2020 Diamond League
Sorted By Event

The Diamond League has had multiple formats since it kicked off with the ’10 season. In the first 7 editions of the DL, each of 16 events was contested 6 times (for each sex) in the pre-Final meets before all were staged in the finales in Zürich and Brussels…

For the ’17 season there were only 8 such disciplines: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500/Mile, 110H, HJ & PV. It was down to 4 appearances at the other 8 events: steeple, 3000/5000, 400H, LJ, TJ, SP, DT, JT… For ’18 & ’19, the 400H was moved back to the list of events contested in 6 non-final meets…

For ’20, there’s a new title sponsor (Wanda), the addition of a 15th meet (at a still-to-be-determined site in China) and a more condensed program, with fewer events, and 5000s being replaced with 3000s. The 200, steeplechase, triple jump & discus are no longer what WA now calls “Diamond Disciplines.” Instead, those 4 events are called “Included Disciplines,” with each sex receiving 5 appearances for the 2 runs and 1 appearance each for the 2 field events. None of those events are part of DL final, which for the first time will be a 1-meet affair, in Zürich…

As always, there is nothing (well, other than financial constraints) to stop meets from adding events that aren’t on their DL roster, although they don’t count in an athlete’s DL point totals.

Here’s this year’s distribution (the meets in each event are listed in chronological order in which they will be contested):

100 China2, Shanghai, Naples, Eugene, Paris, Brussels, Zürich
(200 China2, Stockholm, Rabat, Gateshead, Lausanne)
400 Doha, Stockholm, Naples, Oslo, London, Brussels, Zürich
800 Shanghai, Paris, London, Monaco, Gateshead, Lausanne, Zürich
1500/Mile Stockholm, Rabat, Eugene, Oslo, Monaco, Brussels, Zürich
3000 China2, Naples, Eugene, Oslo, London, Gateshead, Zürich
(Steeple Doha, Naples, Rabat, Paris, Brussels)
110 Hurdles China2, Shanghai, Eugene, Paris, Monaco, Gateshead, Zürich
400 Hurdles Doha, Rabat, Oslo, London, Lausanne, Brussels, Zürich
High Jump Doha, Naples, Oslo, Paris, London, Monaco, Zürich
Pole Vault China2, Shanghai, Stockholm, Eugene, Paris, Lausanne, Zürich
Long Jump China2, Shanghai, Stockholm, Rabat, Monaco, Lausanne, Zürich
(Triple Jump Eugene)
Shot Doha, Shanghai, Naples, Eugene, London, Gateshead, Zürich
(Discus Stockholm)
Javelin Doha, Rabat, Oslo, Gateshead, Lausanne, Brussels, Zürich
100 Shanghai, Stockholm, London, Monaco, Gateshead, Lausanne, Zürich
(200 Doha, Naples, Eugene, Oslo, Paris)
400 Doha, China2, Shanghai, Rabat, Monaco, Lausanne, Zürich
800 Doha, Rabat, Eugene, Oslo, Paris, Brussels, Zürich
1500 Shanghai, Naples, Rabat, Eugene, London, Gateshead, Zürich
3000 Doha, Stockholm, Paris, Monaco, Gateshead, Brussels, Zürich
(Steeple China2, Shanghai, Stockholm, Oslo, Lausanne)
100 Hurdles Stockholm, Naples, Rabat, Oslo, London, Brussels, Zürich
400 Hurdles China2, Shanghai, Eugene, Monaco, Gateshead, Lausanne, Zürich
High Jump China2, Stockholm, Eugene, Gateshead, Lausanne, Brussels, Zürich
Pole Vault Doha, Naples, Rabat, London, Monaco, Brussels, Zürich
Long Jump Doha, Naples, Oslo, London, Gateshead, Brussels, Zürich
(Triple Jump Paris)
Shot China2, Stockholm, Rabat, Oslo, Paris, Lausanne, Zürich
(Discus Monaco)
Javelin China2, Shanghai, Naples, Eugene, Paris, London, Zürich