T&FN Subscription Options

As you may know, T&FN discontinued its ink & paper version with the January 2018 edition. We did offer an option for subscribers to print out a PDF version of each issue at home, but that methodology hasn’t met with widespread acceptance. Fortunately, technological advancements since then have made it feasible for us to once again offer a monthly print product. It won’t look quite the same as the old print versions, and some material that will be found in the digital version will be condensed, but all the essential data will still be there. The first issue of the new print version (January 2019) will be mailed to subscribers in early February 2019.

Our pricing structure (see below) offers subscriptions that include both the digital and print versions for the best of both worlds. Print-only subscriptions are also available. Note a print-only magazine subscription does not include the eTrack weekly results newsletter or allow online access to current articles or the web site or the digital version of T&FN.

In addition to online access to current issues and articles, Premium Archive Digital and Premium Archive Digital + Print subscribers receive online access to past issues of Track & Field News, currently going back to November of 2011.

Print subscriptions include 12 monthly print issues. eTrack weekly results newsletter is included with all digital subscriptions. eTrack is not included with print only subscriptions.


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