PhotoRun: ’14 World Indoor Pole Vaults

Photos by PhotoRun.Net. Click on any photo for larger image and controls to view as a slideshow.

Filippidis Konstadinos Worldi14 Filippidis Konstadinos1 Worldi14 Filippidis KonstadinosA Sopot14
Filippidis KonstadinosA1 Sopot14 Mohr Filippidis KudlickaA Sopot14 Mohr Malte1 Worldi14
Mohr Malte Worldi14 Kudlicka JanFL Poland14 DaSilva Thiago1a Poland14
DaSilva Thiago1 Poland14 DaSilva Thiago Poland14 Cutts Luke Worldi14
Silva Yarisley Poland14 Silva Yarisley1 Poland14 Silva YarisleyFL Poland14
Silva YarisleyM Worldi14 Silva YarisleyR Poland14 Silva YarisleyR1 Poland14
Silva YarisleyR1a Poland14 Svobodova Jirina1a Poland14 Svobodova Jirina1 Poland14
Svobodova Jirina Poland14 Sidorova Svobodova SilvaA Worldi14 Sidorova AnzhelikaFL Poland14
Sidorova AnzhelikaA Worldi14 Saxer Mary1 Poland14 Saxer Mary Poland14