T&FN Issues — 1968

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These are scans from microfilm so image quality is poor but they are readable, searchable and printable — and hopefully of value to subscribers. Our aim is to eventually publish quality scans of back issues.

Jim Ryun
—I February—
Dick Fosbury
—II February—
George Young
—I March—
Martin McGrady/Lee Evans/Jim Kemp
—II March—
Bob Beamon
—I April—
Earl McCullough
—II April—
Sammy Walker
—I May—
Larry James
—II May—
Lennox Miller/Willie Turner
—I June—
Jay Silvester
—II June—
Dave Patrick/Dave Wilborn
—I July—
Art Walker
—II July—
Echo Summit
Jim Ryun
Olympic Preview
Al Oerter/Ron Clarke/Kip Keino
—October-November quality—
Kip Keino/Naftali Temu
quality scan
Frank Shorter/Art Dulong