2005 U.S. Absolute List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 12/27/2006)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


9.88Justin Gatlin (Nike)World Ch08/07
9.89——GatlinLondon GP07/22
9.94Leonard Scott (Nike)London GP07/22
9.96——GatlinRome GP07/08
9.99Shawn Crawford (Nike)USATF06/25
——GatlinWorld Ch08/07
——GatlinBrussels GP08/26
——GatlinLondon GP07/22
Maurice Greene (adidas)USATF06/25
*11 performances by 4 performers**
10.02Mark Jelks (Nike)Salamanca07/06
10.06***Walter Dix (FlSt)NCAA E05/27
10.08John Capel (adidas)P Alto GP05/30
Rae Edwards (Nike)Malmö08/16
-Tyson Gay (Ar)Rieti GP08/28
J-Mee Samuels (NCHS)Greensboro07/24
10.09J.J. Johnson (Nike)Rio GP05/15
10.10Mardy Scales (Nike)USATF06/25
10.12*DaBryan Blanton (Ok)USATF06/25
10.13Jason Smoots (Nike)Atlanta05/14
10.14Tim Montgomery (Nike)Ft-de-F GP04/30
Dwight Phillips (Nike)Ft-de-F GP04/30
10.16Brian Lewis (New Balance)P Alto GP05/30
Coby Miller (Nike)Kingston05/07
Josh Norman (HP)USATF06/25
10.17Terrence Trammell (Mizuno)adidas05/22
10.19*Leroy Dixon (SC)NCAA E05/27
*James McSwain (WaSt)Mt SAC Open04/17
10.22-Chris Johnson (ArLR)Sun Belt05/15
***Trell Kimmons (HindsCC)Georgia Inv05/07
Mike Mitchell (Cheet)adidas05/22
10.23-Wes Felix (USC)UCLA-USC04/30
10.24*Phillip Francis (USC)UCLA-USC04/30
10.25-Rodney Martin (SC)Sea Ray04/16
**Demi Omole (Wi)USATF06/25
John Woods (unat)USATF06/25
10.26Greg Bolden (AlbSt)NCAA II05/26
10.26-Derrick Johnson (UNCC)Sea Ray04/16
Bernard Williams (Nike)Rome GP07/08
*Kelly Willie (LSU)Texas R04/08
10.27Kaaron Conwright (Nike)adidas05/22
Darvis Patton (adidas)Kingston05/07
10.28Brian Johnson (Nike)P Alto GP05/30
Jacob Norman(unat)Dr. Pepper03/27
10.30-Kenneth Baxter (Pur)Big 1005/14
-Kyle Farmer (Fl)NCAA06/08
Jeff Laynes (Puma)Fresno04/02
-Ron Richards (Clem)NCAA E05/27
Foreign Collegians:
10.22-Kevon Pierre (FlInt-Tri)Tri Ch06/25
10.24-Lerone Clarke (Linc-Jam)CAC Ch07/09
10.28-Marvin Anderson (USC-Jam)Pac-1005/14
10.30*Tyrone Edgar (TxAM-GB)London GP07/22
Drug DQ:
10.13*Steve Mullings (MsSt-Jam)NCAA ME05/28
10.06wMullings’Bulldog Inv04/02
9.84GatlinEugene GP06/04
9.96DixTexas R04/09
9.98CrawfordEugene GP06/04
10.07BlantonTexas R04/09
10.08MillerMt SAC04/17
I. WilliamsJUCO05/18
10.10MontgomeryEugene GP06/04
NormanMt SAC Open04/17
10.11Ernest Wiggins (Holy)Texas R04/09
WillieTexas R04/09
10.13Jabari Fields (adidas)Abilene05/12
10.14-Dusty Stamer (Nb)Big 1205/14
WoodsCo. Springs05/06
10.18-Tyree Gailes (TxT)Texas R04/09
B. JohnsonTexas R04/09
10.19Edgar’Tellez Inv03/26
*Yhann Plummer’ (SnNO-Jam)Tx R Coll04/09
10.20-Cleavon Dillon’ (TCU-Tri)TCU Inv04/23
10.21Jacoby Ford (FlHS)PB Gardens04/07
SpearmonMcDonnell Inv04/23
10.22LaynesMt SAC Open04/17
10.23Desmond Bynum (GMA)Texas R04/09
Lamont Johnson (EPAS)Mt SAC Open04/17
10.24FarmerTexas R04/09
D. JohnsonGreensboro04/09
Shomari Wilson (unat)Arlington05/07
10.25**Michael Rodgers (Lind)Ks R Open04/22
***Dion Rodriguez’ (KCKCC-Tri)JUCO05/17
10.26***Johnathan Holland (LaT)Texas R04/09
Tim Walls (TH)Texas R04/09
10.27-Chris Berrian (Fres)San Luis Obispo04/30
Anthony Buchanan (Holy)SFl Inv04/02
*Ronald Hill (Tx)Big 1205/14
***Matthieu Pritchett (Tn)Atlanta04/02
10.28Carlos Moore (CalT)Cottbus06/05
**Ronald Wright (Bart)Tx R Coll04/09
10.29-Seth Amoo (AzSt)Texas R04/09
*Quincy Boles (Tx)Texas R04/09
DeMario Wesley (unat)TCU Inv04/23
Wind-aided hand timing:

19.89**Wallace Spearmon (Ar)London GP07/22
19.93-Tyson Gay (Ar)NCAA06/09
19.97——SpearmonMt SAC04/17
19.99——GayLondon GP07/22
20.00Justin Gatlin (Nike)Monterrey06/11
20.02***Xavier Carter (LSU)NCAA ME05/28
——GatlinWorld Ch08/11
——GatlinSheffield GP08/21
*11 performances by 4 performers**
20.12Shawn Crawford (Nike)USATF06/26
20.18***Walter Dix (FlSt)NCAA06/09
20.30J.J. Johnson (Nike)Monterrey06/11
20.31John Capel (adidas)World Ch08/11
20.32(A)J-Mee Samuels (NCHS)Albuquerque06/04
20.34-Rodney Martin (SC)NCAA06/09
20.35Leo Bookman (Nike)Hermosillo05/21
20.36-Seth Amoo (AzSt)NCAA06/09
20.38LaShawn Merritt (Nike)Sea Ray04/16
Leonard Scott (Nike)Réthymno07/10
20.40i**Kerron Clement (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
20.43i**Domenik Peterson (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/11
Tyree Washington (Nike)Berlin GP09/04
20.44-Kyle Farmer (Fl)NCAA06/09
20.45Coby Miller (Nike)USATF06/26
20.46Rae Edwards (Nike)USATF06/25
20.46***Trell Kimmons (HindsCC)Georgia Inv05/07
20.52Fernada Blakely (adidas)Ms Inv04/09
***Rubin Williams (Tn)USATF06/25
20.54-Chris Berrian (Fres)Azusa07/17
20.55Joel Brown (Nike)Owens05/07
20.57-Tyree Gailes (TxT)Big 1205/15
20.58*Leroy Dixon (SC)NCAA E05/27
-Wes Felix (USC)NCAA W05/28
Mark Jelks (Nike)Malmö08/16
**Carey LaCour (Hous)NCAA06/09
20.59**Nate Probasco (Nb)NCAA06/09
20.61-Kenneth Baxter (Pur)NCAA06/09
20.62-Chris Johnson (ArLR)Ms Inv04/09
Mardy Scales (Nike)Malmö08/16
Bernard Williams (Nik)N-Xhovémont07/20
-Adam Wooten (SHous)Southland05/15
20.64-Benjamin Henderson (ECar)NCAA E05/28
-Ron Richards (Clem)Clemson Inv04/09
20.65***Kelvin Love (AzSt)Tempe04/30
20.67Mike Mitchell (Cheet)Claremont05/14
Foreign Collegians:
20.43-Omar Brown (Ar-Jam)Heusden GP07/23
20.75-Marvin Anderson (USC-Jam)UCLA-USC04/30
Drug DQ:
20.31*Steve Mullings’ (MsSt-Jam)SEC05/13
20.33***Ivory Williams (ButCC)JUCO05/18
20.36Anderson’Mt SAC Open04/17
20.39*Preston Perry (Hous)NCAA06/09
20.45WillieLSU Alum04/23
20.47BerrianSan Luis Obispo04/30
20.52Jeremy Wariner (adidas)UTA Inv04/02
20.58-Haddow Weatherborne (Lind)HAAC05/07
20.61**Marvin Bien-Aime (ACU)Abilene04/02
20.66*Andrae Williams’ (TxT-Bah)Big 1205/14

43.93Jeremy Wariner (adidas)World Ch08/12
44.27-Darold Williamson (Bay)NCAA06/10
44.35Andrew Rock (adidas)World Ch08/12
44.51Tyree Washington (Nike)WAF09/09
44.57i**Kerron Clement (Fl)NCAA Ind03/12
44.66LaShawn Merritt (Nike)Kingston05/07
*10 performances by 6 performers**
44.75-Jamel Ashley (MsSt)NCAA06/11
44.93-Terry Gatson (Ar)NCAA06/10
44.96Derrick Brew (Nike)Monterrey06/11
44.97*Kelly Willie (LSU)Sun Angel04/16
45.09Leonard Byrd (Nike)Belém GP05/22
45.15**Domenik Peterson (AzSt)Sun Angel04/16
45.16**Miles Smith (SEMo)NCAA ME05/28
45.22-Kedar Inico (Or)NCAA06/10
45.25Fernada Blakely (unat)Starkville04/16
45.34-Dirk Homewood (NnIa)NCAA MW05/28
45.42**Reggie Witherspoon (Fl)NCAA06/10
45.45Bershawn Jackson (Nike)Réthymno07/10
45.53Milton Campbell (Holy)Georgia Inv05/07
45.65***Xavier Carter (LSU)LSU Alum04/23
45.70*Matt Scherer (Or)NCAA06/10
45.78***Lionel Larry (USC)UCLA-USC04/30
45.82Jerry Harris (adidas)Atlanta06/03
45.84David Gettis (CaHS)Cal State HS06/04
45.87*Craig Everhart (UCLA)Pac-1005/14
45.89**David Neville (In)Big 1005/15
45.95James Davis (Nike)Mt SAC04/17
-Jonathon Johnson (TxT)TCU Inv04/23
**Bobby Young (Linc)NCAA III05/28
45.98**E.J. Falkner (NWMo)NCAA II05/28
46.02*Kellen Blassingame (Va)ACC04/23
**Carey LaCour (Hous)Conf-USA05/14
46.05**Schafer Sherrer (BartCC)JUCO05/18
46.08*Bryan Kelley (TxAM)NCAA MW05/28
Mike Mitchell (Cheet)Mt SAC04/17
46.11Justin Oliver (GaHS)Nike Outdoor06/18
46.16**Nathan Daniels (ArSt)Sun Belt05/15
i**Wallace Spearmon (Ar)Fayetteville01/14
46.17-Jason Barton (AzSt)Tempe04/30
**Arthur Davis (MsSt)Starkville04/16
Foreign Collegians:
44.87***Ricardo Chambers (FlSt-Jam)Atlanta05/14
44.90*Andrae Williams (TxT-Bah)NCAA06/11
45.49-Marvin Essor (ACU-Jam)NCAA II05/28
45.55-Damion Barry (Aub-Tri)Tri Ch06/25
45.94*Lewis Banda (AzSt-Zim)Tucson Elite05/21
46.00-Omar Brown (Ar-Jam)Mt SAC04/17
46.06*Michael Mathieu (TxT-Bah)NCAA MW05/28
46.07*Sekou Clarke (Fl-Jam)Jam Ch06/26

1:44.62Khadevis Robinson (Nike)Zürich GP08/19
1:44.70——RobinsonOslo GP07/29
1:44.86-Jonathon Johnson (TxT)Big 1205/15
1:44.90——RobinsonHelsinki GP07/25
1:44.94**Kevin Hicks (FlAM)NCAA06/11
1:45.04David Krummenacker (adidas)Zürich GP08/19
1:45.19——KrummenackerP Alto GP05/30
——RobinsonEugene GP06/04
*11 performances by 4 performers**
1:45.86-Jeremy Mims (Ks)NCAA06/11
1:46.03Jebreh Harris (Reebok)Modesto05/07
1:46.09Derrick Peterson (adidas)Lignano07/17
1:46.43i**Joel Williams (Jack)IaSt LC03/05
1:46.65Richard Smith (Nike)Eugene GP06/04
1:46.70Sam Burley (Asics)P Alto GP05/30
*Courtney Jaworski (Penn)NCAA06/11
1:47.06Charlie Gruber (Nike)Lignano07/17
1:47.07Bernard Lagat (Nike)Kingston05/07
1:47.11-Jon Rankin (UCLA)Mt SAC04/17
1:47.13Alan Webb (Nike)Malmö08/16
1:47.16Tim Dunne (NYAC)Nashville06/04
1:47.19*Christian Smith (KsSt)Mt SAC04/17
1:47.28*Zach Glavash (Il)Sea Ray04/15
1:47.30Elliott Blount (NFT)Mt SAC04/17
1:47.31**Ryan Brown (Wa)Pac-1005/15
1:47.35-James Hatch (Ar)SEC05/15
1:47.38**Paul Cross (Tn)SEC05/15
1:47.43*Aaron Nasers (Nb)Big 1205/15
1:47.47**Wil Fitts (Bay)Big 1205/15
1:47.48Neville Miller (Mo)Nashville06/04
1:47.66*Mike Inge (Kent)NCAA ME05/27
1:47.75*Chris Lukezic (Gtn)Mt SAC04/17
1:47.78**Marcus Mayes (Mo)Big 1205/15
1:47.84i-Jeffrey Fisher (LSU)IaSt LC03/05
***Duane Solomon (USC)Stanford Inv03/26
1:47.93Kevin Elliott (NFT)Boston07/09
1:47.96***Jacob Hernandez (TCU)Conf-USA05/14
1:48.05Sean O’Brien (NFT)Lignano07/17
1:48.12iJoel Legare (Ct)USATF Ind02/26
1:48.19*Harun Iman (Ar)SEC05/13
1:48.34i-Dan Murray (Wi)IaSt Cl02/12
1:48.41-Anthony Heckman (USC)UCLA-USC04/30
1:48.46*Jason Morgan (NFT)Boston07/06
1:48.47iDave Paulsen (unat)IaSt Cl02/12
Jacob Koczman (InI)Boston07/06
Foreign Collegians:
1:44.74**Dmitrijs Milkevics (Nb-Lat)NCAA06/11
1:45.43-Sherridan Kirk (Aub-Tri)NCAA06/11
1:46.25*Andrew Ellerton (Mi-Can)NCAA06/11
1:46.84*Jackson Langat (TCU-Jam)UTA Inv04/02
1:47.43i-Aldwyn Sappleton (Ok-Jam)IaSt Cl02/12
1:47.49i***Shaun Smith (OR-Jam)IaSt LC03/05
1:47.51i*Nate Brannen (Mi-Can)Wilson Inv03/05
1:47.54**Prince Mumba (OR-Zam)NCAA MW05/28
1:47.88**Raphael Asafo-Agyei (USC-Gha)Pac-1005/15
1:47.90-Erik Sproll (KsSt-Can)Big 1205/15
1:48.14*Martell Munguia (UCLA-Mex)Oxy Inv05/07
1:48.23*William Emase (SC-Ken)SEC05/15
1:48.30**Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)Tallahassee04/09

2:17.57David Krummenacker (adidas)Reebok06/11
2:19.06Sam Burley (Asics)Reebok06/11
2:19.36Rob Myers (Reebok)Reebok06/11
2:19.72Charlie Gruber (Nike)Reebok06/11
2:20.32Alan Webb (Nike)Reebok06/11
2:20.91i——KrummenackerReebok Boston01/29
**6 performances by 5 performers**
2:21.02i*Mike Inge (Kent)Kent02/19
2:21.26iJesse O’Connell (adidas)Reebok Boston01/29
2:21.35iJoel Legare (unat)BU Inv02/12
2:21.36i*Said Ahmed (Ar)Reebok Boston01/29
2:22.54i-Tommy Manning (Gtn)PennSt Open01/29
2:23.11iJebreh Harris (Reebok)Reebok Boston01/29
2:23.21iDave Paulsen (unat)adidas01/22
2:23.34i*Aaron Nasers (Nb)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.3iCasey Batey (WVTC)Kent02/19
2:23.40i*Christian Smith (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
2:22.47i*Sean Connolly (Iona-Ire)BU Inv02/12
2:22.66i*Richard Jones (Prov-NZ)BU Inv02/12
2:22.82i**Dmitrijs Milkevics (Nb-Lat)adidas01/22

3:29.30Bernard Lagat (Nike)Rieti GP08/28
3:30.64——LagatParis GP07/01
3:31.04——LagatZürich GP08/19
3:31.09——LagatRome GP07/08
3:32.52Alan Webb (Nike)Rieti GP08/28
3:33.12——LagatLondon GP07/22
3:33.16——WebbLondon GP07/22
3:33.40——WebbZürich GP08/19
3:33.55——LagatStockholm GP07/26
*10 performances by 2 performers**
3:34.89Rob Myers (Reebok)London GP07/22
3:35.22*Chris Lukezic (Gtn)London GP07/22
3:35.26-Jon Rankin (UCLA)Stockholm GP07/26
3:36.58David Krummenacker (adidas)Lausanne GP07/05
3:37.13***Leonel Manzano (Tx)NCAA06/11
3:37.99Scott McGowan (New Balance)Boston07/09
3:38.29Chris Estwanik (Nike)P Alto GP05/30
3:38.31-Bryan Lindsay (BYU)NCAA06/11
3:38.46-Sean Duffy (Amer)NCAA06/11
3:38.54**Adam Perkins (Ar)NCAA06/11
3:38.57*Shane Stroup (Fl)NCAA06/11
3:38.91*Sean Jefferson (In)NCAA06/11
3:39.40-Matt Tegenkamp (Wi)Norrtälje07/11
3:39.41Charlie Gruber (Nike)USATF06/26
3:39.47Jason Lunn (Nike)Stockholm GP07/26
3:39.48Adam Goucher (Nike)Cuxhaven07/09
3:39.71Drew Griffin (NFT)P Alto GP05/30
3:40.42Sean O’Brien (NFT)PAlto GP05/30
3:40.51**Stephen Pifer (Co)NCAA06/09
3:40.59Jason Jabaut (NFT)USATF06/26
3:41.01Dan Wilson (Asics)USATF06/26
3:41.41-Josh Spiker (Wi)NCAA06/09
3:41.47Tom Brooks (unat)Boston07/09
3:41.62-Donald Sage (Stan)Cardinal Inv05/01
3:41.64*John Jefferson (In)Hayes Inv05/06
3:41.72***Russell Brown (Stan)NCAA06/11
3:41.93Bryan Berryhill (Reebok)P Alto GP05/30
3:42.03Grant Robison (Reebok)Mt SAC Twi06/12
3:42.07*Riley Cook (Web)Cardinal Inv05/01
3:42.18Adam Davis (NFT)P-Pit Inv04/15
3:42.28-Tommy Manning (Gtn)Atlanta05/13
3:42.44Mike McGrath (Nike Or)P Alto GP05/30
3:42.48Jorge Torres (Reebok)Cardinal Inv05/01
3:43.21Matt Groose (WRRT)USATF06/26
3:43.22**Joaquin Chapa (Stan)P-Pit Inv04/15
3:43.24Thomas Morgan (Zap)Atlanta05/13
3:43.31-Matt Gonzales (unat)Stanford Inv03/26
3:43.49-Ryan Ponsonby (Tx)Oregon Inv04/23
Foreign Collegians:
3:35.72*Nate Brannen (Mi-Can)Rieti GP08/28
3:38.92**Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)NCAA06/11
3:39.63-Paul Hoffman (IdSt-Aus)NCAA06/09
3:41.95-Ryan Hayden (Vill-Can)Philadelphia05/16
3:42.69*Jonah Maiyo (Az-Ken)Stanford Inv03/26
3:42.76Nick Goodliffe (But-GB)Hayes Inv05/06
3:43.12-Andrew Sherman (But-GB)Hayes Inv05/06
3:43.41*Tomasz Babiszkiewicz (USC-Pol)Mt SAC Open04/15

3:48.38Bernard Lagat (Nike)Oslo GP07/29
3:48.92Alan Webb (Nike)Oslo GP07/29
3:49.89i——LagatTyson Inv02/11
3:51.53——LagatEugene GP06/04
3:52.87i——LagatMillrose G02/04
3:52.89——LagatSheffield GP08/21
3:53.61i——LagatReebok Boston01/29
3:54.87Rob Myers (Reebok)Eugene GP06/04
3:55.63-Jon Rankin (UCLA)Malmö08/16
3:56.15Adam Goucher (Nike)Windsor07/28
*10 performances by 5 performers**
3:56.44i*Sean Jefferson (In)Meyo Inv02/05
3:56.92Charlie Gruber (Nike)Eugene GP06/04
3:57.04i*Said Ahmed (Ar)IaSt LC03/05
3:57.21Scott McGowan (New Balance)Eugene GP06/04
3:57.85i*John Jefferson (In)Meyo Inv02/05
3:58.23Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Nashville06/04
3:58.59iLuke Watson (adidas)Meyo Inv02/05
3:58.80Chris Estwanik (NFT)Mt SAC04/17
3:59.16-Bryan Lindsay (BYU)Johnson/JJK04/09
3:59.86i***Leonel Manzano (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/26
4:00.11Matt Grouse (WRRT)Nashville06/04
4:00.12Bryan Berryhill (Reebok)Owens05/07
4:00.14i-A.J. Suravicz (StF)Meyo Inv02/05
4:00.17i-Nathan Robison (BYU)Wilson Inv03/05
4:00.45-Ian Dobson (Stan)Malmö08/16
4:00.55Tom Brooks (unat)Eugene GP06/04
4:00.67i-Evan Fox (Stan)Seattle03/05
4:00.99i**Lauren Jespersen (Stan)Seattle03/05
4:01.37Mike McGrath (NikOr)Eugene GP06/04
4:01.41i*Josh McAdams (BYU)Wilson Inv03/05
4:01.67-Brad Lowery (SDSt)Sioux Fallx05/06
4:01.72i-Josh Spiker (Wi)Husky Inv02/12
4:01.76i-James Hatch (Ar)Razorback Inv01/22
4:01.81Hunter Spencer (InI)Nashville06/04
4:01.82i*Bruce Hyde (Corn)Wilson Inv03/05
4:01.84Drew Griffin (NFT)Beaverton05/18
4:01.86i-Eric Logsdon (Or)Seattle03/05
4:01.90Thomas Morgan (unat)Nashville06/04
4:01.98i***Russell Brown (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/26
iSean O’Brien (NFT)Husky Inv02/12
i*Mark Walter (AF)Wilson Inv03/05
4:02.04i**Stephen Pifer (Co)Husky Inv02/12
4:02.06i-Steve Zieminski (Fl)Gainesville03/03
4:02.08i-Ryan Ponsonby (Tx)Husky Inv02/12
4:02.22Jonathon Riley (Nike)Mt SAC04/17
Foreign Collegians:
3:53.43*Nick Willis (Mi-NZ)Oslo GP07/29
3:55.11i*Nate Brannen (Mi-Can)Reebok Boston01/29
3:58.75i**Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can)Meyo Inv02/05
3:59.08i*Jonah Maiyo (Az-Ken)Mtn Pac Ind02/26
3:59.23i*Robert Cheseret (Az-Ken)Mtn Pac Ind02/26
4:00.64i**Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)Gainesville03/03
4:01.06i*Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)IC4A Ind03/06
4:01.53i-Liam Reale (Prov-Ire)Boston02/05
4:01.56i***Mike Woods (Mi-Can)Reebok Boston01/29
4:02.11i*Mircea Bogdan (UTEP-Rom)Seattle03/05
4:02.21i-Ryan Hayden (Vill-Can)Wilson Inv03/05

8:12.65Daniel Lincoln (Nike)Rome GP07/08
8:15.93——LincolnStockholm GP07/26
8:17.87Steve Slattery (Nike)Heusden GP07/23
8:19.46Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Rieti GP08/28
8:19.56Brian Olinger (OhSt)Heusden GP07/23
8:21.39——LincolnWorld Ch08/07
8:21.84——FamigliettiWorld Ch08/07
*10 performances by 4 performers**
8:24.16Robert Gary (Reebok)Heusden GP07/23
8:29.66-Andy Smith (NCSt)NCAA06/10
8:33.06Max King (TXO)USATF06/25
8:33.14Lyle Weese (TMn)Jerome06/14
8:33.70-Ben Bruce (SLO)Westwood03/05
8:34.84*Josh McAdams (BYU)NCAA06/08
8:34.91Jacques Sallberg (adidas)Cardinal Inv05/01
8:35.18-Aaron Fisher (OhSt)NCAA06/08
8:36.39-Lucas Meyer (Yale)NCAA06/08
8:38.16**Aaron Aguayo (AzSt)NCAA06/08
8:40.68Mike Spence (unat)Stanford Inv03/25
8:41.14-Tom Burns (In)NCAA ME05/28
8:42.03-Brett Holts (Or)NCAA W05/28
8:42.27Mark Floreani (unat)Cardinal Inv05/01
8:42.32*Ryan Warrenburg (AzSt)NCAA06/08
8:42.43*Jordan Fife (InSt)NCAA06/08
8:42.98-Mike Nicks (CoSt)Mt SAC04/15
8:43.07*David Vidal (Stan)Pac 1005/14
8:43.08Tom Brooks (unat)Jerome06/14
8:43.18Jordan Desilets (Reebok)Owens05/06
8:44.72**Kyle Alcorn (Or)NCAA06/08
8:45.83Carl Blackhurst (adidas Bo)Cardinal Inv05/01
8:45.84**Jonathon Pierce (Stan)NCAA W05/28
8:46.36**Bill Nelson (Co)Cardinal Inv05/01
8:46.71-Steve Zieminski (Fl)NCAA E05/28
8:49.37*Jake Stout (EnIl)Oregon Inv04/23
8:49.84*Zach Zabatino (Tn)NCAA ME05/28
8:49.89Tom Chorny (Nike)P Alto GP05/30
8:50.46**Corey Nowitzke (EnMi)Owens05/06
8:50.66*Ramon Laboy (Iona)IC4A05/13
8:51.19-Luke Llamas (SLO)Stanford Inv03/25
8:51.41-Zach Zeller (Tx)Big 1205/15
8:51.76*Jeff Cutrer (Tx)Oregon Inv04/23
8:51.98***Chandler Goodwin (BYU)NCAA W05/28
8:52.06**Pete Janson (Co)Mt SAC04/15
8:52.09-Emory Mort (Corn)Sea Ray04/16
Foreign Collegians:
8:27.29*Mircea Bogdan (UTEP-Rom)NCAA06/10
8:29.13**Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)NCAA06/10
8:30.12*Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)NCAA06/10
8:31.93***Patrick Mutai (UTEP-Ken)NCAA06/10
8:34.12**Itay Magidi (Clem-Isr)NCAA06/10
8:34.80*Erik Emilsson (UCLA-Swe)NCAA06/10
8:34.89-Henrik Ahnström (NnAz-Swe)NCAA06/08
8:39.30**David Cheromei (VaInt-Ken)Nashville06/04
8:46.71**Nicodemus Naimadu (ACU-Ken)NCAA II05/28
8:46.82*Jose Campos (Ar-Mex)NCAA06/08
8:48.42-Terah Kipchiris (CCar-Ken)NCAA E05/28
8:48.43**Matt Loiselle (CMi-Can)NCAA ME05/28
8:48.75*Haron Lagat (TxT-Ken)NCAA06/08
8:51.89*Soeren Lindner (Va-Ger)ACC04/23

7:38.00Bernard Lagat (Nike)WAF09/09
7:39.28Alan Webb (Nike)Eugene GP06/04
7:40.09Adam Goucher (Nike)Lignano07/17
7:40.28Tim Broe (adidas)adidas05/22
7:43.33-Matt Tegenkamp (Wi)Stockholm GP07/26
7:43.95Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)adidas05/22
7:44.87i——BroeReebok Boston01/29
7:46.45——GoucherRieti GP08/28
7:47.19i——WebbBU Inv01/28
*10 performances by 6 performers**
7:48.79Daniel Lincoln (Nike)Lignano07/17
7:49.16***Galen Rupp (Or)Lignano07/17
7:50.44iBolota Asmerom (Nike)Tyson Inv02/11
7:51.00i*Stephen Haas (In)Meyo Inv02/05
7:51.28i*Josh Rohatinsky (BYU)Seattle01/29
7:51.41Jonathon Riley (Nike)Lignano07/17
7:51.70Steve Slattery (Nike)Reebok06/11
7:52.62-Ian Dobson (Stan)Rieti GP08/28
7:53.14i**Chris Solinsky (Wi)Meyo Inv02/05
7:53.90i-Bryan Lindsay (BYU)Seattle01/29
7:54.18iDan Wilson (Asics)BU Inv01/28
7:54.22Chris Estwanik (Nike)Lignano07/17
7:54.29i-Eric Logsdon (Or)Seattle01/29
7:55.01iScott McGowan (New Balance)Seattle03/05
7:55.70i***Josh McDougal (Lib)IC4A Ind03/05
7:55.85i*Rod Koborsi (Gtn)BU Inv01/28
7:56.22i**Adam Perkins (Ar)IaSt LC03/05
7:56.25i-Donald Sage (Stan)Seattle01/29
7:56.35Jorge Torres (Reebok)Reebok06/11
7:56.74iDave Davis (Nike)Seattle03/05
i*Ryan Hall (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/26
7:56.85i-Sean Duffy (Amer)Wilson Inv03/05
7:57.23iLuke Watson (adidas)USATF Ind02/26
7:57.45iMike Donnelly (Nike)Seattle01/29
7:57.89i***Nef Araia (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/26
7:58.04iMatt Gabrielson (Reebok)USATF Ind02/26
7:59.22i*Forest Braden (Boise)Seattle03/05
7:59.34i*Mike Nicks (CoSt)Wilson Inv03/05
7:59.42i*Bret Schoolmeester (Co)Husky Inv02/12
8:00.27i*Fernando Cabada (VaInt)USATF Ind02/26
8:00.78-Matt Gonzales (unat)Reebok06/11
8:00.81Robert Gary (Reebok)N-Xhovémont07/20
8:01.12iThomas Morgan (unat)Meyo Inv02/05
8:01.36i*Brian Olinger (OhSt)Armory Inv02/04
Foreign Collegians:
7:45.97*Nick Willis (Mi-NZ)Lausanne GP07/05
7:51.66i*Robert Cheseret (Az-Ken)Mtn Pac Ind02/26
7:52.32i*Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)New York02/25
7:54.45i**Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)NCAA Ind03/12
7:57.86i*Benson Chesang (Ks-Ken)Wilson Inv03/05
7:58.07i*Nate Brannen (Mi-Can)Ann Arbor01/22
7:58.26i*Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)SEC Ind02/26
7:59.39i**Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can)NDm Inv01/29
7:59.99i*Kip Kangogo (TCU-Ken)Tyson Coll02/12

12:59.29Bernard Lagat (Nike)Berlin GP09/04
13:10.19Adam Goucher (Nike)Heusden GP07/23
13:10.86Alan Webb (Nike)Berlin GP09/04
13:11.77Tim Broe (adidas)Oslo GP07/29
13:13.32Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)London GP07/22
13:13.75——AbdirahmanOslo GP07/29
13:13.93——BroeLondon GP07/22
13:14.71——LagatMt SAC04/15
13:15.33-Ian Dobson (Stan)USATF06/24
*10 performances by 6 performers**
13:16.03*Ryan Hall (Stan)USATF06/24
13:20.57Jorge Torres (Reebok)P Alto GP05/29
13:20.71Meb Keflezighi (Nike)Oslo GP07/29
13:22.23Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Eugene05/07
13:25.04Jonathon Riley (Nike)USATF06/24
13:25.36-Matt Tegenkamp (Wi)USATF06/24
13:25.75Alan Culpepper (Nike)London GP07/22
13:25.87-Ed Moran (WM)USATF06/24
13:35.32Matt Withrow (unat)Cardinal Inv05/01
13:36.85-Matt Gonzales (unat)USATF06/24
13:37.14Bolota Asmerom (Nike)Cardinal Inv05/01
13:37.55**Chris Solinsky (Wi)USATF06/24
13:38.30i**Brent Vaughn (Co)Husky Inv02/12
13:39.27iJames Carney (BSur)Husky Inv02/12
13:40.21-Eric Logsdon (Or)Cardinal Inv05/01
13:40.90-Ben Bruce (SLO)Stanford Inv03/25
13:41.42i*Stephen Haas (In)Tyson Coll02/12
13:41.60Kyle King (Zap)P Alto GP05/29
13:42.03Chris Estwanik (Nike)Cardinal Inv05/01
13:42.28Sean Graham (NFT)Cardinal Inv05/01
13:42.98Thomas Morgan (unat)P Alto GP05/29
13:43.50Lyle Weese (TMn)P Alto GP05/29
13:43.96Ian Connor (Nike)Cardinal Inv05/01
13:44.13iSteve Slattery (Nike)Seattle01/15
13:44.64-Andrew Carlson (Mn)Oregon Inv04/23
13:44.72***Galen Rupp (Or)Heusden GP07/23
13:44.78***Nef Araia (Stan)Stanford Inv03/25
13:45.04Matt Gabrielson (TMn)P Alto GP05/29
13:45.76Eric Savoth (NFT)Stanford Inv03/25
13:46.93-Celedonio Rodriguez (Adams)Cardinal Inv05/01
13:47.57**Josh Rohatinsky (BYU)Stanford Inv03/25
13:49.10*Rod Koborsi (Gtn)USATF06/24
13:49.11**Aaron Aguayo (AzSt)Oregon Inv04/23
13:50.17-Chris Emme (Stan)Cardinal Inv05/01
Foreign Collegians:
13:13.23*Robert Cheseret (Az-Ken)Oslo GP07/29
13:27.54*Nick Willis (Mi-NZ)NCAA06/11
13:33.05**Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can)Stanford Inv03/25
13:38.65**Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Mt SAC04/15
13:39.37***Nicodemus Naimadu (ACU-Ken)Stanford Inv03/25
13:39.77*Obed Mutanya (Az-Zam)Stanford Inv03/25
13:43.05-Simon Ngata (Ga-Ken)Cardinal Inv05/01
13:43.12*Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)Mt SAC04/15
13:43.72*Simon Bairu (Wi-Can)Mt SAC04/15
13:47.11*Kip Kangogo (TCU-Ken)Mt SAC04/15

10,000 METERS
27:33.47Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Hengelo GP05/29
27:52.01——AbdirahmanWorld Ch08/08
27:59.72-Ian Dobson (Stan)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:03.11Chris Graff (Asics)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:10.57Meb Keflezighi (Nike)USATF06/23
28:15.52***Galen Rupp (Or)Eugene05/07
28:17.46-Matt Gonzales (unat)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:31.39Matt Lane (Nike)Stanford Inv03/25
*10 performances by 7 performers**
28:33.31*Bret Schoolmeester (Co)Mt SAC04/15
28:34.65Matt Downin (New Balance)USATF06/23
28:35.86*Rod Koborsi (Gtn)Stanford Inv03/25
28:35.95James Carney (Asics)USATF06/23
28:37.64Jason Hubbard (unat)Mt SAC04/15
28:37.97Joe Driscoll (adidas)USATF06/23
28:38.72Patrick Gildea (NYAC)Mt SAC04/15
28:39.93**Josh Rohatinsky (BYU)Mt SAC04/15
28:43.44Ryan Kirkpatrick (unat)USATF06/23
28:43.48-Celedonio Rodriguez (Adams)Mt SAC04/15
28:44.57Trent Briney (Hansons)Stanford Inv03/25
28:45.01Steve Sundell (NFT)USATF06/23
28:45.32**Tim Nelson (Wi)Stanford Inv03/25
28:45.60Edwardo Torres (Reebok)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:49.89-Ryan Sheehan (StF)Stanford Inv03/25
28:50.07Josh Eberly (Hansons)USATF06/23
28:52.37Sergio Reyes (AAg)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:52.89Forest Braden (BTC)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:54.63*Casey Burchill (AzSt)Stanford Inv03/25
28:54.65-Dave Ernsberger (CMi)Stanford Inv03/25
28:54.70-Mark Nichol (Tx)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:55.26-Jason Sandfort (Ar)Stanford Inv03/25
28:56.59-Andrew Carlson (Mn)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:58.77***John Moore (Port)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:59.12***Sean Quigley (LaS)Stanford Inv03/25
28:59.27**Brett Gotcher (Stan)Stanford Inv03/25
28:59.35*Kaleb VanOrt (NDm)Stanford Inv03/25
29:00.45-Karl Dusen (Col)Stanford Inv03/25
29:00.85*Andrew Middleton (Tx)Stanford Inv03/25
29:01.06*Fernando Cabada (VaInt)Stanford Inv03/25
29:02.53-Delfino Arevalo (Ut)Mt SAC04/15
29:03.25Mike Donnelly (Nike)Eugene05/07
29:03.43*Tim Moore (NDm)Stanford Inv03/25
Foreign Collegians:
28:04.75*Simon Bairu (Wi-Can)Cardinal Inv05/01
28:07.27*Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)Stanford Inv03/25
28:08.97**Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Stanford Inv03/25
28:20.11*Robert Cheseret (Az-Ken)NCAA06/09
28:35.48-Mathew Chesang (KsSt-Ken)Stanford Inv03/25
28:44.97*Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)Stanford Inv03/25
28:45.84***Japheth Ng’ojoy (UTEP-Ken)Stanford Inv03/25
28:55.62-Antony Ford (Wi-GB)Stanford Inv03/25
28:59.89*Martin Fagan (Prov-Ire)Mt SAC04/15
29:03.18**Alex Korir (Al-Ken)Stanford Inv03/25

12.99Allen Johnson (Nike)USATF06/24
13.01Dominique Arnold (Nike)USATF06/24
13.02Terrence Trammell (Mizuno)USATF06/24
13.03——ArnoldZürich GP08/19
13.04——JohnsonParis GP07/01
——TrammellLausanne GP07/05
13.10——ArnoldParis GP07/01
——JohnsonWorld Ch08/12
*12 performances by 3 performers**
13.22Joel Brown (Nike)Oslo GP07/29
13.23Anwar Moore (Nike)Modesto05/07
Arend Watkins (Nike)Athens GP06/14
13.29David Oliver (Holy)Cuxhaven07/09
13.31Ron Bramlett (Nike)Lausanne GP07/05
13.33David Payne (unat)USATF06/24
13.35-Antwon Hicks (Ms)USATF06/24
13.36Dawane Wallace (Nike)Cuxhaven07/09
13.38**Aries Merritt (Tn)SEC05/15
13.39-Josh Walker (Fl)NCAA06/10
13.41Duane Ross (Nike)Ulm06/12
13.42Micah Harris (New Balance)Modesto05/07
13.50***Jason Richardson (SC)NCAA06/10
13.51Tim Bogdanof (GBear)Modesto05/07
13.53*Eric Mitchum (Or)NCAA06/10
13.61Robby Hughes (Holy)Sea Ray04/15
13.62Jermaine Cooper (Nike)P Alto GP05/30
Aubrey Herring (unat)Reebok06/11
13.63Dexter Faulk (unat)USATF06/23
Brandon Hon (InI)P Alto GP05/30
13.66Chris Thomas (TDall)Tucson Elite05/21
13.68-Adrian Ray (SHous)Southland05/15
13.69**Marlon Odom (TxT)NCAA MW05/28
13.70*Linnie Yarbrough (MTn)Texas R04/08
13.71*Unyime Akpan (StA)NCAA II05/28
-Montrell Person (GaT)Atlanta05/13
13.72*Eric Keddo (SavSt)Atlanta05/14
13.73Terry Reese (unat)Greensboro04/09
13.75-Richard Davidson (Nb)Nebraska Inv05/07
*Nolan Jackson (LaT)WAC05/14
13.78-Andrew Carruthers (Hous)Conf-USA05/14
Bryan Clay (Nike)Azusa04/09
-Selim Nurudeen (NDm)Big East05/06
13.80** Clarence Glenn (CMi)MAC05/14
Bashir Ramzy (HP)Ninove07/30
13.81*Anthony Acklin (SnIl)Mo Vall05/15
**Daryl Burgess (SPJC)San Angelo04/16
-Jonathan Williams (UCLA)Pac-1005/15
Foreign Collegians:
13.65-Dániel Kiss (Mem-Hun)Hun Ch07/07
13.68*Alleyne Lett (LSU-Grn)Penn R Univ04/29
13.72-Enrique Llanos (StA-PR)NCAA II05/27
*Héctor Cotto (ECar-PR)Conf-USA05/14
13.80*Shamar Sands (Aub-Bah)SEC05/15
13.81**Decosma Wright (Linc-Jam)Jam Ch06/26
13.20MooreStockholm GP07/26
13.23OliverStockholm GP07/26
13.33WallaceStockholm GP07/26
13.34MerrittStockholm GP07/26
13.44RayHouston Inv05/07
13.46**Daryl Burgess (SPl)JUCO05/18
13.49Lett’CAC Ch07/10
13.65NurudeenBig East05/08
13.67OdomMt SAC Open04/17
13.69Llanos’CAC Ch07/10
**Dior Lowry (Bart)JUCO05/18
13.70-Tarmo Jallai’ (AMK-Est)Abilene05/12
13.71Lewis Edmonson (HP)Texas R04/09
13.72-David Klics (Rut)Big East05/08
13.74Ron Andrews (SyrC)Mt SAC Open04/17
13.76***Dominic Berger (Md)Windsor07/29
13.78*Blake Frazier (USC)Mt SAC Open04/17
Unknown irregularity
13.68-Greg Belger (ArSt)Jonesboro04/07

47.24**Kerron Clement (Fl)USATF06/26
47.30Bershawn Jackson (Nike)World Ch08/09
47.43James Carter (Nike)World Ch08/09
47.67-Bennie Brazell (LSU)NCAA06/11
47.78——CarterWorld Ch08/07
47.91——JacksonEugene GP06/04
47.92——JacksonMadrid GP07/16
*10 performances by 4 performers**
48.51Kenneth Ferguson (adidas)adidas05/22
48.55**Micheal Tinsley (Jack)NCAA06/11
48.59**Brandon Johnson (UCLA)NCAA06/11
48.74-LaRon Bennett (Ga)NCAA06/11
49.21Rickey Harris (adidas)Kingston05/07
49.33Sherman Armstrong (SMTC)Eugene GP06/04
49.51Pat Brown (OkB)NAIA05/28
Joey Woody (adidas)SoCal USATF06/05
49.55LaBronze Garrett (Doyle)Kingston05/07
49.61Orentheus Hutcherson (NEra)USATF06/25
49.67-Jonathan Williams (UCLA)Pac-1005/15
49.69Fred Sharpe (adidas)Monterrey06/11
49.80Quinton Milner (USAr)Azusa07/17
49.82*Abe Jones (Il)NCAA ME05/28
***Reuben McCoy (Aub)NCAA06/11
49.84Kyle Erickson (SMTC)Monterrey06/11
49.86**Bryan Scott (TxT)Big 1205/15
49.94William Porter (Nike)Houston06/03
50.10-Jaret Campisi (PennSt)Big 1005/15
50.16La’Boris Bean (TDall)USATF06/24
50.18Eric Dudley (unat)Tucson Elite05/21
50.21-Dwight Ruff (Fl)SEC05/15
50.23Michael Brown (NYE)Reebok06/11
50.24*Scott Kautz (Clem)NCAA06/10
50.29-Andrew Carruthers (Hous)NCAA06/10
50.33Ben Clark (TDall)Arlington05/07
50.50**John Cassleman (WaSt)Pac-1005/15
50.54(A)*Ben Gardner (BYU)Mtn West05/14
Eric Thomas (Nike)US-GB-Rus06/05
50.57*Adrian Walker (Il)NCAA ME05/28
50.61Burke Bockman (unat)SoCal USATF06/05
*AK Ikwuakor (Or)Pac-1005/15
Greg Offerman (IaHS)NON06/18
50.62Brian Derby (Holy)Atlanta04/02
50.63Maurice Bridges (ArAlum)Mt SAC04/17
50.64*Terry Beard (TxT)Big 1205/15
Nate Garcia (unat)TCU Inv04/23
Derek Toshner (WRRT)SoCal USATF06/05
Foreign Collegians:
49.26*Bryan Steele (LIU-Jam)Jam Ch06/25
49.96-Adrian Findlay (StA-Jam)Jam Ch06/24
50.46*Shane Charles (Wa-Grn)Pac-1005/15

2:09:56Meb Keflezighi (Nike)New York11/06
2:11:24Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)New York11/06
2:13:20Alan Culpepper (Nike)Chicago10/09
2:13:27Brian Sell (Hansons)World Ch08/13
2:14:28Matt Downin (New Balance)New York11/06
2:15:06Mbarak Hussein (NM)Honolulu12/11
2:16:39Pete Gilmore (Ca)New York11/06
2:16:57Chad Johnson (unat)Phoenix01/09
2:17.14Clint Verran (Hansons)Austin02/13
**10 performances by 9 performers**
2:17:14Ryan Shay (Nike)New York11/06
2:17:32Matt Lane (Nike)Chicago10/09
2:17:44Jim Jurcevich (unat)Detroit10/23
2:18:13Wynston Alberts (Or)Rome03/13
2:18:23Mark Pilja (Ca)Austin02/13
2:18:37Teren Jameson (Ut)Columbus10/16
2:19:29Josh Eberly (Hansons)Chicago10/09
2:19:32’Gabe Jennings (Ca)Sacramento12/04
2:20:21Luke Humphrey (Hansons)Chicago10/09
2:20:23Casey Moulton (NH)Chicago10/09
2:20:43Ben Rosario (Mo)Twin Cities10/01
2:20:53Miguel Nuci (Ca)Sacramento12/04
2:21:06James Lander (Hansons)Chicago10/09
2:21:24Todd Witzleben (Ca)Austin02/13
2:21:49Christopher Zieman (Ca)Sacramento12/04
2:21:58Andrew Cook (Tx)Dallas12/11
2:22:00Ronnie Holassie (Fl)Palm Beach12/04
Fred Kieser (Oh)Cleveland05/22
2:22:05David Ernsberger (Mi)Twin Cities10/01
2:22:17Matt Marcini (Pa)Steamtown10/09
2:22:23Joseph Wilson (Ut)St. George10/01
2:22:26Carl Rundell (Mi)Wash., D.C.10/30
2:22:33Paul Aufdemberge (Mi)Austin02/13
2:22:34Lowell Ladd (Pa)Steamtown10/09
Brantley Lutz (NM)Twin Cities10/01
2:22:36Steve Moreno (Ca)New York11/06
Dennis Simonaitis (Ut)Tampa02/06
2:22:46Jason Lehmkuhle (TMn)World Ch08/13
2:22:54Brandon Leslie (NM)Twin Cities10/01
2:23:00Michael Little (Mn)Twin Cities10/01
2:23:03John Suspic (Co)Columbus10/16

1:26:42Tim Seaman (NYAC)USATF06/26
1:27:10John Nunn (USAr)World Ch08/06
1:27:18——SeamanPan-Am Cup05/07
1:28:32——SeamanPan-Am Trials04/04
1:29:58——SeamanWorld Ch08/06
1:30:40Ben Shorey (WiPl)Parkside05/22
1:32:29——Shorey (WiPl)USATF06/26
**10 performances by 3 performers**
1:33:16Kevin Eastler (USAF)USATF06/26
1:33:42Allen James (Niag)USATF06/04
1:34:33Michael Tarantino (WiP)Pan-Am Trials04/03
1:34:49Matt Boyles (RGra)USATF06/26
1:35:19Ray Sharp (Vars)USATF06/26
1:35:53Theron Kissinger (NBal)USATF06/26
1:37:37Patrick Collier (AthE)Parkside05/22
1:37:55Dave McGovern (Vars)USATF LI06/19
1:43:49Edward Parrot (FlAC)Pan-Am Trials04/03
1:45:59John Soucheck (Shore)Saner05/22
1:46:25Leon Jasionowski (unat)USA Masters11/17
1:49:49Mike Bartholomew (WUSA)USATF LI06/19

4:09:35Curt Clausen (NYAC)USATF Ch02/13
4:15:52Philip Dunn (NBal)USATF Ch02/13
4:18:32——DunnPan-Am Cup05/08
4:38:13Dave McGovern (NBal)USATF Ch02/13
4:38:53Ray Sharp (unat)Pan-Am Cup05/08
4:40:53——SharpUSATF Ch02/13
4:45:02Ed Parrot (FlRW)Pan-Am Cup05/08
5:02:03Steve Pecinovsky (unat)USATF Ch02/13
5:13:13Mike Bartholomew (unat)USATF Ch02/13
**10 performances by 7 performers**
5:20:37Vlado Haluska (unat)Dudince03/26
5:15:50Chris Rael (unat)USATF Ch02/13
5:21:10Bill Vayo (unat)USATF Ch02/13
5:25:48Max Walker (unat)USATF Ch02/13

4 x 100
38.48HSITexas R04/09
38.50National TeamHelsinki GP07/25
38.58USA Red PennPenn R04/30
38.60USA Blue PennPenn R04/30
38.68USA Red TexasTexas R04/09
38.71Arizona StateTempe04/30
38.73——HSIMt SAC04/17
**10 performances by 8 teams**
38.77LSUNCAA ME05/28
38.89USCMt SAC04/17
38.98USA Red Mt. SACMt SAC04/17
39.09Mississippi StateTexas R04/09
39.12TCU All-StarsTCU Inv04/23
39.16(A)El Paso All-StarsUTEP Inv04/16
39.19NebraskaNCAA MW05/28
39.27HoustonTexas R04/09
USA White Mt. SACMt SAC04/17
39.30Florida StateNCAA06/08
39.44TexasNCAA MW05/28
39.46Auburn All-StarsAtlanta04/02
39.53USA White TxRTexas R04/09
39.59Tempe All-StarsSun Angel04/16
39.61OklahomaNCAA MW05/28
39.62Auburn EliteFlSt R03/19
39.63Elite Athletes NetworkModesto05/07
39.65Florida InternationalNCAA06/08
39.66South CarolinaSEC05/15
39.68Albany StateNCAA II05/28
39.71T.H.I.SSea Ray04/16
WisconsinNCAA ME05/28
39.72Northern IowaNCAA MW05/28
39.73Kent StateNCAA ME05/28
39.74Texas TechNCAA MW05/28
39.76Auburn Elite BFlSt R03/19
Florida A&MAtlanta05/14
39.79Tallahassee All-StarsSeminole Twi05/07
Texas A&MTexas R04/08

4 x 200
1:20.94FloridaPenn R Univ04/30
1:21.06LSUPenn R Univ04/30
1:21.31Mississippi StatePenn R Univ04/30
1:21.34——Mississippi StateAlabama R03/20
1:21.62——Mississippi StateTexas R04/09
1:21.75TennesseeSea Ray04/15
1:21.77——Mississippi StatePenn R Univ04/30
1:22.08——FloridaFlorida R03/25
1:22.33ArkansasPenn R Univ04/30
1:22.57Nike WilliamsRaleigh R03/26
**10 performances by 6 teams**
1:23.05LindenwoodDrake R Coll04/29
1:23.06South CarolinaPenn R Univ04/30
1:23.45Northern IowaDrake R Univ04/29
1:23.64AlabamaAlabama R03/20
1:23.85Penn StatePenn R Univ04/30
1:24.06North Dakota StateDrake R Univ04/29
1:24.23UT–San AntonioTexas R04/09
1:24.41RutgersPenn R Univ04/30
1:24.44Prairie ViewTexas R04/09
1:24.97Cinco Ranch HS, Katy, TexasTexas R HS04/08
1:25.09Glenville HS, OhioOhio St HS06/04
1:25.29North Carolina A&TGreensboro03/26
1:25.30Jackson StateColumbia03/19

4 x 400
2:56.91National TeamWorld Ch08/14
3:00.48——National TeamWorld Ch08/13
3:00.57Arizona StateNCAA06/11
3:01.63Mississippi StateNCAA06/11
3:01.69Texas TechNCAA06/09
3:01.91USA Red Texas RTexas R04/09
**10 performances by 9 teams**
3:03.08USA Blue PennPenn R04/30
3:03.58AuburnNCAA ME05/28
3:04.24Holyfield InternationalMt SAC04/17
3:04.47Jackson StateAtlanta05/14
3:04.55Northern IowaNCAA06/09
3:04.86ArkansasTexas R04/09
3:05.50Tiger OlympiansLSU Alum04/23
3:05.58Florida StateNCAA E05/28
3:05.63Santa Monica TCMt SAC04/17
3:05.72USA Red Mt. SACMt SAC04/17
3:05.95TCU All-StarsTCU Inv04/23
3:06.49Southeast MissouriNCAA ME05/28
3:06.80Barton County CCJacobs Inv04/16
3:06.87iSouth CarolinaIaSt LC03/05
3:06.95MichiganNCAA ME05/28
3:07.01Wallace State CCJUCO05/18
3:07.08Abilene ChristianNCAA II05/28
3:07.16Nike WilliamsRaleigh R03/26
3:07.20USA White TxRTexas R04/09
3:07.49Auburn EliteFlSt R03/19
3:07.61NebraskaBig 1205/15
3:07.79St. Augustine’sNCAA II05/28

4 x 800
7:21.32Kansas StateDrake R Univ04/29
7:21.75USCTexas R04/07
7:22.59MichiganPenn R Univ04/30
7:24.16TennesseeSea Ray04/16
7:24.23IllinoisSea Ray04/16
7:24.83MissouriDrake R Univ04/29
7:24.88KansasTexas R04/07
7:24.95OklahomaTexas R04/07
7:25.24——KansasDrake R Univ04/29
7:26.08Illinois StateDrake R Univ04/29
**10 performances by 9 teams**
7:26.17Wisconsin–MilwaukeeDrake R Univ04/29
7:26.22CornellSea Ray04/16
7:26.43ArkansasPenn R Univ04/30
7:26.44BaylorTexas R04/07
7:26.57Azusa PacificNAIA05/27
7:26.61Kent StatePenn R Univ04/30
7:26.88PennPenn R Univ04/30
7:27.01Jackson StateTexas R04/07
7:28.33Penn StatePenn R Univ04/30
7:28.73Oklahoma BaptistNAIA05/27
7:29.03La SalleIC4A05/15
7:29.08VirginiaPenn R Univ04/30
7:29.15iDukeIC4A Ind03/06
7:29.47AlabamaDrake R Univ04/29
7:29.56KentuckyCastillo Inv03/19
7:29.95William & MaryIC4A05/15
7:30.20iRutgersIC4A Ind03/06
7:30.43iBoston CollegeIC4A Ind03/06
7:30.46iCoppin StateIC4A Ind03/06
7:31.59Tennessee BCastillo Inv03/19
7:32.42FloridaPenn R Univ04/30
7:32.84Northern IowaDrake R Univ04/29
7:33.12IowaDrake R Univ04/29
7:33.50North CentralDrake R Coll04/29
7:33.87Jamestown CollegeNAIA05/27
7:33.94PrincetonPenn R Coll04/30

4 x 1500
15:24.42ArkansasTexas R04/08
15:26.37TexasTexas R04/08
15:28.95VirginiaTexas R04/08
15:38.78TennesseeSea Ray04/15
15:41.29MinnesotaRaleigh R03/25
15:42.58Oklahoma StateTexas R04/08
15:47.08GeorgetownRaleigh R03/25
15:48.42James MadisonRaleigh R03/25
15:52.18La SalleRaleigh R03/25
15:55.19AlabamaAlabama R03/20
**10 performances by 10 teams**
15:55.94LSUTexas R04/08
15:56.18Zap FitnessSea Ray04/15
15:59.22DuquesneRaleigh R03/25
15:59.75IonaClemson R03/26
16:00.18ClemsonClemson R03/26
16:01.99Mississippi StateTexas R04/08
16:06.04McNeese StateTexas R04/08
16:10.12LibertyFlSt R03/19
16:14.76FloridaFlorida R03/25
16:31.85MiamiFlorida R03/25
16:40.46North TexasTexas R04/08
17:03.41Louisiana–LafayetteTexas R04/08

4 x 1600
16:42.46MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/29
16:43.74Texas TechDrake R Univ04/29
16:44.12Notre DameDrake R Univ04/29
16:45.02Air ForceDrake R Univ04/29
17:15.74Kansas StateDrake R Univ04/29
**5 performances by 5 teams**

4 x MILE
16:04.54MichiganPenn R Univ04/30
16:19.50ArkansasPenn R Univ04/30
16:25.11IndianaPenn R Univ04/30
16:26.70TexasPenn R Univ04/30
16:29.21CornellPenn R Univ04/30
16:34.43StanfordPenn R Univ04/30
16:36.36GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/30
16:38.89FloridaPenn R Univ04/30
16:43.22DartmouthPenn R Univ04/30
16:49.22Loyola/ChicagoPenn R Univ04/30
**10 performances by 10 teams**
16:50.94James MadisonPenn R Univ04/30
16:54.31iSt. FrancisPennSt R01/15
16:57.13iPenn StatePennSt R01/15
17:07.69AmericanPenn R Univ04/30
4 x Mile as composite with converted 4x15 and 4x16 times
16:04.54MichiganPenn R Univ04/30
16:19.50ArkansasPenn R Univ04/30
16:25.11IndianaPenn R Univ04/30
16:26.70TexasPenn R Univ04/30
16:29.21CornellPenn R Univ04/30
16:34.43StanfordPenn R Univ04/30
16:36.36GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/30
16:38.38+——ArkansasTexas R04/08
16:38.89FloridaPenn R Univ04/30
16:40.48——TexasTexas R04/08
16:43.22DartmouthPenn R Univ04/30
16:43.27+VirginiaTexas R04/08
16:48.28+MinnesotaRaleigh R03/25
16:49.22Loyola/ChicagoPenn R Univ04/30
16:49.57+Texas TechDrake R Univ04/29
16:49.95+Notre DameDrake R Univ04/29
16:50.85+Air ForceDrake R Univ04/29
16:50.94James MadisonPenn R Univ04/30
16:54.31iSt. FrancisPennSt R01/15
16:57.13iPenn StatePennSt R01/15
16:57.99+Oklahoma StateTexas R04/08
17:07.69AmericanPenn R Univ04/30

3:12.10USA Red PennPenn R04/30
3:13.06Texas TechTexas R04/08
3:13.50AuburnTexas R04/08
3:14.01USA Blue PennPenn R04/30
3:15.08——Texas TechPenn R Univ04/29
3:15.49——AuburnPenn R Univ04/29
3:16.05IllinoisDrake R Univ04/29
3:16.43FloridaTexas R04/08
3:16.79Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/29
3:17.07TennesseePenn R Univ04/29
**10 performance by 8 teams**
3:17.38TCUPenn R Univ04/29
3:17.40AlabamaDrake R Univ04/29
3:17.82Mississippi StateAlabama R03/20
3:19.14Penn StatePenn R Univ04/29
3:19.15South CarolinaFlorida R03/25
3:19.19South Plains CCTx R Coll04/08
3:19.92Jackson StateTexas R04/08
3:19.96Oral RobertsTexas R04/08
3:20.22Abilene ChristianTx R Coll04/08
3:20.38Auburn EliteFlSt R03/19
3:21.18StanfordTexas R04/08
3:21.24Southwestern Christian CCTx R Coll04/08
3:21.32VirginiaTexas R04/08
3:21.39KansasPenn R Univ04/29
3:21.47Kent StatePenn R Univ04/29
3:21.70USCLong Beach03/05
3:21.83Kansas StateTexas R04/08
3:21.94LamarTexas R04/08
3:22.01LSUTexas R04/08
3:22.47Florida StateFlSt R03/19
3:22.54Eastern KentuckyRaleigh R03/25
3:22.65George MasonTexas R04/08

9:22.57MichiganPenn R Univ04/29
9:28.12i——MichiganWilson Inv03/04
9:28.55iArkansas TCRazorback Inv01/21
9:28.79ArkansasPenn R Univ04/29
9:29.25i——ArkansasTyson Inv02/11
9:30.82i——MichiganNCAA Ind03/11
9:33.11iIndianaTyson Inv02/11
9:33.32CornellPenn R Univ04/29
9:33.49iStanfordTyson Inv02/11
9:33.60iUCLANCAA Ind03/11
**10 performances by 7 teams**
9:33.70iBYUWilson Inv03/04
9:34.80iWisconsinNCAA Ind03/11
9:34.93GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/29
9:34.98VillanovaPenn R Univ04/29
9:35.12iNotre DameWilson Inv03/04
9:35.25iMissouriWilson Inv03/04
9:35.55AmericanPenn R Univ04/29
9:36.14TCUPenn R Univ04/29
9:36.20iWashingtonWilson Inv03/04
9:36.21iVirginiaWilson Inv03/04
9:36.29iPenn StateUniv Park02/11
9:36.76iNebraskaWilson Inv03/04
9:37.11FloridaPenn R Univ04/29
9:37.37iMinnesotaWilson Inv03/04
9:37.42ProvidencePenn R Univ04/29
9:38.15iTexasWilson Inv03/04
9:38.41iKent StateWilson Inv03/04
9:38.60iPittWilson Inv03/04
9:39.19iIllinoisIaSt Cl02/11
9:39.54iPennWilson Inv03/04
9:39.64iMichigan StateIaSt Cl02/11
9:40.55iAbilene ChristianTyson Inv02/11
9:40.95KansasTexas R04/09
9:41.11iDukeWilson Inv03/04
9:43.49iRiceTyson Inv02/11
9:45.57iSaint FrancisWilson Inv03/04
9:45.73Kansas StateDrake R Univ04/30

4 x 110H
54.97TennesseePenn R Univ04/29
55.12NebraskaPenn R Univ04/29
55.43FloridaPenn R Univ04/29
56.83——TennesseeSea Ray04/16
57.65PurduePenn R Univ04/29
57.69Savannah StatePenn R Univ04/29
57.79——NebraskaKs R Open04/22
58.23ClemsonPenn R Univ04/29
58.59UT–ArlingtonDrake R Univ04/30
58.67Florida InternationalPenn R Univ04/29
**10 performances by 8 teams**
58.68Penn StatePenn R Univ04/29
59.65AlabamaAlabama R03/20
59.70FindlayPenn R Univ04/29
60.18CornellPenn R Univ04/29
60.19OklahomaDrake R Univ04/30
60.27PennPenn R Univ04/29

2.31i7-7Matt Hemingway (adidas)Arnstadt02/05
(A)*Kyle Lancaster (KsSt)UTEP Spring04/02
2.30i7-6 1/2Tora Harris (Nike) ¶Trinec01/26
Jamie NietoRome GP07/08
Adam Shunk (InI) ¶Sánchez Inv05/14
*Jesse Williams (USC)StockholmGP07/26
i——HarrisPrinceton O12/10
**10 performances by 6 performers**
2.277-5 1/4**Keith Moffatt (More)Réthymno07/10
Cedric Norman (New Balance)Viersen07/10
2.26i7-5**Andra Manson (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/26
iScott Sellers (TxHS)Houston02/12
-Steve Wolf (CMi)NCAA06/11
2.25i7-4 1/2**Mike Morrison (Fl)SEC Ind02/26
2.247-4 1/4***Dusty Jonas (Nb)USATF Jr06/23
2.23i7-3 3/4*Marcus Harris (TxSn)Hous Ind01/29
iShane Lavy (unat)Husker Inv02/05
iHenry Patterson (unat)Akron02/05
i*Aaron Plas (Nb)Big 12 Ind02/26
iTerrance Woods (unat)Millrose G02/04
2.227-3 1/4**Jim Dilling (Mank)St. Paul04/28
*Will Littleton (Ang)Tarleton03/10
2.21i7-3-Robert DeVaul (Bowie)Pr Anne12/10
**Alex Marbley (CSN)SL Obispo04/30
2.20 iKevin Netzer (unat)Minneapolis01/22
**Tristian Whitley (Hous)Golden Bear04/16
2.19i7-2 1/4*John Albert (Mn)Minneapolis01/15
-David Glasgow (Cal)NCAA W05/27
i-Bryant Howe (Mn)NnIa Inv01/29
Kyley Johnson (TXO)Eugene05/07
i**Jon McMillian (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/26
i-John Temidara (LBSt)NnAz Quad01/29
2.187-1 3/4Chris Boyles (WADA)Salo Decath05/07
*Garrett Brickner (VMI)IC4A05/15
**D’Noir Flax (SAC)Aztec Cl03/19
*Eugene Hutchinson (CSLA)Mt SAC Open04/17
iAlvin Miles (unat)Houston02/05
Andy Stoecken (Loras)Drake R Univ04/29
**Rafaell Thompson (ParVCC)Mesa04/15
2.167-1*Brent Boettcher (Wi)NCAA ME05/27
Fletcher Carlyle (CaHS)Livermore06/25
i**Christiano Johnson (Man)MAAC Ind02/18
Aiona Key (CaHS)Modesto05/19
**Adam Linkenauger (Clem)ACC04/22
iBlair Majcina (IlHS)Argo03/12
i**Greg Martin (Ar)SEC Ind02/26
Foreign Collegians:
2.28(A)7-5 3/4**Mickaël Hanany (UTEP-Fra)UTEP Inv04/16
2.277-5 1/4***Manjula Wijesekara (USC-SrL)Asian Ch09/04
2.237-3 3/4*Tomasz Smialek (Akr-Pol)MAC05/14
2.207-2 1/2*Jas Gill (Mt-Can)Big Sky05/14
***Marios Iacovou (OhSt-Cyp)NCAA06/11
***Michael Mason (Ky-Can)SEC05/14
Unknown irregularity:
2.207-2 1/2*Lawrence Hutchinson (TxSn)Pelican R04/16

5.9619-6 1/2Brad Walker (Nike)Rieti GP08/28
5.9019-4 1/4Toby Stevenson (Nike)Eugene GP06/04
——WalkerEugene GP06/04
——WalkerSheffield GP08/21
5.8619-2 3/4——WalkerWAF09/09
5.8519-2 1/4Tim Mack (Nike)Chula Vista05/21
iDerek Miles (Nike)Donets’k02/12
Daniel Ryland (Bell)Jonesboro07/24
5.8519-2 1/4——StevensonModesto05/07
——Walker !Sheffield GP08/21
*11 performances by 5 performers**
5.8019-1/4Jeff Hartwig (Nike)Potsdam08/28
5.7518-10 1/4Russ Buller (Asics)Modesto05/07
Justin Norberg (Neov)Atascadero06/15
Jacob Pauli (Nike)P Alto GP05/30
5.71i18-8 3/4Nick Hysong (Nike)Flagstaff02/19
iBubba McLean (Bell)Jonesboro06/12
5.7018-8 1/4Adam Keul (Sky)Monterrey06/11
5.66i18-6 3/4**Tommy Skipper (Or)Husky Inv02/12
5.60i18-4 1/2Paul Litchfield (PocTC)Pocatello02/04
iJeremy Scott (Bell)Tyson Coll02/12
5.5518-2 1/2**Gable Baldwin (Nb)Big 1205/14
*Ray Scotten (Nb)Jacobs Inv04/16
5.5118-1*John Russell (Akr)NCAA ME05/28
5.5018-1/2Rocky Danners (EAN)Sea Ray04/16
*Randy Flach (SHous)Southland05/15
i-Paul Gensic (AF)NCAA Ind03/11
Kurt Hanna (HP)Phoenix05/13
iTye Harvey (New Balance)Millrose G02/04
(A)Pat Manson (InI)Colo Spr04/02
i**Scott Martin (Ok)NCAA Ind03/11
(A)-Trent Powell (BYU)Provo04/29
Mike Westlund (ZG)Arlington05/07
i-Mark Zilch (Lewis)IaSt Open01/29
5.4517-10 1/2Ben Allen (PocTC)Mt. SAC04/16
-Chris Chappell (Az)Mt. SAC04/16
*Bobby Most (TxT)Big 1205/14
5.42i17-9 1/4*Sage Thames (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/25
5.41i17-9-Chris Smith (unat)Findlay01/29
5.4017-8 1/2**Tyson Byers (WaSt)NCAA06/10
i**Brandon Glenn (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/11
*Derek Mackel (NM)Texas R04/09
i*Brian Mondschein (VaT)NCAA Ind03/11
iMatt Phillips (WillS)PV Summit01/22
Jeff Ryan (Cheet)Chula Vista05/21
-Brad Smith (Ga)NCAA06/10
Spencer Stephens (CarEx)Sea Ray04/16
-Jon Takahashi (UCLA)Mt. SAC04/17
Foreign Collegians:
5.61i18-4 3/4-Yoo Kim (UCLA-SK)Mtn Pac Ind02/26
*Róbison Pratt (BYU-Mex)Atascadero07/20
5.4517-10 1/2***Andre Poljanec (NnIa-Slo)Mo Vall05/15
5.4117-9-Makisi Haleck (AF-AmS)NCAA MW05/28

8.6028-2 3/4Dwight Phillips (Nike)World Ch08/13
8.5728-1 1/2——PhillipsLinz GP08/23
8.4727-9 1/2——PhillipsMadrid GP07/16
8.4627-9 1/4——PhillipsWAF09/10
8.4527-8 3/4Miguel Pate (Nike)Sheffield GP08/21
8.4427-8 1/4——PhillipsHelsinki GP07/25
——Phillips !Madrid GP07/16
8.3927-6 1/2——PhillipsShanghai09/17
——PhillipsRome GP07/08
8.3827-6——PhillipsSheffield GP08/21
*10 performances by 2 performers**
8.3327-4Brian Johnson (Holy)BLangensalza06/11
8.1726-9 3/4-Trevell Quinley (AzSt)Texas R04/08
i-Aarik Wilson (In)NCAA Ind03/11
8.16i26-9 1/4John Moffitt (Nike)LSU Twi02/18
8.14i26-8 1/2Savanté Stringfellow (Nike)Tyson Inv02/11
8.1126-7 1/4Bashir Ramzy (HP)Azusa07/17
8.08i26-6 1/4Tony Allmond (Cheet)Flagstaff02/05
7.9826-2 1/4Walter Davis (Nike)USATF06/23
7.9426-3/4-Leon Watson (Or)NCAA W05/27
7.9326-1/4Juaune Armon (unat)Modesto05/07
7.9226-0Matt Mason (Holy)Towns Inv04/23
7.86i25-9 1/2**Mike Morrison (Fl)IaSt Cl02/11
-Brian Veal (TxSt)NCAA MW05/27
7.81i25-7 1/2Melvin Lister (Asics)Fayetteville01/14
i**Titus Ryan (Wall)JUCO Ind03/04
7.80i25-7 1/4Juan Walker (unat)Champaign01/15
7.78i25-6 1/4***Norris Frederick (Wa)Seattle01/29
7.76i25-5 1/2*Chris Gillis (Bay)Tyson Coll02/12
i-Jason Romero (CSN)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7.7525-5 1/4*Cameron Dayne (Moreh)Albany04/16
-Shantel Glass (Ms)Ms Inv04/09
*Julien Williams (MiSt)Hillsdale R04/30
7.7425-4 3/4*Michael Acree (Troy)Atlantic Sun04/15
Fredrick Collier (unat)Ms Inv04/09
i-George Kitchens (Clem)Blacksburg03/05
Isaac Robinson (unat)Alabama R03/19
7.73i25-4 1/2Babatunde Ridley (SBTC)Flagstaff02/05
7.7125-3 1/2Jeremy Singleton (unat)Abilene04/02
7.7025-3 1/4*Marquis Allen (Rut)IC4A05/14
i*Trey Hardee (Tx)NCAA Ind M03/11
Christopher Slatt (Acom)Johnson/JJK04/09
7.69i25-2 3/4Damion McLean (unat)Johnson City01/22
7.6825-2 1/2**James Lundberg (ArLR)Sun Belt05/14
7.6725-2 1/4Francois Gatson (LaHS)La State HS06/07
25-2*Trevor Barry (Dickin)NAIA05/27
i*Cody Eichmeier (NnIa)NCAA Ind03/11
*Paul Klemic (RStock)NCAA III05/26
7.65i25-1 1/4Joe Allen (Holy)Gator Inv02/06
*Greig Cryer (SC)NCAA E05/27
iOkie Giwa-Agbomeirele (Shore)USATF Ind02/26
-LaChristopher Lewis (MsSt)SEC05/14
Foreign Collegians:
8.0026-3-Oliver Koenig (IaSt-Ger)NCAA06/09
7.90i25-11*Fabrice LaPierre (TxAM-Aus)NCAA Ind03/11
7.7725-6-Allen Simms (USC-PR)UCLA-USC04/30
7.71i25-3 1/2**Arturs Abolins (Nb-Lat)Big 12 Ind02/25
i**Jason Daly (MdES-Jam)Pr Anne12/10
7.68i25-2 1/2**Mickaël Hanany (UTEP-Fra)WAC Ind02/25
7.66i25-1 3/4*Pawel Dutkiewicz (Kent-Pol)Wilson Inv03/04
Jeremy Hicks (TxHS)Houston04/13
8.1726-9 3/4Giwa-AgbomeireleOwens Inv05/07
7.8525-9 1/4RomeroMt SAC04/17
7.8025-7 1/4-Cleavon Dillon’ (TCU-Tri)UTA Inv04/02
7.7725-6-Brandon Bray (Hous)Conf-USA05/13
7.7625-5 1/2LewisBulldog Inv04/02
7.7125-3 1/2Bryan Clay (Nike)Kingston05/07
Queito Teasley (TxHS)Houston04/13
7.7025-3 1/4AllenMt SAC Open04/16
7.6925-2 3/4*Chandler Groves (Cinc)Conf-USA05/13
*Fabian Hutchinson (StA)NCAA II05/26
*James Walton (TrumSt)NCAA II05/26
7.6725-2*Tony Douglas (IaSt)Big 1205/14
7.6625-1 3/4**Jaydian Miller (SFl)Conf-USA05/13

22.2072-10John Godina (adidas)adidas05/22
21.9371-11 1/2——GodinaP Alto GP05/30
21.9271-11Adam Nelson (Med)WAF09/10
21.8471-8——Godina !P Alto GP05/30
21.83i71-7 1/2——GodinaUSATF Ind02/26
21.74i71-4Reese Hoffa (NYAC)USATF Ind02/26
21.7371-3 1/2——NelsonWorld Ch08/06
21.7071-2 1/2——Godina !adidas05/22
21.6871-1 1/2——Nelson !World Ch08/06
21.6771-1 1/4Christian Cantwell (Nike)Seville GP06/04
*10 performances by 4 performers**
21.1369-4Jamie Beyer (HP)P Alto GP05/30
20.9468-8 1/2*Sheldon Battle (Ks)USATF06/26
20.7568-1Dan Taylor (Nike)Modesto05/07
20.4467-3/4**Garrett Johnson (FlSt)USATF06/26
20.1866-2 1/2-Jeff Chakouian (Ky)Knoxville Gat04/09
20.1466-1-Clint Prange (NWMo)NCAA II05/27
20.0965-11-Chris Figures (CSB)NCAA II05/27
20.0565-9 1/2**Russell Winger (Id)USATF06/26
20.0165-7 3/4*Sean Shields (Az)Johnson/JJK04/09
19.9065-3 1/2Vince Mosca (GBTC)Reebok06/11
19.74i64-9 1/4-Steve Manz (MiSt)Ypsilanti02/12
iTony Thompson (unat)Reno02/19
19.7064-7 3/4*Brian Robison (Tx)Big 1205/14
19.6664-6Jesse Roberge (Champ)Claremont05/14
19.5764-2 1/2-Rhuben Williams (Cal)Pac-1005/14
19.4863-11*Jeremy Silverman (UCLA)La Jolla04/23
19.4763-10 1/2-Van Mounts (CSB)NCAA II05/27
19.4163-8 1/4-Conrad Woolsey (Mo)Big 1205/14
19.05i62-6**Justin Clickett (Pitt)NCAA Ind03/12
***Zack Lloyd (UtSt)Ogden05/04
19.0362-5 1/4***David Nichols (SacSt)Big Sky05/14
**Joe Thomas (Wi)Big 1005/15
19.01i62-4 1/2Brian Hallett (Kang)Columbus02/19
18.9762-3-Kenton Kemeny (Ia)NCAA MW05/27
i-John Newell (Ga)SEC Ind02/27
18.9462-1 3/4***John Caulfield (UCLA)Salinas05/18
18.9162-1/2**William Denbo (USC)Texas R04/09
18.88i61-11 1/2Derek Anderson (unat)Dart R01/09
-Andy Banse (Ia)Northridge04/02
18.8561-10 1/4**Cory Martin (Aub)NCAA ME05/27
18.8361-9 1/2**Kevin Bookout (Ok)NCAA06/10
18.8261-9-Cody Brotherton (McM)San Angelo04/16
18.8161-8 1/2-Sam Segond (Rut)Big East05/07
18.74i61-5 3/4-Ryan Norwood (VaT)Gainesville03/03
18.7061-4 1/4***Tyler Custis (TxAM)Texas R04/09
18.6961-4*Jake Knight (UCLA)Johnson/JJK04/08
Foreign Collegians:
20.9468-8 1/2**Edis Elkasevic (Aub-Cro)Velenje06/23
20.2166-3 3/4-Dorian Scott (FlSt-Jam)CAC Ch07/10
20.03i65-8 3/4**Magnus Lohse (CoSt-Swe)Laramie01/29
19.94i65-5-Nedzad Mulabegovic (Pur-Cro)W Lafayette02/19
19.60i64-3 3/4*Vikas Gowda (NC-Ind)ACC Ind02/19
19.2863-3 1/4-Raigo Toompuu (WnKy-Est)Tartu07/27
19.2163-1/4***Milan Jotanovic (Man-Bos)NCAA E05/27
19.1662-10 1/2*Sven Hahn (VaT-Ger)Atlanta05/13

67.39221-1Jarred Rome (HP) ¶Salinas05/18
66.95219-8Ian Waltz (HP) ¶La Jolla06/18
66.76219-0——Waltz ¶Aliso Viejo06/16
66.03216-7——RomeChula Vista04/27
65.84216-0——WaltzLa Jolla04/23
65.50!214-11——Waltz !La Jolla04/23
65.20!213-11——Rome !Chula Vista04/27
65.13213-8——Waltz ¶Lapua07/30
65.11213-7Kibwe Johnson (unat) ¶Berea05/20
64.95213-1Carl Brown (Nike)La Jolla04/23
*10 performances by 4 performers**
62.46204-11Nick Petrucci (HP)La Jolla06/18
61.87203-0Casey Malone (Nike)Lausanne GP07/05
61.70202-5*Michael Robertson (Stan)NCAA06/11
61.06200-4**Adam Kuehl (Az)La Jolla06/18
60.87199-8-Sam Segond (Rut)Penn R Univ04/29
60.77199-4**Garrett Johnson (FlSt)NCAA E05/27
60.68199-1Mat Schwinn (IWT)Vancouver04/02
60.08197-1Cameron Bolles (unat)Modesto05/07
59.77196-1Luke Sullivan (unat)Salinas05/18
59.76196-1**Dan Austin (Will)NCAA III05/26
Reedus Thurmond (unat)Salinas05/18
59.49195-2Brian Trainor (CoSt)Greeley04/02
59.38194-10*Nate Meckes (Calv)NCAA III05/26
59.26194-5Tony Thompson (unat)Wichita04/16
59.13194-0Andy Bloom (Nike)Davis04/19
58.88193-2-Jamal Cann (IaSt)NCAA06/11
58.66192-5Derek Anderson (unat)Brown05/01
58.52192-0*Ryan Ketchum (In)Bloomington04/02
58.49191-10-Clint Prange (NWMo)NCAA II05/26
58.48191-10**Steven Boozer (Al)Clemson Inv04/09
58.17190-10*Sean Shields (Az)Tucson03/26
58.12190-8*Tim Brodersen (Ia)Cedar Falls04/09
57.80189-7*Sheldon Battle (Ks)Penn R Univ04/29
57.53188-9**Russ Winger (Id)Big West05/14
57.42i188-5*Will Conwell (Wa)Vandal Ind02/18
57.16187-6**Robert McDade (Vill)Penn R Coll04/29
56.75186-2*Troy Gent (SnUt)Northridge04/02
56.69186-0Joe Erdkamp (unat)La Jolla04/23
56.60185-8-Clark Wilson (EnMi)NCAA ME05/27
56.50185-4***Greg Garza (UCLA)Northridge03/19
56.35184-10***Westley Stockbarger (Fl)Miami04/16
56.30184-8*Pete Ringquist (WiWh)NCAA III05/26
56.29184-8**John Harper (Kent)NCAA ME05/27
56.27184-7*Chad McClendon (Ga)P-Pit Inv04/15
56.14184-2Derek Randall (unat)Houston Inv05/07
**Floyd Turner (IaWes)NAIA05/28
Foreign Collegians:
64.69212-3*Vikas Gowda (NC-Ind)Charlotte Inv04/02
61.59202-0***Daniel Vanek (CAz-Svk)JUCO05/17
60.54198-7**Edis Elkasevic (Aub-Cro)La Jolla04/23
60.33197-11**Niklas Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)Salinas05/18
58.77192-9-Raigo Toompuu (WnKy-Est)Sun Belt05/13
57.76189-6*Sven Hahn (VaT-Ger)Charlotte Inv04/02
56.99186-11***Martin Maric (Ga-Cro)NCAA E05/27

78.25256-8Kibwe Johnson (AshE) ¶Marietta II05/29
75.70248-4——JohnsonGrand Rapids06/16
75.57247-11A. G. Kruger (AshE)Grand Rapids06/16
75.48247-8——Kruger ¶Owens Inv05/06
75.41247-5——Kruger ¶Berea05/20
75.26246-11——Johnson ¶Hillsdale R04/30
74.94245-10——Kruger ¶Lapua07/30
74.86245-7Travis Nutter (PBay)Azusa07/17
74.67244-11James Parker (USAF) ¶Lapua07/30
74.19243-5Scott Boothby (CNW)Vancouver06/11
*10 performances by 5 performers**
72.60238-2Jake Freeman (NYAC)USATF06/24
70.67231-10Dameion Smith (InI)Hayes Inv05/06
69.64228-6Lucais MacKay (unat)Marietta II05/29
69.19227-0Luke Woydziak (BSur)USATF06/24
69.04226-6Arnaldo Cueto (unat)Azusa MOC04/09
67.76222-4**Nick Owens (NC)NCAA06/10
67.47221-4-John Paul Smolenski (Pur)W Lafayette04/02
67.28220-9Adam Kriz (TXO)USATF06/24
67.20220-6-Adam Trainor (CoSt)Mtn West05/13
67.00219-10Kyle Daley (CNW)Vancouver05/22
66.90219-6Mike Pockoski (unat)Azusa07/17
66.80219-2-John Newell (Ga)Atlanta04/02
66.75219-0Nick Welihozkiy (PBay)Mt SAC04/17
66.46218-0Joe Borges (unat)Davis04/19
66.18217-1-Isaac Ybarra (UTPA)NCAA MW05/28
66.07216-9**Cory Martin (Aub)NCAA06/10
66.05216-8-Garland Porter (Tn)NCAA ME05/28
65.86216-1**Jake Dunkleberger (M/O)Marietta III06/12
65.83215-11**Adam Midles (USC)Claremont02/26
65.71215-7-Kyle Herl (Wy)Boulder04/09
65.67215-5Jim Heizman (Shore)Princeton04/09
65.32214-4Ryan Dirks (CNW)Vancouver05/22
65.24214-0Justin Carvalho (TXO)Vancouver04/02
65.06213-5-Chris Figures (CSB)NCAA II05/28
64.95213-1-Candon Powell (ArSt)NCAA ME05/28
64.94213-1Wil Fleming (unat)Sea Ray04/16
64.76212-5-Geoff Fong (SacSt)NCAA06/08
64.67212-2-Josh Whisman (Tn)NCAA ME05/28
64.32211-0*Jace Rivera (CoSt)NCAA MW05/28
64.15210-5Brad Charters (WaHS)Vancouver05/22
64.03210-1Adam Hamilton (unat)USATF06/24
64.01210-0*Sheldon Battle (Ks)Big 1205/13
63.82209-5*Josh Henigman (MtSt)Big Sky05/13
63.79209-3-Cole Sprague (CSStan)Cal/Nv Ch04/23
63.72209-1-Zack Schaefer (Wy)NCAA06/08
Foreign Collegians:
72.68238-5*Spyridon Jullien (VaT-Gre)Clemson Inv04/09
69.45227-10*Mattias Jons (Boise-Swe)Oregon Inv04/23
65.70215-7**Karim Chester (NnAz-GB)Big Sky05/13

87.65287-6Breaux Greer (adidas)Mt SAC04/17
87.25286-3——Greer !Mt SAC04/17
85.75281-4——GreerGeorgia Inv05/07
83.21273-0——Greer !Mt SAC04/17
81.27266-7——Greer !Georgia Inv05/07
80.45263-11Brian Chaput (NYAC) ¶Princeton04/23
——ChaputP Alto GP05/30
79.87262-0——Greer !Mt SAC04/17
79.76261-8——Greer !Mt SAC04/17
79.69261-5——Greer !Georgia Inv05/07
*10 performances by 2 performers**
79.37260-4Leigh Smith (New Balance)Lapua07/30
79.15259-8Mike Hazle (Vel)Dubnica08/29
78.23256-8John Hetzendorf (unat)USATF06/24
75.72248-5*Eric Brown (Ar)McDonnell Inv04/23
74.99246-0Rob Minnitti (BTC)USATF06/24
74.97245-11Tom Engwall (unat)Texas R04/09
74.61244-9Justin St. Clair (BTC)P Alto GP05/30
73.83242-2-Sean Furey (Dart)NCAA06/10
72.11236-7*Chris Carter (SELa)LSU R03/26
72.00236-3Bryan Clay (Nike)World Ch M08/10
71.92235-11*Paul Teinert (Cal)Pac-1005/15
71.27233-10Nathan Junius (unat)LSU Alum04/23
71.09233-3Brian Kollar (unat)P Alto GP05/30
71.04233-1Paul Pisano (Shore)Sea Ray04/16
231-5Matt Maloney (RIHS)Hartford05/14
70.21230-4Doug Lefler (Beach)Long Beach03/05
69.99229-7*Bobby Smith (Monm)NCAA06/10
69.98229-7-Jarrad Matthews (TxAM)NCAA MW05/27
69.84229-1-Kyle Obrock (Navy)Patriot05/07
69.82229-1Luke Marrs (unat)Boulder04/09
69.76228-10***Corey White (Redl)Pan-Am Jr07/29
69.48227-11**Jordan Senn (PortSt)Texas R04/09
69.33227-5*Anthony Bonura (Pitt)NCAA E05/27
69.28227-3-Dane Brubaker (Mt)NCAA06/08
69.12226-9Ryan Weidman (unat)Oregon Inv04/23
68.84225-10*Conrad Chanove (SnMs)Alabama R03/19
68.81225-9Roald Bradstock (unat)Towns Inv04/23
68.63225-2***Scott Viafore (Boise)Golden Bear04/16
68.16223-7Adam Burke (USAr)Victoria06/10
68.06223-3-Jake Horspool (Web)Big Sky05/14
67.82222-6***Nate Putnam (Boise)NCAA W05/27
67.77222-4-John Pacovsky (Shipp)NCAA II05/28
Chris Reno (MtHS)Billings04/02
67.69222-1Ben Bogdanof (unat)Fres R04/02
67.48221-5-Rigel Wise (Wa)Sun Angel04/16
67.10220-2***Thomas Stoltz (Tuls)WAC05/14
66.98219-9Barry Flicker (unat)Clemson05/07
66.93219-7John Stiegeler (TXO)Eugene05/07
Foreign Collegians:
80.31263-6-Gabriel Wallin (Boise-Swe)Gävle06/19
76.03249-5-Trevor Snyder (Ga-Can)NCAA06/10
74.00242-9*Jacobus Smit (VaT-SA)Charlotte Inv04/02
70.49231-3*Jon Rozborski (Chico-Gua)Fres R04/02
68.05223-3-Mika Alahaivala (MoSn)NCAA II05/28
67.71222-1***Lars Laursen (Or-Den)Pac-1005/15

8732Bryan Clay (Nike)World Ch08/10
8107Phil McMullen (Nike)Salò05/08
7997Ryan Harlan (unat)San Juan05/29
7976Paul Terek (WGAD)USATF06/24
7923——TerekSan Juan05/29
7922——McMullenCal Multis03/24
7921——TerekWorld Ch08/10
7892Stephen Harris (unat)Clemson, SC05/11
*10 performances by 5 performers**
7881*Trey Hardee (Tx)NCAA06/09
7801-Andrew Levin (Mt)Big Sky05/12
7794**Donovan Kilmartin (Tx)Bernhausen07/24
7780**Chris Helwick (Tn)SEC05/13
7739-Mustafa Abdur-Rahim (Dart)NCAA06/09
7679Chris Boyles (WGAD)San Juan05/29
7671Kip Janvrin (unat)Drake R04/28
7655Stephen Moore (unat)USATF06/24
7641-Andrew Aakre (NDSt)Fargo05/26
-Travis Brandstatter (Mn)Mt SAC04/15
7587*Mike Marsh (Champ)Claremont05/14
7552-Will Thomas (Ct)Texas R04/07
7531*Darion Powell (WaSt)Pac-1005/08
7525Travis Geopfert (XLSA)Bernhausen07/24
7427Chris Staton (unat)Mt SAC04/15
7398***Brandon Hoskins (Lib)IC4A05/14
7387-Allen Bulick (TxAM)Texas R04/07
7339-Jake Wiseman (In)Big 1005/15
7329*Andy Young (Or)Oregon Inv04/22
7323-Jacob Friess (CMi)MAC05/13
7315*Keith Baker (Al)SEC05/13
7309*Chris Randolph (SPac)NCAA II05/27
7302Mark Jellison (unat)Storrs04/23
7278*Dan Feltman (NM)Mt SAC04/15
7259**Robert Arnold (Az)Mt SAC04/15
7204-Ben Haber (Cinc)Conf-USA05/13
7179*Ben Roland (Wi)Big 1005/15
7162***Michael Bingham (WF)ACC04/22
7145**Neil Hines (IaSt)Drake R04/28
7142-Paul Speer (Wich)Mo Vall05/14
7140Matt Roberson (Clare)Claremont05/14
7104-Kevin Deering (WiOsh)NCAA III05/27
7099-Jereme Richardson (Id)Texas R04/07
7091*Rob Bates (NC)ACC04/22
7088-Ron Jett (In/Pa)NCAA II05/27
Foreign Collegians:
7752*Hans Uldal (Mo-Nor)Drammen07/24
7550*Alleyne Lett (LSU-Grn)SEC05/13
7262**Bjorn Sommerfeldt (Mo-Nor)Big 1205/14
7245**Decosma Wright (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/27

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