2017 U.S. Indoor List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 03/15/2017)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

5.78Cordero Gray (unat)Saskatoon01/27
Maurice Mitchell (Nik)Saskatoon01/27
5.82Albert Huntley (unat)Saskatoon01/27

6.24***Dawson Lack (EnWa)Cheney12/03

6.45(A)Ronnie Baker (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
*Christian Coleman (Tn)NCAA Ind03/11
6.51**Kendal Williams (Ga)Clemson LC02/17
6.53-Cameron Burrell (Hous)NCAA Ind03/10
6.54(A)Leshon Collins (TPM)USATF Ind03/05
6.56*Jaylen Bacon (ArSt)NCAA Ind03/11
6.57-Kyree King (Or)NCAA Ind03/10
(A)Desmond Lawrence (unat)USATF Ind03/05
6.58Riak Reese (unat)Akron02/04
(A)Ameer Webb (unat)Mountain T Inv02/04
6.59-Brandon Carnes (NnIa)Iowa City01/21
**Darryl Haraway (FlSt)Tyson Inv02/10
(A)Dentarius Locke (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
**Hakim Montgomery (Troy)Pollock Inv01/27
*Rafael Scott (SAl)Vanderbilt Inv01/21
6.60D’Angelo Cherry (unat)Athlone02/15
(A)Cordero Gray (unat)USATF Ind03/05
(A)Marqueze Washington (unat)USATF Ind03/05
6.61(A)Quentin Butler (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
*Kenzo Cotton (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
(A)Tevin Hester (LifeSp)USATF Ind03/05
6.62Mike Rodgers (Nik)Paris02/08
(A)Blake Smith (unat)USATF Ind03/05
Clayton Vaughn (Nik)Millrose G02/11
**Keitavious Walter (Hinds)JUCO Ind03/04
6.63Noah Lyles (adi)Millrose G02/11
6.64-Christopher Belcher (NCAT)VaT Inv01/13
(A)**Donte Jackson (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/04
Joe Morris (unat)Washington Inv01/28
***Derrius Rodgers (IlSt)Missouri Val Ind02/26
(A)Chris Royster (Brk)USATF Ind03/05
**Mustaqeem Williams (Tn)Commodore Inv01/14
6.65**Andre Ewers (ButCC)JUCO Ind03/04
*Eli Hall-Thompson (Hous)Lincoln01/21
(A)Albert Huntley (MGE)NAU Tune Up02/17
John Teeters (UArm)Lawrence01/06
**Reginald Thomas (Tif)NCAA II Ind03/11
**Myles Valentine (Mia)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
**McKinley West (Bart)JUCO Ind03/04
***Maxwell Willis (Bay)McCravy Mem01/21
Foreign Collegians:
6.59**Mario Burke (Hous-Bar)American Ind02/25
-Senoj-Jay Givans (Tx-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/25
6.60**Mobolade Ajomale (AArt-GB)NCAA II Ind03/11
*Odean Skean (Aub-Jam)SEC Ind02/25
6.65-Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (LSU-GB)SEC Ind02/25
***Shivnarine Smalling (WnTx-Jam)JUCO Ind03/04

20.11*Christian Coleman (Tn)NCAA Ind03/11
20.36-Just’N Thymes (USC)NCAA Ind03/11
20.56Marqueze Washington (unat)Arkansas Qual02/17
20.57-Cameron Williams (BU)Patriot Ind02/19
20.58-Fred Kerley (TxAM)Razorback Inv01/27
20.59-Christopher Belcher (NCAT)Boston LC02/26
20.65*Kenzo Cotton (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
20.67(A)*Jamiel Trimble (AF)Mtn West Ind02/25
20.69Wallace Spearmon (unat)Tyson Inv02/11
***Maxwell Willis (Bay)NCAA Ind03/11
20.71*Eli Hall-Thompson (Hous)Lincoln01/21
-Josh Washington (Ar)Razorback Inv01/27
20.75***Michael Norman (USC)Tyson Inv02/11
20.78-Marcus Chambers (Or)East-West Chall01/28
20.80**Andrew Hudson (TxT)Arkansas Inv01/13
20.84-Cameron Burrell (Hous)American Ind02/25
20.85*Malik Moffett (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/10
20.86**Mustaqeem Williams (Tn)Razorback Inv01/27
20.87**Obi Igbokwe (Ar)Arkansas Inv01/13
20.88John Lundy (DCI)Fastrack LC02/25
20.93**Nick Gray (OhSt)Armory Inv02/04
-Kahlil Henderson (Aub)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
**Kendal Williams (Ga)Clemson02/17
20.96-Aldrich Bailey (Tx)Husker Inv02/04
Tevin Hester (LifeSp)Clemson01/07
20.97(A)**Zyaire Clemes (USC)New Mexico Cl02/03
20.98(A)Daveon Collins (unat)Kirby Inv02/10
20.99**Ryan Clark (Fl)Clemson02/17
21.00-Hanoj Carter (LaL)Sun Belt Ind02/21
21.01**Kevin Harris (Ar)Tyson Inv02/11
21.02-Kyree King (Or)East-West Chall01/28
Noah Lyles (adi)Arkansas Inv01/13
21.03-Brandon Carnes (NnIa)Tyson Inv02/11
21.05Tyrese Cooper (FlHS)NBIN03/12
**Taylor McLaughlin (Mi)Terrier Inv01/28
**Correion Mosby (Hinds)Birmingham01/29
(A)*Terrell Smith (KsSt)Albuquerque01/28
21.07**Keitavious Walter (Hinds)Birmingham01/29
21.08**Izaiah Brown (Rut)Staten Island02/03
*Elijah Morrow (TxAM)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
Foreign Collegians:
20.31*Jereem Richards (Al-Tri)NCAA Ind03/11
20.49-Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (LSU-GB)Tyson Inv02/11
20.67*Ncincilili Titi (SC-SA)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
20.75-Teray Smith (Aub-Bah)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
20.76(A)**Rai Benjamin (UCLA-Ant)Kirby Inv02/10
20.80***Joseph Amoah (Copp-Gha)IC4A Ind03/05
20.85**Mobolade Ajomale (AArt-GB)Boston LC02/26
20.95**Martin Owusu-Antwi (Copp-Gha)Terrier Inv01/28
20.96**Kunle Fasasi (Fl-Ngr)Tyson Inv02/11
21.03**Roy Ejiakuekwu (Ar-GB)Razorback Inv01/27
21.07*Kemar Mowatt (Ar-Jam)Tyson Inv02/11
Oversized Track:
20.58**Nick Gray (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
20.74-Deshawn Marshall (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
20.76*Malik Moffett (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
20.80-Tremayne Acy (LSU)SEC Ind02/25
20.85*Xavier Smith (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/24
20.88-Senoj-Jay Givans (Tx-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/25
20.91**Keitavious Walter (Hinds)JUCO Ind03/03
20.92-Aldrich Bailey (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/24
20.93**Andre Ewers (ButCC)JUCO Ind03/03
20.98**Jaron Flournoy (LSU)SEC Ind02/25
Riak Reese (unat)SPIRE Inv02/10
20.99*Terrell Smith (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/24
21.00Lamarion Arnold (unat)Pittsburg02/11
21.01**Correion Mosby (Hinds)JUCO Ind03/03
**Devin Quinn (Il)Big Ten Ind02/24
21.02*Tatenda Tsumba (BYU-Zim)Iowa St Cl02/10
21.07**Darryl Haraway (FlSt)ACC Ind02/25
21.08*Amir James (NWnLa)Pittsburg02/11

44.85-Fred Kerley (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/11
45.63Marqueze Washington (unat)Tyson Inv02/10
45.64-Michael Cherry (LSU)NCAA Ind03/11
45.68*Mylik Kerley (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/10
46.01Tyrese Cooper (FlHS)Tyson Inv02/10
-Eric Janise (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
46.16-Eric Futch (Fl)NCAA Ind03/11
**Obi Igbokwe (Ar)Tyson Inv02/10
46.33(A)Paul Dedewo (Altis)New Mexico Cl02/04
46.34-Byron Robinson (Tx)Tyson Inv02/10
46.35-Kyle Collins (TxT)Tyson Inv02/10
46.38-Aldrich Bailey (Tx)Husker Inv02/03
46.39**Mar’yea Harris (Ia)Tyson Inv02/10
**Myles Pringle (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/11
46.41**Randall Ceneus (Aub)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
*Ricky Morgan (USC)Tyson Inv02/10
46.45(A)-Marcus Chambers (Or)Kirby Inv02/11
46.46*Nathan Strother (Tn)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
46.48(A)-AJ Boully (UtSt)Mtn West Ind02/25
46.49*Jeffrey Green (Clem)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
46.50(A)-Miles Parish (Az)Kirby Inv02/11
46.51**Richard Rose (TxAM)Aggie Twi02/18
46.57**Kahmari Montgomery (Mo)Razorback Inv01/28
46.58(A)-Lamar Bruton (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/04
46.63-Khallifah Rosser (CSLA)Nampa01/21
46.69Brian Herron (GaHS)NBIN03/12
46.74**Wil London (Bay)Tyson Inv02/10
Chantz Sawyers (NCHS)NBIN03/12
46.75(A)Dontavius Wright (Altis)New Mexico Cl02/04
46.76Brycen Spratling (NYAC)Armory Inv02/03
46.85Je’von Hutchison (unat)Boston LC02/26
46.86**Va-Sheku Sheriff (UTSA)Birmingham02/19
46.90**Myles Banfield (Alb)America East Ind02/25
46.94(A)**Brady Martin (UtSt)Mtn West Ind02/25
46.97-Khari Herbert (StA)NCAA II Ind03/11
46.98(A)*Joe Herrera (UCLA)Kirby Inv02/11
-Deon Hickey (TxAM)College Station02/18
46.99*Jamarco Stephen (Ar)Tyson Inv02/10
47.01**Zyaire Clemes (USC)Tyson Inv02/10
*Robert Grant (TxAM)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
Foreign Collegians:
45.57**Kunle Fasasi (Fl-Ngr)NCAA Ind03/10
46.02-Steven Gayle (Al-Jam)NCAA Ind03/11
46.37*Jereem Richards (Al-Tri)Pollock Inv01/27
46.49-Jermaine Griffith (Rut-Guy)NCAA Ind03/10
46.52-George Caddick (Bay-GB)Tyson Inv02/10
46.54-Emmanuel Dasor (WnKy-Gha)CUSA Ind02/19
46.62***Akeem Bloomfield (Aub-Jam)NCAA Ind03/10
46.72**Warren Hazel (SnIl-StK)NCAA Ind03/10
46.94*Asa Guevara (UTEP-Tri)Birmingham02/19
47.01-Joshua Cunningham (JCS-?)NCAA II Ind03/11
Oversized Track:
45.32**Izaiah Brown (Rut)Big Ten Ind02/25
45.43***Akeem Bloomfield (Aub-Jam)SEC Ind02/25
45.59***Sean Bailey (WnTx-Jam)JUCO Ind03/04
45.73(A)Paul Dedewo (Altis)NAU Tune Up02/17
**Obi Igbokwe (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
45.75**Mar’yea Harris (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/25
45.80(A)Dontavius Wright (Altis)NAU Tune Up02/17
45.87***Tyler Terry (Hinds)JUCO Ind03/04
45.97-Steven Gayle (Al-Jam)SEC Ind02/25
46.11**Myles Pringle (Ash)Kent12/10
46.15-Jermaine Griffith (Rut-Guy)Big Ten Ind02/25
46.17-George Caddick (Bay-GB)Big 12 Ind02/25
46.26**Warren Hazel (SnIl-StK)Music City Chall02/11
-Stephan James (MsSt-Guy)SEC Ind02/25
46.27*Jeffrey Green (Clem)ACC Ind02/25
46.35*Andrew Neal (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/25
46.40-Jake Bender (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/25
-Marcus Chambers (Or)MPSF Ind02/25
46.43**Taylor McLaughlin (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/25
46.45***Emmanuel Ogwo (Ia-Ngr)Big Ten Ind02/25
46.50**Wil London (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/25
46.52-Emmanuel Dasor (WnKy-Gha)Music City Chall02/11
**Quintaveon Poole (ButCC)JUCO Ind03/03
46.56-Desmond Palmer (Pitt)ACC Ind02/24
-Khallifah Rosser (CSLA)Wash Open02/12
46.60Alfred Larry (unat)Music City Chall02/11
46.61*Robert Grant (TxAM)SEC Ind02/25
46.65(A)-Herb Polk (AzSt)Flagstaff01/13
46.68*Cordell Lamb (Clem)ACC Ind02/25
46.69-Ryan Davis (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/24
46.71-Michael Cheeks (Clem)ACC Ind02/25
**Eric Fogltanz (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/25
46.74**Zyaire Clemes (USC)MPSF Ind02/25
46.75Donte Holmes (DCI)SPIRE Inv02/11
46.82*Henri Delauze (Mia-Bah)ACC Ind02/25
**Collin Hofacker (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/24
46.89**Ari Cogdell (Tn)Commodore Inv01/14
46.90Cole Lambourne (unat)Kearns02/04
*Jamarco Stephen (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
Christopher Tate (unat)SPIRE Inv02/11
46.92-Joshua Gali (Buf)SPIRE Inv02/11
46.95***Paramveer Chohan (Cal)Husky Cl02/11
**Jack Wellenstein (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/24
46.98*Gregory Chiles (VaT)ACC Ind02/24
***Roshon Roomes (IaSt)Iowa St Cl02/11
46.99*Ceo Ways (NC)ACC Ind02/24
47.00*Sam Bransby (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/24

1:00.11Vernon Norwood (NBal)Millrose G02/11
1:00.90Brycen Spratling (NYAC)Millrose G02/11
1:01.17Bershawn Jackson (Nik)Millrose G02/11
1:01.47Chris Giesting (unat)Millrose G02/11
1:01.83Donte Holmes (DCI)Staten Island01/14
1:01.88Tyrese Cooper (FlHS)Lynchburg01/13
1:01.96Je’von Hutchison (unat)Armory Inv02/03

1:14.91Casimir Loxsom (Brk)National Inv01/28
1:14.96**Isaiah Harris (PennSt)National Inv01/28
1:15.07(A)Erik Sowinski (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
1:15.39(A)Shaquille Walker (Brk)USATF Ind03/05
1:15.86(A)Russell Dinkins (NYAC)USATF Ind03/05
1:15.88*Daniel Kuhn (In)Bloomington01/28
1:15.96(A)Chris Giesting (HokaNJNY)USATF Ind03/05
1:16.02(A)Donavan Brazier (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
1:16.38(A)Curtis Beach (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
1:16.46(A)Donte Holmes (DCI)USATF Ind03/04
1:16.59(A)Je’von Hutchison (unat)USATF Ind03/04
1:16.84*Jaymes Dennison (IaSt)Iowa City01/20
1:16.93-Strymar Livingston (Ks)Husker Inv02/04
1:17.26-Drew Piazza (VaT)VaT Chall02/18
1:17.30*Carter Lilly (Ia)Iowa City01/20
1:17.60(A)**Vincent Crisp (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/03
1:17.61(A)Isaiah Jewett (unat)Kirby Inv02/10
1:17.64(A)Chris Low (Brk)USATF Ind03/04
(A)Ryan Martin (AsicsFE)USATF Ind03/04
1:17.81Edose Ibadin (Dist)Fairfax01/28
1:17.97-Nate Roese (Mn)Minneapolis01/28
1:18.10Brannon Kidder (Brk)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
1:18.11-Mitch Hechsel (Mn)Minneapolis01/28
1:18.17*Patrick Joseph (VaT)VaT Chall02/18
1:18.24(A)Richard Jones (Brk)New Mexico Cl02/03
1:18.26-Desmond Palmer (Pitt)Nittany Lion01/14
1:18.28*Moujtaba Mohammed (Nb)Lincoln01/21
1:18.29-Andre Colebrook (SELa)Lake Charles01/13
1:18.31Rodney Agyare-May (MaHS)Roxbury03/04
1:18.36***Roshon Roomes (IaSt)Iowa City01/20
1:18.38Michael Stigler (unat)New Balance GP01/28
1:18.46Michael Rutt (unat)New York02/17
1:18.51(A)*Kevin McClanahan (TCU)Albuquerque01/28
***Domenic Perretta (PennSt)University Park02/18
1:18.59(A)*Joe Herrera (UCLA)Kirby Inv02/10
1:18.61*Andrew Neal (Nb)Holiday Inn Inv01/14
1:18.73-Jake Bender (Nb)Holiday Inn Inv01/14
1:18.75Christian Harrison (BAA)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
1:18.77Sadiki White (unat)Staten Island02/18
1:18.84*Michael Smith (Corn)Nittany Lion01/14
Foreign Collegians:
1:14.97(A)***Emmanuel Korir (UTEP-Ken)Albuquerque01/20
1:17.24(A)**Jonah Koech (UTEP-Ken)Albuquerque01/20
1:17.29(A)**Tre Hinds (WayB-Bar)Albuquerque01/20
1:18.44**Ville Lampinen (Vill-Fin)Nittany Lion01/14
1:18.84**Stefano Migliorati (ECar-Ita)Hokie Inv01/21
Oversized Track:
1:15.23*Daniel Kuhn (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:15.55-Nate Roese (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:15.99-Anthony Johnson (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:16.55*Moujtaba Mohammed (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:17.20*Carter Lilly (Ia)Meyo Inv02/03
1:17.31*Corbin Ellis (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:17.40***Austin Lietz (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:17.49Chris Low (Brk)Wash Open02/12
1:17.69*Teague Peck (Louis)Notre Dame Inv01/21
1:17.73**Ty Moss (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:17.98Okeen Williams (SPl-Jam)JUCO Ind03/04
1:18.01**Orwin Emilien (WnTx-Mri)JUCO Ind03/04
1:18.21**Samuel Reiser (PennSt-Aus)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:18.39**Adam Wallace (In)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:18.41**Noah Larrison (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/24
(A)-Miles Parish (Az)Flagstaff01/13
1:18.44*Ryan Dorman (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:18.75***Ka’ven Berry (AllenC)JUCO Ind03/04
1:18.83*Alec Wiater (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/24

1:46.13Casimir Loxsom (Brk)Birmingham02/18
1:46.80Erik Sowinski (Nik)Karlsruhe02/04
1:47.03*Daniel Kuhn (In)Gladstein Inv01/21
1:47.17Donavan Brazier (Nik)Aggie Twi02/18
1:47.62-Drew Piazza (VaT)NCAA Ind03/11
1:47.78**Carlton Orange (Ar)Razorback Inv01/28
1:47.79*Joseph White (Gtn)NCAA Ind03/11
1:47.85***Devin Dixon (TxAM)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
1:47.94**Isaiah Harris (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/11
1:48.09*Robert Ford (USC)Razorback Inv01/28
1:48.22**Myles Marshall (Harv)Boston02/04
1:48.23-Blair Henderson (LSU)NCAA Ind03/10
1:48.41**John Lewis (Clem)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
1:48.50***Terrell Jackson (Clem)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
1:48.68-Paul Duffey (NEn)Terrier Inv01/28
1:48.71-Ethan Homan (BU)Boston02/04
1:48.75*Trevor Guerrera (SHeart)Terrier Inv01/28
1:48.79-Ryan Manahan (Ms)NCAA Ind03/10
1:48.82Jake Burton (unat)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
1:48.83(A)Cristian Soratos (adi)Bozeman02/17
1:48.95*Brennan Munley (Mi)Terrier Inv01/28
1:48.96**Vincent Crisp (TxT)Tyson Inv02/10
1:48.97*Carter Lilly (Ia)NCAA Ind03/10
1:49.03Tyler Scheving (unat)Hemery Inv02/11
1:49.08**JaQwae Ellison (TxAM)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
Christian Harrison (BAA)Boston02/04
1:49.09*Charles Jones (TxT)Tyson Inv02/10
1:49.20(A)*Clay Lambourne (UtSt)Mtn West Ind02/25
1:49.25-Abraham Alvarado (BYU)NCAA Ind03/10
1:49.26-Craig Engels (Ms)NCAA Ind03/10
1:49.34*George Espino (SnUt)Big Sky Ind02/25
James Gilreath (TmGrn)Hemery Inv02/11
1:49.35-Alvaro Chavez (Ct)Hemery Inv02/11
1:49.39(A)**Ricky Faure (Wy)Mtn West Ind02/24
1:49.46Cameron Cooper (MiHS)NBIN03/12
1:49.53Russell Dinkins (unat)New York01/14
1:49.58**Avery Bartlett (GaT)NCAA Ind03/10
Hector Hernandez (unat)Aggie Twi02/18
1:49.60**Arturo Sotomayor (UCLA)East-West Chall01/28
1:49.63*Stanley Davis (Hamp)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
Foreign Collegians:
1:46.75(A)***Emmanuel Korir (UTEP-Ken)New Mexico Cl02/04
1:46.90(A)***Michael Saruni (UTEP-Ken)New Mexico Cl02/04
1:47.25-Andres Arroyo (Fl-PR)Razorback Inv01/28
1:47.63**Robert Heppenstall (WF-Can)Razorback Inv01/28
1:48.41-Eliud Rutto (MTn-Ken)NCAA Ind03/10
1:48.70-Dage Minors (FP-Ber)Terrier Inv01/28
1:48.74-Collins Kibet (Az-Ken)Armory Inv02/04
1:48.84*Mpho Makofane (Clem-SA)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
1:49.16**Erik Martinsson (UTA-Swe)Aggie Inv01/21
1:49.43-Sampson Laari (MTn-Gha)Birmingham01/29
Oversized Track:
1:46.23*Patrick Joseph (VaT)ACC Ind02/25
1:46.42*Daniel Kuhn (In)Meyo Inv02/04
-Drew Piazza (VaT)ACC Ind02/25
1:46.44*Joseph White (Gtn)Iowa St Cl02/11
1:46.50***Emmanuel Korir (UTEP-Ken)Commodore Inv01/14
1:46.65**Isaiah Harris (PennSt)McCravy Mem01/21
1:46.70-Eliud Rutto (MTn-Ken)Iowa St Cl02/11
1:46.71**Robert Heppenstall (WF-Can)ACC Ind02/25
1:47.18-Andres Arroyo (Fl-PR)SEC Ind02/25
1:47.22Clayton Murphy (Nik)Zips Inv02/17
1:47.32**Avery Bartlett (GaT)ACC Ind02/25
1:47.33*Carter Lilly (Ia)Meyo Inv02/04
1:47.34-Blair Henderson (LSU)Iowa St Cl02/11
1:47.46-Abraham Alvarado (BYU)Iowa St Cl02/11
1:47.54-Craig Engels (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
1:47.76-Ryan Manahan (Ms)Iowa St Cl02/11
1:47.95-Strymar Livingston (Ks)McCravy Mem01/21
1:48.17**Myles Marshall (Harv)McCravy Mem01/21
***Domenic Perretta (PennSt)SPIRE Inv02/11
1:48.23-Mitch Hechsel (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/25
Drew Windle (BB)Husky Cl02/11
1:48.24*Brennan Munley (Mi)Iowa St Cl02/11
1:48.41-Sampson Laari (MTn-Gha)Iowa St Cl02/11
1:48.42Duane Solomon (Sauc)Music City Chall02/11
1:48.43-Zacharias Curran (Bay-GB)Big 12 Ind02/25
1:48.44-Quamel Prince (TnSt-Guy)Music City Chall02/11
1:48.53*Mpho Makofane (Clem-SA)McCravy Mem01/21
1:48.70*Charles Jones (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/25
1:48.72**JaQwae Ellison (TxAM)SEC Ind02/25
1:48.82***Bryce Hoppel (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/25
1:48.85Ryan Martin (FurmE)Husky Cl02/11
1:48.86**Vincent Crisp (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/25
1:49.04*Vincent Ciattei (VaT)Music City Chall02/11
1:49.10*Jordan Makins (PennSt-Aus)SPIRE Inv02/11
1:49.17*Jordan Huntoon (In)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:49.23**Eric Brown (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:49.28*Andres Littig (GaT)ACC Ind02/24
1:49.32-Jacopo Lahbi (Al-Ita)SEC Ind02/25
1:49.34**Jeramey Hampton (Ga)Music City Chall02/11
1:49.38***Alexander Lomong (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/24
-Luis Romero (AMC)Pittsburg02/11
1:49.58-Patrick O’Connell (NDm)ACC Ind02/24
1:49.59**Connor Ross (BYU)Iowa St Cl02/11

2:18.60(A)Clayton Murphy (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
2:19.10(A)Brannon Kidder (Brk)USATF Ind03/05
2:20.39(A)Andrew Wheating (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
2:20.40(A)Robby Andrews (adi)USATF Ind03/05
2:21.06Casimir Loxsom (Brk)Millrose G02/11
2:21.48Edose Ibadin (Dist)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
2:21.51Charles Jock (OTC)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
2:21.52*Noah Kauppila (Prin)Hemery Inv02/11
2:21.63*Vincent Ciattei (VaT)VaT Chall02/18
2:21.64(A)Drew Windle (Brk)USATF Ind03/05
2:21.79Donavan Brazier (Nik)Millrose G02/11
2:21.91(A)Hans-Peter Roelle (TREug)USATF Ind03/04
2:21.96*Joseph White (Gtn)Nittany Lion01/14
2:22.00(A)Brandon Lasater (ATC)USATF Ind03/04
2:22.14**Isaiah Harris (PennSt)Nittany Lion01/14
2:22.57-Paul Duffey (NEn)IC4A Ind03/05
2:22.58Patrick Peterson (AtlTC)Terrier Inv01/28
2:22.70(A)Edwin Herring (unat)USATF Ind03/04
*Daniel Jaskowak (VaT)VaT Chall02/18
2:22.72Drew Piazza (unat)Hokie Inv01/20
2:22.86-Matti Groll (BU)Hemery Inv02/11
2:23.01*Colin Schultz (Lib)IC4A Ind03/05
2:23.06***Domenic Perretta (PennSt)Nittany Lion01/14
2:23.16***Diego Zarate (VaT)VaT Chall02/18
2:23.30-Chris Hatler (Penn)East-West Chall01/28
2:23.31**Spencer Brown (Gtn)Nittany Lion01/14
Ryan Widzgowski (NED)Terrier Inv01/28
2:23.33Michael Tamayo (unat)Hemery Inv02/11
2:23.35Derek Holdsworth (Dist)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
2:23.66Billy Looney (CPTC)Terrier Inv01/28
2:23.70Shaquille Walker (Brk)Millrose G02/11
2:23.85*Patrick Gregory (Dart)Terrier Inv01/28
2:24.13Brandon McGorty (VaHS)Millrose G02/11
2:24.15**Marc Rienas (NEn)IC4A Ind03/05
2:24.16Christian Harrison (BAA)Hemery Inv02/11
2:24.23-Rob Napolitano (Col)East-West Chall01/28
2:24.41Victor Palumbo (CPTC)Terrier Inv01/28
2:24.59(A)Tony Clement (unat)USATF Ind03/04
2:24.64*Josh Hanna (Navy)IC4A Ind03/05
2:24.70*Gabe Montague (Harv)Hemery Inv02/11
Foreign Collegians:
2:20.54*Neil Gourley (VaT-GB)VaT Chall02/18
Oversized Track:
2:22.07-Joshua Thompson (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.06**Justine Kiprotich (MiSt-Ken)SPIRE Inv02/10
2:23.55-Kain Ellis (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.59-Craig Kaiser (Buf)SPIRE Inv02/10
2:23.85*Matthew Fayers (OkSt-GB)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.91***Zach Black (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.95Eric Jenkins (Nik)Wash Prev01/14
2:24.05***Isaac Cortes (Stan)Wash Prev01/14
2:24.18-Christian DeLago (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:24.27***Ethan Donley (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/25

3:36.42Ben Blankenship (OTC)Birmingham02/18
3:37.76Johnny Gregorek (Asics)Boston LC02/26
3:37.83Kyle Merber (Hoka)Boston LC02/26
3:38.04Ford Palmer (Hoka)Boston LC02/26
3:38.27Cristian Soratos (adi)Millrose G02/11
3:38.44Eric Jenkins (Nik)Millrose G02/11
3:39.25Clayton Murphy (Nik)Millrose G02/11
3:39.72Garrett Heath (Brk)Birmingham02/18
3:40.13Colby Alexander (Hoka)Millrose G02/11
3:40.42Robby Andrews (adi)Millrose G02/11
3:40.80Cory Leslie (unat)Millrose G02/11
3:40.87Drew Hunter (adi)Millrose G02/11
3:41.70-Chris Hatler (Penn)Millrose G02/11
3:42.33Dan Huling (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
3:42.65Donn Cabral (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
3:43.16Steven Mangan (NED)Boston LC02/26
3:43.44Nick Ross (NED)Boston LC02/26
3:44.12Izaic Yorks (BB)Millrose G02/11
Foreign Collegians:
3:37.01-Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Boston LC02/26
3:42.57**Liam Dee (Iona-Ire)Boston LC02/26
3:42.95-Sampson Laari (MTn-Gha)Boston LC02/26

3:52.22Kyle Merber (Hoka)Boston LC02/26
3:53.15Johnny Gregorek (Asics)Boston LC02/26
3:53.23Eric Jenkins (Nik)Millrose G02/11
3:54.23Cristian Soratos (adi)Millrose G02/11
3:54.31Clayton Murphy (Nik)Millrose G02/11
3:54.92Ford Palmer (Hoka)Boston LC02/26
3:55.78Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)New Balance GP01/28
3:55.99Colby Alexander (Hoka)Millrose G02/11
3:56.80Drew Hunter (adi)Millrose G02/11
3:57.04Robby Andrews (adi)Millrose G02/11
3:57.31Ben True (unat)New Balance GP01/28
3:57.86Cory Leslie (unat)Millrose G02/11
3:57.99Dan Huling (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
3:58.09-Ned Willig (Mi)Terrier Inv01/28
3:58.66-Brian Barraza (Hous)Reveille Inv12/10
3:59.15-William Sheeran (Mi)Terrier Inv01/28
3:59.21-Chris Hatler (Penn)Millrose G02/11
3:59.22(A)Ben Blankenship (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
3:59.24Andy Bayer (Nik)Gladstein Inv01/20
3:59.30-Paul Duffey (NEn)Hemery Inv02/11
3:59.36*Connor Mora (Mi)Terrier Inv01/28
3:59.37-Joel Hubbard (Syr)Boston02/04
3:59.49Steven Mangan (NED)Boston LC02/26
3:59.62*Jack Keelan (Stan)National Inv01/28
3:59.73Robby Creese (unat)National Inv01/28
**Matthew Maton (Or)NCAA Ind03/10
3:59.86Donn Cabral (Hoka)Boston LC02/26
Nick Ross (NED)Boston LC02/26
3:59.94-Joshua Thompson (OkSt)NCAA Ind03/10
4:00.08-Ethan Homan (BU)Terrier Inv01/28
4:00.10Chad Noelle (unat)Millrose G02/11
4:00.31(A)Garrett Heath (Brk)USATF Ind03/05
4:00.32Andrew Wheating (Nik)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
4:00.38(A)Evan Jager (BowTC)USATF Ind03/05
4:00.39-Ben Saarel (Co)NCAA Ind03/10
4:00.50Brandon Hazouri (unat)Birmingham02/10
4:00.70Sam Penzenstadler (unat)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
4:00.80-Henry Wynne (Va)Boston02/04
4:00.97DJ Principe (RIHS)New Balance G01/21
4:01.02-Thomas Joyce (Cal)NCAA Ind03/10
Foreign Collegians:
3:52.01-Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Boston LC02/26
3:57.39-Adam Palamar (Syr-Can)Terrier Inv01/28
3:58.19**Liam Dee (Iona-GB)Boston LC02/26
3:58.75-Sampson Laari (MTn-Gha)Boston LC02/26
3:59.90***Josh Kerr (NM-GB)NCAA Ind03/10
4:00.09*Sean Tobin (Ms-Ire)Razorback Inv01/28
4:00.10*Neil Gourley (VaT-GB)NCAA Ind03/10
4:01.02**Jonah Koech (UTEP-Ken)NCAA Ind03/10
Oversized Track:
3:56.55Evan Jager (BowTC)Husky Cl02/11
Lopez Lomong (BowTC)Husky Cl02/11
3:56.89-Joshua Thompson (OkSt)Husky Cl02/11
3:58.34**Matthew Maton (Or)Husky Cl02/11
3:58.47-Thomas Joyce (Cal)Husky Cl02/11
3:58.53*Matthew Fayers (OkSt-GB)Husky Cl02/11
3:58.78-Tim Gorman (Or)Husky Cl02/11
3:58.96*Colby Gilbert (Wa)Wash Prev01/14
3:59.54**Justyn Knight (Syr-Can)Washington Inv01/28
3:59.55**Cole Rockhold (CoSt)Husky Cl02/11
3:59.61Andrew Wheating (Nik)Washington Inv01/28
3:59.68Brannon Kidder (BB)Washington Inv01/28
3:59.98-Craig Nowak (OkSt)Husky Cl02/11
4:00.37***Kyle Mau (In)Meyo Inv02/04
4:00.47-Trevor Gilley (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
4:00.72*Jack Bruce (Ar-Aus)Vanderbilt Inv01/21
4:00.81*Andy Trouard (NnAz)Iowa St Cl02/10
4:01.02***Austin Tamagno (Or)Husky Cl02/11

7:40.80Ryan Hill (BowTC)Millrose G02/11
7:40.96Ben True (Sauc)Millrose G02/11
7:42.39Paul Chelimo (USAr)New Balance GP01/28
7:44.26Eric Jenkins (Nik)New Balance GP01/28
7:45.28Garrett Heath (Brk)Millrose G02/11
7:45.69Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Millrose G02/11
7:49.08Ben Blankenship (OTC)Millrose G02/11
7:49.39Kyle Merber (Hoka)East-West Chall01/28
7:49.46Morgan Pearson (361)Armory Inv02/04
7:49.93Johnny Gregorek (Asics)East-West Chall01/28
7:51.90Drew Hunter (adi)Armory Inv02/04
7:52.07Caleb Hoover (AsicsFE)USATFNE02/19
7:52.27Daniel Winn (BAA)Armory Inv02/04
7:52.49Travis Mahoney (Hoka)Armory Inv02/04
7:53.03Andy Bayer (Nik)Millrose G02/11
7:54.05Brian Shrader (unat)New Balance GP01/28
7:54.62Tabor Stevens (AsicsFE)USATFNE02/19
7:54.77-MJ Erb (Ms)Razorback Inv01/28
7:55.05Riley Masters (unat)Camel City Inv02/04
7:56.17Tomas Cotter (AsicsFE)USATFNE02/19
7:56.88**Sydney Gidabuday (Adams)NCAA II Ind03/11
7:57.32*Aaron Baumgarten (Mi)Terrier Inv01/28
7:57.34-Erik Peterson (Butler)Gladstein Inv01/20
7:57.65Ford Palmer (Hoka)East-West Chall01/28
7:58.04Jordan Mann (unat)Terrier Inv01/28
7:58.15-Colin Bennie (Syr)Terrier Inv01/28
7:58.17Izaic Yorks (BB)USATFNE02/19
7:58.40Brian Doyle (unat)Terrier Inv01/28
7:58.90**Joe Klecker (Co)NCAA Ind03/11
7:59.11Evan Jager (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
7:59.26Thomas Curtin (Sauc)USATFNE02/19
7:59.41*Colby Gilbert (Wa)NCAA Ind03/11
7:59.89**Cole Rockhold (CoSt)NCAA Ind03/11
8:00.32Lopez Lomong (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
8:00.52Woody Kincaid (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
8:00.69-Brian Barraza (Hous)NCAA Ind03/11
8:00.75Chris Derrick (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
8:00.97Ben Rainero (unat)Staten Island02/10
8:01.34Donn Cabral (Hoka)Millrose G02/11
8:01.93**John Dressel (Co)NCAA Ind03/11
Foreign Collegians:
7:46.85-Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)East-West Chall01/28
7:51.19*Morgan McDonald (Wi-Aus)Armory Inv02/04
7:56.21**Justyn Knight (Syr-Can)NCAA Ind03/11
7:57.19-Marc Scott (Tulsa-GB)NCAA Ind03/11
7:57.49**Vincent Kiprop (MoSn-Ken)NCAA II Ind03/11
7:57.67**Iliass Aouani (Syr-Ita)Terrier Inv01/28
7:59.92-Amon Terer (Campb-Ken)Camel City Inv02/04
Oversized Track:
7:45.71*Colby Gilbert (Wa)Washington Inv01/28
7:47.57-Marc Scott (Tulsa-GB)Iowa St Cl02/10
7:47.82**Justyn Knight (Syr-Can)Iowa St Cl02/10
7:49.52Martin Hehir (unat)Iowa St Cl02/10
7:49.76**Clayton Young (BYU)Washington Inv01/28
7:51.20*Jack Keelan (Stan)Iowa St Cl02/10
7:51.21-Erik Peterson (Butler)Meyo Inv02/04
7:51.43**Joe Klecker (Co)Husky Cl02/11
7:51.44**John Dressel (Co)MPSF Ind02/25
7:51.51*Scott Carpenter (Gtn)Iowa St Cl02/10
7:52.10**Garrett Corcoran (Cal)MPSF Ind02/25
7:52.51**Matthew Maton (Or)MPSF Ind02/25
7:53.23Thomas Ratcliffe (unat)Washington Inv01/28
7:53.60-Brian Barraza (Hous)Husky Cl02/11
7:53.74-Ben Saarel (Co)Husky Cl02/11
7:54.34Collin Leibold (Strava)Husky Cl02/11
7:54.84Woody Kincaid (BowTC)Husky Cl02/11
7:55.44David Elliott (unat)Washington Inv01/28
7:55.49Hillary Bor (USAr)Iowa St Cl02/10
7:55.68*Zach Perrin (Co)Husky Cl02/11
7:56.48-Jefferson Abbey (CoSt)Husky Cl02/11
7:57.11-Willy Fink (EnMi)Husky Cl02/11
7:58.14-Troy Fraley (Gonz)Washington Inv01/28
7:58.22*Jack Bruce (Ar-Aus)Iowa St Cl02/10
7:58.58***Robert Brandt (Cal)Husky Cl02/11
7:58.81**Rory Linkletter (BYU)Washington Inv01/28
7:59.17*Jonathan Harper (BYU)Washington Inv01/28
7:59.67-Dylan Blankenbaker (Ok)Husky Cl02/11
8:00.07*Troy Reeder (Furm)Iowa St Cl02/10
8:00.84*Hassan Abdi (OkSt)Husky Cl02/11
8:01.19Craig Lutz (Hoka)Wash Prev01/14
8:01.87-Adam Palamar (Syr-Can)Iowa St Cl02/10
8:01.90-CJ Albertson (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/25

8:11.33Ben True (Sauc)Millrose G02/11
8:11.56Ryan Hill (BowTC)Millrose G02/11
8:19.61Garrett Heath (Brk)Millrose G02/11
8:21.07Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Millrose G02/11
8:26.17Morgan Pearson (361)Millrose G02/11
8:27.10Ben Blankenship (OTC)Millrose G02/11
8:28.53(A)Paul Chelimo (unat)USATF Ind03/04
8:30.42Andy Bayer (Nik)Millrose G02/11
8:35.45Brian Shrader (Sauc)Millrose G02/11
8:38.60Donn Cabral (Hoka)Millrose G02/11
8:38.66(A)Woody Kincaid (BowTC)USATF Ind03/04
8:39.54(A)Hillary Bor (USAr)USATF Ind03/04
8:41.41(A)Riley Masters (unat)USATF Ind03/04
8:42.97(A)Caleb Hoover (AsicsFE)USATF Ind03/04
8:43.08(A)Mason Ferlic (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
8:45.00(A)Tabor Stevens (AsicsFE)USATF Ind03/04

13:05.85Eric Jenkins (Nik)Boston LC02/26
13:06.74Ben True (Sauc)Boston LC02/26
13:07.61Ryan Hill (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
13:12.22Woody Kincaid (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
13:12.27Lopez Lomong (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
13:19.35Chris Derrick (BowTC)Boston LC02/26
13:42.32Mason Ferlic (Nik)Birmingham02/18
13:45.37-Zach Herriott (Va)Boston02/04
13:47.22Tommy Curtin (unat)Boston LC02/26
13:47.84**John Dressel (Co)NCAA Ind03/10
13:49.83-Erik Peterson (Butler)NCAA Ind03/10
13:51.73-MJ Erb (Ms)NCAA Ind03/10
13:53.93**Tyler Day (NnAz)NCAA Ind03/10
13:54.39**Chase Weaverling (Va)Boston02/04
13:54.57Louis Serafini (Heartb)Hemery Inv02/11
13:55.37*Grant Fischer (CoSt)NCAA Ind03/10
13:56.03*Brent Demarest (Va)Boston02/04
13:56.74-Jerrell Mock (CoSt)NCAA Ind03/10
13:57.75Matt Fischer (BAA)Hemery Inv02/11
13:59.04***Bryce Millar (In)Hoosier Open12/09
14:00.16*Scott Carpenter (Gtn)Hoosier Open12/09
14:00.95*Jonathan Green (Gtn)NCAA Ind03/10
14:01.99-Willy Fink (EnMi)Hoosier Open12/09
14:02.01**Sydney Gidabuday (Adams)NCAA II Ind03/09
14:02.09Nicholas Filippazzo (unat)Hemery Inv02/11
14:05.17**Zach Panning (GVal)NCAA II Ind03/09
14:08.57***Paul Luevano (BU)Boston LC02/26
14:08.68Austin Steagall (unat)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
Foreign Collegians:
13:38.87*Marc Scott (Tulsa-GB)Hoosier Open12/09
13:41.20-Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)NCAA Ind03/10
13:42.42**Vincent Kiprop (MoSn-Ken)NCAA II Ind03/09
13:47.01-Amon Terer (Campb-Ken)NCAA Ind03/10
13:48.36*Alfred Chelanga (Al-Ken)NCAA Ind03/10
13:57.21-James Ngandu (Tif-Ken)NCAA II Ind03/09
13:57.62**Rory Linkletter (BYU-Can)NCAA Ind03/10
14:04.51***Jacob Choge (MTn-Ken)Boston LC02/26
14:06.43-Hugh Armstrong (Prov-Ire)Boston12/03
14:08.28*Matthew Baxter (NnAz-NZ)NCAA Ind03/10
Oversized Track:
13:32.59-Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Husky Cl02/10
13:34.85*Colby Gilbert (Wa)Husky Cl02/10
13:40.90-Erik Peterson (Butler)Husky Cl02/10
13:42.57**John Dressel (Co)Husky Cl02/10
13:42.78-Amon Terer (Campb-Ken)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:43.55-MJ Erb (Ms)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:44.27*Matthew Baxter (NnAz-NZ)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:44.65-Jerrell Mock (CoSt)Husky Cl02/10
13:45.25**Clayton Young (BYU)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:45.73*Jonathan Green (Gtn)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:46.58*Grant Fischer (CoSt)Husky Cl02/10
13:47.57-Alex Short (SF-GB)Husky Cl02/10
13:48.12*Alfred Chelanga (Al-Ken)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:49.00**Rory Linkletter (BYU-Can)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:49.53**Tyler Day (NnAz)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:49.69Dan Huling (Nik)Husky Cl02/10
13:50.24-CJ Albertson (AzSt)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:50.27**Justyn Knight (Syr-Can)ACC Ind02/24
13:50.74**Antony Kosgei (UTEP-Ken)Husky Cl02/10
13:51.69***Tanner Anderson (Or)Husky Cl02/10
13:51.87**Fred Huxham (Wa)Husky Cl02/10
13:51.93-Colin Bennie (Syr)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:52.26-George Parsons (NCSt)ACC Ind02/24
13:52.49***Amon Kemboi (Campb-Ken)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:54.81*Jonathan Harper (BYU)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:54.88-Ian LaMere (WiPl)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:55.27-Reed Fischer (Drake)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:56.15**Joe Klecker (Co)MPSF Ind02/24
13:56.93**Jacob Bilvado (AF)Husky Cl02/10
13:57.08***Jaret Carpenter (Pur)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:57.43**Obsa Ali (Mn)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:57.76**Iliass Aouani (Syr-Ita)ACC Ind02/24
13:57.80**Ryan Forsyth (Co)Husky Cl02/10
13:58.17*Miguel Bautista (TxT)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:59.54*Andrew Ronoh (Ar-Ken)Iowa St Cl02/10
13:59.72-Antibahs Kosgei (Al-Ken)SEC Ind02/25
14:01.32*Jake Leingang (NDSt)Iowa St Cl02/10
14:02.23**Zach Panning (GVal)Allendale12/02
14:03.09-Kyle Masterson (Adams)Husky Cl02/10
14:03.11***Collin Burke (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/24
14:03.84Dan Schubert (unat)Husky Cl02/10
14:03.95-Dominik Notz (AkA-Ger)Husky Cl02/10
14:04.01*Jeff Thies (Port)MPSF Ind02/24
14:04.38**Timothy McGowan (PennSt)Husky Cl02/10
14:04.44*Morgan McDonald (Wi-Aus)Big Ten Ind02/25
14:05.08***Robert Brandt (Cal)Washington Inv01/27
14:06.25-Jason Crist (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
14:06.50*Chris May (GVal)Allendale12/02
14:06.73*Jeremy Coughler (In-Can)Big Ten Ind02/25
14:06.82*Aaron Baumgarten (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/25
14:07.19-Joel Reichow (SDSt)Iowa St Cl02/10
14:07.33*Jacob Thomson (Ky)Iowa St Cl02/10
14:07.68***Miler Haller (Boise)Husky Cl02/10
14:07.85-Malachy Schrobilgen (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/25
14:08.27*Andrew Johnston (AF)Husky Cl02/10
14:08.83-Tim Ball (Port)MPSF Ind02/24
14:09.08-Nicolas Montanez (BYU)MPSF Ind02/24
14:09.24***Peter Seufer (VaT)ACC Ind02/24
14:09.40**Sam Levora (WaSt)MPSF Ind02/24
14:09.91*Eric Aldritt (Ok)Husky Cl02/10

7.31(A)-Jordan Charles (Wy)Laramie12/09

7.51(A)Aries Merritt (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
7.54(A)Aleec Harris (adi)USATF Ind03/05
7.58***Grant Holloway (Fl)Tyson Inv02/10
7.59(A)Jarret Eaton (unat)USATF Ind03/05
7.61Spencer Adams (unat)Millrose G02/11
**Chad Zallow (Young)Armory Inv02/03
7.63**Michael Dickson (NCAT)Camel City Inv02/04
-Aaron Mallett (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/25
7.65-Freddie Crittenden (Syr)ACC Ind02/24
7.66Dondre Echols (unat)Metz02/12
7.69-Nick Anderson (Ky)NCAA Ind03/10
(A)Chris Caldwell (unat)New Mexico Cl02/03
-David Kendziera (Il)Big Ten Ind02/25
7.70Terrence Somerville (unat)Montreal02/18
7.71*Ashtyn Davis (Cal)NCAA Ind03/10
(A)Maxmilian Hairston (unat)USATF Ind03/05
7.72(A)***Braxton Canady (Or)Kirby Inv02/11
7.73Cameron Hall (unat)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
*Marquis Morris (USC)Razorback Inv01/28
7.74**Amere Lattin (Hous)Tyson Inv02/10
-Nate Pozolinski (WiM)Iowa City02/18
(A)*Jamiel Trimble (AF)Mtn West Ind02/25
7.75*Angelo Goss (Al)SEC Ind02/25
-Devon Williams (Ga)NCAA Ind03/11
7.76(A)Ryan Fontenot (unat)USATF Ind03/05
(A)Logan Taylor (unat)Albuquerque01/21
7.77(A)Brendan Ames (unat)Golden02/18
-Marshawn Scott (Limest)Conf Carolina Ind02/19
7.78*Spencer Dunkerley-Offor (Tx)McCravy Mem01/21
Marcus Maxey (USAr)Frisco02/09
-Jon Rus (NnIa)Missouri Val Ind02/25
7.80*Davon Anderson (Ar)Razorback Inv01/28
(A)-Jordan Charles (Wy)Mtn West Ind02/25
*Isaiah Moore (SC)Vanderbilt Inv01/21
7.81*Antoine Lloyd (Nb)Lincoln12/10
Patrick Prince (UTSA)Fastrack LC02/25
7.82**Chris Douglas (Ia)Iowa City02/18
-Marcus Neely (InSt)Missouri Val Ind02/26
Joshua Thompson (unat)Bayou Bengal02/03
7.83-Todd Townsend (NCAT)Pollock Inv01/27
Foreign Collegians:
7.72*Ruebin Walters (Al-Tri)SEC Ind02/25
7.77(A)**Shakiel Chattoo (Azusa-Jam)Albuquerque01/21
7.81**Rami Gharsalli (Nwood-Tun)GLIAC Ind02/26

4 x 200
1:25.56USA ArmoryArmory Inv02/04
1:26.45NYC All-StarsArmory Inv02/04

4 x 400
3:02.52Texas A&MRazorback Inv01/28
3:03.52FloridaNCAA Ind03/11
3:04.88ArkansasTyson Inv02/11
3:04.95TexasTyson Inv02/11
3:05.49Texas TechTyson Inv02/11
3:05.53LSUNCAA Ind03/11
3:05.57(A)USCNew Mexico Cl02/04
3:05.60IowaNCAA Ind03/11
3:06.06AlabamaNCAA Ind03/11
3:06.08BaylorThomas Inv02/04
3:06.30TennesseeRazorback Inv01/28
3:07.15ClemsonThomas Inv02/04
3:07.23Utah StateTyson Inv02/11
3:07.43Penn StateNCAA Ind03/11
3:07.63TCUThomas Inv02/04
3:07.82KansasHusker Inv02/04
3:07.85PurdueTyson Inv02/11
3:08.06Mississippi StateRazorback Inv01/28
3:08.32Iowa StateHusker Inv02/04
3:08.76St. Augustine’sNCAA II Ind03/11
3:09.17(A)ArizonaKirby Inv02/11
3:09.26Air ForceTyson Inv02/11
3:09.29North CarolinaTiger Paw Inv02/11
3:09.43(A)Arizona StateKirby Inv02/11
3:09.73Track StationReveille Inv12/10
3:09.78George MasonBoston02/04
3:09.95HoustonTyson Inv02/11
3:10.11South PlainsThomas Inv02/04
3:10.35(A)New MexicoMtn West Ind02/25
3:10.40AuburnTiger Paw Inv02/11
3:10.49IllinoisHusker Inv02/04
3:10.64IndianaGladstein Inv01/21
3:10.71GeorgiaRazorback Inv01/28
3:10.84Heats: I1. HarvardIC4A Ind03/05
Oversized Track:
3:02.39Texas A&MSEC Ind02/25
3:02.73FloridaSEC Ind02/25
3:02.92AlabamaSEC Ind02/25
3:04.80Penn StateBig Ten Ind02/25
3:04.93IowaBig Ten Ind02/25
3:05.45LSUSEC Ind02/25
3:05.57KansasWilson Inv02/18
3:05.61Iowa StateWilson Inv02/18
3:06.06NebraskaBig Ten Ind02/25
3:06.07Mississippi StateWilson Inv02/18
3:06.63PurdueBig Ten Ind02/25
3:06.79MinnesotaBig Ten Ind02/25
3:06.84TCUWilson Inv02/18
3:07.02IllinoisBig Ten Ind02/25
3:07.99George MasonSPIRE Inv02/11
3:08.42RutgersSPIRE Inv02/11
3:08.51AuburnSEC Ind02/25
3:08.71Hinds CCJUCO Ind03/04
3:09.17Western KentuckyCommodore Inv01/14
3:09.38Arizona StateMPSF Ind02/25
3:09.80StanfordMPSF Ind02/25
3:09.91Ohio StateBig Ten Ind02/25
3:10.45Barton CountyJUCO Ind03/04
3:10.50IndianaBig Ten Ind02/25
3:10.62BuffaloSPIRE Inv02/11
3:10.88BYUMPSF Ind02/25
3:10.90PittACC Ind02/25

4 x 800
7:22.92District Track ClubArmory Inv02/04
7:23.15Main Street EliteArmory Inv02/04
7:24.31Hoka NJNYArmory Inv02/04
7:27.12ConnecticutIC4A Ind03/05
7:28.72RutgersIC4A Ind03/05
7:31.30AmericanPatriot Ind02/19
7:31.79DukeArmory Inv02/04
7:32.73VillanovaBig East Ind02/25
7:32.95IndianaGladstein Inv01/21
Oversized Track:
7:37.97Cardinal StritchNAIA Ind03/04

9:30.86OregonEast-West Chall01/27
9:31.32Ole MissNCAA Ind03/10
9:33.35Virginia TechNCAA Ind03/10
9:33.42GeorgetownNCAA Ind03/10
9:33.93Oklahoma StateRazorback Inv01/27
9:34.15StanfordNational Inv01/27
9:34.17IndianaNCAA Ind03/10
9:34.52Middle Tennessee StateNational Inv01/27
9:35.27Hoka-NJNYEast-West Chall01/27
9:36.22LSURazorback Inv01/27
9:37.78ArkansasUCS Inv02/18
9:37.90VillanovaUCS Inv02/18
9:38.83(A)New MexicoMtn West Ind02/24
9:40.15Adams StateNCAA II Ind03/10
Western OregonNCAA II Ind03/10
9:40.59Penn StateNational Inv01/27
9:41.11MinnesotaNCAA Ind03/10
9:41.23Boston UBoston02/03
9:41.71ConnecticutEast-West Chall01/27
9:42.61CSU-PuebloNCAA II Ind03/10
9:42.88UCLAEast-West Chall01/27
9:43.22PennEast-West Chall01/27
9:43.91Southern IndianaNCAA II Ind03/10
9:45.66TAMU-CommerceNCAA II Ind03/10
9:46.12Central ConnecticutHemery Inv02/10
9:46.77ColumbiaEast-West Chall01/27
9:46.95MiddleburyHemery Inv02/10
9:47.00AshlandNCAA II Ind03/10
9:47.93Colorado MinesNCAA II Ind03/10
9:48.87American InternationalBoston02/03
9:49.24(A)Utah StateMtn West Ind02/24
9:49.74BatesHemery Inv02/10
9:49.83(A)Colorado StateMtn West Ind02/24
Oversized Track:
9:28.14IndianaWilson Inv02/18
9:28.72StanfordWilson Inv02/18
9:28.83Oklahoma StateWilson Inv02/18
9:30.48MinnesotaWilson Inv02/18
9:31.05Virginia TechACC Ind02/23
9:31.13UTEPMusic City Chall02/10
9:31.26GeorgetownWilson Inv02/18
9:31.66LSUWilson Inv02/18
9:31.68BYUWilson Inv02/18
9:32.13MichiganWilson Inv02/18
9:33.39Florida StateACC Ind02/23
9:33.61ArkansasSEC Ind02/25
9:34.11CalMPSF Ind02/24
9:36.15Notre DameACC Ind02/23
9:37.56NortheasternWilson Inv02/18
9:37.90UCLAMPSF Ind02/24
9:40.26GeorgiaSEC Ind02/25
9:40.34SyracuseACC Ind02/23
9:40.63KentuckySEC Ind02/25
9:40.85ClemsonACC Ind02/23
9:41.69Michigan StateBig Ten Ind02/24
9:42.45WisconsinBig Ten Ind02/24
9:44.07IowaBig Ten Ind02/24
9:44.70Georgia TechMusic City Chall02/10
9:45.32NC StateACC Ind02/23
9:46.31DukeACC Ind02/23
9:46.81AlabamaSEC Ind02/25
9:46.90Cardinal StritchAllendale02/11
9:47.43Texas A&MSEC Ind02/25
9:47.44KansasBig 12 Ind02/24
9:47.46IllinoisBig Ten Ind02/24
9:48.39Atlanta Track ClubMusic City Chall02/10
9:48.48Southern UtahWashington Inv01/27
9:49.00Iowa StateBig 12 Ind02/24
9:49.09VirginiaACC Ind02/23
9:49.49Grand Valley StateAllendale02/11
9:49.78Washington StateMPSF Ind02/24

2.317-7Erik Kynard (Jord)Birmingham02/18
2.307-6½Jacorian Duffield (Nik)Tyson Inv02/11
2.277-5¼*Randall Cunningham (USC)MPSF Ind02/25
2.267-5Bradley Adkins (unat)New Mexico Cl02/03
*Trey Culver (TxT)NCAA Ind03/11
-Kyle Landon (SnIl)NCAA Ind03/11
2.257-4½Allex Austin (TBB)New Balance GP01/28
2.247-4¼*Dakarai Hightower (Doane)Crete01/07
Deante Kemper (unat)Mountain T Inv02/04
2.237-3¾**Keenon Laine (Ga)NCAA Ind03/11
2.227-3¼***Darius Carbin (Ga)Razorback Inv01/27
Kris Kornegay-Gober (unat)Pollock Inv01/28
-Ken LeGassey (Ar)Arkansas Qual02/17
-Mikel Smith (StMart)NCAA II Ind03/10
2.217-3-Zachary Blackham (BYU)MPSF Ind02/25
***Michael Burke (UCLA)East-West Chall01/28
-Julian Harvey (SnIlE)Ohio Val Ind02/24
Jeron Robinson (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
***Justice Summerset (Az)MPSF Ind02/25
2.207-2½**Charles Brown (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/03
-Matthew Campbell (Alb)Tyson Inv02/11
**Bobby Harris (NFl)Winston-Salem12/03
Benjamin Kirkwood (SBTC)Washington Inv01/28
***Darryl Sullivan (Tn)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
2.197-2¼**Isaiah Kyle (Wingate)NCAA II Ind03/10
2.187-1¾*Jerin Allen (Louis)ACC Ind02/24
Montez Blair (unat)London02/01
**Tequan Claitt (EnKy)Ohio Val Ind02/24
**Cameron Hart (EnMi)MAC Ind02/25
*Javen Reeves (Louis)ACC Ind02/24
*Jonathan Wells (Il)Champaign01/14
*Tye Williams (SC)Vanderbilt Inv01/20
2.177-1½**Treyton Harris (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
**Myles Pringle (Ash)Kent12/10
**Rodney Ruffin (SELa)Bayou Bengal02/03
**Jordan Wesner (Mem)American Ind02/25
2.167-1*Alex Bloom (Cinc)American Ind02/24
*Keyth Fightmaster (Samf)SoCon Ind02/25
Isaac Jean-Paul (unat)Boston02/04
Darius Purcell (unat)USATF Ind03/04
**Curtis Richardson (Akr)National Inv01/28
Roland Sales (unat)Frisco02/10
**Cody Stine (Akr)National Inv01/28
**Hunter Weeks (GVal)NCAA II Ind03/10
***Dean White (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/25
-Ed’Ricus Williams (FlSt)Tyson Inv02/11
Foreign Collegians:
2.257-4½***Clayton Brown (Fl-Jam)Clemson01/07
2.247-4¼*Christoff Bryan (KsSt-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/25
2.227-3¼-Damar Robinson (Louis-Jam)Kentucky Inv01/14
2.177-1½*Paul Galas (In-Can)Big Ten Ind02/25
**Jah-Nhai Perinchief (IaCCC-Ber)Mankato01/07
**Tiaan Steenkamp (ArSt-SA)Sun Belt Ind02/21
2.167-1*Tim Duckworth (Ky-GB)Lincoln02/03

5.85(A)19-2¼Sam Kendricks (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
5.7018-8¼Andrew Irwin (unat)Arkansas Qual02/17
***Chris Nilsen (SD)Tyson Inv02/10
(A)Victor Weirich (unat)Air Force Inv01/21
5.6618-6¾**Deakin Volz (VaT)VaT Chall02/18
5.65(A)18-6½Logan Cunningham (unat)USATF Ind03/04
(A)-Kyle Pater (AF)Mtn West Ind02/25
(A)Chris Pillow (unat)USATF Ind03/04
5.6018-4½Jeffrey Coover (unat)Cedar Falls01/27
(A)Scott Houston (unat)USATF Ind03/04
5.55(A)18-2½Mike Arnold (Nik)PV Summit01/13
(A)Robert Babits (unat)USATF Ind03/04
(A)Chase Brannon (unat)USATF Ind03/04
*Audie Wyatt (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/10
5.5418-2-Jake Albright (Ks)McCravy Mem01/21
5.5118-1Levi Keller (CNW)Washington Inv01/28
*Devin King (SELa)Southland Ind02/23
**Matthew Ludwig (Akr)Zips Inv02/17
5.5018-½*Tim Ehrhardt (MiSt)NCAA Ind03/10
**Barrett Poth (Tx)Husky Cl02/11
-Nate Richartz (NDm)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
(A)Cale Simmons (unat)Air Force Inv01/21
Drew Volz (unat)Bloomington02/10
5.4717-11¼**Paulo Benavides (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/24
**Chase Smith (Wa)MPSF Ind02/24
5.4617-11-Nick Maestretti (Ks)Arkansas Qual02/17
*Tray Oates (Samf)Birmingham02/10
*Luke Winder (NCC)Naperville01/20
5.45(A)17-10½*Scott Marshall (GCan)USATF Ind03/04
-Nick Meyer (Ks)Tyson Inv02/10
Jeffrey Rodriguez (unat)Frisco02/11
(A)-Cole Walsh (Or)Kirby Inv02/10
(A)Jack Whitt (unat)PV Summit01/13
5.4217-9¼*August Kiles (Prin)Staten Island02/10
5.4117-9**Antonio Ruiz (SFA)Southland Ind02/23
-Noah Zorsky (WnCo)Golden01/28
5.4017-8½-Steven Cahoy (Nb)Husker Inv02/03
*Aaron Owens (Fl)Tyson Inv02/10
*Harrison Williams (Stan)Wash Prev01/14
5.3817-7¾**Will Herrscher (Al)SEC Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
5.6018-4½*Adrian Valles (Cinc-Spa)American Ind02/24
5.5518-2½*Torben Laidig (VaT-Ger)ACC Ind02/25
5.4617-11**Hussain Alhizam (Ks-KSA)Arkansas Qual02/17

8.1726-9¾-Julian Harvey (SnIlE)Ohio Val Ind02/24
8.0526-5***Grant Holloway (Fl)Hokie Inv01/21
8.0426-4½*KeAndre Bates (Fl)SEC Ind02/24
8.0126-3½*Damarcus Simpson (Or)East-West Chall01/28
7.9426-¾Andre Dorsey (unat)Music City Chall02/11
7.93(A)26-¼La’Derrick Ward (unat)USATF Ind03/04
*Travonn White (Ar)SEC Ind02/24
7.8925-10¾**Charles Brown (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/24
(A)*Terrell McClain (Akr)Kirby Inv02/10
*Will Williams (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/10
7.8625-9½**O’Shea Wilson (Ia)Iowa City01/14
7.8325-8¼**Steffin McCarter (Tx)NCAA Ind03/10
-Devon Williams (Ga)NCAA Ind03/10
7.8125-7½Lutalo Boyce (unat)Frisco02/09
-Marquise Corbett (Tif)GLIAC Ind02/26
(A)Melvin Echard (Altis)Kirby Inv02/10
7.80(A)25-7¼-Austin Hazel (UCLA)Kirby Inv02/10
7.7925-6¾**Chris McBride (Clem)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
7.7825-6¼-Ventavius Sears (WnKy)Commodore Inv01/13
*Hunter Veith (Wich)Missouri Val Ind02/25
7.76(A)25-5½Brendan Ames (unat)Golden02/18
7.7425-4¾*Eric Sloan (USC)McCravy Mem01/20
7.7325-4½Jarvis Gotch (unat)Houston Inv01/28
-Kareem Nicholas (TnSt)Ohio Val Ind02/24
7.7225-4Jeffrey Henderson (Nik)Birmingham02/18
Carlton Lavong (unat)Princeton02/19
7.7125-3½***Justin Hall (TxT)Aggie Inv01/21
**Treyton Harris (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
7.7025-3¼**Kemonie Briggs (LBSt)MPSF Ind02/24
7.6725-2***Rayvon Grey (LSU)SEC Ind02/24
**Trumaine Jefferson (Hous)Houston Inv01/28
*Davion McManis (EnIl)Ohio Val Ind02/24
*Dominic Smallwood (USC)MPSF Ind02/24
7.66(A)25-1¾Kendall Spencer (unat)USATF Ind03/04
*Isaiah Thomas (GVal)Allendale01/28
7.6425-¾***Jared Kerr (Hous)American Ind02/24
7.6325-½***Harrison Schrage (Ar)Arkansas Qual02/17
7.6225-0-Kyle Darrow (NEn)Boston12/03
***Keshun McGee (EnWa)Big Sky Ind02/25
**Rodney Ruffin (SELa)Lake Charles01/28
-Jerry Williams (WiSP)WIAC Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
7.86(A)25-9½**Jacob Fincham-Dukes (OkSt-GB)Kirby Inv02/10
7.8325-8¼-Andreas Trajkovski (Ar-Den)NCAA Ind03/10
7.8025-7¼*Tim Duckworth (Ky-GB)SEC Ind02/24
***Laquarn Nairn (SPlBah)Tyson Inv02/10
7.69(A)25-2¾**Charles Greaves (AMK-Bar)Lone Star Ind02/19
**Travis Riley (WnTx-Jam)Pittsburg01/28
7.6825-2½*Fred Dorsey (Ky-VI)SEC Ind02/24
7.6625-1¾*Sedeekie Edie (Linc-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/09

17.10i!(A)56-1¼Chris Carter (Rabb)USATF Ind03/05
16.99(A)55-9Donald Scott (unat)USATF Ind03/05
16.91(A)55-5¾Joshua Honeycutt (unat)USATF Ind03/05
16.8155-2*KeAndre Bates (Fl)SEC Ind02/25
16.70(A)54-9½Matthew O’Neal (unat)USATF Ind03/05
16.5654-4-Hayden McClain (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
16.54(A)54-3¼Felix Obi (unat)USATF Ind03/05
16.4253-10½*Michael Sandle (Mank)NSIC Ind02/25
16.3453-7½**Eric Bethea (In)Tyson Inv02/11
16.2653-4¼*Scotty Newton (TCU)Frisco02/10
16.1452-11½Jonathan Gardner (unat)VaT Chall02/18
16.1052-10-Michael Tiller (BCook)Birmingham01/29
16.0752-8¾-David Oluwadara (BU)Boston02/04
16.0552-8**Charles Brown (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/25
16.0152-6½*Barden Adams (Ks)Tyson Inv02/11
15.9552-4Phillip Young (unat)Meyo Inv02/04
15.9352-3¼**Lasheon Strozier (NCAT)Hokie Inv01/20
15.87(A)52-¾Samuel Trigg (unat)New Mexico Cl02/03
-Michael Wamer (SC)Vanderbilt Inv01/21
15.8151-10½-Kaishaun Cathey (Buf)Staten Island01/14
Luke James (unat)Music City Chall02/10
-Jeffrey Prothro (TxAM)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
15.7651-8½***Isaiah Griffith (Nb)Holiday Inn Inv01/14
**Devon Willis (Alb)Tyson Inv02/11
15.7551-8¼**Bryce Williams (PennSt)Nittany Lion01/14
15.7051-6¼Ja’Mari Ward (unat)Columbia02/17
15.6951-5¾-Anaquan Peterson (Pur)West Lafayette01/07
15.6851-5½-Chris Martin (SEMo)Music City Chall02/10
-Michael Ohiembor (Akr)Akron02/04
15.6651-4½***Christian Miller (LSU)Tyson Inv02/11
15.6551-4¼Eric England (unat)Nampa01/21
*Rubin Owens (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
15.6351-3½-Ventavius Sears (WnKy)Commodore Inv01/14
15.62(A)51-3-Scott Carter (Wy)Laramie12/09
-Bobby Plummer (Corn)Nittany Lion01/14
15.6151-2¾*Darius Armstead (SacSt)Big Sky Ind02/25
**Darryl Shaw (NC)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
15.6051-2¼-John Lemke (McN)Southland Ind02/23
15.5951-1¾**Jared Belardo (Wich)Missouri Val Ind02/26
**Zay Paschall (NC)VT Elite02/04
***Altany Wilson (Gram)SWAC Ind02/17
Foreign Collegians:
17.1956-4¾-Clive Pullen (Ar-Jam)Tyson Inv02/11
16.5854-4¾***Clayton Brown (Fl-Jam)SEC Ind02/25
16.4954-1¼***O’Brien Wasome (Tx-Jam)NCAA Ind03/11
16.3653-8¼***Jordan Scott (Va-Jam)Boston02/04
16.0752-8¾*Kaiwan Culmer (Nb-Bah)Lincoln01/21
16.0052-6*Jumonne Exeter (StA-StV)NCAA II Ind03/10
15.9952-5½-Damar Robinson (Louis-Jam)ACC Ind02/25
15.9052-2**Montel Nevers (FlSt-GB)NCAA Ind03/11
15.8752-¾*Aaron Worrell (Va-Bar)ACC Ind02/25
15.8251-11-Efe Uwaifo (Harv-GB)Heps Ind02/26
15.7051-6¼**Odaine Lewis (IaCCC-Jam)JUCO Ind03/04
15.6551-4¼**Charles Greaves (AMK-Bar)NCAA II Ind03/10
***Laquarn Nairn (SPlBah)JUCO Ind03/04

20.8268-4Jordan Geist (PaHS)Hempfield12/22
20.7868-2¼Darien Moore (Iron)USATF Ind03/04
20.5367-4¼Jon Jones (unat)USATF Ind03/04
20.4767-2*Jared Kern (SnIl)Music City Chall02/11
20.3866-10½Josh Freeman (unat)Charleston02/17
20.3266-8Chuk Enekwechi (unat)Meyo Inv02/04
20.3166-7¾David Pless (Iron)USATF Ind03/04
20.2366-4½Curt Jensen (unat)Oshkosh02/18
20.1666-1¾Darrell Hill (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
19.8965-3¼Nick Vena (unat)Nittany Lion01/14
19.8765-2¼Roger Steen (WtCity)USATF Ind03/04
19.8064-11½**Dotun Ogundeji (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/25
19.7964-11¼**Willie Morrison (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
19.7664-10*Nicholas Demaline (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
19.7564-9¾**Matthew Katnik (USC)MPSF Ind02/25
19.6664-6*Josh Awotunde (SC)NCAA Ind03/10
19.5464-1¼-Coy Blair (Tif)GLIAC Ind02/26
19.5364-1-Aaron Castle (Az)NAU Tune Up02/17
19.3063-4Ryan Whiting (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
19.2263-¾Richard Chavez (unat)Carbondale02/04
19.2163-¼-Alex Renner (NDSt)Fargo01/14
19.1462-9½*Austin Droogsma (FlSt)ACC Ind02/25
19.0662-6½*Brian Williams (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
19.0062-4Derrick Vicars (unat)Tiffin02/11
18.9962-3¾-Kyle Felpel (Al)NCAA Ind03/10
18.8961-11¾*Nikolas Huffman (Ky)Columbus02/17
18.8761-11*Nick Ponzio (USC)McCravy Mem01/21
18.8561-10¼**Nathan Bultman (USC)New Mexico Cl02/04
18.8161-8½*Devon Patterson (Buf)MAC Ind02/24
18.8061-8¼**David Schall (In)Bloomington02/10
18.7961-7¾Kevin Farley (unat)Cape Girardeau02/17
18.7861-7½**Reno Tuufuli (Ia)Iowa City02/18
18.7061-4¼-Avery Meyers (Ia)Iowa City01/21
18.6961-4*Grant Cartwright (Mi)Akron02/04
18.6661-2¾**Kord Ferguson (Al)SEC Ind02/25
-Mark Ramsey (FD)IC4A Ind03/05
18.5961-0*Jon Yohman (PennSt)National Inv01/28
18.5860-11½**Brett Neelly (KsSt)Manhattan02/17
Mitchell Pope (unat)Winston-Salem12/03
18.5760-11¼-Elijah Talk (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/11
Foreign Collegians:
21.3069-10¾*Mostafa Hassan (CoSt-Egy)Mtn West Ind02/25
19.9765-6¼*Filip Mihaljevic (Va-Cro)ACC Ind02/25
19.8865-2¾**Denzel Comenentia (Ga-Hol)NCAA Ind03/10
19.8565-1½*Nicolai Ceban (Ks-Mol)Lawrence01/27
19.8465-1¼*Oghenakpobo Efekoro (Va-Ngr)NCAA Ind03/10

24.0278-9¾Alex Young (unat)USATF Ind03/05
23.7477-10¾Colin Dunbar (unat)USATF Ind03/05
23.5777-4Sean Donnelly (Iron)USATF Ind03/05
23.5677-3¾-Johnnie Jackson (LSU)Auburn Inv01/21
23.3276-6¼-Rudy Winkler (Corn)Sykes-Sabock02/03
23.3176-5¾*Grant Cartwright (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/25
23.0675-8*Daniel Haugh (Al)SEC Ind02/24
22.7774-8½Joe Frye (MCMav)USATF Ind03/05
22.6274-2½**Adam Kelly (Prin)Heps Ind02/25
22.5974-1½Andy Fryman (unat)USATF Ind03/05
22.3073-2A.G. Kruger (unat)Brookings02/11
22.2372-11¼*Riley Budde (Wi)Madison02/17
22.2072-10**Daniel Roberts (Ash)Findlay01/27
22.1172-6½-James Hubbard (LBSt)Kirby Inv02/10
22.0472-3¾*Josh Davis (NCSt)NCAA Ind03/11
22.0172-2½-Reginald Jagers (Kent)MAC Ind02/25
Luis Rivera (Forza)USATF Ind03/05
21.6771-1¼**AJ McFarland (Fl)VT Elite02/03
21.6471-0Conner Neu (unat)National Inv01/27
21.4470-4¼-Coy Blair (Tif)NCAA II Ind03/09
21.4270-3½-Carlos Mangum (Mia)ACC Ind02/25
21.2769-9½-Brady Grunder (KsSt)Manhattan02/17
21.2269-7½*Andrew Miller (In)Meyo Inv02/03
21.2069-6¾*Isaac Ingram (SnIl)Carbondale02/03
21.1169-3¼-Dylan Banagis (CMi)MAC Ind02/25
-Charlie Ionata (WF)UCS Inv02/18
James Plummer (unat)Grinnell02/04
21.1069-2¾Anthony Stockton (unat)Hokie Inv01/20
21.0569-¾-Trevor Kintyhtt (DeP)Notre Dame Inv01/21
21.0068-10¾***Alex Hill (Ash)GLIAC Ind02/26
20.9768-9¾*Payton Otterdahl (NDSt)Grand Forks02/18
20.9368-8Aaron Zedella (unat)SPIRE Inv02/10
20.8968-6½Skylar Arneson (unat)Lawrence01/27
20.8668-5¼-Jordan Crayon (Ash)Akron02/04
20.7368-¼*Riley Norman (MiSt)Notre Dame Inv01/21
20.7267-11¾Zeb Hoffman (unat)Husky Cl02/10
20.7167-11½Alton Clay (unat)Bayou Bengal02/03
-Austin Cook (TxAM)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
20.6867-10¼-Bryn Campbell (Ash)GLIAC Ind02/26
Michael Shanahan (NH)USATF Ind03/05
Foreign Collegians:
23.4476-11***Gleb Dudarev (Ks-Blr)Tyson Inv02/10
22.9175-2-Jordan Young (Va-Can)Cambridge02/03
22.4973-9½**Joseph Ellis (Mi-GB)Big Ten Ind02/25
22.2573-0-Alex Poursanidis (Ga-Cyp)SEC Ind02/24
21.8171-6¾-Elias Hakansson (Al-Swe)SEC Ind02/24
21.5970-10***Aleks Rapp (Tulsa-Can)Arkansas Qual02/17
20.7167-11½**Hilmar Orn Jonsson (Va-Ice)Notre Dame Inv01/21

6177-Devon Williams (Ga)NCAA Ind03/11
5996*Hunter Price (CoSt)NCAA Ind03/11
5970*Harrison Williams (Stan)NCAA Ind03/11
5843-Steven Bastien (Mi)Akron02/04
5817*Steele Wasik (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
5813*Hunter Veith (Wich)Missouri Val Ind02/26
5804*Wolf Mahler (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
5786*Jonathan Wells (Il)NCAA Ind03/11
5770*John Seals (GM)Atlantic 10 Ind02/19
5756-Austin Jamerson (Corn)Heps Ind02/26
5747-Mitch Modin (Or)MPSF Ind02/25
5738(A)Japheth Cato (AzTFA)USATF Ind03/04
5728*Kevin Nielsen (BYU)MPSF Ind02/25
5715Austin Bahner (Shock)Wichita02/03
5688**Gabe Moore (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
5680*Scott Filip (Rice)CUSA Ind02/19
5674**Tyler Brendel (Cal)MPSF Ind02/25
5672*Cody Walton (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/25
5666***TJ Lawson (Kent)Akron02/04
5630-Brad Culp (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
5628*Tim Ehrhardt (MiSt)Akron02/04
5604*Alex Bloom (Cinc)Thomas Inv02/04
5588*Derek Jacobus (Ar)Razorback Inv01/28
5574-Brandon Mortensen (Wi)Iowa City01/28
5546(A)-Josh Cogdill (CoSt)Mtn West Ind02/24
**Jack Lint (Va)ACC Ind02/24
5526**Trent Nytes (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/25
5508-Paul Haley (NC)ACC Ind02/24
5504*William Dougherty (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/25
5497*Noah Gabel (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/25
5494-Ibn Short (Ky)Husker Inv02/04
5482***George Patrick (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
5469(A)*Nick Kravec (CoSt)Golden12/09
5463*Tyler Adams (SHous)Southland Ind02/23
5448**Nathan Hite (TxAM)Thomas Inv02/04
5447*Trevor Knowles (Leh)Patriot Ind02/19
5443*Tanner McNutt (PittSt)Pittsburg12/10
5439-Mike Morgan (Buf)MAC Ind02/25
5438-Nico Robinson (Dart)Heps Ind02/26
5424*Cole Jensen (Wa)MPSF Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
6165*Tim Duckworth (Ky-GB)NCAA Ind03/11
6089-Luca Wieland (Mn-Ger)Brookings12/03
6051*Karl Saluri (Ga-Est)NCAA Ind03/11
5976-Lindon Victor (TxAM-Grn)NCAA Ind03/11
5636***Nathaniel Mechler (Hous-Can)American Ind02/25
5591*Simon Hosten (Mem-Ger)American Ind02/25
5505-Atsu Nyamadi (MTn-Gha)CUSA Ind02/19
5474**Shakiel Chattoo (Azusa-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/10
5444***Lennard Biere (Mem-Ger)American Ind02/25
5434-Markus Leemet (SC-Est)SEC Ind02/25

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