Release: Athletes Announce “The Track Collective”


– The Track Collective Aims to Unite Track & Field Athletes, Build Inclusive Community and Share Resources for New and Seasoned Track & Field Athletes –

Flagstaff, Arizona (July 5, 2023) – Ahead of the 2023 USATF National Championships this week, professional track & field athletes Colleen Quigley, Nikki Hiltz, Katie Camarena, and Emma Gee launched The Track Collective to unite professional track and field athletes and provide a network of support to developing professional track and field athletes. The organization’s mission is to build an inclusive, supportive community where information and resources are openly shared and both new and seasoned professional athletes can gather to see guidance, advice, networking, connection, and camaraderie.

The founding members of The Track Collective include both veterans who have competed in their respective sport for many years with the support of brand partners and emerging athletes who are still working to solidify financial support from sponsors. Instead of relying on one brand to bring track & field athletes together, Quigley, Hiltz, Camarena and Gee are united by their shared passion for sport and a desire to create an improved and inclusive landscape for their fellow athletes.

“Our vision is to create an organization that supports track & field athletes and isn’t owned or operated by one of the major sponsors in our sport,” said Colleen Quigley, a 2016 Team USA Olympian (steeplechase) and USATF Indoor National Champion (women’s mile). “We started out by thinking of it as a ‘team’ but that word didn’t fit what we are creating. Members of The Track Collective won’t all live in the same place. We will have different coaches, different sponsors and, eventually, the hope is to have members competing in all areas of track & field from distance events, to sprints, throws, and jumps. That said, we aren’t a traditional ‘team.’ Instead, we are a collective of athletes coming together to support one another and make our sport better for everyone.”

“Going pro in track & field can be confusing and isolating, especially if you come out of a less established college program.” said Katie Camarena, a graduate of both University of California Santa Barbara (2021) and Portland State University (2022). “I hope The Track Collective can be a resource for athletes to build community while navigating the nuanced process of going pro, so that they have the information to feel empowered to make the best decision for themselves ”

While the traditional narrative in professional sports is to put your blinders on and do nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe your sport, The Track Collective encourages members to pursue passion projects beyond the track. Members are encouraged to support one another’s endeavors wherever possible, amplifying each other’s voices and the overarching organizational mission.

Recognizing the financial burden of traveling to Eugene, Ore. for the National Championships, The Track Collective will be selling limited edition t-shirts throughout this week with proceeds going to support unsponsored athletes competing at the event as the organization’s first program. T-shirt sales will be done inperson in Eugene on the Northeast corner of 15th Ave and Agate St starting on Thursday, July 6th at 3pm and cost $25. Anyone who wishes to make a donation that would go directly to support developing unsponsored track and field athletes who are competing at the National Championships can do so from the homepage of The Track Collective website.

The Track Collective has opened applications for membership to both emerging pro athletes who are transitioning from the NCAA and seasoned professionals who are already established in the sport. The group is especially looking for members who have passions outside of sport. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. More information including the application form can be found at:


Media Contact: Colleen Quigley

About The Track Collective:
The Track Collective is a group of track and field athletes dedicated to supporting one another in individual goals, leaving the sport less gatekept and more connected than today’s athletes found it. Its mission is to build an inclusive, supportive community where information and resources are openly shared and both new and seasoned professional athletes can gather to seek guidance, advice, networking, connections, and camaraderie. To learn more, apply for membership or donate to further The Track Collective’s mission, please visit: