NCAA Men’s 5000 — Hacker Leads Big 10’s 1–2

Olin Hacker had too much speed for Morgan Beadlescomb in the stretch. (MIKE SCOTT)

THE CONDITIONS for a good 5000 were right, as the weather was perfect and the runners were primed.

Coming in, Washington junior Brian Fay was the formchart pick, although Northern Arizona soph Nico Young had the season’s best time with his 13:11.30 in May. Other heavy hitters in the field were Michigan State’s Morgan Beadlescomb, Notre Dame’s 10,000 champ Dylan Jacobs (who was nursing a sore ankle) and Stanford’s Ky Robinson. Flying somewhat under the radar was Wisconsin’s Olin Hacker, whose 13:19.34 PR at the Oregon Relays came on this track in April.

The pace was moderate to start. After a 63.5 opening 400 by Casey Clinger, the BYU Cougar reeled off laps in the 66/68 range, coming through 1000 in 2:46.56 before Oregon’s Aaron Bienenfeld took over, leading the pack through 3000 in 8:19.38.

Within everyone still bunched, Florida State’s Adriaan Wildschutt stepped up to the front and threw in a 62.5. After staying comfortably in 14th, Hacker decided it was his time to move. With 1600 to go, the Badger senior was in 10th behind leaders Wildschutt, Young, Jacobs and Beadlescomb, but quickly moved up to 3rd with 3 laps left.

With a kilo to go Wildschutt’s teammate Ahmed Muhumed surged to the front, but his lead was short-lived. With 750 left Young, running on Muhumed’s shoulder, moved to his right to go past and made incidental contact with Hacker, who had been in lane 2. Also on the move was Beadlescomb, who took the lead and upped the tempo with 600 remaining.

At the bell, it was Beadlescomb, Hacker, Young, Riley and Robinson, with the Seminole pair fading fast.

Beadlescomb and Hacker opened a gap and were streaking down the backstretch, with Hacker well aware of the Spartan’s 1:47.85 speed. Coming off the final curve, Hacker found another gear and would not be caught as he crossed the line in 13:27.73. His 54.62 final circuit put him 0.65 ahead of Beadlescomb, who was followed by Young, Robinson and Air Force junior Sam Gilman.

The jubilant winner said, “With 400 to go, I’ve run with Morgan enough and I kind of took a peek up at the board and I saw that, you know, we weren’t far ahead, but we had daylight and so I felt strong enough where I knew it was just me and him and just that last 200 you stay on the shoulder and you hold it and that’s my dad is telling me that for 10 years now and then yeah just 100 to go all you got.

“Sitting on the shoulder I knew I had another gear and I really thought that was gonna be enough.”

It was the second NCAA win for the Hacker family, as Olin joined father Tim, the ’85 XC champ.


(June 10)

1. Olin Hacker (Wi) 13:27.73 (54.62, 1:55.93, 4:04.37)

(30.52, 68.16 [1:38.68], 68.40 [2:47.08], 67.67 [3:54.75], 66.45 [5:01.20], 65.90 [6:07.10], 66.63 [7:13.73], 66.67 [8:20.40], 62.96 [9:23.36], 63.05 [10:26.41], 65.39 [11:31.80], 61.31 [12:33.11], 54.62);

2. Morgan Beadlescomb (MiSt) 13:28.38 (55.35, 1:56.38, 4:05.67);

3. **Nico Young (NnAz) 13:28.62 (55.28, 1:56.91, 4:06.37);

4. **Ky Robinson’ (Stan-Aus) 13:30.23 (56.44, 1:58.03, 4:06.94);

5. *Sam Gilman (AF) 13:30.82 PR (57.79, 1:59.30, 4:07.81);

7. *Brian Fay’ (Wa-Ire) 13:31.39 (55.41, 1:58.71, 4:07.44);

8. Alex Ostberg (NC) 13:31.60 PR (56.73, 1:59.18, 4:07.87);

9. **Cole Sprout (Stan) 13:32.53; 10. **Casey Clinger (BYU) 13:33.20; 11. *Zach Facioni’ (WF-Aus) 13:33.46; 12. ***Acer Iverson (Harv) 13:34.01; 13. Aaron Bienenfeld’ (Or-Ger) 13:34.36; 14. Ahmed Muhumed’ (FlSt-Som) 13:36.40; 15. Amon Kemboi’ (Ar-Ken) 13:37.13; 16. Adriaan Wildschutt’ (FlSt-SA) 13:37.60; 17. *Dylan Jacobs (NDm) 13:39.21; 18. **Vincent Mauri (AzSt) 13:45.54; 19. Athanas Kioko’ (Campb-Ken) 13:47.61; 20. Eric Van Der Els (Ct) 13:48.37; 21. Ryan Ford (IaSt) 13:50.03; 22. *Matthew Pereira (Harv) 13:53.09; 23. **Cole Bullock (Ms) 13:55.07; 24. Dan Schaffer (Bing) 14:00.95.