Men’s Indoor Athlete Of The Year — Mondo Duplantis

Mondo Duplantis twice raised the World Record, the first pictured here in Toruń, Poland. (JEAN-PIERRE DURAND)

IT WILL COME AS A SURPRISE to nobody that Mondo Duplantis has been named our 2020 Men’s Indoor AOY. In a spectacular 5-meet undercover campaign that we summarized in the February issue, the young Swede went undefeated and twice raised the World Record, first to 20-2¾ (6.17) to unseat Renaud Lavillenie as history’s highest ever—indoors or out—and then to 20-3¼ (6.18). All of his meets found him breaching the 6-meter (19-8¼) barrier, making him the first ever with 5 straight meets at that benchmark.

Honorable Mention status to a trio of undefeated Americans: Donovan Brazier (1:14.39 for the No. 2 time ever in the 600 and 1:44.22 to become No. 5 ever in the 800), Christian Coleman (an altitude-aided 6.37 in the 60 to equal the No. 2 time ever), and Ryan Crouser (74-1¾/22.60 for No. 2 ever in the shot).