2010 U.S. Absolute List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 01/06/2011)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


9.78Tyson Gay (adidas)London DL08/13
9.79———GayBrussels DL08/27
9.84———GayStockholm DL08/06
9.88Ryan Bailey (Nike)Rieti IWC08/29
Walter Dix (Nike)Lucerne08/08
9.92———GayZagreb IWC09/01
9.94———GayGateshead DL07/10
9.95Trell Kimmons (adidas)Zürich DL08/19
Ivory Williams (Nike)Kansas R04/17
———BaileyRieti IWC08/29
**11 performances by 5 performers**
10.00Rae Edwards (Nike)New York DL06/12
Mike Rodgers (Nike)Rieti IWC08/29
10.03J-Mee Samuels (unat)Lucerne08/08
10.06**Jeff Demps (Fl)SEC05/16
10.09Justin Gatlin (SpD)Rovereto08/31
10.10Travis Padgett (adidas)N-Xhovémont07/13
10.13Leroy Dixon (Nike)Maringá05/30
10.14**Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NACAC U2307/09
10.15Wallace Spearmon (Saucony)Nuoro07/14
10.17**Marcus Rowland (Aub)SEC05/16
10.19**Luther Ambrose (LaM)NCAA East05/27
Doc Patton (Nike)Kansas R04/17
10.20-Ahmad Rashad (USC)Pac-1005/16
10.21**Fred Rose (Hinds)LSU Alum04/17
10.22-Jerel Hill (LSU)NCAA East05/28
10.23***Charles Silmon (TCU)World Jr07/21
**Javon Young (ChSn)Big South04/17
10.24Shawn Crawford (Nike)Baie-Mahault05/01
Otis McDaniel (unat)Nivelles06/26
-Evander Wells (Tn)SEC05/16
10.25**Curtis Mitchell (TxAM)NCAA West05/28
Joshua Norman (unat)SoCal USATF06/06
**Mookie Salaam (Ok)Big 1205/16
Rubin Williams (unat)Tallinn08/08
10.27Chris Lawson (unat)GaT Inv05/15
-Calesio Newman (NCAT)MEAC05/08
*Terrell Wilks (Fl)NCAA East05/27
10.28*Cordero Gray (UTA)Texas R Univ04/03
Preston Perry (API)Texas Inv05/01
10.29***Michael Granger (Ms)SEC05/16
Jeff Henderson (unat)LSU Alum04/17
-Teddy Williams (UTSA)NCAA West05/28
10.30-Jeremy Hall (Fl)Florida R04/02
***Joel Hotchkins (CAz)SoCal USATF06/06
Carey LaCour (SMTC)Houston06/03
Foreign Collegians:
10.13*Gerald Phiri (TxAM-Zam)Big 1205/16
10.19-Rondel Sorrillo (Ky-Tri)SEC05/16
10.27**Martynas Jurgilas (KsSt-Lit)Liberty06/13
10.28*Jamal Forbes (DickSt-Bah)Dickinson04/09
9.88I. WilliamsTexas R04/03
9.92KimmonsNew York DL06/12
PadgettDoha DL05/14
9.99RodgersNew York DL06/12
T. WilliamsSouthland05/16
10.04M. MitchellNCAA East05/28
10.05Sorrillo’NCAA East05/28
10.08RashadMt. SAC04/17
10.13***Justin Walker (NWnLa)Natchitoches05/01
**Terrell McNeil (Coff)JUCO05/22
10.15(A)-Jeremy Dodson (Co)Ft. Collins04/24
10.17***Harry Adams (Aub)Yellowjacket03/27
YoungFlorida R04/02
10.18**Reggie Dixon (Hamp)NCAA East05/28
*Kendall May (MsSt)NCAA East05/28
10.19Marvin Bracy (FlHS)Florida HS05/08
-Ashton Eaton (Or)Pac-1005/15
10.22***James Alaka’ (Wa-GB)v WaSt05/01
**Tyler Alexander (SWMs)JUCO05/22
***Justin Anderson (NTx)Ft. Worth03/19
LaCourTexas R04/03
10.23Johnie Drake (unat)Paddock Inv05/08
C. MitchellNCAA06/11
10.24*Shannon Grover (SELa)Natchitoches05/01
10.25Ravyn Hayward (unat)Natchitoches05/01
10.26-Duronal Monal (ETn)Tn Inv05/08
10.27(A)**Jordan Edwards (CAz)Albuquerque05/01
**Markus Henderson (TxT)v Nb05/01
10.28*Jonathan Juin (Ms)Florida R04/02

19.72Walter Dix (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
Tyson Gay (adidas)Monaco DL07/22
19.76———GayEugene DL07/03
19.79Wallace Spearmon (Saucony)Zürich DL08/19
19.85———SpearmonRieti IWC08/29
19.86———DixRome DL06/10
———DixLausanne DL07/08
19.89———DixSeminole Twi05/08
19.93———SpearmonMonaco DL07/22
19.95———SpearmonCont Cup09/05
**10 performances by 3 performers**
19.99**Curtis Mitchell (TxAM)NACAC U2307/10
20.10Ryan Bailey (Nike)Zürich DL08/19
20.14Xavier Carter (Nike)Monaco DL07/22
20.23Angelo Taylor (Nike)Rieti IWC08/29
20.24**Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NCAA East05/29
20.31*Brandon Byram (FlSt)NACAC U2307/10
20.41**Mookie Salaam (Ok)NCAA West05/28
20.44**Fred Rose (Hinds)LSU Alum04/17
20.46Greg Nixon (Asics)Johnson-JJK04/10
20.47-Evander Wells (Tn)Florida R04/02
20.49***Justin Walker (NWnLa)Southland05/16
20.50Shawn Crawford (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
20.52i*Antonio Sales (SC)NCAA Ind03/12
20.53*Josh Scott (StA)NCAA II05/29
*Terrell Wilks (Fl)NCAA East05/29
20.54Chris Lawson (unat)GaT Inv05/15
20.55Mike Rodgers (Nike)Osaka IWC05/08
20.59Leroy Dixon (Nike)USATF06/27
i**Marcus Rowland (Aub)NCAA Ind03/12
20.62Rodney Martin (HSI)USATF06/26
20.63-Jeremy Dodson (Co)Big 1205/16
Justin Gatlin (SpD)Arzana09/07
-Teddy Williams (UTSA)Southland05/16
20.64(A)*Mychal Dungey (TCU)Mtn West05/15
-Trey Harts (Bay)Big 1205/15
***Tony McQuay (Fl)Florida R04/02
-Bruce Owens (Rut)NCAA East05/29
**Javon Young (ChSn)Florida R04/02
20.65(A)***Charles Silmon (TCU)Mtn West05/15
20.67i-Charles Clark (FlSt)ACC Ind02/27
i-Calvin Smith (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
20.70Jeremy Davis (unat)Houston06/03
*Michael DeHaven (Aub)Auburn04/17
*Darius Law (UNCC)NCAA East05/29
***Ameer Webb (CerrCC)SoCal JC05/15
20.71*Whitney Prevost (Bay)NCAA West05/29
20.73Rae Edwards (Nike)Daegu IWC05/19
*Cordero Gray (UTA)Southland05/16
Carey LaCour (US)Houston06/03
Foreign Collegians:
20.29-Rondel Sorrillo (Ky-Tri)NCAA East05/29
20.57*Gerald Phiri (TxAM-Zam)NCAA West05/29
20.63-Dwight Mullings (MsSt-Jam)Ole Miss Inv04/10
20.68*Leford Green (JCS-Jam)Charlotte04/10
20.70-Obakeng Ngwigwa (SC-Bot)Chapel Hill05/08
20.71***James Alaka (Wa-GB)NCAA West05/29
20.73*Anderson Mutegi (UTEP-Ken)C-USA05/15
20.06C. MitchellNACAC U2307/11
20.36L. DixonUSATF06/27
20.37Joel Brown (unat)Clermont06/05
20.38Rubin Williams (HerE)USATF06/27
20.40DodsonNCAA West05/29
20.46-Gavin Smellie’ (WnKy-Can)Vanderbilt04/17
20.56Ngwigwa’NCAA East05/29
20.57HartsTexas Inv05/01
**Horatio Williams (Hinds)Monroe04/24
20.58SilmonNCAA West05/29
20.59-Calesio Newman (NCAT)NCAA East05/29
20.60**Markus Henderson (TxT)v Nb05/01
20.61**Terrell McNeil (Coff)JUCO05/22
20.62-Damein White (CSLA)SoCal USATF06/06
20.68*Marvin Bonde’ (OR-Zim)NCAA06/12
20.69-Courtney Thomas (Bay)NCAA West05/29
20.71-Albert Fullwood (LaT)WAC05/15
Wind-aided, unknown irregularity:
20.61DeAnthony Thomas (CaHS)Lake Balboa05/27

44.13Jeremy Wariner (adidas)Zürich DL08/19
44.22———WarinerCont Cup09/04
44.49———WarinerParis DL07/16
44.57———WarinerLausanne DL07/08
44.61Greg Nixon (Asics)USATF06/26
44.67———WarinerLondon DL08/14
44.70LeJerald Betters (Nike)Lausanne DL07/08
44.72Angelo Taylor (Nike)Zürich DL08/19
44.73———WarinerRome DL06/10
**10 performances by 4 performers**
44.80Jamaal Torrance (Nike)USATF06/26
44.81-Calvin Smith (Fl)Gainesville04/17
44.84***Tavaris Tate (MsSt)USATF06/26
44.89Tyson Gay (adidas)Gainesville04/17
45.01*Josh Scott (StA)USATF06/26
45.03i**Torrin Lawrence (Ga)Tyson02/12
45.15**Joey Hughes (USC)NCAA06/09
45.21-Donald Sanford (AzSt)NCAA06/11
45.24**O’Neal Wilder (MsSt)SEC05/16
45.29*Darius Law (UNCC)NCAA East05/28
45.37***Tony McQuay (Fl)Gainesville04/17
45.39David Neville (HSI)Lausanne DL07/08
45.41i(A)Bershawn Jackson (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
45.55**Christian Taylor (Fl)Florida R04/02
45.59***Errol Nolan (Hous)NCAA West05/28
45.62*Charles Cox (NC)NCAA East05/28
Jeremy Davis (unat)Houston04/24
45.65-Armanti Hayes (LSU)NCAA East05/27
45.69*Marcus Boyd (Bay)Texas Inv05/01
45.72-Albert Fullwood (LaT)NCAA East05/28
**Kelvin Furlough (SWCh)Johnson Inv04/17
45.73-Antoine Thomas (AlbSt)NCAA II05/27
45.78*Steven Willey (Ia)NCAA West05/28
45.82Jerry Harris (unat)Charlotte04/10
45.84Miles Smith (unat)Daegu IWC05/19
45.86**Thomas Murdaugh (OhSt)NCAA East05/28
45.90Josh Mance (CaHS)California HS06/05
45.92Michael Courtney (unat)USATF06/24
45.94**Bryshon Nellum (USC)Pac-1005/16
45.95-James Howell (Ang)NCAA II05/29
45.96*Bryan Miller (TxAM)Texas Inv05/01
45.98*Antonio Abney (StA)NCAA II05/29
Jordan Boase (Asics)St. Martin05/08
***Kyle Clemons (Ks)NCAA West05/28
46.01Kerron Clement (Nike)USATF06/25
46.06*Tran Howell (TxAM)Texas Inv05/01
Matt Scherer (OTC)Oregon Twi05/08
Foreign Collegians:
44.93*Demetrius Pinder (TxAM-Bah)NCAA West05/28
45.01**Kevin Borlée (FlSt-Bel)Cont Cup09/04
***Kirani James (Al-Grn)SEC05/16
45.07*Tabarie Henry (TxAM-VI)CAC Games07/26
45.12-Dwight Mullings (MsSt-Jam)NCAA East05/28
45.22*Anderson Mutegi (UTEP-Ken)NCAA West05/28
45.24-Allodin Fothergill (MdES-Jam)CAC Games07/26
45.28***Rondell Bartholomew (SPl-Grn)Johnson Inv04/17
45.49*LaToy Williams (TxT-Bah)NCAA West05/28
45.50(A)-Obakeng Ngwigwa (SC-Bot)African Ch07/30
45.52***Anton Kokorin (SPl-Rus)Johnson Inv04/17
45.68*Leford Green (JCS-Jam)NCAA II05/29
45.70**Zwede Hewitt (Bay-Tri)NCAA West05/28
45.92-Kevin Bowen (Morg-Grn)NCAA East05/27
45.93***Akino Ming (JCS-Jam)NCAA II05/27

1:43.76Nick Symmonds (OTC)Rieti IWC08/29
1:44.06———SymmondsMonaco DL07/22
1:44.56Leonel Manzano (Nike)Berlin IWC08/22
-Andrew Wheating (Or)London DL08/13
1:44.62———WheatingParis DL07/16
1:44.93———SymmondsParis DL07/16
1:44.98———SymmondsCont Cup09/05
1:45.05———SymmondsNew York DL06/12
1:45.14David Torrence (Nike)Monaco DL07/22
**10 performances by 4 performers**
1:45.23Duane Solomon (Saucony)USATF06/25
1:45.53Khadevis Robinson (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
1:45.54***Robby Andrews (Va)NCAA06/09
1:45.65**Charles Jock (UCI)NACAC U2307/11
1:45.70*Cory Primm (UCLA)NCAA06/09
1:45.79Karjuan Williams (adidas)Rio IWC05/23
1:46.11**Lance Roller (Va)NCAA06/09
1:46.32Tyler Mulder (OTC)Tangier07/18
1:46.42*Richard Jones (LSU)NCAA East05/28
1:46.51Jacob Hernandez (Nike)Lignano07/18
1:46.53Jonathan Johnson (SMTC)Oxy HP05/22
1:46.57***Cas Loxsom (PennSt)World Jr07/25
1:46.63*Michael Rutt (Ct)NCAA East05/28
1:46.71*Ryan Martin (UCSB)NCAA06/09
Matt Scherer (OTC)AMC II06/12
1:46.75Brandon Shaw (Evo)Oxy Inv05/08
1:46.83**Ryan Waite (BYU)NCAA West05/28
1:46.85Rob Novak (NYAC)NJ Intl06/05
1:46.99-Brian Gagnon (Ct)NCAA East05/28
***Elijah Greer (Or)NCAA06/09
1:47.20Sean Tully (NYAC)NJ Intl06/05
1:47.25*Jeff Moriarty (Col)NJ Intl06/05
1:47.26Garrett Heath (Saucony)Lignano07/18
1:47.39*Aaron Dixon (Mo)NCAA West05/28
1:47.45i***Zach Mellon (Wi)Notre Dame LC03/06
1:47.46Golden Coachman (USAr)Mt. SAC04/17
1:47.50Ryan Brown (Asics)USATF06/24
1:47.53**Blake Irwin (Mo)NCAA West05/28
1:47.57***Sadiki White (LSU)NCAA East05/28
1:47.60Patrick Roach (Shore)NJ Intl06/05
*Travis Thompson (Or)NCAA West05/28
1:47.64*Sharif Webb (Ky)SEC05/16
1:47.74-Chris Labosky (Yale)NCAA East05/28
1:47.75Mark Wieczorek (OTC)USATF06/24
1:47.77i*Owen Dawson (PennSt)Husky Classic02/13
1:47.78-Scott Crawford (UCLA)NCAA West05/28
Foreign Collegians:
1:45.94*Fred Samoei (Al-Ken)NCAA06/09
1:46.26**Aaron Evans (Ga-Ber)NCAA East05/28
1:47.32i*Ryan Foster (PennSt-Aus)Husky Classic02/13
1:47.38-Chris Gowell (Bay-GB)NCAA West05/28
1:47.62*Felix Kitur (VMI-Ken)IC4A05/15

2:16.35Nick Symmonds (OTC)Eugene DL07/03
2:17.84Duane Solomon (Saucony)Eugene DL07/03
2:17.91Tyler Mulder (OTC)Eugene DL07/03
2:18.42Jacob Hernandez (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
2:20.05Will Leer (OTC)Dubnica08/22
**5 performances by 5 performers**
2:21.21Ryan Brown (Asics)Eugene DL07/03
2:21.56i-Dorian Ulrey (Ar)Armory Coll02/05
2:21.98i*Owen Dawson (PennSt)NE Challenge01/16
2:22.36i*Johnathan Moore (Albany)NE Challenge01/16
2:22.38i*Aaron Dixon (Mo)adidas Nb01/23
2:22.39i*Zach Beth (Wi)Meyo02/05
2:22.48i**Cory Leslie (OhSt)Meyo02/05
2:22.76i**Johnathan Shawel (NDm)Meyo02/05
2:23.35i*Alex Bean (Gtn)National Inv01/30
2:23.37Mark Wieczorek (OTC)Or Preview03/20
2:23.98i-Alex Mason (Gtn)National Inv01/30
2:23.99i***Nick Wade (Corn)NE Challenge01/16
2:24.16i*Blaise Rewaka (Nb)adidas Nb01/23
2:24.19i***Drew Butler (Ar)Armory Coll02/05
2:24.26i*Luke Rucks (Wi)Meyo02/05
Foreign Collegians:
2:19.60i*Ryan Foster (PennSt-Aus)NE Challenge01/16
2:22.38i-Chris Gowell (Bay-GB)TxAM Inv01/16
2:23.71i**Alex Hudak (Man-Ger)Valentine Inv02/13

3:30.90-Andrew Wheating (Or)Monaco DL07/22
3:32.20Lopez Lomong (Nike)Monaco DL07/22
3:32.37Leonel Manzano (Nike)Brussels DL08/27
3:32.51Bernard Lagat (Nike)Monaco DL07/22
3:33.51———ManzanoGateshead DL07/10
3:33.92———ManzanoNew York DL06/12
3:34.25David Torrence (Nike)Rieti IWC08/29
3:34.36———LagatNew York DL06/12
3:35.77———LomongNew York DL06/12
**10 performances by 5 performers**
3:36.12Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)New York DL06/12
3:36.21Alan Webb (Nike)Milan09/09
3:36.48*A.J. Acosta (Or)Heusden07/10
3:36.89Russell Brown (OTC)Oxy HP05/22
3:37.12Garrett Heath (Saucony)Barcelona07/09
3:37.26Will Leer (OTC)Oxy HP05/22
3:38.47-Jack Bolas (Wi)NCAA West05/29
3:38.53Evan Jager (OTC)New York DL06/12
3:38.94Stephen Pifer (OTC)Oxy HP05/22
3:39.59-Mark Matusak (Cal)NCAA West05/29
3:39.68Andrew Jesien (RMt)Karlstad07/15
3:39.77*Ben Blankenship (Mn)NCAA West05/29
3:39.90John Mickowski (USAr)Oregon R04/30
3:40.06-Jeff See (OhSt)V-d’Ascq08/24
3:40.07**Dylan Ferris (Stan)Jordan05/01
3:40.14**Matthew Centrowitz (Or)USATF06/25
3:40.15Liam Boylan-Pett (unat)Oxy HP05/22
3:40.16-Craig Miller (Wi)Karlstad07/15
3:40.22***Ryan Hill (NCSt)USATF06/25
3:40.33Nick Symmonds (OTC)Ponce05/08
3:40.44Ian Cronin (unat)Oxy HP05/22
3:40.62-Brandon Rooney (IaSt)NCAA West05/29
3:40.68Kyle Alcorn (Nike)Oxy HP05/22
3:40.75Daniel Castle (USAF)Oxy HP05/22
3:40.90Rob Novak (NYAC)Oxy HP05/22
3:41.01John Jefferson (OTC)Ponce05/08
3:41.09***Robby Andrews (Va)Greensboro05/16
3:41.23Derek Scott (TInE)Oordegem07/03
3:41.27*Elliott Heath (Stan)Jordan05/01
3:41.36-Daniel Clark (NDm)AMC IV06/19
3:41.55Darren Brown (Rogue)Oxy HP05/22
3:41.81-Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn)Brasschaat07/11
3:41.87**Andrew Bayer (In)Border B04/10
3:42.01**Riley Masters (Me)NCAA06/10
3:42.07*Cory Nanni (Duke)Chapel Hill04/10
Foreign Collegians:
3:38.79-Lee Emanuel (NM-GB)Oregon R04/30
3:40.50-Felix Kiboiywo (Aub-Ken)Auburn04/17
3:40.89-Francis Kasagule (Lam-Uga)NCAA West05/29
3:41.11*Julius Bor (Al-Ken)Florida R04/02
3:41.26*Ryan Foster (PennSt-Aus)Florida R04/02
3:41.99*Carl MacKenzie (Vill-NZ)Swarthmore05/10

3:50.64Leonel Manzano (Nike)London DL08/14
3:51.74-Andrew Wheating (Or)Eugene DL07/03
3:53.18Lopez Lomong (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
3:53.76*A.J. Acosta (Or)Eugene DL07/03
3:54.36Bernard Lagat (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
3:54.47David Torrence (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
3:54.55———LomongLondon DL08/14
3:55.66iWill Leer (OTC)Reebok B02/06
3:55.75iChris Solinsky (Nike)Washington Inv01/30
3:55.79iRussell Brown (OTC)Tyson02/12
**10 performances by 9 performers**
3:56.12Stephen Pifer (OTC)Eugene DL07/03
3:56.22iGalen Rupp (Nike)Washington Inv01/30
3:57.32iAlex McClary (unat)Tyson02/12
3:57.34iGarrett Heath (unat)Reebok B02/06
3:57.70i***Mac Fleet (Or)Husky Classic02/13
3:57.80i-Dorian Ulrey (Ar)Tyson02/12
3:57.87i*Ben Blankenship (Mn)Seattle03/06
3:58.16Andy McClary (unat)St Louis05/22
3:58.17Rob Myers (Reebok)Drake R04/24
3:58.36i-Mark Matusak (Cal)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.40Tommy Schmitz (Saucony)St. Louis05/22
3:58.41-Jack Bolas (Wi)Dublin07/21
3:58.50i**Abdi Hassan (Az)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.52i**Kyle Merber (Col)Columbia LC03/05
3:58.67iJordan Horn (adidas)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.80iTony Jordanek (unat)Columbia LC03/05
3:58.82i-Jeff See (OhSt)Meyo02/06
3:58.90i**Dylan Ferris (Stan)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.91iAndrew Jesien (unat)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.98i**Andrew Bayer (In)Indiana R01/29
3:59.07i**Riley Masters (Me)Columbia LC03/05
3:59.19-Craig Miller (Wi)Dublin07/21
3:59.32iEric Garner (Brooks)Seattle03/06
3:59.33**Matthew Centrowitz (Or)Oregon Twi05/08
3:59.42*Steve Sodaro (Cal)Hamilton04/24
3:59.44i-Jacob Boone (Ok)Husky Classic02/13
3:59.46-Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn)Dublin07/21
3:59.58i*Erik van Ingen (Bing)National Inv01/30
3:59.72iSam Bair (unat)Husky Classic02/13
3:59.83iKyle Heath (unat)Columbia LC03/05
3:59.84Kyle King (unat)Nashville06/05
3:59.85i**Blake Shaw (USC)3/0612/31
3:59.86Liam Boylan-Pett (unat)7/2112/31
3:59.97i*Eric Harasyan (Ok)2/1312/31
Foreign Collegians:
3:57.34i*Silas Kisorio (OkCh-Ken)Tyson02/12
3:57.62i-Lee Emanuel (NM-GB)Indiana R01/29
3:58.76i-Justin Marpole-Bird (Stan-Can)Husky Classic02/13
3:59.37i-Rob Mullett (Butler-GB)Husky Classic02/13
3:59.80i*Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)Washington Inv01/30

8:13.29Dan Huling (Reebok)Lausanne DL07/08
8:19.33———HulingParis DL07/16
8:21.68———HulingNew York DL06/12
8:22.88Ben Bruce (OTC)Gateshead DL07/10
8:24.05Steve Slattery (BouH)Daegu IWC05/19
8:25.81———SlatteryNew York DL06/12
8:26.23———BruceNew York DL06/12
8:27.59———HulingCont Cup09/05
**10 performances by 3 performers**
8:27.95Kyle Alcorn (Nike)Jordan05/01
8:28.27Brian Olinger (Reebok)Jordan05/01
8:29.34Kyle Heath (StotR)Jordan05/01
8:30.84Anthony Famiglietti (Saucony)New York DL06/12
8:33.08Kyle Perry (New Balance)Windsor05/29
8:34.43Josh McAdams (New Balance)USATF06/27
8:35.17Billy Nelson (OTC)USATF06/27
8:35.60**Donn Cabral (Prin)NCAA East05/29
8:38.76Jacques Sallberg (unat)USATF06/27
8:40.56*Stephen Finley (Va)NCAA East05/29
8:40.60*Steve Sodaro (Cal)Pac-1005/15
8:41.02Donald Cowart (RMt)USATF06/27
8:41.09*Justin Tyner (AF)Jordan05/01
8:41.91Jon Pierce (Asics)Mt. SAC04/15
8:41.96Corey Nowitzke (Miz)Windsor05/29
8:42.88-Ryan Gasper (Wi)Jordan05/01
8:42.97-Steve Strickland (UtSt)Hamilton04/24
*John Sullivan (Stan)NCAA06/11
8:43.27-Richard Nelson (BYU)Mt. SAC04/15
8:43.44**De’Sean Turner (In)NCAA06/09
8:43.62-Julian DeRubira (UCSB)NCAA06/09
8:43.68*Dylan Knight (UCLA)Pac-1005/15
8:43.70-John Martinez (NCSt)NCAA East05/29
8:44.10**Andrew Poore (In)Big 1005/15
8:44.36*Ryan McDermott (Duke)NCAA East05/29
8:45.11Matt Williams (USAF)AMC II06/12
8:45.28*Brett Hales (Web)NCAA06/09
8:46.49-Harry Miller (WM)NCAA06/09
8:46.72Justin Lutz (unat)AMC I05/22
8:46.81*Spencer Beatty (MiSt)Big 1005/15
8:47.80**Adrien Dannemiller (Corn)NCAA East05/29
8:47.89-Adu Dentamo (UNCC)NCAA East05/29
8:47.93-David Brent (EnMi)NCAA East05/29
8:48.18*Craig Forys (Mi)Big 1005/15
*Adam Green (OhSt)Owens Cl04/30
8:48.28-Daniel Lewis (Vill)Big East05/01
8:48.81Lyle Weese (unat)Oregon R04/30
Foreign Collegians:
8:34.18*Matt Hughes (Louis-Can)NCAA06/11
8:34.42-Reuben Mwei (Adams-Ken)Jordan05/01
8:35.75*Joonas Harjamäki (Lam-Fin)Espoo06/30
8:38.05*Hillary Bor (IaSt-Ken)Mt. SAC04/15
8:42.47*Martin Kirui (Ms-Ken)NCAA East05/29
8:42.99*Gilbert Limo (TxT-Ken)Hamilton04/24
8:43.66-Barnabas Kirui (Ms-Ken)NCAA06/09
8:46.35-Stephen Lisgo (Butler-GB)Mt. SAC04/15
8:46.53*Evans Kigen (Lib-Ken)Jordan05/01
8:46.68-Nicodemus Ng’etich (UTEP-Ken)Jordan05/01
8:48.14-Rob Mullett (Butler-GB)Mt. SAC04/15

7:29.00Bernard Lagat (Nike)Rieti IWC08/29
7:32.49———LagatOstrava IWC05/27
7:34.32Chris Solinsky (Nike)Rieti IWC08/29
7:35.11———LagatBerlin IWC08/22
7:37.97i———LagatWorld Ind03/14
7:40.36———LagatLondon DL08/13
7:42.40iGalen Rupp (Nike)World Ind03/14
7:43.24———RuppLondon DL08/13
7:46.2———SolinskyStockholm DL08/06
7:46.97Dan Huling (Reebok)Rieti IWC08/29
**10 performances by 4 performers**
7:49.73Will Leer (OTC)Kessel-Lo08/14
7:49.94i-Craig Miller (Wi)Husky Classic02/13
7:50.27Scott Bauhs (adidas)N-Xhovémont07/13
7:51.02i**German Fernandez (OkSt)Husky Classic02/13
7:51.68i-Aaron Braun (Adams)Washington Inv01/30
7:51.87-Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn)N-Xhovémont07/13
7:52.14i*Michael Coe (Cal)Husky Classic02/13
7:52.45iJordan Horn (McME)Gladstein01/22
7:52.99iMichael Maag (unat)Husky Classic02/13
7:53.31-Mark Matusak (Cal)N-Xhovémont07/13
7:53.63-Jordan McNamara (Or)Or Preview03/20
7:53.93Jon Pierce (Asics)Kessel-Lo08/14
7:54.27i-Brandon Bethke (AzSt)Husky Classic02/13
7:54.57i-Chris Rombough (Mn)Husky Classic02/13
7:54.61David Torrence (Nike)Lucerne08/08
7:54.81i**Kyle King (unat)Husky Classic02/13
7:55.23i-Dorian Ulrey (Ar)TxAM Chall01/30
7:55.25i**Andrew Bayer (In)Gladstein01/22
7:55.86iIan Burrell (McME)Gladstein01/22
7:55.90i-Brian Medigovich (Adams)Washington Inv01/30
7:56.12iLex Williams (unat)Allendale02/13
7:56.39iRyan Vail (unat)Karlsruhe01/31
7:56.67i*Colton Tully-Doyle (Wa)Husky Classic02/13
7:57.14i-Jeff See (OhSt)Allendale02/13
7:57.28Bobby Curtis (Reebok)Lucerne08/08
7:57.42i**Luke Puskedra (Or)Husky Classic02/13
7:57.44i**Andrew Poore (In)Gladstein01/22
7:57.47i-Robert Sorrell (Ok)Husky Classic02/13
7:57.65Ben Bruce (OTC)Malmö08/08
7:58.06Stephen Pifer (OTC)N-Xhovémont07/13
7:58.18i-Scott MacPherson (Ar)Tyson02/13
7:58.20i-Scott Wall (Or)TxAM Chall01/30
7:58.85i-Jack Bolas (Wi)Husky Classic02/13
7:59.02iAucencio Martinez (BouRC)Husky Classic02/13
7:59.29iBen True (OTC)Husky Classic02/13
7:59.49i*Ben Blankenship (Mn)Husky Classic02/13
Foreign Collegians:
7:47.52i*David McNeill (NnAz-Aus)Husky Classic02/13
7:51.20i-Lee Emanuel (NM-GB)Husky Classic02/13
7:56.40i*Matt Leeder (FlSt-Can)Husky Classic02/13
7:57.15i-Justin Marpole-Bird (Stan-Can)TxAM Chall01/30
7:57.83i-Joe MacDonald (Butler-GB)Husky Classic02/13
7:58.47i*Festus Kigen (TCU-Ken)Husky Classic02/13
7:58.68i***Thomas Farrell (OkSt-GB)Husky Classic02/13
7:59.20i***Soufian Bouchikhi (EnKy-Bel)Notre Dame LC03/06

12:54.12Bernard Lagat (Nike)Oslo DL06/04
12:55.53Chris Solinsky (Nike)Stockholm DL08/06
12:56.45———SolinskyZürich DL08/19
12:56.66———SolinskyOslo DL06/04
13:07.35Galen Rupp (Nike)Zürich DL08/19
13:08.11———SolinskyEugene DL07/03
13:10.05———RuppGateshead DL07/10
13:11.50i———LagatReebok B02/06
13:14.21i———RuppReebok B02/06
13:18.97Bobby Curtis (Reebok)Montreuil06/08
**10 performances by 4 performers**
13:20.25Ed Moran (Nike)Stockholm DL08/06
13:20.33Tim Nelson (Nike)Heusden07/10
13:24.72Dan Huling (Reebok)Mt. SAC04/16
13:25.09Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
13:26.05Brent Vaughn (Nike)Mt. SAC04/16
13:27.83-Brandon Bethke (AzSt)Mt. SAC04/16
13:29.16Brian Medigovich (unat)Mt. SAC04/16
13:29.18Scott Bauhs (adidas)Mt. SAC04/16
13:29.75*Elliott Heath (Stan)Mt. SAC04/16
13:31.67**Chris Derrick (Stan)Mt. SAC04/16
13:31.87Ben Bruce (OTC)Oregon Twi05/08
13:31.89Ian Dobson (OTC)Portland06/11
13:32.10Ryan Vail (Brooks)Antwerp08/28
13:34.86Kyle Perry (New Balance)Mt. SAC04/16
13:35.03Brian Olinger (Reebok)Mt. SAC04/16
13:35.13Jeremy Johnson (Brooks TI)Mt. SAC04/16
13:35.69Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Jordan05/01
13:36.02-Chris Barnicle (NM)Mt. SAC04/16
13:36.18-Aaron Braun (Adams)Jordan05/01
13:36.25Stephen Furst (adidas Raleigh)Jordan05/01
13:37.66*Justin Tyner (AF)Mt. SAC04/16
13:39.09Bobby Mack (Brooks)Jordan05/01
13:39.34Kyle King (unat)Portland06/11
13:40.73Anthony Famiglietti (Saucony)Sea Ray04/09
13:40.79iDavid Jankowski (Zap)Terrier Cl01/30
13:41.37Josh Simpson (NYAC)Jordan05/01
13:42.60**Colby Lowe (OkSt)Mt. SAC04/16
13:42.65Bolota Asmerom (Saucony)Jordan05/01
13:43.39Sean Quigley (Puma)Heusden07/10
13:43.98Ben True (OTC)Portland06/11
13:44.36***Ryan Hill (NCSt)Jordan05/01
13:44.49-Jeff See (OhSt)Jordan05/01
13:45.45-Jordan McNamara (Or)Stan Inv03/26
13:45.75**Andrew Bayer (In)Stan Inv03/26
13:46.00Jason Hartmann (Nike)Mt. SAC04/16
13:46.12i*Jon Grey (WM)NCAA Ind03/12
Foreign Collegians:
13:25.63*David McNeill (NnAz-Aus)Stan Inv03/26
13:31.56-Lee Emanuel (NM-GB)Mt. SAC04/16
13:35.75-Samuel Kosgei (Lamar-Ken)Mt. SAC04/16
13:37.01i*Sam Chelanga (Lib-Ken)NCAA Ind03/12
13:42.03-John Beattie (Tul-GB)Mt. SAC04/16
13:42.17-John Kosgei (OkSt-Ken)Mt. SAC04/16
13:42.59**Ben Cheruiyot (Aub-Ken)Auburn04/16
13:43.60**Stephen Sambu (RendL-Ken)Auburn04/16
13:44.59-Elkanah Kibet (Aub-Ken)Auburn04/16

10,000 METERS
26:59.60Chris Solinsky (Nike)Jordan05/01
27:10.74Galen Rupp (Nike)Jordan05/01
27:31.56Tim Nelson (Nike)Jordan05/01
27:33.38Bobby Curtis (Reebok)Jordan05/01
28:03.99Scott Bauhs (adidas)Jordan05/01
28:05.33Brent Vaughn (Nike)Jordan05/01
28:09.21Brett Gotcher (adidas)Jordan05/01
28:10.59-Chris Barnicle (NM)Jordan05/01
28:25.99Jason Hartmann (Nike)Jordan05/01
**10 performances by 9 performers**
28:29.70Sergio Reyes (Asics Aggies)Jordan05/01
28:33.14Patrick Smyth (TMn)Jordan05/01
28:34.27David Jankowski (Zap)Jordan05/01
28:34.28-Lex Williams (Mi)Stan Inv03/26
28:35.29Jimmy Grabow (ICR)Jordan05/01
28:35.71-Scott Smith (UCSB)Stan Inv03/26
28:37.77***Eric Fernandez (Ar)Stan Inv03/26
28:37.84Jeremy Johnson (Brooks)Jordan05/01
28:40.19**Diego Estrada (NnAz)Jordan05/01
28:40.33*Jon Grey (WM)Mt. SAC04/15
28:40.54Brian Medigovich (unat)Jordan05/01
28:41.27Stephan Shay (BayA)Hamilton04/24
28:43.27Josh Moen (TMn)Jordan05/01
28:43.35***Solomon Haile (Ar)Stan Inv03/26
28:44.05-Jesse Cherry (HPt)Stan Inv03/26
28:48.33*Jonathan Kotter (BYU)Jordan05/01
28:51.39Ryan Sheehan (Hansons)Hamilton04/24
28:51.69-Matt Llano (Rich)Stan Inv03/26
28:52.25**Lane Boyer (Ar)Stan Inv03/26
28:52.57**Ahmed Osman (NnAz)Mt. SAC04/15
28:54.69*Jake Riley (Stan)Mt. SAC04/15
28:56.07Brian Baker (ICR)Mt. SAC04/15
28:56.21-Jake Schmitt (Wa)Stan Inv03/26
28:56.44**Brendan Gregg (Stan)Stan Inv03/26
28:56.79Crosby Freeman (Asics Aggies)Jordan05/01
28:58.07**Andrew Poore (In)Stan Inv03/26
28:58.55-Kiel Uhl (IaSt)NCAA06/10
28:58.67Robert Cheseret (USAr)Mt. SAC04/15
28:59.04Christian Wagner (Hansons)Stan Inv03/26
28:59.83Chris Chavez (Trans adidas)Stan Inv03/26
28:59.87***Joe Bosshard (Co)NCAA06/10
Foreign Collegians:
27:08.39*Sam Chelanga (Lib-Ken)Jordan05/01
28:32.21-John Beattie (Tul-GB)Jordan05/01
28:32.62-Samuel Kosgei (Lam-Ken)Jordan05/01
28:42.51*Keith Gerrard (NM-GB)Stan Inv03/26
28:52.72*Ben Ashkettle (NnAz-Aus)Jordan05/01
28:55.73**Alfred Kipchumba (Port-Ken)Mt. SAC04/15
28:55.93-John Kosgei (OkSt-Ken)NCAA06/10
28:57.44***Mohammed Ahmed (Wi-Can)NCAA06/10

12.89David Oliver (Nike)Paris DL07/16
12.90———OliverEugene DL07/03
———OliverZürich DL08/19
12.99———OliverShanghai DL05/23
13.01———OliverMonaco DL07/22
———OliverRieti IWC08/29
13.06———OliverLondon DL08/14
13.11———OliverDaegu IWC05/19
———OliverCont Cup09/05
**11 performances by 1 performer**
13.12Ryan Wilson (unat)Paris DL07/16
13.19*Ronnie Ash (Ok)USATF06/27
13.22David Payne (Nike)Lausanne DL07/08
13.24Joel Brown (unat)N-Xhovémont07/13
13.29Antwon Hicks (adidas)Eugene DL07/03
13.34Jason Richardson (Nike)Monaco DL07/22
13.35**Barrett Nugent (LSU)USATF06/27
13.36John Yarbrough (StarA)Clermont06/12
13.38Ty Akins (unat)Sotteville06/12
13.39Terrence Trammell (TSA)Manchester05/16
13.41Eric Mitchum (adidas)Gainesville04/17
13.45Jeff Porter (Juck)Osaka IWC05/08
13.47Dexter Faulk (Nike)Drake R04/24
13.48Ryan Fontenot (unat)Joensuu08/21
13.50*Johnny Dutch (SC)Chapel Hill05/08
13.51Fred Townsend (unat)Joensuu08/21
13.52Drew Brunson (unat)IFF Games04/17
13.54-Ashton Eaton (Or)Pac-1005/16
13.56Kevin Craddock (unat)SoCal USATF06/06
Chris Thomas (GlR)La Roche-sur-Yon07/22
13.58*Oscar Spurlock (USC)NCAA06/12
13.59*Jeffrey Julmis (KsSt)NCAA West05/29
**Booker Nunley (SC)Columbia03/27
13.60Kirk Thornton (unat)Kortrijk07/11
13.61Dominic Berger (PSpT)Greensboro05/16
*Ronald Brookins (SacSt)NCAA West05/29
Aries Merritt (Reebok)Houston03/27
13.63Kai Kelley (unat)Oxy Inv05/08
13.64Bryan Clay (Nike)Oxy Inv05/08
-Leander McKenzie (Troy)NCAA East05/28
Anwar Moore (Nike)Drake R04/24
13.65Allen Johnson (unat)Shanghai DL05/23
-Cory Nelms (Mia)NCAA East05/29
Carrington Queen (ZenV)Chapel Hill05/08
13.67**Nick McCloud (SFA)NCAA West05/29
*Domonick Sylve (Army)NCAA East05/29
13.68-Tyrell Ross (Nb)NCAA West05/29
13.70Dominique Arnold (unat)SoCal USATF06/06
Tim Bogdanof (unat)Hamilton04/24
Foreign Collegians:
13.44-Lehann Fourie (Nb-SA)Big 1205/16
13.45**Andrew Riley (Il-Jam)NCAA06/12
13.61***Keiron Stewart (Tx-Jam)Big 1205/16
12.98AshNACAC U2307/09
13.30DutchNACAC U2307/09
13.39Stewart’NCAA West05/29
13.60Aubrey Herring (unat)Clermont06/05
13.61Jerome Miller (unat)Texas R04/03
13.62-Jansen Hyde (TxT)NCAA West05/29
13.66Jermaine Morris (unat)Dover05/01
13.68Jacoby DuBose (PSpT)USATF06/27

47.32Bershawn Jackson (Nike)USATF06/26
47.62———JacksonLausanne DL07/08
47.63*Johnny Dutch (SC)USATF06/26
47.65———JacksonStockholm DL08/06
47.78———JacksonMonaco DL07/22
47.79Angelo Taylor (Nike)Monaco DL07/22
47.85———JacksonBrussels DL08/27
47.86Kerron Clement (Nike)New York DL06/12
47.94———JacksonNew York DL06/12
47.96———TaylorLausanne DL07/08
**10 performances by 4 performers**
48.46Michael Tinsley (adidas)Ponce05/08
48.63*Jeshua Anderson (WaSt)Pac-1005/16
48.65Justin Gaymon (Nike)Monaco DL07/22
49.31*Bryce Brown (TxT)NCAA West05/28
49.32LaRon Bennett (unat)Baie-Mahault05/01
49.46***Reggie Wyatt (USC)NCAA West05/28
49.52*Lee Moore (Ms)Ole Miss Inv04/10
50.13**David Aristil (SFl)NCAA06/09
50.15Adam Durham (unat)USATF06/25
50.17*Eric Bailey (Ok)NCAA West05/28
50.20-Brent LaRue (WF)NCAA06/09
50.24-Durell Coleman (Stan)NCAA West05/28
*Sam Jeter (LBSt)Big West05/15
-Ray Varner (Ia)Sun Angel04/10
50.26**Carson Blanks (Ms)NCAA East05/28
50.32**Trey Charles (Morg)NCAA East05/28
50.33*Cody Wisslead (Il)NCAA West05/28
50.35Joe Greene (Nike)Drake R04/24
-Nick Karren (UtSt)WAC05/15
50.37-Val Pierre Dai’Re (Fres)WAC05/15
50.40Reuben McCoy (unat)Penn R04/24
50.42-Thaddeus Gordon (Bay)NCAA West05/28
50.44*Adam Dailey (Nb)Big 1205/16
50.47*Alex Wilright (UCD)Sun Angel04/10
50.55Sheroid Evans (TxHS)USATF Jr06/26
50.65***Chance Casey (Bay)Big 1205/16
***Keenan Michael (MiSt)NCAA East05/28
**Aaron Younger (Rut)NCAA East05/28
50.66-Cory Beebe (Sal)GaT Inv05/15
*Carl Buchanon (Mi)NCAA East05/28
50.68Nathaniel Garcia (USAr)ASC I06/16
50.74(A)-Kekoa Chavez (Wy)Mtn West05/15
50.75Javier Garcia (unat)Salamanca05/22
50.79*Richard Lowe (Mem)NCAA East05/28
50.82(A)*Clint Renfro (TCU)Mtn West05/15
50.83-Jason Perez (Hous)Houston04/24
Foreign Collegians:
48.47*Leford Green (JCS-Jam)CAC Games07/27
48.94**Amaechi Morton (Stan-Ngr)Pac-1005/16
49.35*Steve Banton (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/29
49.65*Emmanuel Mayers (MsSt-Tri)Ole Miss Inv04/10
49.66-Kenneth Medwood (LBSt-Blz)Big West05/15
49.82**Sabiel Anderson (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/29
49.97**Jamele Mason (TxT-PR)NCAA06/09
50.02-Steve Delice (Va-Hai)NCAA East05/28
50.22**Leslie Murray (DeSt-VI)World Jr07/23
50.58**Toby Ulm (Gtn-GB)Sun Angel04/10
50.69-Allan Ayala (DickSt-Gua)NAIA05/29

60:39Mohamed Trafeh (NTRLA)New York03/21
61:45Meb Keflezighi (Nike)San José10/03
61:54Antonio Vega (TMn)USATF Ch01/17
61:55Josh Rohatinsky (Nike)New York03/21
62:01Patrick Smyth (TMn)USATF Ch01/17
**5 performances by 5 performers**
62:04Brent Vaughn (Nike)USATF Ch01/17
62:11Tim Nelson (Nike)USATF Ch01/17
62:26Stephan Shay (BayA)USATF Ch01/17
62:35’Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)South Shields09/19
62:39Scott Bauhs (adidas)Las Vegas12/05
62:50Brett Gotcher (adidas)Philadelphia09/19
62:53Josh Moen (TMn)USATF Ch01/17
62:56Mike Morgan (Mi)New Orleans02/28
63:18Anthony Famiglietti (Saucony)New York03/21
63:22Nick Arciniaga (Playm)USATF Ch01/17
Westly Keating (Tx)3M-Austin01/24
63:23Sean Quigley (Puma)World Ch10/16
63:27Josh Simpson (NYAC)USATF Ch01/17
63:38Jason Lehmkuhle (Saucony)Birmingham02/14
63:44Matt Gabrielson (Reebok)USATF Ch01/17
63:51Lucas Meyer (BAA)USATF Ch01/17
63:52Peter Gilmore (MaraG)USATF Ch01/17
63:56Ryan Hall (Asics)Philadelphia09/19
64:14Craig Curley (Az)USATF Ch01/17
Zach Hine (NY)New York03/21
64:18Austin Baillie (Az)USATF Ch01/17
64:20Stephen Haas (New Balance)Indianapolis05/08
64:27Scott MacPherson (Tx)San Antonio11/14
64:35Chris Chavez (Transp)USATF Ch01/17
64:38Chris Clark (NYAC)USATF Ch01/17
64:48Andrew Middleton (McME)3M-Austin01/24
64:56Brian Medigovich (Hansons)San José10/03
65:04Pat Rizzo (Hansons)Seattle06/26
65:07Sergio Reyes (AAg)San Diego08/15
65:21Brian Baker (ICR)Newport Beach05/02
65:23Josh Spiker (Ca)San Diego08/15
65:25Colin Leak (Pa)Boston10/10
65:27Chad Johnson (Hansons)Seattle06/26
65:32Steve Hallinan (DC)Philadelphia09/19
65:38Andrew Carlson (Az)World Ch10/16
Drew Polley (Wa)Seattle06/26

2:08:41Ryan Hall (Asics)Boston04/19
2:09:26Meb Keflezighi (Nike)Boston04/19
2:10:36Brett Gotcher (adidas)Houston01/17
2:11:06Jason Hartmann (Nike)Chicago10/10
2:11:38———KeflezighiNew York11/07
2:11:48Nick Arciniaga (McME)San Diego06/06
2:12:24Jason Lehmkuhle (Saucony)Boston04/19
2:12:33Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)New York11/07
2:13:47Antonio Vega (TMn)Boston04/19
2:14:02Sergio Reyes (Asics Aggies)Twin Cities10/03
**10 performances by 9 performers**
2:14:07’Justin Young (Co)CIM12/05
2:14:09Jeff Eggleston (NY)Twin Cities10/03
2:14:27Mike Sayenko (CNW)Chicago10/10
2:14:55Mike Morgan (Mi)Chicago10/10
2:14:57Jorge Torres (Reebok)New York11/07
2:15:06Tim Nelson (Nike)New York11/07
2:15:25Fernando Cabada (Co)Twin Cities10/03
2:15:34Max King (Or)Baltimore10/16
2:15:49Luke Humphrey (Hansons)Chicago10/10
2:15:50Jim Carney (New Balance)Rotterdam04/11
2:16:12Patrick Rizzo (Hansons)Chicago10/10
2:16:15David Jankowski (Zap)Twin Cities10/03
2:16:31Drew Shackleton (Ca)Twin Cities10/03
2:16:36Drew Polley (Wa)Boston04/19
2:16:41’Luke Watson (Pa)Scranton10/10
2:16:46John Crews (NC)Baltimore10/16
2:16:47Mike Reneau (Or)Twin Cities10/03
2:16:52Josh Ordway (ColRC)Houston01/17
2:16:58Mbarak Hussein (NM)Twin Cities10/03
2:17:22’Tyler McCandless (Co)CIM12/05
2:17:41Chad Johnson (HansB)Boston04/19
2:17:43Christopher Raabe (DC)Grandma’s06/19
2:17:47Trent Briney (NY)Twin Cities10/03
2:18:05Donovan Fellows (NM)Twin Cities10/03
2:18:08Jason Ordway (Oh)Columbus10/17
2:18:29Craig Leon (Oh)Twin Cities10/03
2:18:39Brian Baker (ICR)Carlsbad01/24
2:18:43Jason Gutierrez (Ca)Nashville04/24
2:19:01Tim Young (Hansons)Chicago10/10
2:19:17Jason Delaney (adidas)Boston04/19
2:19:18Sage Canaday (Or)Chicago10/10

1:23:50Trevor Barron (PaHS)Tuusula09/04
1:25:08John Nunn (USAr)Congers10/31
1:29:49———NunnUSATF Wn11/23
1:31:51———BarronUSATF Wn11/23
**5 performances by 2 performers**
1:32:10Patrick Stroupe (unat)W Cup Trials04/11
1:33:11Tim Seaman (NYAC)USATF06/27
1:34:15Dan Serianni (WC)Congers10/31
1:36:10Benjamin Shorey (unat)USATF06/27
1:36:56Michael Tarantino (unat)USATF06/27
1:37:38Matthew De Witt (ParkA)USATF06/27
1:38:22Jose Moncada (SEn)USATF06/27
1:39:15Michael Mannozzi (NDOh)Dayton05/09
1:40:18Matthew Forgues (MeHS)Auburn06/23
1:40:56Dave McGovern (WC)Congers10/31
1:42:34Michael Kazmierczak (WUSA)W Cup Trials04/11
1:43:43Kyle Hively (MiaV)Dayton05/09
1:46:24Ray Sharp (Peg)Ocean Township09/12
1:46:54Ric Holt (unat)Coconut Bch11/14
1:47:54Chris Schmid (WC)Coconut Bch11/14
1:48:23Ricardo Haro (unat)Surprise02/07
1:49:35John Soucheck (Shore)W Cup Trials04/11
1:50:26Chris Knotts (MiaV)Dayton05/09

4:23:02Stephen Quirke (unat)USATF Ch02/07
4:23:15Jonathan Matthews (unat)USATF Ch02/07
4:24:01Allen James (unat)USATF Ch02/07
4:31:04Raymond Sharp (unat)USATF Ch02/07
4:42:14Dave Mcgovern (unat)USATF Ch02/07
**5 performances by 5 performers**
4:52:04Mark Green (unat)USATF Ch02/07
5:04:46Chris Schmid (unat)USATF Ch02/07
5:06:13Dave Talcott (unat)USATF Ch02/07

4 x 100
37.45National TeamZürich DL08/19
38.33USA BluePenn R04/24
38.50USA RedPenn R04/24
38.81FloridaNCAA East05/29
38.87Ponce All-StarsPonce05/08
38.91APITexas R04/03
38.93———FloridaFlorida R04/03
National JuniorsWorld Jr07/24
38.95Tiger OlympiansLSU Alum04/17
**10 performances by 8 teams**
38.96National Under-23NACAC U2307/10
39.00LSUNCAA East05/29
39.03TG EliteTexas R04/03
39.05Texas A&MNCAA West05/29
39.06Florida StateSeminole Twi05/08
39.07South CarolinaNCAA06/09
39.09Mississippi StateSEC05/16
BaylorTexas R Univ04/03
39.20TCUTexas R Univ04/03
39.22Waco All-StarsJohnson Inv04/17
39.33International ExpressArlington03/27
39.43UCLANCAA West05/29
39.5Central ArizonaMesa04/09
39.55HamptonNCAA East05/29
39.57MiamiNCAA East05/29
39.59UTSATexas R Univ04/03
39.60Arizona StateSun Angel04/10
39.61Raleigh All-StarsRaleigh R03/27
North Carolina A&TNCAA East05/29
39.69Hinds CCOle Miss Inv04/10
39.72OklahomaNCAA West05/29
39.73Texas TechTxT-Nb05/01
39.75St. Augustine’sNCAA II05/29
39.76IllinoisDrake R Univ04/24
Maryland–Eastern ShoreNCAA East05/29
39.77Star Athletics InternationalFlorida R04/03
39.81Southwestern MississippiLSU Alum04/17

4 x 200
1:20.38FloridaFlorida R04/03
1:20.61Texas A&MTexas R Univ04/03
1:21.09Mississippi StateTexas R Univ04/03
1:21.22———Texas A&MPenn R Univ04/23
1:21.25BaylorTexas R Univ04/03
**5 performances by 4 teams**
1:22.21South CarolinaPenn R Univ04/24
1:22.60World Express ACFlorida R04/03
1:22.97Maryland–Eastern ShorePenn R Univ04/24
1:23.23LSUTexas R Univ04/03
1:23.74WisconsinFlorida R04/03
1:23.75HamptonPenn R Univ04/24
1:23.85Delaware StatePenn R Univ04/24
1:23.92George MasonRaleigh R03/27
1:23.93TennesseePenn R Univ04/23
1:23.98Raleigh All-StarsRaleigh R03/27
1:24.18RutgersPenn R04/23
1:24.19DeSoto TX HSLancaster04/15
1:24.32Zenith Velocity ACFlorida R04/03
1:24.36Western KentuckyFlorida R04/03
1:24.47Killeen Ellison HSTexas R HS04/03
1:24.57North Carolina A&TPenn R04/23
1:24.72KentuckyPenn R04/23
1:25.21IllinoisDrake R Univ04/24
1:25.44Louisiana TechTexas R Univ04/03
1:25.47iCharleston SouthernArmory Coll02/06
1:25.54Ohio StateDrake R Univ04/24
1:26.00Western Carolina BConway03/19

4 x 400
2:58.83National Under-23NACAC U2307/11
3:00.31FloridaFlorida R04/03
3:00.60USA BluePenn R04/24
3:00.89Texas A&MNCAA06/12
3:01.41GW ExpressFlorida R04/03
3:01.55———Texas A&MTexas R Univ04/03
3:01.66Mississippi StateNCAA06/12
3:01.89———Texas A&MNCAA West05/29
3:02.10———Mississippi StateNCAA East05/29
**10 performances by 6 teams**
3:02.64USA RedPenn R04/24
3:02.70BaylorTexas R Univ04/03
3:03.26USCTexas R Univ04/03
3:03.45USA Next LevelTexas R04/03
3:03.58South CarolinaNCAA06/12
3:03.74South PlainsTexas R Coll04/03
3:03.78Arizona StateMt. SAC04/17
3:03.97Ohio StateNCAA East05/29
3:04.10LSUNCAA East05/29
3:04.95St. Augustine’sNCAA II05/29
3:05.46TCUNCAA West05/29
3:05.64Tiger OlympiansLSU Alum04/17
3:05.65AlabamaNCAA East05/29
3:05.73Evo TCMt. SAC04/17
3:05.93KansasNCAA West05/29
3:06.06Delaware StateNCAA East05/29
3:06.13RutgersNCAA East05/29
3:06.16JC SmithGaT Inv05/15
3:06.23Tallahassee All-StarsFlSt R03/27
3:06.42Texas TechBig 1205/16
3:06.43OklahomaSooner Inv04/24
3:06.44Angelo StateNCAA II05/29
3:06.61NebraskaNCAA West05/29
3:06.81Wake ForestNCAA East05/29
3:06.90Seton HallNCAA East05/29
3:06.93Florida StateFlSt R03/27
3:06.99Western KentuckyFlorida R04/03
3:07.06Northwestern LouisianaTexas R Univ04/03
3:07.07George MasonNCAA06/10
3:07.11TexasNCAA West05/29
3:07.13AshlandNCAA II05/29
3:07.24North CarolinaFlorida R04/03
3:07.30WisconsinNCAA West05/29

4 x 800
7:15.38VirginiaPenn R Univ04/24
7:15.55OregonPenn R Univ04/24
7:17.02Penn StatePenn R Univ04/24
7:17.68Ohio StateDrake R Univ04/23
7:18.18MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/23
**5 performances by 5 teams**
7:18.58ConnecticutPenn R Univ04/24
7:19.86BaylorDrake R Univ04/23
7:19.89Eastern IllinoisDrake R Univ04/23
7:20.17MissouriDrake R Univ04/23
7:20.24Kansas StateDrake R Univ04/23
7:20.63TennesseePenn R Univ04/24
7:21.43Notre DameDrake R Univ04/23
7:21.46Alabama StateFlorida R04/03
7:22.19Virginia TechPenn R Univ04/24
7:22.21Texas A&MPenn R Univ04/24
7:23.47TexasPenn R Univ04/24
7:23.93ColumbiaPenn R Univ04/24
7:23.95La SalleAtlantic 1005/02
7:24.16ArmyPatriot League05/01
7:24.27AlabamaDrake R Univ04/23
7:24.65George MasonIC4A05/16
7:24.69UNCCAtlantic 1005/02
7:26.88NavyPatriot League05/01
7:26.94iDukeArmory Coll02/06
7:27.16FordhamAtlantic 1005/02

4 x MILE
16:15.14OregonPenn R Univ04/24
16:20.41AuburnPenn R Univ04/24
16:20.56MichiganPenn R Univ04/24
16:20.90IndianaPenn R Univ04/24
16:21.41PrincetonPenn R Univ04/24
**5 performances by 5 teams**
16:22.57Georgetown Penn R Univ04/24
16:22.77DukePenn R Univ04/24
16:24.24ProvidencePenn R Univ04/24
16:30.25NavyPenn R Univ04/24
16:30.53VillanovaPenn R Univ04/24
16:31.14+Ohio StateDrake R Univ04/23
16:31.29+Notre DameDrake R Univ04/23
16:35.31+WisconsinDrake R Univ04/23
16:37.20+MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/23
16:38.20SyracusePenn R Univ04/24
16:40.17+Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/23
15:40.54+ArkansasTexas R Univ04/03
15:41.58+AlbanyTexas R Univ04/03
15:42.59+TexasTexas R Univ04/03
16:47.35MarylandPenn R Univ04/24

3:16.01LSUTexas R Univ04/03
3:16.42Texas A&MTexas R Univ04/03
3:16.44BaylorTexas R Univ04/03
3:16.89Eastern IllinoisDrake R Univ04/24
3:17.65———LSUPenn R Univ04/23
**5 performances by 4 teams**
3:17.69Delaware StateFlorida R04/03
3:17.74IowaDrake R Univ04/24
3:17.95USCTexas R Univ04/03
3:18.47FloridaFlorida R04/03
3:18.83TCUTexas R Univ04/03
3:19.09WisconsinDrake R Univ04/24
3:19.84Kent StatePenn R Univ04/23
3:19.85Ohio StateDrake R Univ04/24
3:20.39South PlainsTexas R Coll04/03
3:20.74Tiger OlympiansLSU R03/26
3:21.34North Carolina A&TGreensboro04/03
3:21.49Winston-Salem StateGreensboro04/03
3:21.69GramblingLSU R03/26
3:21.77MississippiFlorida R04/03
3:21.97Oklahoma BaptistDrake R Coll04/24
3:21.99Morgan StateFlorida R04/03
3:22.01LIUPenn R Univ04/23
3:22.32ArkansasPenn R Univ04/23
3:23.63LincolnPenn R Univ04/23
3:24.35South CarolinaFlorida R04/03

9:21.77iOregon TCHusky Inv02/12
9:25.02USA BluePenn R04/24
9:25.04USA WhitePenn R04/24
9:29.82iOregonTxAM Chall01/30
9:30.25iStanfordTxAM Chall01/30
9:30.69———OregonPenn R Univ04/23
9:31.07iUCLAMtn Pac02/26
9:31.34iArizona StateMtn Pac02/26
9:31.38i———StanfordMtn Pac02/26
9:32.11iCalMtn Pac02/26
**10 performances by 8 teams**
9:32.72iEastern MichiganNotre Dame LC03/05
9:32.73iIndianaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:32.84WisconsinDrake R Univ04/24
9:33.11iVillanovaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:33.12iArkansasTxAM Chall01/30
9:33.39Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/24
9:33.86iMinnesotaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:34.26iTexasNotre Dame LC03/05
9:34.29iDukeNotre Dame LC03/05
9:34.38GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/23
9:34.66iOklahomaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:34.90iBaylorNotre Dame LC03/05
9:35.24MichiganPenn R Univ04/23
9:37.30iPrincetonNotre Dame LC03/05
9:37.92iVirginiaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:39.36iButlerNotre Dame LC03/05
9:39.61TennesseePenn R Univ04/23
9:40.30iNotre DameNotre Dame LC03/05

4 x 110H
55.31Star Athletics InternationalFlorida R04/03
56.60ClemsonPenn R Univ04/23
56.68NebraskaPenn R Univ04/23
57.38Kansas StateDrake R Univ04/24
57.45———ClemsonFlorida R04/03
(5 performances by 4 teams)
57.99WisconsinFlorida R04/03
58.56North Dakota StateDrake R Univ04/24
58.78Shore ACPenn R04/23
South CarolinaPenn R Univ04/23
59.07BucknellPenn R Univ04/23
59.18ArmyPenn R Univ04/23

2.34i7-8Jesse Williams (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
2.337-7¾Dusty Jonas (Nike)Lincoln05/08
iAndra Manson (Nike)Bydgoszcz02/10
2.31i7-7——JonasUSATF Ind02/27
i——JonasWorld Ind03/14
——MansonTexas R04/03
i——MansonUSATF Ind02/27
i(A)——Williams !USATF Ind02/27
i——WilliamsHusky Classic02/13
**10 performances by 3 performers**
2.287-5¾Joe Kindred (unat)Conway03/20
Keith Moffatt (Nike)Barcelona07/09
i(A)Jamie Nieto (unat)USATF Ind02/27
***Ricky Robertson (Ms)Florida R04/03
2.27i7-5¼***Erik Kynard (KsSt)Manhattan12/11
2.26i7-5*Paul Hamilton (Nb)Big 12 Ind02/27
Tora Harris (Asics)USATF06/27
(A)*Clint Silcock (UtSt)Logan04/17
2.257-4½**Brian Knight (Ms)Florida R04/03
i(A)Will Littleton (unat)USATF Ind02/27
*Jacques Watson (CCar)Florida R04/03
Ed Wright (unat)Jerome07/05
2.24i7-4¼-Trent Arrivey (WaSt)Cougar Inv01/23
iScott Sellers (Nike)Kansas St01/16
David Smith (GaHS)World Jr07/23
2.23i7-3¾**Marquise Mack (IaC)Allendale02/12
i***Nick Ross (Az)Mtn Pac02/27
2.227-3¼Tanner Anderson (NCHS)Durham04/03
i**Ryan Fleck (Aub)SEC Ind02/27
James Harris (AlHS)AAU JO08/04
i**Dwight Barbiasz (Md)VaTech Elite02/06
***Geoffery Davis (Pur)Rankin04/17
-Casey Ryan (UCSD)San Diego03/13
i(A)Cedric Norman (unat)USATF Ind02/27
2.217-3**Major Clay (InSt)InSt Quad04/17
Justin Hunter (VaHS)Virginia Beach05/01
iGarrett Huyler (unat)Iowa St Cl02/13
2.20i7-2½**Tyler Campbell (Al)LSU Inv03/05
i-Andrew Bachelor (FlSt)Gainesville01/31
i*Fletcher Carlyle (OkB)Norman01/23
i-Matt Fisher (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
Norris Frederick (Asics)San Diego03/12
-Ryan Fritz (PennSt)State College05/07
Grant Lindsey (unat)California R05/29
i-Jerome McKinzie (KennSt)Gainesville01/31
iWilliam Moses (unat)Norman02/20
Maalik Reynolds (GaHS)USATF Jr06/24
i*Brandon Sheppard (Nb)Iowa St LC03/06
Harrison Steed (CaHS)Cerritos01/23
Foreign Collegians:
2.28i7-5¾**Derek Drouin (In-Can)NCAA Ind03/13
2.237-3¾Manjula Wijesekara (USC-SrL)NCAA06/11
i***Edgar Rivera (Az-Mex)Mtn Pac02/27
2.20i7-2½***Brede Ellingsen (Ar-Nor)SEC Ind02/27

5.82i19-1Jeremy Scott (Nike)Jonesboro05/18
5.8119-¾Derek Miles (Nike)Jockgrim07/21
5.8019-¼——MilesCalifornia R05/29
5.7518-10¼Mark Hollis (unat)Rottach-Egern07/04
——MilesCont Cup09/05
5.72i18-9¼*Scott Roth (Wa)Mtn Pac02/26
5.7118-8¾-Jason Colwick (Rice)Texas R04/03
iDarren Niedermeyer (unat)Jonesboro06/16
-Jordan Scott (Ks)Texas R04/03
**12 performances by 7 performers**
5.70i(A)18-8¼Tim Mack (unat)USATF Ind02/27
5.6118-4¾Brad Walker (Nike)Berlin IWC08/22
5.52i(A)18-1¼Paul Gensic (USAF)Air Force02/13
5.51i18-1Mitch Greeley (Bell)Jonesboro02/17
iJeff Ryan (unat)Jonesboro02/17
5.50i18-½-Jeff Coover (In)Indiana R01/30
Jacob Pauli (unat)Des Moines04/10
Rory Quiller (Asics)SoCal USATF06/06
i(A)Daniel Ryland (Bell)USATF Ind02/27
i***Jack Whitt (OR)Wichita St01/15
-Jake Winder (NCen)Chicago04/09
5.4517-10½Mark Johnson (unat)Raleigh R03/26
5.4417-10¼*Chris Roy (LaL)Sun Belt05/09
5.42i17-9¼*Hunter Hall (VaT)VaTech LC03/06
i*Michael Uhle (Akr)VaTech LC03/06
5.4117-9*Chris Little (BYU)Texas R04/03
iJason Scott (unat)Bloomington01/30
5.4017-8½*Ryan Brown (WnWa)NCAA II05/29
-Josh Dominguez (LSU)Penn R Univ04/23
Shawn Francis (TND)Moorhead05/01
i*Jared Jodon (VaT)ACC Ind02/27
iBobby Low (unat)Nampa02/05
i(A)Pat Manson (unat)USATF Ind02/27
*Ben Peterson (Mn)Big 1005/14
5.38i17-7¾**Michael Arnold (IdSt)Seattle03/06
i*Casey DiCesare (UCLA)Seattle03/06
i-Nick Frawley (AF)Seattle03/06
iBrad Holtz (unat)VaTech LC03/06
i**Jeremy Klas (Id)Seattle03/06
i-Brian Porter (TxT)Seattle03/06
5.37i17-7¼-Elliott Haynie (SC)SEC Ind02/28
(A)-Sam Pierson (IdSt)Big Sky05/14
i*Maston Wallace (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/26
Foreign Collegians:
5.50i18-½-Brandon Estrada (USC-PR)Seattle03/06
*Yavgeniy Olhovsky (VaT-Isr)ACC04/17
-Xavier Tromp (Clem-Fra)ACC04/17
5.4017-8½***Stéfanos Koufídis (Culv-Gre)Drake R Univ04/23
**Marvin Reitze (SC-Ger)Penn R Univ04/23
5.3817-7¾*Ryan Vu (Wa-Can)Pac-1005/15

8.4627-9¼Dwight Phillips (Nike)Monaco DL07/22
8.4227-7½——PhillipsRome DL06/10
8.4127-7¼——PhillipsEugene DL07/03
——Phillips !Eugene DL07/03
8.3427-4½——PhillipsCont Cup09/04
8.3127-3¼——Phillips !Monaco DL07/22
8.2927-2½——Phillips !USATF06/27
8.2827-2——Phillips !Rome DL06/10
——Phillips Hengelo IWC05/30
**11 performances by 1 performer**
8.2026-11Trevell Quinley (Nike)USATF06/27
8.19i26-10½Brian Johnson (Nike)LSU Twi02/19
**Christian Taylor (Fl)SEC05/15
8.1526-9***Marquise Goodwin (Tx)NCAA06/12
8.14i26-8½***Bryce Lamb (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/26
8.1226-7¾**Chris Phipps (Nb)USATF06/27
8.0626-5½Jeremy Hicks (unat)USATF06/27
8.0426-4½-Ashton Eaton (Or)NCAA West05/27
8.0326-4¼Norris Frederick (Asics)Mt. SAC04/17
8.00i26-3*Zedric Thomas (LSU)P Tiger Ind01/22
7.9926-2¾-Marlon Woods (FlSt)FlSt R03/26
7.9626-1½*Nafee Harris (InPa)NCAA II05/27
7.94i(A)26-¾Jeff Henderson (unat)USATF Ind02/28
7.9326-¼***Damar Forbes (LSU)SEC05/15
7.9025-11*Reindell Cole (CSN)NCAA West05/27
7.8925-10¾Justin Hunter (VaHS)USATF Jr06/24
7.8825-10¼Randall Flimmons (unat)USATF06/27
7.8725-10Jarod Tobler (unat)Chula Vista07/26
7.8525-9¼**Desmond Brown (Tn)SEC05/15
7.83i25-8¼***Bobby Carter (Nb)Iowa St LC03/06
i*Tyron Stewart (TxAM)Armory Coll02/05
7.82i(A)25-8Dexter Adams (unat)USATF Ind02/28
i*Wesley Smith (Louis)Carbondale12/03
7.8025-7¼Joe Allen (Shore)Baie-Mahault05/01
*Brendan Ames (USC)Pac-1005/15
7.79i25-6¾*Joe Morgan (Walsh)NAIA Ind03/05
7.78i25-6¼-Tone Belt (Louis)Meyo02/05
-Will Coppage (LSU)SEC05/15
i*Tyler Simmons (Wich)Mo Val Ind02/27
7.7725-6Allen Simms (unat)Liberty04/03
7.7625-5½*Melvin Echard (TxAM)NCAA West05/27
7.7325-4½Mikese Morse (unat)FlSt R03/26
7.7225-4**Albert Johnson (Man)Princeton04/03
D.J. Shelton (NRD)USATF Club07/09
7.7025-3¼Kevin Nichols (unat)Charlottesville04/10
Bashir Ramzy (unat)USATF06/27
7.6925-2¾-Tim Boeni (Tem)Atlantic 1005/02
***Josh Cravens (SFA)Houston04/24
i-Alphonso Jordan (GaT)ACC Ind02/26
Jared Krout (Hills)NCAA II05/27
Foreign Collegians:
8.3527-4¾-Alain Bailey (Ar-Jam)SEC05/15
8.09i26-6½**Tarik Batchelor (Ar-Jam)SEC Ind02/27
8.06(A)26-5½*Stanley Gbagbeke (MTn-Ngr)African Ch07/29
8.02i26-3¾*Madanha Chibudu (FlSt-Can)ACC Ind02/26
7.99i26-2¾-Luis Rivera (Az-Mex)Mtn Pac02/26
7.9226-0*Nicholas Gordon (Nb-Jam)NCAA West05/27
7.87i25-10-Rudon Bastian (Louis-Bah)Big East Ind02/20
7.71i25-3½*Ngoni Makusha (FlSt-Zim)Hokie Inv01/23
8.4227-7½——PhillipsHengelo IWC05/30
8.3427-4½——Phillips !Eugene DL07/03
8.0426-4½ToblerSoCal USATF06/06
8.0126-3½Johnta Griffin (Shore)FlSt R03/26
7.9826-2¼Bastian’Bah Ch06/26
7.9326-¼EchardTexas Inv05/01
7.8925-10¾LeRon Williams (unat)Sooner Inv04/24
7.8825-10¼-Duane Teixeira (Corn)Ithaca04/03
**Dellon Williams’ (SPl-Tri)UTEP Spring03/27
7.8225-8-Tim Boeni (Tem)Penn R Univ04/23
7.8125-7½*Belden Ferguson (AlSt)SWAC Ch05/01
7.7625-5½**Chris Benard (RivCC)Cal JUCO05/22
7.7525-5¼**Artis Edwards (SHous)Natchitoches05/01
**Aaron LaGarde (Ga)Yellowjacket03/27
7.7425-4¾***Myron Roundtree (WayB)Abilene04/01
*Ramon Sparks (ACU)Arlington03/27
7.7225-4-Zacharias Arnos’ (Boise-Cyp)Mt. SAC04/17
7.7025-3¼*Demietrius Preston (AkA)NCAA II05/27

17.18i56-4½**Christian Taylor (Fl)NCAA Ind03/13
17.17i56-4——Taylor !NCAA Ind03/13
17.0255-10¼Kenta Bell (unat)USATF06/25
——Taylor !NCAA06/09
16.99i55-9Walter Davis (Nike)Razorback01/23
16.9055-5½Lawrence Willis (UnS)GaT Inv05/15
——Taylor !NCAA East05/29
16.8855-4¾——Willis !LSU R03/27
16.86i55-3¾——WillisUSATF Ind02/27
**10 performances by 4 performers**
16.7655-0Brandon Roulhac (Nike)Rio IWC05/23
16.6454-7¼*Josh Como (CSLA)Mt. SAC04/17
16.6054-5½*Tyron Stewart (TxAM)NCAA West05/29
16.5954-5¼Nkosinza Balumbu (MVlyTC)GaT Inv05/15
16.5654-4***Omar Craddock (Fl)USATF Jr06/25
-Alphonso Jordan (GaT)NCAA East05/29
16.55i54-3¾-Zuheir Sharif (TxAM)Armory Coll02/06
16.49i(A)54-1¼Allen Simms (unat)USATF Ind02/27
16.47i54-½***Bryce Lamb (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/27
16.44i(A)53-11¼Shardae Boutte (unat)USATF Ind02/27
16.3153-6¼-Darrell Roddick (TxT)NCAA West05/29
16.3053-5¾**Will Claye (Ok)NCAA West05/29
i*Zedric Thomas (LSU)NCAA Ind03/13
16.2753-4½*Jonathon Allen (LSup)NCAA II05/29
16.2653-4¼-Andre Black (Louis)NCAA06/09
16.21i53-2¼-Kyron Foster (MiSt)NCAA Ind03/13
16.15i(A)53-0*Ramon Sparks (ACU)UNM Inv01/30
16.10i(A)52-10Tydree Lewis (unat)USATF Ind02/27
16.06i52-8¼**Hasheem Halim (VaT)ACC Ind02/27
16.0352-7¼Marquis Dendy (MdHS)NBN06/18
16.0152-6½*Melvin Echard (TxAM)NCAA West05/29
16.00i(A)52-6Michael McCadney (unat)USATF Ind02/27
**Chris Phipps (Nb)Big 1205/16
15.9852-5¼*Chris Carter (Hous)NCAA West05/29
i*Jonathan Clark (UCLA)Mtn Pac02/27
15.93i52-3¼**Aaron LaGarde (Ga)VaTech LC03/06
15.9052-2Ronald Carter (unat)Johnson-JJK04/10
*Kiara Jones (PittSt)Pittsburg04/10
15.89i52-1¾-David McFadgen (NCAT)VaTech LC03/06
15.8852-1¼*Clarence Powell (Lib)NCAA East05/29
15.87i52-¾Ryan Grinnell (unat)Nampa02/06
15.8652-½-Neelon Greenwood (Ok)NCAA West05/29
i(A)James Jenkins (unat)UNM Inv01/30
15.8552-0*Austin Davis (NC)Texas R04/03
***Damar Forbes (LSU)LSU R03/27
15.84i51-11¾-Chris Gilchrist (SHous)Southland Ind02/27
i-Brandon Quarles (StA)National Inv01/30
-Aven Wright (USC)NCAA West05/29
Foreign Collegians:
16.45i53-11¾*Julian Reid (TxAM-Jam)TxAM Chall01/30
16.4053-9¾-Zacharias Arnos (Boise-Cyp)Mt. SAC04/17
16.29i53-5½***Kyron Blaise (SPl-Tri)Lubbock02/06
16.1252-10¾*Devon Bond (UTSA-Guy)Southland05/16
i**J’vente Deveaux (Rend-Bah)Manhattan12/11
16.11(A)52-10¼*Jeremiah James (Wy-StL)Ft Collins05/01
16.04i52-7½**Tarik Batchelor (Ar-Jam)SEC Ind02/28
**Dellon Williams (SPl-Tri)JUCO05/21
15.8852-1¼*Nicholas Gordon (Nb-Jam)TxT-Nb05/01
17.0555-11¼WillisLSU R03/27
16.3553-7¾-Darrell Roddick (TxT)Mt. SAC04/17
16.2753-4½LewisSooner Inv04/24
16.2153-2¼A. DavisACC04/17
16.2053-1¾**Chris Benard (RivCC)Cal JUCO05/22
15.9952-5½*Marcus Robinson (Va)ACC04/17
15.9152-2½R. CarterMt. SAC04/17
15.8952-1¾*Josh Honeycutt (Emp)MIAA05/09
-David McFadgen (NCAT)Greensboro04/03
15.8552-0Gary Jones (Corn)Heps05/09
***O’Daylon Thibeaux (ULL)Sun Belt05/09

22.4173-6¼Christian Cantwell (Nike)Eugene DL07/03
22.3573-4——CantwellSt. Charles06/19
22.2272-10¾——CantwellZagreb IWC09/01
22.1672-8½Reese Hoffa (NYAC)Brussels DL08/27
22.1072-6¼Cory Martin (Nike)Tucson Elite II05/22
22.0972-5¾——CantwellStockholm DL08/05
21.9772-1-Ryan Whiting (AzSt)NCAA06/12
21.95i72-¼——CantwellMillrose G01/29
21.8971-10——Cantwell !Eugene DL07/03
**10 performances by 4 performers**
21.2969-10¼Adam Nelson (Nike)Zürich DL08/18
21.2569-8¾Russ Winger (Asics)Tucson Elite I05/20
20.89i68-6½Dan Taylor (Nike)Lumberjack01/16
20.6967-10¾Noah Bryant (unat)Tucson Elite II05/22
20.40i66-11¼Zack Lloyd (unat)Pocatello02/06
20.31i66-7¾Sheldon Battle (unat)National Inv01/30
20.0965-11Jeff Chakouian (unat)Tom Jones04/17
iRhuben Williams (Shore)Kentucky Inv01/16
19.9165-4Kevin Bookout (Godina)Tucson Elite I05/20
19.80i64-11½*Kurt Roberts (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/13
19.7464-9¼***Mason Finley (Ks)USATF06/27
19.5764-2½*Blake Eaton (PennSt)NCAA06/12
19.49i63-11½-Nate Hunter (NEn)BIG Coll01/29
19.37i63-6¾-Aaron Studt (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/27
19.36i63-6¼**Joe Kovacs (PennSt)National Inv01/30
19.31i63-4¼John Ybarra (unat)Golden12/10
19.2363-1¼Justin Clickett (SteelC)Rutgers Inv05/08
19.2163-¼***Jordan Clarke (AzSt)NCAA06/12
19.1662-4½Justin Rodhe (unat)Kelowna07/04
19.1562-10Tyler Blatchley (unat)Shippensburg04/24
19.1362-9¼Luke Pinkelman (unat)Lincoln05/08
19.08i62-7¼***Hayden Baillio (Tx)TxAM Chall01/30
iJon Kalnas (unat)Widener Inv02/05
*Dane Tobey (NbK)NCAA II05/29
19.0762-6¾-Steve Hnat (Louis)Louisville05/14
19.0562-6Jason Cook (unat)Georgia Inv05/08
19.0362-5¼-Steve Marcelle (GaT)ACC04/16
19.01i62-4½**Jacob Thormaehlen (Tx)Ark LC03/05
18.95i62-2¼Chad Smith (unat)Lumberjack01/16
-Eric Werskey (Aub)Auburn04/17
18.9462-1¾Nick Price (Shore)Kutztown LC05/08
18.93i62-1¼-Gerald Gersham (EnMi)Ypsilanti01/09
18.8861-11½John Hickey (unat)Musco Inv05/01
18.87i61-11-Jason Lewis (AzSt)Mountain T01/30
18.8461-9¾-Brian Allen (PittSt)Hays04/03
18.72i61-5Scott Barnas (unat)Normal12/04
Foreign Collegians:
19.4263-8¾*Kemal Mesić (Fl-Bos)NCAA06/12
18.8661-10½*Leif Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)Karlstad07/14

69.90229-4Jason Young (Nike)Lubbock03/26
67.20220-6——YoungChula Vista04/22
66.95219-8——YoungEugene DL07/03
66.71218-10Jarred Rome (Nike)Chula Vista II04/29
66.03216-7Casey Malone (unat)Eugene DL07/03
66.01216-7——Rome !Chula Vista II04/29
66.00216-6——YoungTxT Inv04/10
**10 performances by 3 performers**
64.79212-6Lance Brooks (unat)Ft. Collins06/05
62.90206-4Ian Waltz (Nike)Chula Vista V06/14
62.88206-3Russ Winger (Asics)Donnas07/10
62.60205-4Adam Kuehl (unat)Tucson Elite II05/22
62.38204-8Drew Ulrick (unat)Drake R Univ04/24
61.36201-4Will Conwell (CNW)Triton04/24
61.28201-0Chase Madison (unat)Musco Inv05/01
60.92199-10Nick Jones (unat)Abilene05/01
60.48198-5-Aaron Dan (USC)Northridge Inv03/12
60.33197-11Clendon Henderson (unat)Liberty04/03
60.18197-5John Bowman (TTA)Anderson04/01
***Mason Finley (Ks)Big 1205/16
59.79196-2Dan Hytinen (unat)Whitewater04/24
59.78196-1-Jason Lewis (AzSt)Triton04/24
59.39194-10**Luke Bryant (Ok)Denton04/10
59.15194-0Jonny Tipton (unat)Natchitoches05/01
59.10193-11**James Plummer (Rut)Tampa03/19
59.06193-9-Ryan Whiting (AzSt)NCAA06/09
59.05193-8Rashaud Scott (HPC)Tucson Elite II05/22
59.04Kevin Bookout (unat)Sooner05/08
58.98193-6**Jared Thomas (SFl)FlSt R03/27
58.83193-0John Talbert (unat)Sooner05/08
58.80192-11**Nate Moses (FresCC)Cal JUCO05/22
58.65192-5Wes Stockbarger (unat)Tom Jones04/17
58.55192-1*Colin Boevers (Ky)Triton04/24
58.29191-3Brian Trainor (unat)Ft. Collins04/24
58.07190-6Mike Torie (unat)St. Charles05/08
57.96190-2Jeff Lachman (unat)Irvine06/12
57.92190-0-Brian Bishop (Ks)St. Charles06/19
57.86189-10Luke Woydziak (unat)Irvine06/12
57.79189-7-Thomas Killen (TCU)TCU Inv04/16
57.57188-10Eric Bildstein (SSole)Sea Ray04/09
57.40188-4Greg Garza (Nike)Triton04/24
57.34188-1-Jared Schuurmans (Doane)Sooner05/08
57.33**Joe Plante (Wy)Ft. Collins05/08
57.32-Israel Machovec (Ga)Bulldog04/17
56.96186-10*Jake Deiters (SnIl)NCAA West05/29
*Dane Tobey (NbK)Kearney04/30
Foreign Collegians:
61.92203-2*Leif Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)Chula Vista II04/29
61.02200-2***Julian Wruck (TxT-Aus)Lubbock03/26
59.77196-1-Adonson Shallow (SELa-StV)Natchitoches05/01
57.57188-10*Andres Rossini (NnAz-Arg)Tucson05/01
57.08187-3-Greg Pilling (CMi-Can)MAC05/15

77.35253-9A.G. Kruger (Nike)Tucson Elite II05/22
77.07252-10Kibwe Johnson (NYAC)Ashland II07/31
76.95252-5——KrugerAshland II07/31
76.87252-2——JohnsonAshland I07/30
76.64!251-5——KrugerTucson Elite II05/22
76.51251-0Jake Freeman (NYAC)USATF06/25
75.82248-9——FreemanWest Point06/01
**10 performances by 3 performers**
75.42247-5Drew Loftin (unat)USATF06/25
74.61244-9Chris Rohr (unat)Liberty06/13
73.11239-10Michael Mai (USAr)Portland06/06
72.98239-5*Walter Henning (LSU)Hurricane Inv04/10
72.45237-8Cory Martin (Nike)California R05/29
72.40237-6Matt DiBuono (unat)West Point06/16
72.26237-1Garland Porter (unat)Ashland04/24
71.27233-10David Paul (TBD)Tucson Elite II05/22
71.09233-3Chris Cralle (unat)USATF06/25
70.85232-5Chris Bryce (unat)Wakefield07/18
70.78232-3***Conor McCullough (Prin)IC4A05/15
70.44231-1***Eric Flores (CalLu)USATF06/25
70.37230-10Kevin Becker (Shore)Tucson Elite II05/22
70.13230-1Andy Fryman (unat)Marietta06/13
69.66228-6Lucais MacKay (Shore)SoCal USATF06/06
69.41227-8Jesse Doty (SyrCh)Durham05/09
69.33227-5-John Freeman (Ga)West Point06/16
68.61225-1Zach Hazen (unat)Sooner05/08
68.38224-4Nick Welihozkiy (unat)Davis04/17
67.96222-11Dan Raithel (unat)Warrensburg04/16
67.55221-7-James Rogan (Id)Oregon R05/01
67.52221-6John Newell (unat)Paddock Inv05/08
67.07220-0-Jason Lewis (AzSt)Sun Angel04/09
66.96219-8Robert Klenk (SSole)Ashland04/24
66.87219-4*Drew Frizzell (CMo)MIAA05/09
66.60218-6**Ryan Loughney (Ash)NCAA II05/27
66.39217-9-Jason Stomps (Hills)GLIAC05/07
66.36217-8**Michael Lauro (LSU)LSU Alum04/17
*Jordan Stray (Or)Oregon Twi05/08
66.18217-1Zech Whittington (unat)Jordan05/01
65.76215-9-Brian Allen (PittSt)Warrensburg04/16
65.70215-7-Timothy Morse (Rad)Lynchburg04/03
65.69215-6*KP Singh (Ok)Big 1205/14
65.67215-5Jake Shanklin (Riad)Greeley04/03
65.65215-4Jason Morris (unat)Liberty06/13
65.28214-2Colin Dunbar (unat)Irvine05/02
64.81212-7-Zack Midles (Wa)NCAA West05/27
Foreign Collegians:
74.83245-6**Marcel Lomnický (VaT-Svk)Florida R04/02
73.68241-9***Alexander Ziegler (VaT-Ger)Dischingen06/18
72.60238-2-Steffen Nerdal (Mem-Nor)Helsingborg07/09
68.82225-9*Dimitérios Fylladitákis (UTEP-Gre)UTEP Spring03/27
68.25223-11-Branislav Danis (Ga-Svk)SEC05/14
67.70222-1-Adonson Shallow (SELa-StV)Natchitoches05/01
67.63221-10*Trey Henderson (USC-Can)USC-UCLA05/01
66.13216-11-Brad Millar (DeP-Can)Sun Angel04/09
65.68215-6-Matej Muža (VaT-Cro)ACC04/17

80.05262-7Mike Hazle (Nike)Chula Vista07/25
79.91262-2Sean Furey (NBal)Chula Vista07/25
79.73261-7Chris Hill (unat)Missoula06/05
79.31260-2——FureyMt. SAC04/16
78.79258-6Corey White (unat)Melbourne03/04
78.38!257-2——FureyMt. SAC04/16
78.29!256-10——FureyMt. SAC04/16
**10 performances by 4 performers**
78.19256-6-Cyrus Hostetler (Or)Oregon R05/01
78.10256-3*Craig Kinsley (Brown)USATF06/27
77.84255-4Sam Crouser (OrHS)Portland06/12
77.19253-3***Cooper Thompson (USC)Pac-1005/15
76.71251-8***Sam Humphreys (TxAM)Pepsi Team04/10
75.12246-5Barry Krammes (Shore)Sea Ray04/10
74.64244-10***Joe Zimmerman (Wa)World Jr07/23
73.93242-6*Alex Wolff (Or)USATF06/27
73.69241-9Bobby Smith (MonmTC)Tucson Elite II05/22
73.35240-7**Chris Reno (BYU)Mtn West05/15
73.04239-7*Nick Lyons (Bay)Texas R04/03
72.95239-4**Brian Moore (Ga)SEC05/15
72.68238-5Aris Borjas (unat)SoCal USATF06/06
72.27237-1John Hetzendorf (unat)USATF06/27
72.09236-6Tom Engwall (unat)Texas R04/03
71.84235-8*Sean Richardson (BYU)Provo04/24
71.53234-8Adam Burke (USAr)Victoria07/07
71.32234-0-Mike Simmons (Or)v UCLA04/17
71.31233-11***Tim Glover (IlSt)Mo Valley05/14
71.20233-7-Trent Mazanec (Wich)USATF06/27
70.84232-5Josh Kaehler (unat)Fredericksburg03/20
70.76232-2***Matt Byers (Ia)Sun Angel04/10
70.54231-5-Paul Roshau (ConcOr)NAIA05/27
70.39230-11-Matt Maloney (Tn)Triton04/24
70.29230-7*Blaine Baker (BYU)Provo04/02
70.24230-5Derek Eager (WaHS)USATF Jr06/25
70.16230-2*Tyler Drake (PittSt)Kansas R04/17
70.14230-1-Brock Solveson (ConcWi)St. Louis04/03
69.99229-7**Sam Vidrine (McN)NCAA06/10
69.54228-2Riley Dolezal (TND)Fargo04/10
69.52228-1Andrew Hall (unat)Claremont05/14
69.45227-10*Brian Zimmerman (Cinc)Big East05/01
69.35227-6Scott Halley (OrTh)Gresham05/07
69.33227-5**Casey Garbaty (Buf)MAC05/13
69.32227-5-Colin Moleton (Ms)NCAA06/10
69.31227-4***Matthew McConaughey (ECar)C-USA05/15
Foreign Collegians:
75.71248-4*Kyle Nielsen (Wa-Can)Calgary06/19
73.60241-6*Pontus Thomée (Boise-Swe)NCAA06/10
73.31240-6*Adam Wolkins (Nb-Can)Big 1205/14
71.26233-9**Mārtiņš Pildavs (CloudC-Lat)Wichita04/10

8483Bryan Clay (Nike)Götzis05/30
8457-Ashton Eaton (Or)NCAA06/11
8310w——EatonTexas R04/01
8253Jake Arnold (Asics)Götzis05/30
8101wTom Pappas (unat)USATF06/26
8090Joe Detmer (unat)Thorpe Cup08/08
**10 performances by 5 performers**
7801*Michael Morrison (Cal)NCAA06/11
7799Chris Helwick (unat)Thorpe Cup08/08
7781Mark Jellison (unat)Claremont05/14
7724-Trinity Otto (TxAM)NCAA06/11
7704-Nick Adcock (Mo)Big 1205/15
7652**Gray Horn (Fl)SEC05/14
7628-Miller Moss (Clem)ACC04/16
7541Ryan Harlan (unat)Dallas06/06
7526-Robert Robinson (CSN)Big West05/08
7524-Daniel Kinsey (Akr)NCAA06/11
7521**Jeremy Taiwo (Wa)Pac-1005/09
7510-Nick Trubachik (PortSt)NCAA06/11
7500*Cory Holman (Ga)SEC05/14
7467-Daniel Keller (NC)Deacon Cl05/12
7429w*Wesley Bray (Hous)Texas R04/01
7415*Philip Adam (Rice)NCAA06/11
7405Andrew Hall (unat)Claremont05/14
7381-R.J. McGinnis (Mn)Big 1005/15
7379*Frank Shotwell (Mi)Big 1005/15
7370Mat Clark (unat)Thorpe Cup08/08
-Sean Smith (Ct)Big East05/01
7364**Dave Grzesiak (Wi)Big 1005/15
7348John Hilton (unat)Oklahoma City04/03
7331-Marshall Ackley (Or)Pac-1005/09
7316Eric Broadbent (unat)Dallas06/06
7293-Cory Roberts (SELa)Southland05/15
7292(A)***Richard York (NM)Mtn West05/13
7290*Weston Leutz (NDSt)Mt. SAC04/15
7284*Jack Szmanda (Mn)Drake R04/22
7274Clayton Chaney (unat)Dallas06/06
7266w**Matthew Johnson (SHou)Texas R04/01
7261-Ted Rud (NDSt)FlSt R03/26
7260Jonathan Collins (unat)Claremont05/14
7239*Keith Onto (MdBC)America East05/02
7229*Daniel Gooris (NnIa)Drake R04/22
Foreign Collegians:
7714*Lars Rise (Mo-Nor)Euro Ch07/29
7667-Mateo Sossah (NC-Fra)ACC04/16
7432**Björn Johansson (Akr-Swe)Mt. SAC04/15
7429*Moritz Cleve (KsSt-Ger)Tucson04/02
7412w*Kurt Felix (Boise-Grn)WAC05/13

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