2020 Olympic Games – Tokyo Tour Details

Track & Field News is the most experienced and most successful track & field tour operation in the world. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be our 18th Summer Olympic Games tour (we have taken track fans to every Olympics since Helsinki 1952, including to the U.S.– boycotted Games in Moscow in 1980). Like most of our previous Olympic tours, TAFNOT (Track & Field News Olympic Tours) 2020 will include the following in your tour package:

  • Hotel lodging for 12 or 18 nights (track & field period or entire Games)
  • Tickets to all sessions of track & field (Athletics). We are a track & field tour.
  • Option to purchase tickets to other Olympic sports, as available
  • Daily breakfast
  • Gala luncheon with invited athletes, coaches
  • Welcome function
  • Daily newsletter during track prepared by the T&FN editorial staff
  • Airport transfers (to/from your hotel)
  • Subway passes (the fastest and most convenient access to the stadium)
  • Optional extension trips before/after the Games elsewhere in Japan and Asia.
  • Tokyo city sightseeing tour
  • Optional day trips
  • Tour accessories, goodies and essential information to enhance your appreciation of the Games
  • Accessible leadership from experienced and knowledgeable tour guides and managers

Air travel to Japan is not included. Tour members arrange their own air and provide TAFNOT with their itineraries so that airport transfers can be arranged for you.

The dates: 12 night tour: Arrive July 29, 2020; Depart August 10 (track & field period only). 18 night tour: Arrive July 23, Depart August 10 (entire Games).

The tour price: The Olympics are an expensive proposition, and getting more expensive with each Games. The package price for a 12-night tour, double occupancy, for Rio 2016, averaged $11,500 per person (again, air not included). Ticket prices for Tokyo are not known and hotel prices during the Olympics are generally many multiples of the normal rates. However, Tokyo does have more good hotel inventory than Rio and early indications are that hotel rates will be a bit more reasonable. At this time, we are projecting a basic tour price of about $8,700-8800 per person, double occupancy, 12 nights, 4-star hotel.

To join: The current deposit requirement is $2,600 per person. Additional deposits will be called for from time to time (approximately every six months, or as needed to make hotel deposits or ticket payments), so that your tour package will be paid for well in advance. At this point the cancellation fee is just $15 per person; that will not be increased until January 1, 2019, when it will become $150 per person plus any funds forwarded in your behalf for tickets or housing, etc. which cannot be retrieved by T&FN.

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