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The national office and USATF Coaching Education Committee continue to expand the availability of its professional pathway courses by delivering on Zoom. Enrollment caps will apply to maintain an engaging learning environment. Early registration, along with bookmarking the Calendar of Schools link to stay current on all new course dates is advised.

  • July 10-13 — Level 1 School – Zoom #3 (East)
  • July 17-20 — Level 1 School – Zoom #4 (West)
  • July 24-27 — Level 1 School – Zoom #5 (Central)
  • July 28-Aug 2 — Level 2 School – Zoom
  • Ongoing — Level 2 Sports Science Classroom (Available on USATF Campus)

USATF Level 1 Coaching Education Program Approved for Re-accreditation

The USATF Level 1 Coaching Education Program was recently approved for re-accreditation by the National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) review panel and USCCE Board of Directors. Upon completion of the folio review process, the Review Panel determined that the USATF Level 1 Coaching Education Program has successfully documented comprehensive program content in alignment with the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NASPE, 2006) and the NCACE Guidelines for program supervision, personnel and operations.

USATF is pleased that this re-accreditation continues the “gold standard” for coaching education as both its Level 1 and Level 2 Programs are accredited by NCACE.

The National Committee for Accreditation of coaching Education (NCACE) is a committee maintained by the United States Center for Coaching Excellence (USCCE), a not-for-profit organization involved in supporting the professions of coaching, coaching education and coach development. Under its auspices, the purpose of NCACE is to grant accreditation to educational programs that meet or exceed the requirements outlined in the NCACE Guidelines for Accreditation of Coaching Education. Key to NCACE’s efforts are the National Standards for Sport Coaches. Originally published in 1995 and recently updated in 2019 by the SHAPE America, the standards provide the basis in which NCACE evaluates the content of coaching education programs.

Funds Still Available for 2020 USATF Emerging Female Grants

Over $10,000 in grants funds are available to minority, women track and field coaches to complete a USATF Coaching Education Level 1 or 2 course. With courses available online, USATF is proud to impact more minority, female coaches than ever before. Grants are valued at the respective course tuition fee.
Applications for Emerging Female Grants will be accepted until funds are expended. Due to high interest and program deadlines, early application is advised.


  • Be a current member of the USATF Coaches Registry.
  • Provide a resume of coaching background/experience.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation or three references.
  • All applications should be received at least 30 days prior to the start date of the requested school. No grant funds will be awarded retroactively.

Apply at:

Clarifying USATF Campus and USATF Connect Platforms

In May, both a new membership experience (USATF Connect) and learning management system (USATF Campus) launched. USATF Connect provides members a 360-degree view of their USATF membership status, while USATF Campus is home to our online coaching education courses, including administration of the Level 1 exam. To assist in better using each system for their intended purpose, we have assembled the frequently asked questions below:

Q1: How do I retrieve a copy of my Level 1 certificate or resume a USATF Campus course?

A. The login for USATF Campus differs from your USATF Connect membership. It uses a combination of your username (email address) and a password. All passwords were reset upon launching the new USATF Campus in May. You will need to request a new password reset on the login page if you did not complete previously. Click Forgot Password and enter your email address under the Email Address field and click Reset Password.

Once logged in, you can download a certificate copy under Transcript. Active courses can be resumed by clicking Resume on the Dashboard.

Note, only Level 1 certificates from 2015-Present are available on USATF Campus.

Q2: How do I add a USATF certification or career accomplishment to my membership profile?

A. USATF Campus and USATF Connect are not currently integrated and course completion for credit on the USATF Coaches Registry must be manually submitted. To submit a qualified education standard, you must first be SafeSport Compliant. Next, login to your USATF Connect account—select Coaching Certifications—Add appropriate course or accomplishment and documentation. The course or career accomplishment will then be reviewed by the national office for verification and you will receive approval or denial notification via email. You may add multiple Education Standards to your membership profile that will be displayed on the new Coaches Registry List (under development).

Note, failure to provide appropriate documentation may result in denial of your education standard submission. Only Education Standards submitted through the former application site were imported to USATF Connect.

Q3: How do I recertify my USATF Level 1 certificate?

A. The recertification application and process are under development with the recent system changes requiring a conditioning period. While best efforts will be made to streamline the process, simply adding an Education Standard to your USATF Connect profile or completing a qualified course will not automatically renew your certificate for the next term. Additional information on the finalized process will be provided to all USATF members later this summer.

The current list of approved recertification courses includes (select one):

1. Complete a minimum of one course on USATF Campus

2. Complete an approved USATF specialty course

a. USATF Learn By Doing Clinic (2017)

b. USATF Cross Country Specialist Course

c. USATF Emerging Elite Coaches Camp

3. Complete a new USATF Level 1 School and pass the online exam

For more information on Level 1 recertification guidelines, please review the resource page on at the link below.

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USATF Campus is the online learning platform available to all coaches, athletes, and educators with an interest in better understanding human performance. With over ten sports science courses available, coaches from all track and field and endurance disciplines can tailor their learning and continuing education to their interests.

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  • Sport Specific Strength and Power
  • Training Science

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