Ashton Eaton: Mayer’s Decathlon WR “An Incredible Display”

As Kevin Mayer was roaring through the second day of his astounding 10-event performance in Talence raising Ashton Eaton’s World Record by 81 points, the gracious American, now in his second year of retirement, was following on his phone and preparing to head to the afternoon’s Rockies-Giants game with wife Brianne and longtime coach Harry Marra. When Mayer’s two days of magnificent work was done, Eaton, like any multis fan was excited—and jokingly declaring himself “pretty boring these days” (see below).

“That was an incredible display of ability!,” Eaton tweeted. “I’m super happy for Kevin and even more happy for the future of the decathlon. The important thing to me has always been to keep trying to push the limit of what’s possible and inspiring others to do the same. The more 9K can become commonplace the better. This is another step toward the dream of 10K. Allez!” Mayer responded, “Thank you, you stay my biggest example.” (continues below)

Marra, manning his phone as Eaton walked his dog before the baseball game, spoke with T&FN. He, too, was reveling in the moment.

“Having worked with Ashton for 10 years as he worked diligently to achieve everything that he did,” said the coach, “I can honestly say that his motivation beyond being the best decathlete he could be was always to lift up the event and inspire others. Kevin’s a great guy and his former coach Bertrand Valcin is a friend of mine. Kevin trained with us for two months in Santa Barbara in 2014 and what I have to say is that if Ashton, their friendship and that experience contributed in any way to today’s result that’s a home run.

“Now there are three countries, France, the United States and the Czech Republic [Roman Šebrle 9026 in ’01], whose national records are above 9000 points. That’s three countries whose people are excited about the decathlon. That’s great! Kevin’s record also means that any decathlete thinking about making podiums now has to be thinking 9000. Very exciting day!

“I don’t know Kevin’s current coach but I can promise you Bertrand is drinking wine right now, big time.”

Mayer’s chart with English conversions:

(10.55 PR, 25-7¼/7.80 PR, 52-6/16.00, 6-8¾/2.05, 48.42 [4563], 13.75, 165-10/50.54, 17-10½/5.45 PR, 235-11/71.90 PR, 4:36.11 [4563])