Data-Driven Analysis Part 2: ”The Shoe Effect” NCAA Div. I

NCAA D1 Outdoor Data Analysis – Synopsis

The past decade has seen two major impacts on the performance of NCAA DI (USA National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I) athletes:

1. The COVID-19 Pandemic

2. The introduction and availability of Carbon-plated Footwear Technology

How can we identify and evaluate this impact of both COVID-19 and Carbon-plated Footwear Technology?

Performance Criteria
Examining performance criteria over time is one way of evaluating an impact. Normally, the number of athletes globally who exceed a certain performance criterion is relatively stable from year-to-year, with slight fluctuations in Olympic and pre-Olympic years. Also, it is expected to see a gradual increase in the number of athletes exceeding the criterion over time, through natural ‘event development’. The years from 2015- 2022 are analysed here.

Since the Carbon-plated footwear provides an added and external mechanical kinetic unit to the body’s internal kinetic chain we can simply and accurately compare the differences in performance from when Carbon-plated shoes and spikes became globally available to the previous period, when athletes wore ‘conventional’ shoes and spikes.

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© Collated and Graphically Interpreted by Peter John L. Thompson, Spring 2022