2012 Men’s Dual Meet Rankings

by Jesse Squire

Once a staple of the college season, the dual meet did a disappearing act in the ’90s, and with it went T&FN’s annual Dual Meet Rankings, compiled by John Wenos.

The T&FN definition of a “dual” is a scored meet between four or fewer teams. Teams are ranked on their record and marks achieved during the regular season. Bonuses can be earned through a tough and/or extensive dual-meet schedule. Rankings and records reflect a combined indoor/outdoor season.

But duals have made a little bit of a comeback in recent years, partly due to the current NCAA Championships qualifying system which has removed the pressure to achieve big marks and partly because some forward-thinking major-program coaches have recognized the value to the health of the sport of true team competition.

I thought it was high time to bring the Dual Meet Rankings back. Yesterday we did the women’s top 25; here’s the men’s.

Oregon’s Pepsi Team Invitational was the deciding meet, as the Ducks defeated runner-up Texas A&M.

#3 Arkansas has already committed to meeting #1 Oregon in a dual meet next year, to be held in the middle of the Oregon Relays, with the national dual-meet title possibly on the line.

1. Oregon (3-0)

2. Texas A&M (3-1)

3. Arkansas (1-0)

4. Wisconsin (3-0)

5. Ohio State (1-0)

6. Nebraska (3-0)

7. Arizona State (2-0)

8. Washington State (3-0)

9. UCLA (3-4)

10. LSU (0-1)

11. Washington (1-3)

12. Indiana (1-0)

13. Texas (0-2)

14. Arizona (1-1)

15. BYU (2-0)

16. Illinois (2-1)

17. Kansas (1-0)

18. Princeton (2-0)

19. Boise State (1-1)

20. Stanford (1-0)

21. Southern Cal (0-2)

22. Michigan (3-1)

23. UCSB (9-1)

24. Indiana State (5-0)

25. Long Beach State (3-0)


May 23, 2012