Distance Legend Henry Rono — The T&FN Interviews

Rono graced the cover of the January 1979 T&FN as Men’s Athlete Of The Year for ’78, his magnificent 4-World Records season.

THE MANTLE OF ”The Greatest Athlete In The World” is weighty. So too is it tenuous, and it is frequently as amorphous as it is fleeting.

So began the Henry Rono T&FN Interview by John Barbour that ran in the January 1979 edition. Those words certainly resonate with the career of distance legend Rono, who died on Thursday, age 72, in Nairobi after a brief illness.

As the track & field world mourns Rono’s passing in a tragic week in which we have also lost marathon World Record holder Kelvin Kiptum, we offer for our readers the two T&FN Interviews for which Rono sat — the first for  the January ’79 issue, the second for the May 1982 edition. Click on the page images below to read.


MAY 1982