Historic Chicago Marathon Race Maps & Slideshows

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Sean “Professor Marathon” Hartnett’s chronicles of 9 recent Chicago Marathons, a mix of meticulously annotated maps and slideshows of the races. All in all, a deep dive into the Windy City’s oft-eventful 26-miler.

2002—Paula Radcliffe 2:17:18
2009—Sammy Wanjiru Course Record 2:05:41
2010 Slideshow: Wanjiru & Kebede
2012 Slideshow: Tsegaye Kebede
2013—Dennis Kimetto Course Record 2:03:45
2014—Eliud Kipchoge 2:04:11
2007 Slideshow: Ivuti & Gharib
2009 Slideshow: Sammy Wanjiru
2011 Slideshow: Moses Mosop
2013 Slideshow: Kimetto & Mutai
2014 Slideshow: Eliud Kipchoge
2015 Slideshow: Dickson Chumba