This Year’s Version Of “Where They Are Going”

Wonder where the top performers of the high school class of ’20 have ended up? Here’s our compilation. (KIRBY LEE/IMAGE OF SPORT)

FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS a fall-month edition of T&FN has featured “Where They Are Going,” an annual roundup devoted to compiling what went down in the collegiate recruiting & eligibility wars.

The core of that perennially popular feature has always been laying out for you where the nation’s best high schoolers have chosen to pursue their collegiate careers. And that’s just what you will get here, as best as it could be sorted out in a year shy on high-end data.

With the C19 pandemic throwing curve balls all over the place, nearly all athletes had limited—or even nonexistent—2020 seasons. That left us with producing lists of marks that relied heavily on junior-year performances that happened in ’19. That made for fewer entries than usual.

The lists also include new foreign students, who are denoted by a tick after their names. All are frosh other than a few who have been denoted with another class standing.

Athletes tagged with another sport—basketball (bb), football (fb), soccer (soc), volleyball (vb)—may not compete in track at all.

For ease of reference, all 1600 times are converted to miles and 3200 times are converted to 2M (both noted by + after mark).

What this year’s lists—which are arranged by event, not by school—do not include is the usual referencing of athletes who have transferred between schools, have redshirt status (either coming or going), are scholastically ineligible or turned pro early. With rules on Covid-generated additional eligibility varying from conference to conference we decided it would be far more efficient to wait until the Super Preview Issue in February and see how things have sorted themselves out by then before getting into what’s up with those who were previously in the collegiate realm.

Our thanks to the many coaches and sports information directors who provided data for this report.

This year’s recruiting roundup is made up of 6 separate pieces linked below:

Lists Of Top Men’s Recruits

Prize Recruit — Justin Robinson

Price Recruit — Nico Young

Lists Of Top Women’s Recruits

Prize Recruit — Katelynne Hart

Prize Recruit — Marlee Starliper