Runners Reunited IX 2016

Betsy Bowden-Don Bowden (Lincoln HS 1954-880 1:52.3 National High School Record)-photo by Art Cendejas

Dan Martinez (Newark HS ’78-4:25/9:25.0), Don Bowden with first sub-4 press photos, Ralph Serna (Loara HS ’75-4:07.0/8:45.9)-photo by Art Cendejas

Dan Martinez, Don Bowden with Sports Illustrated’s first sub-4 and 40-year Anniversary, Ralph Serna-photo by Art Cendejas

Dan Martinez, Don Bowden with Time Magazine’s first sub-4-photo by Art Cendejas

Don Bowden with May 7, 1954 SPAL Finals finish photo 1:53.2, a new National HS record by .7!-photo by Art Cendejas

Legend meets Legend, Don Bowden, Steve Scott (Upland HS ’74-1:51.4/4:15.4)-photo by Art Cendejas

Don Bowden with first sub-4 finish press photo, Steve Scott with first Drake Relays Sub-4 finish press photo, Ralph Serna with setting Drake Relays Sub-4 pace photo-photo by Art Cendejas

Steve Scott, Ralph Serna…Steve discusses Ralph’s “rabbiting” at the 1979 Drake Relays mile for Steve’s record run-photo by Art Cendejas

Steve Scott, Ralph Serna…Ralph discusses the 1979  Drake Relays mile and his wind barrier height for Steve-photo by Art Cendejas

All Sports Illustrated subjects, Don Bowden, Steve Scott, Pete Romero (Reedley HS ’6- 4:06.0/8:54.6)-photo by Art Cendejas

Pete Romero with his Sports Illustrated cover/article, 6/26/67-photo by Art Cendejas

Christian Cushing-Murray (N. Hollywood HS ’84-4:15.07), Don Bowden, Dan Martinez, Ralph Serna-photo by Bill Leung

Rich Kimball (De La Salle HS ’74-4:02.3/8:46.6) holds Jeff Zimmerman action photos WXC Trials 1976 and Golden West 1974-photo by Art Cendejas

World Junior Cross Country Champions, Bobby Thomas (Glendale HS ’74-4:17.1/9:06.3) in 1975, Rich Kimball in 1974, holding Jeff Zimmerman photos of each competing at Pac 8 cross country meet in 1975-photo by Art Cendejas

Bobby Thomas, Carey Simons (Alhambra HS ’73-4:31.0/9:27.0), Jeff Lough (Reseda HS ’69-4:20.0/9:17.4), Philip Carter (Crescenta Valley HS ’16-4:32.4/9:18.50), Carter Thomas (Crescenta Valley HS ’18-6:03/20:27)-photo provided by Bobby Thomas

Claudette Groenendaal (North Salem ’81-2:12.4/4:24.40) with photo of her winning the NCAA 1500 (84) by famed Sports Illustrated photographer Rich Clarkson, Dan Martinez-photo by Art Cendejas

Claudette Groenendaal, Don Bowden, Dan Martinez-photo by Art Cendejas

Ruth Wysocki (Azusa HS ’74-2:10.7/5:00.1) with commemorative framed photo of her epic finish beating Mary Decker in winning the 1500 meter finals at the 1984 US Olympic Track and Field Trials-photo by Art Cendejas

Dan Martinez, Bob Larsen (Hoover HS ’57-4:30.0/9:46.0) with commemorative framed Los Angeles Times print review of his documentary, “City Slickers Can’t Stay With Me: The Coach Larsen Story”, Ralph Serna-photo by Art Cendejas

Ralph Serna, Don Bowden-photo by Art Cendejas

Philip Thomas, Steve Scott, Carter Thomas-photo by Bobby Thomas

Dean Balzarette (Eagle Rock HS ’57-22.0/48.1), David Bernstein (Monroe HS ’74-4:19.9/9:21.0), Len Miller-photo provided by David Bernstein

Don Franken (University HS ’73-2:06.0/3:22.0), Mark Covert (Burbank HS ’68-4:26.0/9:27.0)-photo by Don Franken

Matt Bell (Foothill HS ’75-1:55.7/4:11.0), Don Orr (Santa Ana HS ‘61), Brian Siddons, Mike Serna (Loara HS ’80-1:55.8/4:08.7)-photo by Duffy Clark

Jim Cerveny (Mission Bay HS ’57-1:52.7), Hal Harkness (N. Hollywood HS ’56-4:21.5/9:41.6), Brian Donohue (Taft HS ’74-49.2/1:52.5)-photo by Irwin Merein

Jeff Creer (East HS ’77-4:08.0/9:01.1), Don Bowden, Carson Creer-photo provided by Jeff Creer

UCLA teammates reunite with their coach, Steve Webb (Kennedy HS ’78-4:10.0/9:02.0), Bob Larsen, Joe Avila (Cantwell HS ’78-4:19.0/9:06.5), Don Moses (Crescenta Valley HS ’76-4:08.5/8:52.6)-photo provided by Joe Avila

Laura Cattivera (Mira Costa HS ’85-4:51.0/10:31.0), Joe Volk (St. Bernard HS ’79-10:13.0)-photo provided by Joe Volk

Pete Romero with his framed Sports Illustrated, Andy DiConti (La Canada ’80-4:10.0/8:57.42)-photo by Leroy Rivera

Ruth Wysocki, Esther Scherzinger (Anaheim HS ’78-2:16.0/5:02.0)-photo by Bill Leung

Dave Kurrle (Westminster HS ’62-15.1/20.1), Jeff Burne (Westminster HS ’76-15.9/40.9), Bob Summers (Westminster HS ’76-4:37.0/10:09.0), Steve Lassegard (Westminster HS ’70-2:00.9/4:34.5)-photo provided by Jeff Burne

Dan Martinez, Taylor Perez (Pacifica HS ’19-6:57.0/28:08)-photo by Steve Perez

Mark Covert, Phil Camp (West Covina HS ’65-4:52.0/10:25.0), Jim Mosher (Notre Dame HS ’67-4:16.5/9:20.4)- photo provided by Phil Camp

Rebecca Smith-Serna, Irwin Merein (Fairfax HS ’67-10:30.0), Ralph Serna-photo by Ralph Serna

Don Orr (Santa Ana HS ’61-Ralph Serna’s Jr High coach), Ralph Serna , Phil Wingard (Troy HS ’74-1:55.2/4:36.2)

Mark Ruelas (La Salle HS ’80-4:15.0/8:54.0), Mark Shilling (Garden Grove HS ’72-1:54.8/4:05.4)-photo by Bill Leung

Len Miller, JoAnn Scott, Steve Scott, Irwin Merein, Don Moses, Don Franken, Bobby Thomas-photo provided by Bobby Thomas

Peter Mogg (Marshall HS ’72-2:02.5/4:30.0), Esther Scherzinger, Ruth Wysocki, Steve Scott, Diana Karg (Our Lady of Perpetual Help HS ’74- 2:32.0/5:19.0) Chris Troffer (Cresenta Valley HS ’76-2:20.2/4:59.5)-photo provided by Chris Troffer

David Greifinger (Palisades HS ’75-4:20.2), Christian Cushing-Murray, Claudette Groenendaal-photo provided by Claudette Groenendaal

Robert Harrell (Santa Ana HS ’72-46.4/1:51.4), Don Franken-photo provided by Don Franken

Taylor Perez, Steve Scott-photo by Steve Perez

Julie Serna, Samantha Serna (Yorba Linda HS ’15-2:26.06/5:17.40)-photo by Brad Hutson

Fella Scoogin (Victor Valley HS-22.3/51.8), Len Miller-photo by Brad Hutson

Ron Pipes (Loara HS ’76-4:59.0/10:52.0), Paul French (Loara HS ’75-4:35.1/9:42.0)-photo by Brad Hutson

Joe Volk, Don Bowden-photo provided by Joe Volk

Ralph Serna, Leroy Rivera (Clovis HS ’81-9:18.5), Dan Martinez-photo provided by Leroy Rivera

Andy DiConti, Eric Behring (Lowell/La Habra HS ’81-1:51.34/4:16.10), Taylor Perez, Steve Perez (John A. Rowland HS ’82-4:25.0/9:31.0)- photo provided by Steve Perez

Don Bowden, Betsy Bowden-photo by Bill Leung

Tom Wysocki (Western HS ’74-4:24.0/9:34.0), Bill Leung (Carson HS ’68-4:38.0/10:15.0)-photo by Joe Volk

Jim Cerveny, Ruth Wysocki, Hal Harkness-photo by Brad Hutson

Duffy Clark (Mater Dei HS ’65), Don Orr-photo by Brad Hutson

Charlie Christensen (Edison HS ’77-1:55.4/4:08.5), Stephanie Eubank, Troy Eubank (Tustin HS ’77-4:38.0/9:52.0)-photo by Brad Hutson

Luis Garcia (Marina HS ’78-4:23.7/9:34.6), Don Bowden, Robert Angel (Huntington Beach HS ’75-4:09.7/9:14.9)-photo by Art Cendejas

Marc Genet (Santa Ana HS ‘72-4:16.4/8:53.4), Mark Schilling, Robert Harrell-photo by Brad Hutson

Don Bowden, Jim Cerveny, Hal Harkness-photo by Art Cendejas

Charlie Christensen, Charlie Walzack (Edison HS ’76-4:22.7/9:26.2), Colin McConnell (Edison HS ’76-4:15.6/8:55.0), Robert Angel, Troy Eubank, Ralph Serna. After McConnell complained last year that his image was removed from the RRU t-shirt, Ralph shows Colin he’s been added back onto it…sort of.

Colin Mc Connell, Ralph Serna show the 2016 RRU t-shirt with Colin’s image added back to the bottom group…way back-photo by Art Cendejas

Tom Wysocki, Rich Kimball, Mark Schilling, Michael Wysocki (Great Oak HS ’08-4:33.7/9:55.4), Ruth Wysocki-photo by Art Cendejas

Steve Scott, JoAnn Scott-photo by Brad Hutson

Tim Medina (Loara HS ’76-5:10.0/11:19.0), Steve Orr (Loara HS ’76-4:38.0/10:28.0), Mike Serna, John Reed (Loara HS ’77-4:59.9/10:02.0)- photo by Art Cendejas

Matt Blaty (Marina HS ’79-4:16.0/9:06.0), Bobby Thomas-photo by Bill Leung

Dan Martinez, Steve Scott, Ruth Wysocki-photo by Bill Leung

Mark Covert, Marc Genet-photo by Bill Leung

Bob Larsen, Claudette Groenedaal, Christian Cushing-Murray-photo provided by Claudette Groenendaal

Ralph Serna, Ron Pipes-photo by Art Cendejas

Phil Camp, Irwin Merein-photo provided by Irwin Merein

Matt Blaty, Don Franken, Mike Serna-photo provided by Don Franken

John Koningh (La Canada HS ’74-1:57.0/4:15.6), Ralph Serna-photo by Rebecca Smith-Serna

Bruce Hellebrand (Simi Valley HS ’72-1:53.7/4:12.2), Steve Scott-photo by Art Cendejas

Peter Mogg stuns a group with his amazing magic-photo by Art Cendejas