eTrack Newsletter 2021

2021 Editions Of Our Results Publication

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Note: the first 72 of this year’s editions are tagged as being Volume 19, when they are actually Volume 20.

File Name Title Highlights
2021TN76 eTN76: More Early, Early Indoor Early U.S. Indoor Results
2021TN75 eTN75: US Indoor Season Begins Early U.S. Indoor Results
2021TN74 eTN74: NCAA XC Champs NCAA Cross Country Championships
2021TN73 eTN73: XC Regionals, NYC Mar NCAA Div I XC Regionals, New York Marathon
2021TN72 eTN72: Conference XC, Gidey HMar WR Conference XC, Gidey Half-Marathon WR
2021TN71 eTN71: Pre-Nats & Nuttycombe XC Pre-Nats & Nuttycombe XC
2021TN70 eTN70: Chicago & Boston Chicago & Boston Marathons, College XC Highlights
2021TN69 eTN69: London Marathon London Marathon, w10K WR
2021TN68 eTN68: Berlin Marathon Berlin Marathon, Collegiate XC
2021TN67 eTN67: Continental Tour Wraps Nairobi & Bergen CTs, Road Races
2021TN66 eTN66: Berlin, Zagreb & Bellinzona CTs Berlin, Zagreb & Bellinzona CT meets
2021TN65 eTN65: DL FINAL (Zürich) Diamond League Final
2021TN64 eTN64: Brussels DL, Rovereto, Chorzów Brussels Diamond League, Rovereto, Chorzów
2021TN63 eTN63: Paris DL Paris Diamond League
2021TN62 eTN62: Lausanne DL Lausanne Diamond League
2021TN61 eTN61: WORLD JUNIORS World Junior (U20) Champs
2021TN60 eTN60: Pre Classic Eugene Diamond League
2021TN59 eTN59: US Post-Olympic Meets Sir Walter Miler, Murphey Cl, USATF JOs
2021TN58 eTN58: TOKYO OLYMPICS WOMEN Tokyo Olympics Women’s Results
2021TN57 eTN57: TOKYO OLYMPICS MEN Tokyo Olympics Men’s Results
2021TN56 eTN56: Last-Minute Pre-Tokyo U.S. Meets Last-Minute Pre-Tokyo U.S. Meets
2021TN55 eTN55: JavFest, Pre-Tokyo Tuneup, Euro Jrs JavFest, Pre-Tokyo Tuneup, Euro Jrs (U20)
2021TN54 eTN54: Gateshead 2 DL Gateshead 2, Euro U23, `ATL IV, Sunset Tour
2021TN53 eTN53: Monaco DL Monaco Diamond League
2021TN52 eTN52: Stockholm DL Stockholm DL, Nike HS Nats, Brooks PR HS Inv
2021TN51 eTN51: Oslo DL Oslo Diamond League (Warholm WR)
2021TN50 eTN50: OLYMPIC TRIALS WOMEN Olympic Trials Women’s Results
2021TN49 eTN49: OLYMPIC TRIALS MEN Olympic Trials Men’s Results
2021TN48 eTN48: Nation Champs/OG Selection Meets Various Olympic Team Selection Meets
2021TN47 eTN47: Another Catch-Up TN Meets Galore
2021TN46 eTN46: NCAA WOMEN NCAA Champs Women’s Results
2021TN45 eTN45: NCAA MEN NCAA Champs Men’s Results
2021TN44 eTN44: Pre-OT Results Pre-OT Results Cleanup Issue
2021TN43 eTN43: Florence DL, Ethiopia OT, Turku CT Florence DL, Ethiopia Trials (Gidey WR), Turku CT
2021TN42 eTN42: Hengelo, Kingston, New Life Inv, Stumptown, USATF Showcase Hengelo (Hassan WR), Kingston, New Life Inv, Stumptown, USATF Showcase
2021TN41 eTN41: Duval County Chall, Chula Vista HP 4, Pure Summer Inv Duval County Chall, Chula Vista HP 4, Pure Summer Inv
2021TN40 eTN40: Portland Track Fest, USATF Field, Götzis Portland Track Fest, USATF Field Festival, Götzis Multis
2021TN39 eTN39: NCAA Regionals Women (pagination error fixed) NCAA Regionals Women
2021TN38 eTN38: NCAA Regionals Men NCAA Regionals Men
2021TN37 eTN37: Doha DL Doha Diamond League
2021TN36 eTN36: Gateshead DL, USATF Throws Fest, adidas Boost Gateshead DL, USATF Throws Fest, adidas Boost Boston
2021TN35 eTN35: Ostrava CT, JTG #6 Ostrava CT, JTG #6
2021TN34 eTN34: CONFERENCE WOMEN Conference Women’s Results
2021TN33 eTN33: CONFERENCE MEN Conference Men’s Results
2021TN32 eTN32: ATL #1, APU LC ATL #1 Irvine, APU Last Chance
2021TN31 eTN31: USATF Golden Games, Oregon Twi, Arkansas Twi, Arcadia USATF Golden Games, Oregon Twilight, Arkansas Twilight, Arcadia Inv
2021TN30 eTN30: Rock Chalk, Lawrence M, Pure Elite Rock Chalk Cl, Lawrence M, Pure Elite, Stockholm
2021TN29 eTN29: WORLD RELAYS V International, High School (version ii, page-numbering error fixed)
2021TN28 eTN28: Busy U.S. Results Weekend Owens Inv, Tennessee Chall, LSU Inv, West Coast R
2021TN27 eTN27: Drake R, USATF GP Drake R, USATF GP, Oregon R, Chula Vista HP II, LSU Alumni Gold
2021TN26 eTN26: Jones Memorial, Mu CR/AJR Tom Jones Memorial, Athing Mu 1:57.73
2021TN25 eTN25: JTG #2 (Richardson 10.72) Miramar Invite, Towns Inv, Botts Inv (Price HT AR), A&M Team Inv
2021TN24 eTN24: Hayward Premiere, Fl Relays, Bayou, Chula Vista Hayward Premiere, Florida Relays, Battle On The Bayou, Chula Vista
2021TN23 eTN23: World Women’s Indoor Lists 2021 World Women’s Indoor Lists
2021TN22 eTN22: World Men’s Indoor Lists 2021 World Men’s Indoor Lists
2021TN21 eTN21: U.S. Women’s Indoor Lists 2021 U.S. Women’s Indoor Lists
2021TN20 eTN20: U.S. Men’s Indoor Lists 2021 U.S. Men’s Indoor Lists
2021TN19 eTN19: Texas Relays Relay Meets, Invitationals, International
2021TN18 eTN18: U.S. Season Moves Outdoors U.S. Season Moves Outdoors, Jiayu Yang 20W WR
2021TN17 eTN17: NCAA XC (version ii) NCAA Cross Country Champs
2021TN16 eTN16: NCAA INDOOR WOMEN NCAA Indoor Champs Women’s Results
2021TN15 eTN15: NCAA INDOOR MEN NCAA Indoor Champs Men’s Results
2021TN14 eTN14: Euro Indoor Ch Euro Indoor Ch, Sound Running 5Ks, Firefly 5Ks, XC Conferences
2021TN13 eTN13: Texas Qualifier, adidas HS Texas Qualifier, adidas High School Nationals, More Conferences
2021TN12 eTN12: Indoor Conferences Major Conference Indoor Results
2021TN11 eTN11: Holloway 60H WR Madrid WIT, The Ten
2021TN10 eTN10: Toruń WIT, ATL IV Toruń WIT, ATL IV, Slade 200 HSR
2021TN09 eTN09: Liévin, NBIndGP WITs; Tyson Inv, TxT Shootout, Łódź Liévin, NBIndGP WITs; Tyson Inv, TxT Shootout, Łódź
2021TN08 eTN08: ATL III, Thomas Inv, Banská Bystrica Mu 400 WJR, Kessler Mile HSR Mahuchickh 6-9/2.06
2021TN07 eTN07: ATL II, Düsseldorf, Tourcoing Hot Crouser, Miller-Uibo, Morris, Duplantis, Lavillenie & Hoppel Marks
2021TN06 eTN06: ATL Opens With A Bang Crouser WR, Holloway =AR, Mu 600 CR
2021TN05 eTN05: Indoor Season Erupts Zango TJ WR, Lightfoot PV CR, Mu 800 AJR
2021TN04 eTN04: 2021 U.S. Women’s List 2021 U.S. Women’s List
2021TN03 eTN03: 2020 U.S. Men’s List 2020 U.S. Men’s List
2021TN02 eTN02: 2020 World Women’s List 2020 World Women’s List
2021TN01 eTN01: 2020 World Men’s List 2020 World Men’s List