NCAA Women’s Vault — Timberg Marches To Meet Record

Rutgers’ Chloe Timberg improved the meet record by a half-inch and her own PR by 4½ (11cm). (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

FROM BEGINNING TO END, this was the Chloe Timberg Show.

The Rutgers junior, a legitimate co-favorite — though slotted at No. 4 on our formchart— with a 15-1 (4.60) career best at the Penn Relays, opened at 13-7¼, cleared each successive bar advancement and did not miss until only one other competitor remained. Displaying quick runway speed and excellent technique in the air, she was clearly on her game.

After a second-attempt success at a PR 15-3 (4.65), she passed the logical 15-5 (4.70) and had the bar set at a meet record 15-5½ (4.71). No problem: yet another first-attempt clearance. She finally called it an evening after three tries at 15-6½ (4.74), two of them very close.

Timberg, who will turn 21 six days before the Olympic Trials vault, was a modest winner. “I think with any event, it’s anybody’s day,” she said. “You could have the day of your life, or you could have a day where you just didn’t rise up to what you know you’re capable of. I always like to step back and say, ‘I’m going to go in, try my best, and have fun.’ Nothing is guaranteed. All you can do is go out there and do exactly what you’ve been trying to do in training, and put it together at the right time.”

Expected to challenge for positions at or near the top of the podium were NCAA Indoor champ Hana Moll (Washington), the U.S. Junior record-holder; her twin sister Amanda; indoor runner-up Riley Felts (Charlotte); Tori Thomas (Illinois); and Olivia Lueking (Oklahoma).

On a sunny evening with the usual Hayward backstretch winds, all advanced through the initial heights. Only Amanda Moll and Thomas needed multiple attempts, and Lueking departed after clearing 14-1¼.

Seven remained after 14-5¼ (4.40), but only three could clear the next bar at 14-9 (4.50), leaving Washington senior Nastassja Campbell in 4th, Amanda Moll and Baylor frosh Molly Haywood tied for 5th, and Thomas in 7th.

Timberg and Felts had successful first-attempts at 14-11 (4.55), but Hana Moll missed, then passed her two remaining tries. As Timberg continued to soar, Felts had a miss at 15-1 (4.60), a height she had never cleared, then passed, while Moll went out.

Felts passed again at 15-3 (4.65), but had no further clearances, and therefore settled for 2nd, one place ahead of Hana Moll.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Timberg departed for Olmstead Falls, Ohio, and a Saturday date at the Katie Moon Pole Vault Classic.


(June 06)

1. *Chloe Timberg (Rut) 15-5½ (4.71) PR (4, =4 C);

2. Riley Felts (Char) 14-11 (4.55) =PR;

3. ***Hana Moll (Wa) 14-9 (4.50);

4. Nastassja Campbell (Wa) 14-5¼ (4.40);

5. tie, ***Molly Haywood (Bay) & ***Amanda Moll (Wa) 14-5¼;

7. *Tori Thomas (Il) 14-5¼;

8. tie, *Olivia Lueking (Ok) & *Payton Phillips (Ky) 14-1¼ (4.30) (Phillips =PR);

10. ***Katie Urbine (Lib) 14-1¼ (4.30) PR; 11. *Rebekah Erikson (BYU) 14-1¼; 12. Gennifer Hirata (SD) 14-1¼; 13. Sarah Schmitt (Tn) 14-1¼; 14. ***Chiara Sistermann (VaT) 14-1¼; 15. *Abby Knouff (Cinc) 14-1¼ =out PR; 16. ***Mason Meinershagen (Ks) 13-7¼ (4.15); 17. **Alyssa Quinones-Mixon (Aub) 13-7¼; 18. ***Rachel Homoly (Ar) 13-7¼; 19. Journey Gurley (VaT) 13-7¼; 20. tie, *Heather Abadie’ (TxAM-Can) & **Tessa Mudd (Prin) 13-7¼; 22. **Mia Morello (Il) 13-1½ (4.00);… nh—*Natalie Lark (Louis), Victoria Faber (Al).

13-1½ 13-7¼ 14-1¼ 14-5¼ 14-9 14-11 15-1 15-3 15-5 15-5½ 15-6½
Meinershagen o o xxx
Erikson o xxo o xxx
Mudd xo xo xxx
Gurley o xo xxx
Knouff xo xo xxo xxx
Schmitt o o xxo xxx
Timberg ppp o o o o o o xo xpp o xxx
Phillips o o o xxx
Abadie xo xo xxx
Haywood ppp xxo o o xxx
Quinones-Mixon xo o xxx
Morello xo xxx
Lark ppp xxx
A. Moll ppp xo xo o xxx
Urbine o xo o xxx
Lueking ppp o o xxx
H. Moll ppp o o o xo xpp xx
Sistermann o xo xxo xxx
Felts ppp o o o xo o xpp xpp x
Thomas ppp o xxo xo xxx
Homoly xxo o xxx
Faber xxx
Campbell ppp o o o xxx
Hirata o o xo xxx
4.00 4.15 4.30 4.40 4.50 4.55 4.60 4.65 4.70 4.71 4.74