When Track’s Federation Came Under Fire: Part 3

As T&FN continues its support for bringing the AAU into the modern world, the stage is set as the AAU, USOC and NCTA (National Collegiate Track Coaches Association) prep for their annual meetings.

Respected Tulane coach Johnny Oelkers chips in with a take-it-slow bit of reality in the Letters To The Editor section:

"Throughout the history of the world, many revolutionaries have failed to gain their objectives, however noble, mainly because in their impatience, they have destroyed the good as well as the evils of the old regime.

"The resulting chaos often retards or makes impossible the very things they hope to achieve. The NCTCA executive committee has proposed a number of things that will very definitely improve track in this country, but not, I think, if at the same time they result in the crippling or death of the AAU."

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by Bert Nelson, Publisher Track & Field News
October 1961 Edition

A new track and field federation for the U.S. is a giant step closer today. Just a month after Track & Field News called for such an organization, the executive committee of the National Collegiate Track Coaches Association recommended that all representative groups, including the AAU, join in the formation of a new track federation.