U.S. News Digest — Record Action In The Pacific Northwest

Rudy Winkler upped his own yearly world lead—and his hold on the No. 3 U.S. position ever—with another hammer PR. (MIKE SCOTT)

FOR A QUARANTINE YEAR, 2020 nonetheless proved to be an exciting one on the domestic front, with World and American Records being set in Oregon and Idaho. The best of the summer’s end, in chronological order:

4 x 1500 Records For Both Sexes

The Nike Bowerman TC’s stable of stars produced a plethora of great individual marks earlier in the summer but on the last day of July got together for some great team running. The intrasquad nature of the competition will probably prevent official ratification, but both the men’s and women’s 4 x 1500 foursomes set all-time bests in Portland.

On the women’s side, the BTC foursome of Colleen Quigley (4:08), Elise Cranny (4:09), Karissa Schweizer (4:06) & Shelby Houlihan (4:04) covered 15 laps of the track in 16:27.02, eclipsing both the World (16:33.48 by Kenya in ’14) and American (16:55.33 by the national team in the same year) Records.

The BTC men fell well short of Kenya’s WR of 14:22.22, but Evan Jager (3:39), Grant Fisher (3:37), Sean McGorty (3:38) & Lopez Lomong (3:39) did turn in the second-fastest time ever, 14:34.97. That took down the AR of 14:40.80 set by the National Team in ’14. A second BTC foursome produced the No. 9 time ever, 14:44.70.

Allman Claims American Discus Record

What a way to begin your season! Back in love with the sport, Valarie Allman began the year as the No. 5 American woman discus thrower ever, but when she was done at her ’20 debut meet, the Iron Wood Invitational (Rathdrum, Idaho, August 01), she was the farthest. (All-time list is here.)

And it took only one throw, as the 25-year-old Stanford alum (now sponsored by Oiselle and the New York AC) came within an inch of adding 10ft to her PR as she unleashed a mighty 230-2 (70.15) opener. She fouled throws 2 and 3, then finished her series at 216-1, 216-7 & 203-8 (65.86, 66.03, 62.09). The old AR of 226-11 (69.17) was set by Gia Lewis-Smallwood in ’14.

Allman was beyond pleased with her single ’20 meet. “We’ve been improving so many things and now it’s about how can you execute and how can you perform,” she told T&FN. “You don’t have to be always pushing, pushing, pushing. A lot of it is, Can you prepare yourself and do it when it matters?

“I feel like that was something that was really exciting about this weekend. Who knows how many opportunities we were going to have. But we knew we had one and we wanted to make the most of it. So it was cool to see how that played out. And I mean, it was so meaningful to do that at Iron Wood, at a place that really celebrates throwing.”

Always a site for big marks by throwers of all kinds, Iron Wood this year also featured a pair of special javelin competitions, both producing year U.S. leaders. On the women’s side, Kara Winger (this edition’s T&FN Interview subject) produced the No. 11 American performance ever, 211-5 (64.44), while Riley Dolezal extended the men’s best to 260-5 (79.39). The women’s shot found Chase Ealey raising the U.S. lead to 63-8¼ (19.41). (Continued below)

New Vault High For Katie Nageotte

The American Track League continued, with the best women’s mark coming in ATL5 (Marietta, Georgia, August 01) when vaulter Katie Nageotte finished her season by upping her PR (and the outdoor world lead) to 16-1¾ (4.92). That moved her to No. 6 on the all-time world list, No. 3 among Americans. She cleared 15-1 (4.60) and 15-7 (4.75) on first attempt before needing three at her world leader. She finished by missing three at an outdoor AR 16-5¼ (5.01).

More Speed In Florida

The Star Athletics Showcase (Montverde, Florida, August 10) featured speed, with Sha’Carri Richardson finishing off a short but fast summer with wins of 10.83w and 22.00. Her century time was aided by a just-illegal 2.1 wind and came after a list-leading 10.95 in the heats. Her half-lap clocking was a PR, moving her to No. 11 on the all-time U.S. list.

A 2.5 wind made the men’s 100 illegal too, with comebacking Trayvon Bromell whistling to a 9.87w that easily turned back the 10.02s for Justin Gatlin and Kenny Bednarek. Bednarek had a good day overall, cranking off a PR 10.09 in the 100 heats before capturing the 200 over Canadian Andre De Grasse, 19.80–20.31. The PR time moved Bednarek to No. 14 American ever and gave him what would be 4 days atop the yearly world list before Noah Lyles eclipsed it in Monaco.

Winkler Whirls Farther Yet

In last month’s issue we said that Rudy Winkler had a day of days, moving to No. 3 American ever in the hammer with a world-leading 264-9 (80.70). He just barely sneaked by that at the 12th Rock meet (Middletown, New York, September 13), improving his status with a fourth-round 264-10 (80.72). He had two other 260-footers, reaching 263-1 (80.18) in the second round and 263-8 (80.37) in the sixth.


The ATL7 meet produced the year’s only two sub-45s in the 400, Missouri prep Justin Robinson beating veteran pro Michael Cherry 44.91–44.98…

Kenyan Edward Cheserek won a pair of Sunset Tour races in Southern California. In the first meet his 13:21.78 turned back the PRs of Briton Sam Atkin (13:23.38), Aussie Olli Hoare (13:28.33) and Joe Klecker (13:28.98)… Cheserek PRed himself in the next week’s 10, running 27:42.69 to lead another string of lifetime bests: Girma Mecheso 27:49.53 (AL), Canadian Ben Flanagan 28:06.88, Conner Mantz 28:07.70, Ben Blankenship 28:08.20…

Ben Bruce provided some mixed-sex pacing help at the Hoka Distance Carnival, won by Kellyn Taylor at 31:07.60, making her the No. 7 American ever. Stephanie Bruce (31:34.87) and Lauren Paquette (31:53.72) both PRed behind her. ◻︎