Where They Are Going — Our New-Recruits Roundup

Wonder where the top performers of the high school class of ’21 have ended up? Here’s our compilation. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS a fall-month-edition of T&FN has featured Where They Are Going, an annual roundup devoted to compiling what went down in the collegiate recruiting wars.

The core of that perennially popular feature has always been laying out for you where the nation’s best high schoolers have chosen to pursue their collegiate careers. And that’s just what you will get here, as best as it could be sorted out in a year that while a quantum improvement on ’20 was still somewhat shy on high-end data.

Our standards for inclusion in WTAG are traditionally relatively tough, requiring high schoolers to be “national class.” We have simply ignored most marks which cannot be verified by our HS Editors, Jack Shepard (Boys) and Mike Kennedy (Girls). We’re more lenient with foreign-nation claims, which are often very difficult to confirm, even in the modern e-world.

Athletes tagged with another sport — basketball (bb), football (fb), soccer (soc), volleyball (vb) — may not compete in track at all.

For ease of reference, all 1500 & 1600 times are converted to miles and 3000 & 3200 times are converted to 2M (all converted times noted by + after mark).

Transfer students between colleges/universities are not considered in this compilation, but will be listed in February’s Super Preview edition, as will scholastic ineligibles, redshirts, etc.

This year’s recruiting roundup features 6 separate pieces:

Lists Of Top Men’s Recruits

Prize Recruit — Clayton Simms (Kansas)

Prize Recruit — Nate Mountain (Virginia)

Lists Of Top Women’s Recruits

Prize Recruit — Jasmine Montgomery (Oregon)

Prize Recruit — Ariel Pedigo (Oklahoma)