 03/09
9:45.11i Louisville Big East Ind 02/24
9:45.41i Notre Dame NCAA Ind 03/14
9:45.62i Texas Tech Ar LC 03/07
9:46.59i Virginia ACC Ind 02/29
9:47.29i Oktebehha TC Tyson Coll 02/16
9:48.42i Georgia SEC Ind 03/02
9:49.84i Duquesne IC4A Ind 03/09
9:49.86i Florida State ACC Ind 02/29
Oversized Track:
9:31.52o Stanford Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
9:32.80o ———Arizona State Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
9:33.08o Oregon TC Wa Ind 02/01
9:35.02o UCLA Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
9:35.33o Notre Dame Wilson Inv 03/07
9:35.73o Northern Iowa Wilson Inv 03/07
9:37.25o Eastern Michigan Wilson Inv 03/07
9:38.39o Cal Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
9:40.09o Johnson County CC IaSt Open 01/26
9:41.75o Virginia Wilson Inv 03/07
9:42.09o Indiana State Wilson Inv 03/07
9:45.39o Iowa State Wilson Inv 03/07
9:48.43o Washington Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
2.32i 7-7 1/4i Jesse Williams (Nik) Banská Bystrica 02/05
2.31i 7-7 -Dusty Jonas (Nb) NCAA Ind 03/15
2.31i 7-7 ——Williams Valencia 02/09
2.31i 7-7 ——Williams Arnstadt 02/02
2.30i 7-6 1/2 Andra Manson (Nik) World Ind 03/08
2.30i 7-6 1/2 ——Manson USATF Ind 02/23
2.29i 7-6 *Scott Sellers (KsSt) Big 12 Ind 03/01
2.27i 7-5 1/4 Jamie Nieto (Nik) Brno 02/12
2.26i 7-5 *Joe Kindred (StA) PennSt Nat 01/26
2.23i 7-3 3/4 Erik Kynard (OhHS) Findlay 01/19
2.23i 7-3 3/4 Jerome Miller (unat) Clemson 02/16
2.22i 7-3 1/4 -Ivan Diggs (Hous) Houston 01/12
2.22i 7-3 1/4 Jim Dilling (TPapp) USATF Ind 02/23
2.22i 7-3 1/4 -Ed Wright (Cal) Husky Ind 02/16
2.21i 7-3 Randal Carter (JohnsCC) Tyson Coll 02/16
2.21i 7-3 -Norris Frederick (Wa) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
2.21i 7-3 **Julian Morris (NnIa) Mo Vly Ind 03/02
2.20i 7-2 1/2 Marcus Harris (Shore) Bayou C Ind 02/09
2.20i(A) 7-2 1/2 Dave Hoffman (unat) AF Inv 02/02
2.20i 7-2 1/2 Al Winsley (MsCol) Sewanee 03/01
2.20i 7-2 1/2 **Marlon Woods (Norf) MEAC Ind 02/16
2.19i 7-2 1/4 **Justin Frick (Prin) Sykes-Sabock 02/02
2.19i 7-2 1/4 ***Paul Hamilton (Nb) Cornhusker Ind 01/19
2.19i 7-2 1/4 Kyley Johnson (TXO) Seattle 01/19
2.19i 7-2 1/4i **Lyle Leong (TxT) Lubbock 01/26
2.19i 7-2 1/4 -Will Littleton (UTPA) NCAA Ind 03/15
2.19i 7-2 1/4 **Ehi Oamen (NnIa) NCAA Ind 03/15
2.18i 7-1 3/4 Mark Davis (NCC) Chapel Hill 02/02
2.18i 7-1 3/4i Derek Gearman (unat) Mn Open 01/19
2.18i 7-1 3/4 *Ryan Grinnell (Boise) WAC Ind 03/01
2.18i 7-1 3/4 *Raymond Harris (Tx) Big 12 Ind 03/01
2.18i 7-1 3/4i Keith Moffatt (unat) Temple Inv 01/05
2.17i 7-1 1/2 **Trent Arrivey (WaSt) Pullman 02/23
2.17i 7-1 1/2 -Joel Hargett (Tx) Tyson Coll 02/16
5.85i 19-2 1/4 Brad Walker (Nik) World Ind 03/09
5.80i(A) 19-1/4 Derek Miles (Nik) PV Summit 01/04
5.75i 18-10 1/4 ——Miles Göteborg 01/29
5.71i 18-8 3/4 Jeremy Scott (unat) Jonesboro 03/13
5.70i 18-8 1/4 Jeff Hartwig (Nik) Stuttgart 02/02
5.70i 18-8 1/4 ——Miles World Ind 03/08
5.70i 18-8 1/4 Tommy Skipper (Nik) Millrose G 02/01
5.70i(A) 18-8 1/4 Toby Stevenson (Nik) PV Summit 01/04
5.70i 18-8 1/4 ——Walker USATF Ind 02/23
5.70i 18-8 1/4 ——Walker World Ind 03/08
5.65i 18-6 1/2 -Rory Quiller (Bing) IC4A Ind 03/09
5.62i 18-5 1/4 Jacob Pauli (Nik) Wartburg 02/09
5.61i 18-4 3/4i Russ Buller (Asics) Windsor 01/12
5.61i 18-4 3/4 -Graeme Hoste (Stan) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
5.60i 18-4 1/2 Ray Scotten (unat) Tyson Coll 02/16
5.55i 18-2 1/2 Jeff Ryan (VS) Stockton II 02/16
5.55i 18-2 1/2 **Jordan Scott (Ks) Tyson Coll 02/16
5.52i 18-1 1/4 Tye Harvey (Asics) Wa Ind 02/02
5.51i 18-1 -Mitch Greeley (Clem) VaT Elite 02/09
5.51i 18-1 Brian Mondschein (PVP) VaT LC 03/08
8.13i 26-8 1/4 Brian Johnson (unat) Bayou Bengal 02/02
8.12i 26-7 3/4 ***Reindell Cole (CSN) NCAA Ind 03/14
8.12i 26-7 3/4 -Norris Frederick (Wa) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
8.04i 26-4 1/2 ——Cole Armory Coll Inv 02/09
7.99i 26-2 3/4 ——Frederick NCAA Ind 03/14
7.95i 26-1 **Jared Randle (Linc/Pa) Princess Anne 12/07
7.93i 26-1/4 -Dexter Adams (NCSt) VaT LC 03/08
7.92i 26-0 *Justin Gunn (Ms) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.85i 25-9 1/4 -Matt Turner (AzSt) Bronco Ind 02/09
7.83i 25-8 1/4 **Mike Morrison (unat) Bronco Ind 02/09
7.82i 25-8 Trevell Quinley (Nik) USATF Ind 02/24
7.81i 25-7 1/2 -Raphael McFarlane (SacSt) Pocatello 02/09
7.79i 25-6 3/4 Christian Taylor (GaHS) NSI 03/14
7.78i 25-6 1/4 Damion McLean (unat) VaT Chall 02/22
7.78i 25-6 1/4 Mike Morse (unat) Jones M 01/26
7.78i 25-6 1/4 Juan Walker (MTn) Murfreesboro 12/08
7.76i 25-5 1/2 Rephel Martin (unat) Nashville 02/02
7.75i 25-5 1/4 Bryan Clay (Nik) World Ind 03/09
7.75i 25-5 1/4 Okoineme Giwa-agbomeirele (unat) VaT LC 03/08
7.75i 25-5 1/4 ***Derrick Locke (Ky) SEC Ind 03/02
7.75i 25-5 1/4 Gustin Smith (unat) Kenosha 03/07
7.74i 25-4 3/4 **Will Coppage (LSU) LSU Twi Ind 02/22
7.73i 25-4 1/2 JaRod Tobler (unat) IaSt Ind 02/16
7.72i 25-4 **Anthony Flemons (TxT) Nampa 02/02
7.72i 25-4 -James Lemons (GaT) VaT Elite 02/09
7.71i 25-3 1/2 Joe Allen (Shore) USATF Ind 02/24
7.71i 25-3 1/2 Miguel Pate (unat) Bayou Bengal 02/02
7.70i(A) 25-3 1/4 *Hugh Charles (Co) AF Inv 02/02
7.70i 25-3 1/4 **Ashton Eaton (Or) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
Foreign Collegians:
7.97i 26-1 3/4 ***Ngonidzashe Makusha (FlSt-Zim) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.92i 26-0 ***Julian Reid (TxAM-Jam) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.88i 25-10 1/4 **Alain Bailey (Ar-Jam) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.84i 25-8 3/4 Luis Rivera (Az-Mex) Nampa 01/26
7.82i 25-8 -Savvas Diakonikolas (Boise-Gre) Nampa 02/02
7.80i 25-7 1/4 *Luis Rivera-Morales (Az-Mex) NCAA Ind 03/14
7.77i 25-6 *Rudon Bastian (Louis-Bah) Carbondale 12/07
7.76i 25-5 1/2 -Cadeau Kelley (Akr-Lbr) VaT LC 03/08
17.13i 56-2 1/2 Aarik Wilson (Nik) World Ind 03/07
16.91i 55-5 3/4 ——Wilson USATF Ind 02/23
16.89i 55-5 Kenta Bell (Miz) Jones M 01/26
16.88i 55-4 3/4 ——Wilson World Ind 03/09
16.73i 54-10 3/4 ——Bell USATF Ind 02/23
16.67i 54-8 1/4 Brandon Roulhac (Shore) Gainesville 01/26
16.59i 54-5 1/4 Rafeeq Curry (unat) USATF Ind 02/23
16.54i 54-3 1/4 *Nkosinza Balumbu (Ar) NCAA Ind 03/15
16.53i 54-2 3/4 Lawrence Willis (unat) Bayou Bengal 02/02
16.52i 54-2 1/2 -Tydree Lewis (Ok) NCAA Ind 03/15
16.48i 54-1 *Shardae Boutte (Ok) Tyson Coll 02/16
16.46i 54-0 Marc Kellman (unat) PennSt Nat 01/26
16.41i 53-10 1/4 Andre Black (unat) Meyo Inv 02/09
16.40i 53-9 3/4 *Ryan Grinnell (Boise) Nampa 02/02
16.32i 53-6 1/2 -Jonathan Jackson (TCU) NCAA Ind 03/15
16.28i 53-5 Alonzo Moore (HPC) Meyo Inv 02/09
16.25i 53-3 3/4 -Muhammad Halim (Corn) NCAA Ind 03/15
16.22i 53-2 3/4 -Rayon Taylor (FlSt) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
16.11i 52-10 1/4 **Anthony Flemons (TxT) NCAA Ind 03/15
16.06i 52-8 1/4 -James Lemons (GaT) Clemson Ind 01/19
16.02i 52-6 3/4 Samyr Laine (unat) Armory Coll Inv 02/09
15.99i 52-5 1/2 *Daniel Quinn (Ar) SEC Ind 03/02
15.97i 52-4 3/4 **Alphonso Jordan (GaT) VaT Elite 02/09
Foreign Collegians:
16.39i 53-9 1/4 Wilbert Walker (Linc-?) NCAA II Ind 03/15
16.29i 53-5 1/2 Davy Manga (ACU-Fra) NCAA II Ind 03/15
22.40i 73-6 Adam Nelson (Nik) Tyson Inv 02/15
22.18i 72-9 1/4 Christian Cantwell (Nik) CMo Open 02/22
22.07i 72-5 ——Nelson Millrose G 02/01
21.77i 71-5 1/4 ——Cantwell World Ind 03/07
21.73i 71-3 1/2 **Ryan Whiting (AzSt) NCAA Ind 03/14
21.49i 70-6 1/4 Reese Hoffa (NYAC) World Ind 03/09
21.29i 69-10 1/4 -Russ Winger (Id) NCAA Ind 03/14
20.66i 67-9 1/2 Garrett Johnson (unat) GB Ind 02/10
20.38i 66-10 1/2 Dan Taylor (Nik) Millrose G 02/01
20.05i 65-9 1/2 Chris Figures (unat) Flagstaff 02/02
19.94i 65-5 Steve Manz (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
19.60i 64-3 3/4 *Zack Lloyd (Az) Mtn Pac Ind 03/01
19.52i 64-1/2 -Bryan Vickers (Ash) Findlay 12/01
19.38i 63-7 -John Caulfield (UCLA) Wa Ind 02/02
19.38i 63-7 Jon Kalnas (unat) USATF Ind 02/24
19.32i 63-4 3/4 Mitchell Pope (adi) Chapel Hill 01/19
19.29i 63-3 1/2 Sheldon Battle (unat) Niswonger Ind 01/19
Foreign Collegians:
19.64i 64-5 1/4 -Milan Jotanovic (Man-Ser) NCAA Ind 03/14
25.12i 82-5 Kibwe Johnson (NYAC) USATF Ind 02/24
24.28i 79-8 A.G. Kruger (Nik) Kent 01/12
24.07i 78-11 3/4 ——Kruger USATF Ind 02/24
24.03i 78-10 1/4i ——Johnson Findlay 01/25
24.00i 78-9i ——Johnson Akron Open 02/02
23.30i 76-5 1/2 James Parker (TXO) Husky Ind 02/16
23.29i 76-5 Jake Freeman (NYAC) New York 12/01
22.99i 75-5 1/4 Arnaldo Cueto (unat) Flagstaff 02/02
22.42i 73-6 3/4 *Chris Rohr (Mo) Big 12 Ind 03/01
22.24i 72-11 3/4 -Jake Dunkleberger (Aub) NCAA Ind 03/15
22.02i 72-3 ***Walter Henning (NC) NCAA Ind 03/15
22.02i 72-3 **Jon Pullum (Pur) NCAA Ind 03/15
21.90i 71-10 1/4 *Jake Shanklin (Wy) AF Inv 02/02
21.71i 71-2 3/4 Robert Klenk (Ash) NCAA II Ind 03/15
21.56i 70-9 *Matthew Wauters (Id) NCAA Ind 03/15
21.50i 70-6 1/2 Leonard Jatsek (OhSt) Big 10 Ind 03/02
21.37i 70-1 1/2 *Boldizsar Kocsor (UCLA) NCAA Ind 03/15
21.19i 69-6 1/4 Eric Frasure (MM) Chapel Hill 02/01
21.17i 69-5 1/2 -Jason Schutz (CoSt) Mtn West Ind 02/29
21.12i 69-3 1/2 Kevin Becker (unat) Whitewater 02/08
Foreign Collegians:
22.71i 74-6 1/4 -Egor Agafonov (Ks-Rus) NCAA Ind 03/15
21.93i 71-11 1/2 *Simon Wardhaugh (Boise-Aus) NCAA Ind 03/15
4154i Mustafa Abdur-Rahim (ASCE) Örebro 01/05
4046i *Scott Sellers (KsSt) Manhattan 12/07
6371i Bryan Clay (Nik) World Ind 03/09
6008i Donovan Kilmartin (unat) Nampa 02/02
5951i ——Kilmartin World Ind 03/09
5906i -Raven Cepeda (NnIa) NnIa Ind 02/02
5883i Mustafa Abdur-Rahim (ASCE) Dart R 01/12
5851i Jake Arnold (unat) USATF Ch 03/09
5842i Chris Boyles (unat) Madison 01/26
5836i -Jangy Addy (Tn) SEC Ind 03/02
5836i -Josh Hustedt (Stan) NCAA Ind 03/15
5795i **Nick Adcock (Mo) Big 12 Ind 03/01
5794i Stephen Moore (unat) USATF Ch 03/09
5792i **Mike Morrison (Fl) NCAA Ind 03/15
5676i **Ashton Eaton (Or) NCAA Ind 03/15
5623i -Justin Johnson (CSN) NCAA Ind 03/15
5613i *Mat Clark (NnIa) NCAA Ind 03/15
5603i Joe Detmer (unat) USATF Ch 03/09
5586i Steven Harris (unat) PennSt Nat 01/26
5575i Chris Helwick (unat) USATF Ch 03/09
5572i *Duane Hynes (Prin) Princeton 01/26
5532i Mark Jellison (unat) Nampa 02/02
5525i **Frank Shotwell (Mi) Akron Open 02/02
5511i **Chris Dickman (Wich) Mo Vly Ind 03/02
5506i *John Strang (UtSt) WAC Ind 03/01
5504i *Pat Burke (Nb) Big 12 Ind 03/01
Foreign Collegians:
5951i Gonzalo Barroilhet (FlSt-Chl) NCAA Ind 03/15
5655i ***Moritz Cleve (KsSt-Ger) Big 12 Ind 03/01
5645i ***Rok Derzanic (KsSt-Slo) NCAA Ind 03/15
5621i **Mateo Sossah (NC-Fra) NCAA Ind 03/15
5539i Krzyszt Slupkowski (Wich-Pol) Mo Vly Ind 03/02
5507i Stefan Hommel (Fl-Ger) Nampa 02/02
Oversized Track:
6192o ——Clay IaSt Ind 02/15
5859o **Ashton Eaton (Or) Wa Ind 02/02